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  1. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Sorry - maybe I misunderstood your point. Being honest - I care little for the subject. You need to discuss it with the millions of brexit voters and right wingers that seem to hate her - maybe she is an easy target for their xenophobia and misplaced anger. I am just being honest about my personal feelings when I say I see both sides. I understand their anger and disgust at her past decision... I also see how she can be pitied for being so misled (although some would argue she was not misled and ISIS has it right). She is a fellow human being in trouble - although I feel there are more deserving of my personal sympathy.
  2. I was going to post this in the Climate change fraud thread, but it got closed - so I'll just leave it here for now.
  3. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    We'll watch the story unfold in the press and see what happens. I don't know her personally. Maybe you are right and she was coerced into going out there against her will. we'll see. Whatever happens - she will have to face a lot of questioning if she ever gets back here.
  4. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    I am certain she wont be welcomed back to the UK in the way the prodical son was welcomed by his father. So you think that the consensus of the British public are going to welcome her back like a prodical son with celebrations and feasting that she has returned home? I won't accuse you of being deluded - we will wait and see what happens. Diddums. So - IF she makes it back then she can face the law. Until then I will loose very little sleep over it.
  5. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Of course I do - that's why I bought it up - but it isn't the same, what she has done is far beyond that... also the majority of the British public are not born again Christians with the desire to forgive. I am sceptical that she will be accepted and welcomed by many here. You are deluded imo if you think she will be.
  6. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Except she didn't leave to squander her fortune, she left to join a terrorist organisation that have murdered millions... and she isn't begging to be a servant either from what I can tell. She might now - I guess she'd say anything. As usual - I see both sides of the argument. I never said she shouldn't get due process. It's clearly debatable what that process is. I guess it's up to the parents to decide what's best for the baby - I would guess social services will take it from her if she returns. As it is she is no longer a British citizen (unless she wins her appeal) - so I do not know what the 'due process' is. Whatever it is it is doing a good job of keeping the British media occupied whilst the gov stealth through more public service cuts. None of these were issues when she chose to go out there. She went of her own accord (or so it has been reported - unless the press made that up). Maybe she was lied to and was disillusioned when she got there - some things are a little hard to come back from though (like ISIL/ISIS).
  7. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    That's what was reported. Are you suggesting she might NOT have left the UK to go and join ISIS as a baby machine? You said yourself she tried. 4 years later she wants home - I am missing how you think she might have gone to Syria for any other reason. I saw no reports of kidnapping. No one is disputing she isn't entitled to a trial. I'm sure we'd give her one if she comes back here. Getting back might not be so easy though. Do you think the British public should welcome her back like a prodigal son or something?
  8. DrP

    What are you listening to right now?

    I like her version of 'Here comes the Sun'.
  9. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    What do you expect the British public to say about it? Especially the brexiteers. She tried and was successful. I see your point though - she'd have to say she still supports them else they'd probably kill her... but she DOES support them. She left our country to go and join them as a baby maker. Do we want that baby back here? Will it be safe even? When right wing nutters will kill a politician for saving the lives of hundreds of refugees and is labelled a traitor to her country then what kind of life is the child going to have here as the son/daughter of some ISIS freedom fighter? Is the father presumed dead? What's wrong with Bangladesh anyway? If she is legally a citizen then why doesn't she go there - it's 90% Muslim so she'd fit right in.
  10. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    There is no doubt here - she said it herself that she chose to leave the UK to join ISIS. There is no doubt to her guilt regarding that. Even if there is an appeal and she wins it - she deserves the uncertainty and fear she is experiencing now imo. Besides - how could you trust her again - words are cheap, you can't be certain she wont spy for ISIS cell groups or radicalize her ISIS child against us just because she goes on an anti radicalization course. There are those here that would lynch her without trial - but I don't get on that well with that sort of people. I understand their anger though - she expects to come back here and have the British tax payer support the upbringing of her child. She chose to turn her back on our ways and joined a foregn army at war with us. What do you think the reaction of the British people is going to be?
  11. OK - I think the 'profound science' comment was sarcasm. I was supporting what he said. If the chances are non zero then you'd expect to see it happen eventually given the right circumstances.
  12. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    21 is irrelevant in the UK. The age for becoming an adult is 18. I'm sure she'll be fine in Bangladesh. She'll be safely away from all those evil Brits she condones the killing of and went to war with by joining ISIS. We shouldn't hate her or pity her - let her go to Bangladesh and forget her. ... aaaaand it appears the undue media attention over this could be to cover the governments latest 15% stealth cuts in the UK fire service budget.
  13. When it goes against what people have tried and tested scientifically or against the most probable outcomes or what we actually observe and is based on their imagination then yes - it's called making stuff up. Over 14.5 billion years it becomes a lot more likely. Add in some mechanisms that we haven't discovered or included yet - like the organisation of molecules in an ordered manner from interactions within the interstitial layers of clays or other materials, or things we are not aware of yet and it becomes more likely still. It only has to not equal zero and it would be EXPECTED to happen eventually. If it WAS guided by some being then that would suggested even more complexity and be even less likely according to your own logic.
  14. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    OK - I cringed at every joke on FB regarding the poor girl - they were all in pretty bad taste imo... although - I found this vid funny: https://www.facebook.com/MoanersUK/videos/378751456037536/ is that even possible? how could you be sure she isn't going to be a sleeper waiting for something in particular. Although I feel as a human she should get a trial... I am not too bothered if we don't see her again being honest - I'm more concerned about the brexit brigade using it as an excuse to normalise their racist agenda's though making jokes about it on FB tbh. :-(
  15. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    There is a lot of hatred on social media about her. Mainly from the brexit types. I can understand the resentment. Legally I presume we should have taken her back then prosecuted her, but, meh, whatever - you make your bed you lie in it. She might actually be safer out there than back here anyway. There are right wingers seething with hatred towards her - I have no inclination to argue her defence. She left the country to join a terrorist group that is openly at war with us - why should we care about her now?