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  1. ha ha ha. I like the idea now of connecting the Twylek's ear stockings via suspender chains to a face veil. I think I am onto something here for sexy clothing for aliens... but it won't win any Nobel Prizes... unless there is one in the Star Wars universe for high design in alien burlesque or something. Handrails on the Death Star for the engineering and command levels? Nobel prize for safety in the workplace. The place is a death trap. .......chicken wire. A simple piece of chicken wire or some stronger mesh to cover the exhaust port on the death star. Just to stop any space debris floating down the pipe and causing a blockage.
  2. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    I think the very tenuous link was that the aloe juice had the appearance of alien cum and might taste similar... however, this claim was made by someone who has never even tasted aloe vera.
  3. Cool. How about the Kyber crystal in the sabre is attuned to the force and uses the Jedi's force power to confine the light in the sabre to the 3 foot of the blade (like Kylo Ren does to the blaster shot in one of the newer films at the beginning when he freezes it in the air). Do they work if the user is not force sensitive? If not then it would add weight to my idea of how they might work above. (...hmm - Grievous uses 4 of them, so no, unless he's force sensitive without really knowing it). They don't have mobile phones - maybe they'd win the Nobel prize for communications. The wheel? lol... not sure I've ever seen a wheel in Star Wars. It would surely save a lot of power pushing a cart along rather than levitating it. Nobel prize for transport. Hippocampus Stockings for Twyleks? Nobel prize for alien fashions.
  4. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Nice. Does it add a 'freshness' to the salve?
  5. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    When I worked/seconded for a tissue company they used to put aloe vera into the baby wet wipes. I think it was for disinfecting purposes or something. They had to recall the project after too many complaints. I spoke to the mill manager about it and asked why it was canned... he replied in a very slow draw out SE English accent "well... too much aloe vera... [it was] burning the babies arses!" I am still not sure why I found the way he said it funny. I once broke a cactus and licked the sap - it was awful - very bitter. I can imagine that the sap would be unpleasant for a babies bum if too concentrated.
  6. aha! - that's your conceptual error... incredibly low probability does not equal zero probability... especially when talking about timeframes of many billions of years - that's a very long time. That isn't evolution of modern animals from a common ancestor though - that is closer to abiogenisis I think. There are speculations as to how it could have happened (of course no one can know as they were not there and it isn't really observable)... all require a very long time to happen. Hundreds of millions of years... which in the time frame of many billions, is obviously long enough as it clearly happened somehow or we would not be here.
  7. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Yea - if it doesn't burn the hairs off of your tongue and leave you gasping for breath though then it has probably lost all of it's organic power and wont cure your cancer - you need to eat the leaves raw from the cactus to get the most organic power from it probably. such a heart warming post - beautiful witness for the love of the Lord.
  8. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Who told you this? See what Sensei above wrote about the compounds changing through cooking and being easier to digest. Where did this 'organic power' nonsense come from? It sounds like some kind of made up new age woo. Did you drink your juice? I've never tried aloe vera - I have this idea that it is very bitter and tastes of cactus or something. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Topical or tropical? Seriously though - what do you mean by this? What does this mean?
  10. DrP

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Destroys its organic power? What do you mean by that? Treat it the same as any other juice that you have left out of the fridge for 20 hours. Sniff it and use your own discretion. I would be wary about drinking orange juice that had been left out all night - it won't kill you, but might not be that pleasant for your tummy for a day or 2 afterwards. You have to make up your own mind. In terms of medical help - we cannot give you - but this is the same as any juice that has been left out all night. It depends on the temperature of it, how old it was to start with etc as to whether it has kept well or gone off. Personally - If the smell has changed since it was left out then I'd bin it.
  11. DrP

    The next branch on the tree

    World party it will be then. It isn't just energy though - we'd need to sort stasis out and longevity and other things for going outside the solar system I would think. Else just have AI do all the exploring... but that kinda defeats the point no? To go, boldly, where no one has gone before.
  12. If you can prove it then you could win some money. Most cases coincidence and normal thinking/empathy. We are humans and think similarly (generalisation) - sometimes we think the same things at the same time. We've discussed it over and over a few times. We'd need to discuss it there or in new thread I think.... but being honest - don't bother. ;-) https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/113154-telepathy-and-brain-waves/?tab=comments#comment-1035859 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/113154-telepathy-and-brain-waves/?tab=comments#comment-1035855 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/93076-telekinesis-telepathy-and-their-impact-on-science-absolutely-none/?tab=comments#comment-900608 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/84248-can-telepathy-aid-belief-in-a-god/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-816107 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/81564-can-geomagnetic-activity-affect-telepathy-michael-persinger/?tab=comments#comment-789719 https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/40628-telepathy-is-not-illogical/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-499878
  13. DrP

    The next branch on the tree

    Wouldn't though? Within decades the world would be a totally different place - possibly unrecognisable. If they ever announce the breakthrough which permits safe fusion power station construction in my lifetime I will crack open a bottle of Champagne. We all should! Holy Grail of science in my life time I reckon... err, although curing death might be a be up there with it I suppose. lol.
  14. DrP

    The next branch on the tree

    I do not know. Looking at science fiction - the kugelblitz/black hole/singularity drive looks amazing! Right now it looks totally impossible.... although - if you told a 14 year old DrP about the latest in mobile phone tech, drones or virtual reality gaming and touch screens I would have thought it all far fetched. Sequencing the DNA code and editing human DNA? Wow!... If I told my great granddad when he was a boy that we'd have planes and trips to the moon in space ships he might have thought me mad. I think that the 'theory' behind the BH drive is based on reality.... you would have to find a way to create or capture your own little black hole and keep it safely contained though, lol. I was hoping fusion would have got a little further down the line from where we are now... when I was younger I was sure we'd have got a little closer than we have. Always seems like its just 30 to 50 years off... they've been saying that for 60 years or so and we are only a little closer than we were.