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  1. Why aren't they using this technology? They are already making so much money. Why would they even invest time and money on something they are unsure of. I know the rules of trade and I know they wont risk their money on something they think isn't worth while. Why aren't electric companies not using this tech. Same reason. They still wont invest money to something risky. Oil companies don't have the power? Yes they do. Where do electric companies get the electricity? From burning oil, coal. "How about the water turbines etc etc. Who owns them? The turbine companies. The electric companies pay the bigger companies to get paid by us and since those big companies are the root of energy trade then yes, they definitely have the power. A simple threat of cutting bonds and ties is enough to scare those electric companies to back off on projects and researches. Even I wont do it, but hey, I stand for myself and I have no company. The risk to reward ratio can be slim in things like this so its a risk but if you ask me, Its still a risk, but this is a financial risk Im willing to take because you guys haven't seen what ive seen. ZPE is NOT well understood. The basis of this are one theories eg: quantum field THEORY, Einstein's theory of general relativity or special relativity, are theories proven, no, not yet, now tell me if theories are also WELL understood. Ill give you what's well understood as an example of what is really well understood. The earth is round or an oblate spheroid. Everything consist of molecules and molecules consist of atoms Nutrients on Food We breathe oxygen There, now you tell me if these things aren't well understood. Maybe its you who should learn and NOT make things up. "It is perfectly well understood. Except by you and your fellow free-energy nuts." In this case of you making me look stupid by thinking what your saying is completely true and saying false facts without doing intensive researches and tests into something that you said, I can therefore conclude that "We fellow free-energy nuts" more know about ZPE than you and anyone else. Why? Because we did more research about those things than anyone because we believe of the potential that people seem to ignore because of what other people higher than them said to them that these things are fake or impossible. Well guess what, even Tesla's teacher said AC IS IMPOSSIBLE, now look, AC power for the world. Do you fully understand ZPE? Speak for myself? Did I claim to understand, if so I will quit this site and this project and admit for being stupid If I claimed or said I understand ZPE to its fullest. Why not? Read Up You can say no oil, but there is definitely coal. Heck even oil companies mine coal because coal is what powers most of the electricity today. You might say why don't we have coal burners in our house?? Yeah, amazing reasoning, ofcourse there are coal power plants. Have you done your research on things like these to seemingly underestimate a mere person who just asks if such phenomenon (original question) is possible? Or are you just looking it up quickly in google and paste whatever you see, not learned?
  2. They wont and they cant, the bigger bosses like the oil companies will do everything they can to shut these projects down coz their oil business will go down in a matter of weeks or other companies who rely on non free energy to get all the money they can. What should be funny is why does the rich companies want to get richer. The battery isn't dead, I said its mostly used and been stocked for almost a year, which you should've concluded that its almost drained but not dead. I don't want to believe because I know my time will be wasted on such childish dreams, but I tell you, try to look more into it because right now, you are judging the book by its cover. That's exactly what perpetual motion means. Going on forever without the source of energy. Zero point energy is the quantum energy that drives electrons to move around without an external source, but that's not true coz that external energy is zero point energy which is not understandable as of today. Zero point energy may also the one in charge of light reaching a fast speed. and much more. You can look at it like this, Zero point energy is the air, we cant see, but we know what it can do, we also feel it. And the coil being the wind turbines. Altho not excactly what it is but its the best I can say at the moment.
  3. Ive done my homework and a lot of intensive research even those that correlate with the coil even for the smallest of correlation, I researched. 1. did u research about it before you conclude that I have been suckered? or is it you who has been due to ignorance or probably laziness to not research something you don't understand? 2. If you've done some research, ull know why theres an amp, and oscilloscope, and the exact measurements of the input and output. Fun fact, im not your average guy in the backyard thinking that perpetual motion is possible, obviously, it doesn't, "The laws of physics say it doesn't", yes it doesn't, you cant create energy from nothing, and neither does the coil, the coil instead takes energy from its surroundings eg. atmosphere, ground energy, even people that go inside the room (which I forgot to mention, I have proven since the voltage changes depending on the person and how many is the person in the room) etc etc. that one might even say its "zero point energy" which is not entirely impossible unlike perpetual motion which is totally impossible as all things come to a halt even the sun will come to a halt which then makes the perpetuality of the earth come to a halt as well. You can conclude that I am not a suckered person, or an idiot because that I am not. Altho some mistakes here and there specially in the comments but what can I say, im merely human.
  4. yes uve got a point, its potential is the very reason why I tried it out in the first place Well, it increased the mA of a very used battery and the point in which it has to warm up, well its pretty warmed up before I tested with the LED which therefore I can conclude that the milliamp increase isn't a coincidence or because of the status of the battery or I can just say it does its purpose, since its a small model, it wont do much just like the bigger ones
  5. What im trying to say with "It amplifies power" is that its purpose (the coil) is to amplify power/energy
  6. nah, just the batteries, nothing else
  7. No. The thing is if we could get two coils to run in to a loop, that will get it to not require a power source, but instead run on its own but the dangerous part is the energy must be released or else it will just keep on stacking energy infinitely or to the maximum the coil can take. So at the moment, a power source is required, if the power source runs out of juice, be it batteries or the outlet, the coil will stop working, and IT MUST have a load in order to function or for the amplification to happen, that's atleast what I learned from my tests because the energy needs to flow into that specific geometry.
  8. I cant just plug a capacitor into it, I will did a diode to prevent the current to go back, altho I don't know what specific diode it is yet
  9. clearly, the coil realies on a power source, the source still drains, but at a much much slower rate
  10. You clearly have no information about the coil do you? The coil is NOT a transformer, or a not a transformer alone. The purpose of the coil is to have the path of least resistance and a bunch more explanation linking to more explanation. Basically it amplifies power. I don't like to use this term, but the term is overunity which is impossible but such a simple coil can accomplish this which made me try to find things out myself. And to the extent of testing for weeks, I found an answer. But I want to clarify if that answer the tests gave me is correct and Im sure u know what the question that I want to clarify is.
  11. Its specifically the POE Vortex coil. If you have the time to look it up from their site 1stopenergies.com, I made a replica of their mini version so that's what it almost look like, except mine only has 4 strands of 12 gauge and theirs have 48 which have a much much greater amplification potential. There are no transistors, just the 3 things ONLY. Battery, Coil, Led. You can include the multimeter, that makes 4. No transistors. I don't have the budget and time to even get a transistor and I don't have the best soldering skills and even some electrical skills. The joule thief is a voltage booster only, but in my case, its both the voltage AND milliamps that got boosted, or more accurately, increased or amplified. Its also on DC.
  12. I forgot to mention that the 4 strands are 12 gauge and are intertwined, its about 3 meters, I twisted it using a drill. If the coil is voodoo, then why am I getting these results? The same results also show when the only load is the multimeter but a smaller increase and its been tested for days, same for the LED but with a much more higher increase if you would watch this video, this is exactly what I did, or u can skip to the end to see what im talking about on how it looks like
  13. you see, the coil has 4 strands, it goes around a donut like frame, a toroidal shape, and those 4 strands meet back on the start so input l1 l2 is 2 strands, output l1 l2 are 2 strands, there should be 8 right, well the other 4, divided to 2, so its a pair, the end strand of pair 1 A goes to the start strand on pair 1 B, and pair 2 A end strand goes to start strand on pair 2 B. Yes, I used the exact same battery. To object what you said, if you dig deeper into it, it will start to make more sense and less insane, I suggest looking well and deep into it. Ive read articles, forums, videos, more sites etc etc. so I pretty much know about 90% about this or more.
  14. Ok, lemme tell you the whole thing, don't judge me coz of this. If you know about vortex coils, then good, if not, look it up. I tried to do one to really see if the energy amplification is true, so I did tried it out. I grabbed 2 D sized batteries, put it in series, then hooked the battery to the input line 1 and line 2 of the vortex coil (you may know this as ABHA coil) then hook the output line 1 line 2 of the coil to the LED. I did the tests for days to completely clarify that Im not seeing it wrong, and to ensure that, I put it in a large clothing cabinet with the door opened so that temperature wont change and made sure it wont get touched because slight movements to the contacts may cause disconnections, so only the alligator clips can be interacted with. And yes, I was not seeing it wrong, I already did more that 10 tests for about 3 weeks from now and I am not seeing it wrong. First tests was its only hooked to the multimeter for more than a day and those tests are with and without the coil and there was a slight increase in mA. I did the same for the LED as a heavier load and there it is, read up for the results. So, have I clarified enough? I hope I did, I couldn't answer your questions well earlier, im sorry, its because I was about to go to school and I was running quite late because I had to check the readings. To reply about the batteries warming up and stuff a few comments ago. The batteries were already tested a couple times before the LED test so its probably warmed up as the tests lasted for days, straight, no turning off. I am not that advanced in electronics that's why Im asking the "question". I know the basics and some more above average stuff. And I was only using 1 multimeter because Ive already concluded that the voltage increases after a couple of very longs tests so I only measured milliamps because that's where the energy mostly matters. Higher voltage doesn't mean greater energy if the current isn't flowing sufficiently (amperage), right?
  15. I how could I measure before and after at the same time, of course I have to measure before first which is 3 volts, then I hooked it up with the coil then LED to the coil, and voltage became 6 volts and the mA increased. The answer to your questions about measurement is simple, I measured volts and mA, before, after, in between, etc, except the resistance of the coil. I just need an answer to my question, IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN OR DOES IT NORMALLY HAPPEN????