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  1. I thought so - that explains the de ja vu! I couldn't find the thread though from the search engine... but found it by searching again without the typos.:
  2. but you'd 'correct' them with quoted scripture from the book in question rather than real world evidences, which is what people get frustrated about. I'd probably enjoy the debate... but if you just quote the bible as your sole argument then no one will be interested. You cannot use the bible as evidence or support for what is written in the same book. The argument is that the book has errors.. find ONE error and the whole thing falls apart as god is supposed to be perfect and wouldn't allow this mess to happen. The numinous I feel for how science describes the way the universe and life evolved is amazing - greater even than if it were made by a magic word from a supernatural being (which only draws the question - where did that come from anyway?).... when I see a new blue supermoon low on the horizon I still find myself looking to praise whatever set such a beautiful thing there - it is only natural... but proves nothing... nothing 'put' it there. Just because an old book says certain things proves nothing - there are many old books and many other religions in which people feel as strongly as you do about your faith and if you were bought up somewhere else in the world you'd have a different religion by your upbringing. I have 'reference' books and 'science' books from childhood that are WAYYY out of date - lol. They aren't fiction.... but reading my encyclopedia of astronomy and science that I got from MY granddad when I was very young it shows it's age for sure, lol. Some things in it are plain wrong... although they were 'right' at the time as far as they could be with what they knew then. Just to let you know - I gave you a couple of neg reps when you started trying to push HI around. The mods do a good job of trying to keep some sense and order in these discussions (it is a science site.... and we are discussing a supernatural all powerful magical being that has no evidence for its existence, how do expect these discussions to go? lol).
  3. I think it was only me that said you (and the other guy) were deluded for believing the bible in light of the world of evidence against it.... It wasn't the mods. It wasn't meant as an insult, I was in the same boat myself for many years. Even when ALL the evidence pointed against what I believed - I still CHOSE to believe it.... I was deluded. It is just a word that defines such a state of mind. No - MOST of them are fiction (depends on the bookshop) - no-one is saying that because the bible is fiction then all other books are or are not fiction.... each gets it's own assessment individually.
  4. It makes sense in the way that I've got my head around it to a point... but no -one knows what happened before BB or how Abiogenesis was triggered for example - there are many explanations and speculations but no-one knows at all what happened before that, what was there and for how long.... I don't think we ever will (not in our life times anyway)... so I guess it DOES make sense... I just have to claim unknowns. In that sense then maybe I was wrong - it DOES make sense - thanks for the correction and making me think about it. It makes sense entirely that I do not and will not know the how or why we came about. - But does that matter? was my point I suppose. Some who believe the bible seem to fear not knowing if they concede that their book is not accurate - because without the book they have absolutely nothing, the book is the sole basis of and the reason for their faith... if that is wrong then then what do they have left? I am past being scared of not knowing. It doesn't matter that we do not know everything - it's understandable. ... although on further thought it is off topic according to Swans, so I don't think I'll participate further -- shame - I quite like talking to coffeesipin and the others of faith about their beliefs and would like to discuss it more, but don't feel I am allowed to now in this thread. Because science doesn't claim and nor do scientists that science is an all knowing omnipresent being with the super power to interact and change whatever it wants. It isn't the same at all. It hasn't got any sentience to care what happens let alone do anything - it isn't a being.... the god of the bible is supposed to be in charge of the universe and everything - if that was true then why wouldn't he care if his message to the world was understood or not? It would be simple to appear and let the world know what the right way was. Again - we are off topic though - this thread is for discussing coffespin's soon departure and any natural progression of that discussion because of why he thinks this is now off topic apparently according to swans.... so I think I better just find a different site to participate on for the rest of the day... (or get on with my work before I get fired). TTFN.
  5. The thread very quickly went onto the topic of their faiths... it was a natural progression of the topic because he was in trouble for preaching. Whatever - I wont argue with you about it I'll pull out of the conversation if you want me out of it. I don't understand the decision though - it's poor imo.
  6. It was a natural progression of the conversation that the OP started.... if what I said was off topic then the whole thread is. - She pm'd me - it was about the assumed insult of me using the word deluded to describe a believer of the bible as a factual document - nothing about being off topic. I am not sure what other word to use - how do you describe someone who chooses to believe something that goes against the reality that is before them? Deluded. I used to believe it too... I personally don't think that makes me stupid - I was certainly deluded though.... it isn't an insult, just a fact. I will try not to use the word again in the future although I think using these kind of kid glove to protect people's feelings is why we don't discuss important things.... and why we end up with things like brexit and Trump. I've said it before - if you can't discuss these thing for fear of upsetting people then they don't get discussed and people stay deluded.
  7. OK HI - Can you report it to another mod then please as I can't see the problem with it. I am happy for you to explain it to me though here if you wish. Out of line - how so? Does it have to?
  8. What scriptures?

    ...which is just another book, written by men. Keep the love and the joy. Drop the lies and the delusion. You don't need Dumbo's feather to fly. x.
  9. Except that different Christians sometimes interpret the same verses in different ways. Why would god let that happen if he was real? Where is the holy ghost's guidance in this? Look to your heart - you know it's nonsense - you have been lied to and are lying to yourself. Keep the love - drop the lies and delusion. x
  10. I know I am not supposed to say this in threads (for some reason) but that points to a sock puppet of an older banned account or something then does it not? If they already know a lot about you before you have disclosed that info then maybe they are remembering conversations as other avatars or something. I could be wrong - maybe he found your gender from reading other posts of yours or talking to someone else. I quite like talking to him as it goes.... apart from the departure from reason when he looses a point in the discussion and it just slips back to 'thus sayeth the lord'. I am not sure how to get through to him that you can't just quote the bible in an argument and expect people to take it as fact. I guess that's how he has been trained and conditioned to argue from years of churching... I used to be like it myself.
  11. What scriptures?

    That's classic delusion though. Everyone believes that when they are Christian and they come up with different interpretations and meanings. If the holy ghost really guided our readings the we wouldn't have dozens of denomination all split and arguing over interpretations of scriptures. It's utter nonsense unfortunately and you have been sucked into it and conditioned to follow it all your life - like I was too once. Because historical evidence supports this whereas the bible has lots of historical evidence showing it to be wrong about much of history and creation. it's in the new testament... but where else? Just because it is written there why should it be true? What evidence is there to support it beyond what is in the book.
  12. Pushed into it because reason and logic weren't supporting your argument...? So, you had to resort to asserting your opinion that the book is the holy word of god and can't be questioned because your arguments fall short otherwise. Without the book you have no argument. You can't win an argument here just by claiming 'what I am saying is true and everything else is a lie because it say so in this old book' without supporting it with real world evidence. Wars and rumours of wars have been about for a long time. Maybe there will be a nuclear war - I hope not, but if there is then that doesn't prove anything in revelations at all. I have to go back to work anyway - have a nice day.
  13. ....and the very next sentence:- ....which is preaching. I don't care personally - I like discussion about such things. It is against the forum rules though to just assert what you believe as a fact without supporting evidence. The bible is not supporting evidence of itself - it can't be. So by trying to discuss revelation with the only provided evidence is from revelation then that is just going to go in circles if it was allowed.... so they shut it down before it does. Revelations was a book written by (supposedly John?) a man who was hallucinating after been locked away in a prison for years on an island. Why would any suspect there is any sense in it 2000 years on after it was written. There are always wars and rumours of wars... there have been for 1000s of years. After 35 years or so of living with that fear.... get the truth - the truth will set you free (from the fear). Fuck that backward barbaric religion and live you life in love and peace, caring for you fellow man and yourself.... not living in fear because of some book of fairy tales written 2000 years ago. I feel we could have a really interesting conversation, but it probably won't be allowed if you claim victory after every post by insisting that 'the scripture say x,y,z,' so x, y ,z is true regardless of whatever evidence we have for or against it.
  14. What scriptures?

    How would Paul have carried the gospels? His journey started just after Jesus died no? The gospels weren't even written until years later. Is this some new holy ghost revelation you've been given or something? Please explain. If the god was real and alive in side of you then why would he allow this kind of statement from you. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  15. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Misconduct

    I guess that 'religious groups' could jump on the band wagon and say that because he is an evil atheist without god in his life he was easily lead into sins such as rape... This is proof in some of their minds he can't be trusted and his arguments about evolution and the BB should be ignored in favour of creationism? I guess creationists feel he is the enemy driven by satin because he propagates his views on the BB and the cosmos and thinks 'creation' is a myth in a story book. Of course this would be ridiculous as there are many within the churches systems themselves that are guilty of far worse he is accused of without trial.