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  1. then apply a magnetic field cage... i wonder what happens, i also wonder how much power is required
  2. containing plasma that way takes tons of power and in a controlled lab. is there a way to diy such a process or use low powered devices/techniques to achieve plasma containment even just for a sec using comercially available supplies? also is there an electron battery thats achieved using coils or some configuration; one without the use of chemicals?
  3. i see, so photoelectric aside, maybe capacitors... is it possible to make it arc through a magnetic field and possibly contain it as it arcs?
  4. i was thinking of ripping anything off of electrons and have a jar of pure electrons, i mean surely there is plasma but thats a little over the top to do. How about an arcing electricity? is it possible to swing an electron jar to electrons jumping like in a tesla coil?
  5. I just read that using ultraviolet knocks/strips off atoms of electrons like hydrogen atoms and this process is called the photoelectric effect. I wish to know what knocked off electrons look like while/after the process and how do I capture and contain them in a theoretical electron jar.
  6. Honestly, the only thing that helped me somewhat get it is google by searching the number of bonds of oxygen, but when u said chlorine, I started doubting my knowledge... Hopefully when I ask another homework help, id get the answer already as I always tend to ask after as to why it is the answer... I like to know the reason behind why things are, tho a little frustrated already... Aight thanks all for the help, id better sleep now
  7. "I did learn from my mistake, I completely know thats the outcome to every mistake, tho to what end? a lower grade, a non perfect score..."
  8. I actually did not, it's 1 am and this home school program is torture, I just cant think anymore The answer was A, I think its because the oxygen had more than 2 bonds I havent mentioned that this quiz is rigged, there are times that two choices are exactly the same (and are correct) but picking the other is marked as wrong
  9. well, u can tell that to schools who only grade students by their grades in numbers and not the things they learn from mistakes... sigh
  10. man, I answered D, it was wrong, it couldve been a perfect score, i was really hoping the reply was the answer
  11. heat collection then heat transfer. I asked a mostly general question as I intend to just modify either values to reach a goal of which to absorb heat faster and transfer it somewhere, preferrably with copper heat pipes thank you, tho will I be able to use Copper (II) Oxide as paint or will it work (oxidize) on any copper plate?
  12. I was thinking of painting a copper plate with, maybe black spray paint and leave it under the sun, will the copper plate heat up faster than without black paint? How efficient will the heat transfer of paint to the copper? What is the best kind paint to be used?
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