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    I like music(metal mostly). movies. seeking knowledge and power(why can't a scholarly person have some fun.) trying to be better.Scps. Reading. youtube. games.
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    not yet cant wait(post as soon as possible)
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    Genetics,human modification, and physics
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    not much but i like practicing my rhetoric on pseudo scis and evangelists
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  1. peterwlocke

    Augmented Reality

    what about collision you would need to be able to see if it would work there.
  2. peterwlocke

    Biology experiment

    oh well, it would work suppose but i would probs want ppm and others.
  3. peterwlocke

    Aspirin + NaOH

    NaHO3 plus H2O
  4. peterwlocke

    AI sentience

  5. peterwlocke

    AI sentience

    oh, it sounded a lot like big pharma why did they not just say a lot of data.
  6. peterwlocke

    AI sentience

    BIG DATA what is this plz explain?
  7. peterwlocke

    Split from AI sentience

    here is a thought a computer needs a person to code it give it orders to do something and it cannot refuse. we can refuse orders even ingrained biological one. off topic i think you mean bags
  8. peterwlocke

    just got something cool

    yah i do use emulators most of the time a non profit called classic reload @CharonY and that is cool. it is not as slow as you old man @Sensei
  9. peterwlocke

    An announcement for beecee

    was it future science
  10. peterwlocke

    An announcement for beecee

    what one
  11. peterwlocke

    What Love Is

    baby dont hurt me no more.
  12. peterwlocke

    Do most humans need to believe in God

    yes, it is better to explain the truth as best as humanly possible than to be naive and to make fluffy scarecrow argument for a faith that has no wit or retheritoic. why do you think there are so many because people are gullable.
  13. peterwlocke

    just got something cool

    yes, the young shall inherit the earth hahaha. also, that is cool I have played it had a bit of trouble getting things done on it. it doesn't have a story but meh. i bet you where around when skeletor was not a meme. but yah i am trying to figure out the ui it is so archaic it susprises me that it is lit.
  14. peterwlocke

    just got something cool

    just got a laptop from the 90s that uses 3.5 compact floppy disks learning my way around it pretty fast if i do say so myself.
  15. I don't see why they are saying these things it is like saying insert artist did not make a painting because they did not make the tools. now, Andrew, was instrumental forgive the pun but she did the final part/put it together and got it.