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  1. lol yea, imagine all the magnetic field of the earth just sucked dry. But even so, laws of thermodynamics, the energy u get from the funneling will just return back to the atmospher at one point in its energy form to another energy form cycle. I see. I asked this question because ive been quite intruiged about the Zero Point Energy generator scams all use magnets. I just wondered that what if zpe isnt really energy from nowhere but actual magnetic fields. Well thanks for answering me, maybe extracting neodymium fields couldve be sufficient since its got a really strong magnetism. If thats the case, does magnetism ever run out? or does it get consumed and not go back to being a field, i find it highly unlikely like the earth's field which if its the case then funneling tremendous amounts of weak fields will stack up to a sufficient amount to be usable and the cycle of energy going back to being a field and the cycle continuous. Plus, if its that weak, how does it protect us from the Sun's harm?
  2. so, back to the original question since weve got the fundamentals of magnetism layed down. Can such a device be built to quite literally suck in or funnel the Earths magnetic field or even fields from magnets and get usable electricity out of it?
  3. i think what u shouldve gone with is lining the pipe with piezoelectric objects, I've read piezoelectric is like the higher the pressure, the more electricity comes out of the element like quartz I think, anyways, this is out of my expertise or knowledge. then that would prove what I said that magnetism and electrcity always come together, it's simply just moving one or the other to get the other. eg "cut"the field with a magnet or coil then u get electrcty, move electricity and u get a field.
  4. don't make this much broader than what I originated the topic with. If u wanna go for it, heres my answer. Our solar system is technically and long term perpetual system specifically the earth and the sun, continuous cycle of feeding and being fed and so on so the cycle and everything is pretty much free for me. Its just the idea of people having to pay is what makes free, paid.
  5. lol ofcourse, I used the word "free" because u get the watch running without buying batteries for replacement.
  6. 1. That's free energy right there 2. imagine a bond paper, but its painted with magnetic dust or something similar to that idea.
  7. XD. Now who says the earths magnetic field is “weak”
  8. Well, if u change the field then where does the electricity come from? I mean just a simple coil and a magnet can generate electricity. If it just flows around the closed loop then why not just do that on every electronic device? I know about energy loss so dont explain it further to me XD Have u tried to place a magnetic sheet on top of a magnet on its side, it shows 2 separate ovals, one for north and one for south? Yes u can never get an isolated north, no idea why but if u split the magnet, ull just create another toroid for either north or south. What im saying is traditional textbook mag field visualization is probably wrong since not much big companies put an effort to further explore the “field” of magnetism than what it is now. (sorry for the pun XD) (actually, i know why u get another field if u cut a magnet, nvm XD)
  9. What the title says. im not talking about magnetic induction but an actual converter like a funnel. One end sucks in magnetic field and the other end spits out usable electricity? I asked this question because, since magnetism and electricity “come together”, meaning that magnetic fields must/should contain electricity. I visualize it as magnetism cages electricity in a spiral/helix fashion, to convert that to usable elec. maybe reverse it so that the elec cages the magnetism. (Random) Do u guys know what the mag fields really are? What im saying is instead of a field going from north to south, north has an entirely separate field in a clockwise toroid and the south is counterclockwise. Ive observed this with a magnetic sheet and not with iron dust because iron dust is simply magnetized thats why it follows the toroid shape but since the dust has its own N and S, it just forms an oval bridging north if the magnet to the south.
  10. DARK0717

    Does AC make frequencies?

    Thank you very much
  11. DARK0717

    Does AC make frequencies?

    Do AC motors/generators make frequencies since it alternates, it should be an oscillation or a frequency? I'm curious if Tesla used AC generators/motors to do high frequency stuff and is that frequency similar to sound frequency or even the frequency of everything?
  12. DARK0717

    How to apply high voltage and high frequencies?

    oh I see, thank you. But about what you said last time where back then, what they considered Tesla's works to be high frequencies are not very high today so are you saying its below the Mhz range? or waaay lower? Other than smaller and fancier circuitries, what other better benefits does higher frequencies do? When I meant high frequency, Im just curious because Tesla was working on High Frequency and high voltage electric stuff so I cant stop thinking wether is he using high sound frequency coupled with a separate high voltage electricity or the high voltage is on high frequency itself that's why I came to ask "you guys" personally to find the answer faster and more accurately.
  13. DARK0717

    How to apply high voltage and high frequencies?

    just some high voltage, high frequency electricity