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  1. DARK0717

    What polymer* have high amounts of carbon?

    What im asking is "what plastic or polymer, when burned (exposed to extreme heat), makes that char or ash which will then be resistant to incredibly high temps" or any polymer with immense heat resistance. Edit: Yes, an intumescent paint
  2. DARK0717

    What polymer* have high amounts of carbon?

    - Im talking about thousands of degress Celsius, lets just say "withstand 1000 deg C" - If i understand what you mean by carbon, then lets say, when you burn something using a blow torch, youd see black stuff (carbon). - any plastic that can simply be painted as a thin layer but creates a carbon shield when it gets exposed to burning heat.
  3. What polymer or plastics have very high amount of carbon or atleast carbonizing* when exposed to extreme heat? additional question: is carbon heat resistant? (i know there is more to heat and materials being resistant but for the sake of simplicity, lets leave it at "resistant")
  4. DARK0717

    Can back emf be eliminated by...

    oh I see, thanks, so it means that using a spark gap would be very inefficient for the generator and for the device using that power from it due to the load being very low which causes very little current after the gap.
  5. DARK0717

    Can back emf be eliminated by...

    I see, If i understood correctly, the back emf is caused to balance emf which means one cannot exist without the other. and the current depends on the load, which i think means that if there is no load, there is no current which leads to the more load there is, the more current it draws out from the generator and since there is too much load, it results to more emf which then also results to more back emf. Is my understanding correct?
  6. DARK0717

    Can back emf be eliminated by...

    I do understand how sync motors work and transformers but thats not my point. Im asking if using a spark gap will make the current independent from the generator which, on the top of my head is, the spark gap is only the load that induces back emf. An engineer told me that even if you put a generator in space, it will stop if you add a load coz of back emf. Its not perfectly accurate but you get the point. Now, please answer this question. Can a spark gap be used to isolate a current from the generator after it jumps the gap which makes the load constant no matter how much the load is? I dont know how back emf is required so please tell me why. What do you mean by "would not work correctly"?
  7. DARK0717

    Can back emf be eliminated by...

    I know that EMF cannot be eliminated thats why I said "Well not really eliminate but to keep the back emf constant no matter the load?" I was thinking of a much simpler way of doing so. Surge arrestors are too much of a hassle to operate or atleast, its more expensive that a rotary spark gap.
  8. DARK0717

    Can back emf be eliminated by...

    yes. If what I think is what you mean, then yea. This is a good idea (if it works) because overloaded generators would basically not happen as the load back emf stays constant (which is the spark gap being the only real load). One way I can think of is using a step up coil then a rotary spark gap to do so. Obviously, the output will be AC. If my idea works, then power plants wont have to worry about the generators burning or breaking and a black out due to overload, but instead, devices using the electricity will only shut down due to not enough power and not cause further damage (further damage, by which I mean blackouts).
  9. can back emf be eliminated by using a spark gap to make the electricity independent after it jumps the gap? Well not really eliminate but to keep the back emf constant no matter the load?
  10. lol sorry bout that
  11. Im just wondering how, since the most powerful projectile there is, is available for free whenever there is a storm and yet we cant use it against our enemies (the ussr perhaps lol)
  12. lol or swing a metal rod while hugging an enemy when its stormy. No seriously
  13. yea, thats why its a good idea to weaponize it XD, but how
  14. Is it possible to direct lightning to something? Maybe bombarding an area with a line of opposite charged electrons then maybe lightning (or high voltage e-) can be directed to something. In other words, using e- as a projectile or a weapon or something... you get the idea.