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  1. I was quite pleased about making this meme.... but no one I know gets it.lol. I stiched the pics together and my cousin suggested the phrasing. Anyone come up with a different legend?
  2. Polyphia. The Audacity / Playing God / Ego Death ... I only found out about them earlier this year.... love these 3 tracks.
  3. You've probably seen these (Falcon 9?) rocket landings before in news or on the net. When I think of the size of this thing and earth's gravity, I cannot fail to be impressed.. even though one explodes.
  4. I don't think there is one as far as I'm aware. Not a scientifically studied one anyway.
  5. That's just how the body works. It reacts to changes in your psychological state. You are just 'feeling'. Most people can do it. I read an article recently that mentioned that some people can reach orgasm just from thinking. The connection between body and mind is strong and complex. It's not some magical power.
  6. Isn't this just focusing your attention on what you are feeling in a specific part of your body though? Couple that with the brilliant capacity of the human brain to imagine things and self hypnotise itself and you can feel all sorts of things. For example, if I concentrate on my toe I can feel a sensation in that... if I focus on my body and imagine a 'chi' like energy... I can feel a warmth and sensation... I can move it around too... like in tai chi.... this doesn't mean I have chi... it just means I can focus my perception upon specific places in my body. The brain and body ate extremely complex.
  7. It is so ve can rebuild our empire and take over zi vorld!! PS.. Touche.
  8. Out if interest, do you consider the many different denominations and freestyle individual relationships with god within the frame of Christianity religion?
  9. About time too...😂 We can celebrate it as redependece day. 😂 Everyone will have free access to healthcare at the point of need and a nice cup of tea, payed for by the tax payer.
  10. It's a press conference with the prime minister and his advising scientists... a. The questions were entirely valid from a social science angle. b. It's a press conference with the Prime Minister! Why would you expect the questions not to be political?
  11. It's a social scientific question, directed at the scientists (the second questioner makes that clear)... his claim that the question is political is dodging it. So what if there are political undertones anyway? It's a press conference with the prime minister and his scientific advisors.... what questions should they be asking? It's dictatorship over democracy and freedom of the press.
  12. Look up 'auto ignition' temperature... as mathematic suggested above, if it's combustible and there is oxygen then most materials have a temperature at which they ignite.
  13. I'm not sure about the UK at the moment either. Johnson today blocked several questions from the press aimed at his scientific advisors and would not let them answer. There was also an article about how they (the conservative gov) are planning to pay newspapers such as the daily mail to print their lies/positive news stories about how well they are handling the crisis. I'm seeing daily lies from them. Cummings last week altered blog entries from years back so he could claim foresight regarding the pandemic... they lied about a nhs government staff member. They lied continually in the run up to the election.... but people still voted for them... I'm sure a lot of people, even though they are told about their blatant lies (it's not even half truths or propaganda some of it, just plain lies) will not see through it... they jump to the govs defence with angry vigor. It's quite depressing.
  14. I read an article about those in a magazine a couple of years ago. Fascinating
  15. Yet yesterday they lied in a press release declaring they have had quarantines in place since February for arrivals... They must know very few people will actually believe that so I'm not sure why they do it. I guess some will just lap the lies right up.
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