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  1. Adding paint colors to Rubber Materials.

    Is that a portable treadmill, a mobile bicycle one, a 6hp electric or a foot powered treadmill?
  2. Is this really that bad?

    I might fear their gun more than them. I don't understand the fear - is someone pulled a gun here it would be a massive shock - we'd be like, "wtf, where'd that dick get that" - and drive to the nearest police station and report the number. Of course if someone is being a dick we flip them the finger - so what? Are you saying that your fellow countrymen are that up themselves that they can't take criticism enough to have someone stick a finger up at them? Are they that backward and barbaric that they would shoot someone for it? What a fucking mess. lol. As for it being a joke... I think you misunderstand me - road rage in our country is where you shout at each other from the safety of the car. All over the world you'd get the odd idiot that will want to fight. Here though we can run them over easily enough if they get out of their car to attack you. Sounds like you live in a very dangerous place where every twat is carrying a gun and will shoot you for disagreeing with them over a traffic incident - it's fucking ridiculous mate - I'm not joking at all.
  3. ....someone told me that my slippery slop argument was a fallacy... in this respect I don't think it is a fallacy as we actually see it happening here. How he won his case idk. How many others will this debacle empower to go public with their bigotry?
  4. Is this really that bad?

    Terribly sorry about that - I missed it somehow - I had a lot of the thread to catch up on and the post before yours was tldr for me as I've just got into work.... I stand by what I said though - if you live in a country that allows such barbarity then I feel sorry for you. If you have to live in THAT much fear of nutters with guns then is it really freedom? I am glad drivers don't carry guns behind the wheel in this country. Seriously though - fuck those idiots with guns - I am sure they will be in more trouble than you if they start shooting at you for drinking a covvee. I'd still flip the dick the bird. I guess it's off topic - but where do you live? I imagine it's South Africa? Nigeria? Sudan?.. somewhere in the middle east? Where else in the world is it so backward that you can't look an aggressor in the eye and tell him to fuck off calmly? Now I've had time to read it that long post was quite funny.
  5. Is this really that bad?

    Sorry - that came out a bit more bromantic than I intended. lol. Which is why you need to drive with 'care and attention'. It isn't difficult if you have a brain and are prepared to use it. This morning I was totally paranoid on my way to work whilst eating my pie! As I said - I don't think eating is illegal unless you allow it to distract you. Really? Maybe in some 'shithole' country in Africa or some other 3rd world place. Not in civilised societies. That's what road rage is though isn't it? Getting angry at other drivers - often associated with the shaking of a fist. Regarding the OP - I'd have just flipped the guy the bird and laughed at his idiocy.
  6. Did Christianity start with a real human Jesus?

    There are 'holy' people who perform 'miracles' today. There is that flaming cardamom seed trick that seems to fool everyone into believing that the 'guru' has special powers. Then there is the turning the stone pink trick that I have seen people asking about on forums too... the stone turns pink you pick the one aligned with your chakra... (or when the bloke wipes it with a different substance to the others). When we were at school we watched a priest turn water into wine during a sermon... He said that we could choose to either believe it was a magic trick or believe it was a miracle. I have never thought about it as a parable before - I'm giving you +1 for that. You mean that the water could represent ordinary life and wine the good stuff, but with the contentment taught by Jesus we can experience the good stuff (joy abounding) even with ordinary everyday life? Allelujah!
  7. Is this really that bad?

    I didn't think it was criticism. I was just trying to give a possible explanation for it. As I said - though - I couldn't answer for him.
  8. Is this really that bad?

    I can't really speak for him - but I am guessing it is because he cares about what people think about him. He cares about how he behaves and self reflects and self monitors his own behaviours (much in the same way a Christian repents from wrongs). Basically he is a good guy who cares about people and the world and doesn't want to make bad judgements and is 'checking' his thoughts and reasoning with peers and people he trusts - like his pals on this site. Maybe - as I said I can't speak for him - but I think I get why he is self reflecting on the situation rather than just assuming he was in the right (which he is imo). I could be wrong - but he was the first person I ever 'friended' on here back when we had that facility - this is because I like the respect he treats everyone with... and he can be funny too. I was walking through the street late at night in Canterbury a year ago... I was a bit tipsy. I gave some homeless couple the rest of the money in my pocket... paper and coin. I was talking to them for a bit and some drunk guy who knew them came up and told them to be careful of me as I was "clearly a wrongun". He could see it my eyes apparently and was trying to start a fight with me. I thought about fighting him, but I had a bad back and didn't fancy it.... although I reckon he'd have been easy enough to deal with presuming he didn't have a knife tucked away. I am a pacifist anyway so wouldn't really have wanted to. It thoroughly depressed me - I try to be nice - I try to be a good person - I was Christian for many years - I was totally at a loss as to how my very appearance would cause someone to hate me so much - you just have to accept that some people are arseholes I think and write them off and move/drive on.
  9. Is this really that bad?

    From what I can tell from reading around about it they wouldn't have been fined for eating or drinking, rather fined for driving without undue care and attention or driving whilst distracted. It isn't illegal to eat from what I can tell, but if you are driving poorly whilst eating then you would be finned for driving without due care and attention ad the fact that you were eating would be the distraction quoted against you. I could be wrong, but that is what I got from a quick internet search. I would assume (hope) that you would only get fined for it if it effected how you were driving. There was a uni professor a good few years back who was charged with dangerous driving for eating a sweet. Although eating a sweet isn't illegal... he had to rummage through his glove compartment for it and drove off the road and killed someone. This is driving without due care and attention. I think the line is a little blurred. Maybe I'll have to check the law again sometime when I get the chance. I think this is exactly what is thought to be true.
  10. Is this really that bad?

    I didn't think it was illegal in the UK - I eat a pastry in my car on the way to work in the mornings, have done it for years. Again - I didn't think drinking coffee was illegal either - I mean... they put coffee cup holders in cars for this very purpose, no? :-/ The bloke in the car described in the OP just sounds like a dick. It does happen to drivers. I get a little road ragey myself when people cut me up or drive slowly in the overtaking lane whilst the other lanes are clear.... people are human though.... once you stop and think the rage goes or you can forgive those that rage against you. When it comes to road rage - someone told me once that the best way to combat it in yourself is, if you find yourself angry at someone else's bad driving, to imagine that it is your nan driving the car (or someone else's nan maybe)... you then suddenly forgive them their ineptitude - they are only human.... and so are the ragey arseholes too. People get snappy behind a wheel.
  11. Lemmon juice? It is clear - you write it and it is clear when dry. You can heat it and the paper discolours and the writing becomes visible again. Won't work on your skin though I wouldn't have thought.
  12. What is the application you are after? This might determine what can and can't be used. Clock reactions spring to mind. Although I am not sure what you want the liquid for. The iodine one goes from clear to black after a predictable amount of time. I think there are other similar reactions based on the same chemistry where the balance of the reaction is kept in check by another chemical - once it gets used up it changes colour. Maybe there is a clock reaction that goes clear or something - idk - you'd have to look it up. The iodine one is the reverse of what you want - starting clear and going deep purple/black. We make a paint that is white... but dries clear. This is just because the emulsion is white whilst dispersed but is clear as a dried polymer film once it has coalesced. Sorry - I know that doesn't help - as I said - might be easier if we knew what your application/need was.
  13. Ah! I made it in 1992.... I no longer have it I am afraid, sorry. It was a three tiered board made from Perspex with red and blue squares. I coloured in the squares with marker pen so the board was still transparent but had coloured squares. It was a little fiddly to get at the pieces on the bottom and the middle layers - the size was only about 12x 8 inches each board. It had 4 vertical supports that I super glued into place, made from the same material as the boards. The game took a couple of hours to play. Cutting the pieces to size was easy - assembling it so it held together was a little tricky but I got there in the end with it. It fell apart after a year or 2 and I never got around to sticking back together as it took up less space in storage whilst collapsed. After 20 years or so it got thrown out during a house move and clear out. I should have kept it.
  14. But this would work easily/well as a computer game though. I do! I watched a youtube vid of a guy playing a 4 way chess match once - was interesting.... therefore I like the 3 way game you mentioned.... and the chimps too - I fancy my chances in a game of chess against any of them! I once built myself a 3D Dragon Chess board out of Perspex. My friend, who had shown me the rules and the board design was quite impressed that I had built the thing and we played a game using paper tokens as the pieces. P.
  15. It also reminds me of other chess variations that are purely out there for fun (Chess is a well established game with World Championships etc), they will never topple chess as stand alone game - it has been around a long time and is renowned for being an excellent well respected game. Variants such as Dragon Chess, Quantum Chess, Space Chess and computer games like the one where your pieces can either move or fire laser weapons at the opponents pieces (can't remember what that was called now - star chess or something).