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  1. Honestly, the only thing that helped me somewhat get it is google by searching the number of bonds of oxygen, but when u said chlorine, I started doubting my knowledge... Hopefully when I ask another homework help, id get the answer already as I always tend to ask after as to why it is the answer... I like to know the reason behind why things are, tho a little frustrated already... Aight thanks all for the help, id better sleep now
  2. "I did learn from my mistake, I completely know thats the outcome to every mistake, tho to what end? a lower grade, a non perfect score..."
  3. I actually did not, it's 1 am and this home school program is torture, I just cant think anymore The answer was A, I think its because the oxygen had more than 2 bonds I havent mentioned that this quiz is rigged, there are times that two choices are exactly the same (and are correct) but picking the other is marked as wrong
  4. well, u can tell that to schools who only grade students by their grades in numbers and not the things they learn from mistakes... sigh
  5. man, I answered D, it was wrong, it couldve been a perfect score, i was really hoping the reply was the answer
  6. heat collection then heat transfer. I asked a mostly general question as I intend to just modify either values to reach a goal of which to absorb heat faster and transfer it somewhere, preferrably with copper heat pipes thank you, tho will I be able to use Copper (II) Oxide as paint or will it work (oxidize) on any copper plate?
  7. I was thinking of painting a copper plate with, maybe black spray paint and leave it under the sun, will the copper plate heat up faster than without black paint? How efficient will the heat transfer of paint to the copper? What is the best kind paint to be used?
  8. Im looking for a simulation software the can simulate how liquids compresses when done this way instead of a linear compressor. Black is a solid wall, lets say the chamber is indestructible and we can apply as much compression as we want. I wish to know how much energy in kw is required to compress them so much in the center and how much pressure there is in the center. What I want to achieve is fusion, tho I just want to compare how much more efficient this design would be compared to others that use linear methods. I would like the chamber follow the golden ratio. Even if ever
  9. I know there are modems that can support up to 2 external antennas, but I was wondering if I use a combiner essentially having 2 antennas each port, which is 4. Does this have any up or down sides? Can I simply scale it to as much combining as I want? also, i dunno what branch of science this is so I just put it in physics...
  10. i wanna focus on the simple wind of coil vs a coil with primary and secondary windings. Dont a normal wound coil already increase the voltage? What is the principle of step up coils with primary and secondary windings?(this isnt much clear to me) Why should I use the other over the other? Easiest DIY step up coil? goal voltage is probably atleast enough volts to make a spark gap Additional: since voltage is means pressure, meaning, can I increase voltage to discharge much faster or it still depends on the discharge rate of the source? (think of it like pouring tons of pebbles o
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