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  1. Everyone has life long goals/dreams, but many of us don’t achieve them (we procrastinate, and follow inefficient routes). One of the sources that block us from reaching our goals is the way we train up our emotional state. Why do our brains have emotions? To start explaining from zero… DNA is a molecule which contains the ingredients to manufacture our bodies. The competitiveness of the environment pressured this molecule to evolve in a certain way, so that it could engineer a human. The brain is the organ which coordinates how the other parts of the body behave. The framework of the brain is designed by information within DNA. This framework allows us to analyze our surroundings, evaluate the state of our bodies, and decide what to do. Emotional state is a “soup” of feelings, which results from this evaluating mechanism, it unconsciously compares the states of the environment and our body to the ideal state. Emotions play a big role in what we do, for example, we tend to choose certain pleasuring things and run away from suffering ones. Why do we get addicted? Pleasure is triggered when we receive certain stimulus (from environment, or from our bodies) that match up certain conditions on the brain. These conditions depend on how the brain neurons are wired up. By receiving these stimulus, we believe that the actions we just did are worth it. So, if we make these pleasuring actions, our neurons that triggered it are reinforced in such a way, so that it’s more likely that the pleasuring actions will repeat themselves again. This systematic reinforcement is from where the addictions come from. Emotions and the current society The pleasuring mechanism makes totally sense on primitives states of society, but now society has grown so much, and our DNA couldn’t keep up with it. Cultures and educational systems have been trying to gives us certain pleasures that are triggered by following certain motives (ex: studying certain disciplines/having morals). They are still really inefficient in educating people to control primitive pleasures that are not useful anymore for the whole society. Actually, most of our primitive pleasures are hacked by new technology and drugs, and could lead to destructive behavior (just like a virus hacks DNA processes and kills cells). How to achieve Long term Goals? A long term goal is accomplished by ignoring most of instant gratification pleasures and gaining the ability to enjoy the method that is being used to achieve the goal. Otherwise, if we do a certain random action and be pleasured by it, we suffer from a snowball effect, what may result in for example, staying locked in our rooms eating chocolates the whole day, or playing addictive games (i was there), or having kids when we don’t want to, or being in a comfortable bath forever and dying by hyper-hydration (ahah joke). Instant gratification could make us believe that some path is better than the other, making us slow to achieve life long-term ambitions. So, the best way to act is by making commitments to ourselves which follow our values and goals, and accomplish them no matter what it takes, and by avoidingrandom pleasures. We will gain the power to decide our own destiny. If you know any methodology/tricks to control emotions and help people guide themselves in a better way (and stop procrastination), let me know!
  2. Breakthroughs in the next 50 years which will increase our life quality dramatically I am always curious about the future. How will things evolve? How much fun and opportunities will arise? Specially in technology, everything is improving so fast! I have been thinking about it and i will tell you the most important breakthroughs that are highly probable to happen (they are my life goals too) for the next 50 years (and how they relate to technology). 1 — Quantum Computing I always hated being limited by classic physics (one of my greatest fears). Quantum theories have expanded the horizons a lot. One of its greatest practical uses is computing. It’s so fascinating how the universe is way more dynamic than we ever thought, there is so much more potential for the human race to evolve because quantum physics let’s us exploit and control the universe more widely. We may be able to engineer teleport!!, or build a computing chipmuch more powerful! or even time travel (!??) 2 — Unified Physics theory Quantum theory gave us a big chunk of pieces which we yet need to fit on current ones. Double lift experiment was a big opening to understanding the core mechanisms of the universe. I have been trying to unify every chemistry and physics theory into one since my high school. Many things have been working out, so i am so confident that we will have theory of everything within 50 years (please contact me if you want to know more about this). 3 — Super-Intelligence This is huge project. It presents many challenges, specially risks. AI (neural networks etc…) create a representation from the data given to it. It’s like a physician creating a theory from his experiments, and using it to predict next experiment. We can use this to know more about the universe (maybe help us create the theory of everything). The problems we need to solve first are: integrate human beneficial goalsand morals into AI; And after AI evolved to super-intelligence, morals and goals are still preserved. Quantum hardware could tag along with super-intelligence too, wideningthe software limits. 4 — Consciousness Understanding what is a conscious is the most important thing ever! It makes us understand who we are (our purest identity). We would finally have the answers to “what is life”!! And even more exciting, we would be able to make teleportation and upload our minds to robots without losing your self-awareness. It will be a big step on human civilization to know what consciousness is. 5 — Educational System I hope i don’t offend anyone but… most of the school institutions suck. It’s such a old method of learning. School kills so many talent and genius… Students need more attention and support, so that they feel inspired to learn and achieve their career goals (the current teacher’s orientation and methodologies are so bad). AI will play a big factor in education. Also simulated VR worlds and holographic tech will give kids more experiences. School methodologies need to change from: “what boring things were done” to “what is inspiring to do”. Also evaluating kids with numbers, pressuresthem a lot, and it’s so destructive for them. It’s rare to find a person who knows how to study. Seems to ridiculous, because it is so basic, and not even teachers know how to read/study. People read so slow, in average 250 word per minute (wpm). I made a photographic reading course some time ago, and now i read at 2000 wpm (still increasing), and comprehension of what i read is higher too (i am confident we will expand this course to next generations. If you are interested, please contact me). 6 — Medicine understanding There are so many things missing from medicine perspective. Many Pathologies we don’t know how to treat and are not efficiently well treated, many other problems that arrive because we don’t know how to engineer solutions to control how our bodies functions… Starting from physics, we don’t have a theory of everything yet, which make it difficult to predict atoms behaviors and also difficult to scale it up to chemistry and biology (so we can’t understand the big picture of our biology yet). DNA is still not totally manipulable, and 99% is unknown to us. To solve these problems, advancements on image processing, nanotechnology, molecular sensors and AI are extremely needed. — — — — — — — — — — — The future looks promising. So many technology advancements will make our lives more meaningful and fun. Please let me know about other future tech, if you may want to share. Thank you.
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