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    I like music(metal mostly). movies. seeking knowledge and power(why can't a scholarly person have some fun.) trying to be better.Scps. Reading. youtube. games.
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    not yet cant wait(post as soon as possible)
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    Genetics,human modification, and physics
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    just a person who wants better for something still looking for what. for now just playing the game of life.
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  1. I was reading this and thought to put up a sarcastic answer like death but try puzzles, not like a jigsaw but tavern puzzles and word stuff. also, try learning a new skill I find
  2. peterwlocke

    Israel is going to the Moon

  3. peterwlocke

    The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    I am called a dick a lot. so much, in fact, it became my nickname. my name is Peter(not really screen name/easter egg but)
  4. peterwlocke

    Israel is going to the Moon

    why does it say malcontent under you?
  5. peterwlocke


    GG. GG. *Good Game
  6. peterwlocke

    does your tag have a special meaning like an easter egg.

    cant download on school cb
  7. like mine has i was thinking who other than me. ps. sorry for posting so much just a bit bored with nothing to do and ect
  8. umm that is about it. ttyl
  9. peterwlocke

    Plasma plus Electromagnet

    can be manulpituated by magnetic fields sooooo. yeah, I am looking to do some cool stuff with this.
  10. peterwlocke


    well, that is a very roundabout way of stating a simple thing.(also, contradictions
  11. yah, also how can people still believe in after the church has done so much bad stuff.
  12. peterwlocke

    Death is proof that God exists

    umm, what. it makes perfect biological sense that humans die. also if god was the ultimate good in your definition he could not make mistakes so how did we end up going down this path of evil vs good. also really good always triumphs over evil what are you eight I know personal attacks are not good for persuasive techniques but seriously.
  13. call me naive but some people believe in an old book but don't believe in recent scientific discoveries with something to back it up. I know it could have been indoctrinated as a child but still.
  14. what does that even mean.