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  1. Position Grounds

    I get that he is in your heart. <3 He is in mine too,x He is in your heart - good. It isn't reality though - do you not see that? Is it just your belief in Christ keeping you from murdering and raping? If so then you need to work on your morals and self control and love for your fellow man - maybe you need Jesus to stop you being total bastard - if so - good, keep him close. The doctor comes to treat the sick. But actual reality and honest history it is not. Stay saintly, keep repenting from your sins and try to be nice people. Open your eyes and drop the moronic belief in ancient superstitions long proven to be nonsense.
  2. Position Grounds

    New Testament scholars maybe - because they study the bible and believe it. Historians?.... nah.... they study history, not made up stories. I'll have to look up and get sources to back up my claim because I am at work and can't research it here - but I am pretty sure actual real historians (not the ones that study fictional books) do not believe the claptrap that is claimed by the new testament. It is debatable whether Jesus even existed as a man.... there is absolutely no evidence outside of some bloke claiming it in a book that he was crucified and raised from the dead. Even if such claim was made by some guy 300 years after the event... there is no reason to actually believe it - there have been many many spurious and nonsense claims by many people over the last few thousand years.
  3. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    Then there are echoes. The louder the sound the longer the 'residue' or echo is left behind. I remember reading at school that mount Krakatoa was heard 7 times as the sound wave from the initial explosion travelled around the planet over and over. If you want fiction, then yea - you can come up with any plausible sciencey sounding stuff. You could say that the protean in our hair in the fine structure records the patterns of the vibrations in the air - thus recording every sound we hear for life on a molecular level... but it wouldn't be real. You need something that will deform under the sound wave and then hold it's shape so that the wave can be copied or replicated or played back.
  4. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    Only if it is recorded in a media. Like with footprints - you only see them if the surface the person walked on is soft enough to take the print - on concrete, no. With sound, you can get it to vibrate a needle that leaves a trace in something plastic. You can then vibrate a similar needle in the grooves of the plastic to recover the sound. It isn't going to hang around in the air, it isn't viscous enough. Or you can get it to vibrate a membrane with a magnet on it as it passes over some magnetic tape. When the tape passes over a similar magnet you can cause it to vibrate. Attach it to a speaker and you hear your original recording.
  5. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    or of course an audio cassette or any other sound recording device.
  6. Does sound leave an imprint on the environment?

    It 'may' do - they say that a butterfly flapping it's wings could cause a hurricane somewhere else. I doubt it though - it would have to be a very big sound. Also - how would you trace it? It is all so convoluted. I expect it is impossible. How would you trace it back through the air. Air dissipates quickly and any wave or 'picture' of the sound wave in the air will be no more after the event. It would be like trying to write your name on puddle of water - it dissipates. I guess an avalanche caused by a big bang is the result of sonic vibration... but you would be hard pressed (probably impossible) to trace the cause of the avalanche back to any particular noise. How would you trace it? Other examples I can think of would be shouting at a bowl of water - you could look at the patterns of the ripples to get some info regarding how loud your shout was. A glass breaking at the right frequency is a physical observation of sound effecting matter. A giant digeridoo blasted at the ground in a dessert might give a distinctive pattern in the sand. An injured eardrum from a loud noise is evidence of said noise possibly..... but none of this is what you are describing and I can't think of an example of where it is possible. What did you have in mind? - sorry - reading this back I am drivelling rubbish and just random thoughts about the OP. I think I know what he is getting at and it isn't possible from what I can tell beyond the sound wave actually physically marking a dusty surface or making a wave in a liquid. How about a shock wave frozen in a gel like solid?
  7. What's the only question that matters?

    Solid, liquid or gas?
  8. I get the love, forgiveness, restraint, mercy, peace and kindness.... I am not distracted by it at all. The use of religion to control people and politics is very real and I hate it. So much shit and death and intolerance and ignorance. Yuk! I wish all kids had a few years at sunday school to learn about Jesus and love and mercy and sacrifice etc... I think it would make the world a better place.... just no need for the lies and outrageous false claims imo. Nope - it was me talking to the holy ghost / god / Jesus. I spoke to him for many years.. all delusion. It was very positive for the most part - don't get me wrong - I loved/worshiped god - I was a Christian.... but mistaken - it is total nonsense.
  9. ... I've never been a fan of this - I get that faith is a leap of acceptance of something without proof... but when I was a believer I always tried to justify my 'belief' (I won't say faith) based upon evidences and reasoning. There are explanations for everything in the bible and all of gods actions if you 'accept' certain things to be true that you have no evidence for. When you believe it you sort of believe that you have the evidence... but it takes a step back again to analyse it properly and see that you are taking things to be true that are actually huge leaps of faith. I don't know - maybe I was an idiot or just plain crazy... I did have an extremely close imaginary friend for several decades. I forgive myself for it though... and understand how easy it is to believe something that isn't true based on what people say and the kindness/love they offer. Long story short - there is no evidence outside of personal testimonies of any being fitting the description of the god of the bible or any of the other religions that have books here on earth. The reason I don't believe it any more is not due to any conflict in morals or evil influence.... it is just clearly absolute bollocks and if you do believe it then I reckon you are either brainwashed/hypnotised, as I must have been, or you are just totally fucking dumb, because it is so obviously nonsense and trivially proven false that it just isn't really that funny anymore. Children see through it straight away and have to be conditioned through much brainwashing (prayer sessions) before they come round to believing it. Drop it - Drop the fear of the non existent hell for non belief - stop making excuses for a barbaric fictional being - see it for what it is, a way to control the masses - the truth will set you free.
  10. Position Grounds

    'Faith' in a doctor is totally different - although you have faith in him - you KNOW that there is statistical probability of him succeeding or messing up your operation - you still have faith for him being the best man for the job because he has had many successes.... but obviously he has had failures too - that's doctoring. So, with doctoring, you look at the statistics and see which doc is best or, at very least, check to see that the doctor is trained and qualified. The doc can actually SHOW you his certificate to PROVE that he has been trained.... then you trust that he will do the best job he can and then roll the dice. Whereas, with the god of the bible the way Christianity describes it, there is absolutely NO evidence for it whatsoever. So I'd have to disagree with your analogy - it is totally different.
  11. Have a look on tesla's semi

    Yes - partial or half something.... it also gets used to mean a partial erection, thus my comment about not wanting to see Tesla's. ;-)
  12. Yes they were - 10m was the height of the shadow..... thus the height of the small triangle (from the diagram in the question - figure 2.4.3.) 20m is the distance from the shadow to the point on the ground perpendicular to the light.... so the length of the base of the larger triangle is this 20m plus the length of the shadow, x = (x+ 20)m Look - See? It is in the diagram in the figure... Light source at D (y distance off the ground), shadow goes from C to A. Object Q at height 10m. It can be thought of as 2 triangles that are similar. The big one from ADE and the smaller one from ABC. The rest is just maths/algebra/calculus. Hope that helps. Bye.
  13. Have a look on tesla's semi

    also, it sounds a little rude..... I'm not sure I want to look at Tesla's semi thank you very much.
  14. Then just buy a primer for steel straight off the shelf. If you are worried about corrosion then get one with high zinc content or a high content of zinc phosphate or aluminium tripolyphosphaste. What is the application? Is it somewhere warm and dry or exposed on a sea front or something? The location could effect the amount of corrosive attack it will get. Again - just read a few labels on standard primers that offer rust protection and follow their directions, you should be fine.