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  1. It isn't a high end one - but not to bad... (Ovation Ultra maybe? I'll check when I get home) - sounds and plays lovely though - great tones and harmonics and superb action. The damage is purely cosmetic, but has to devalue the thing. Got it in a second hand guitar store for £120.00 about 15 to 20 years ago. The pick up had bust... but I got that fixed. Don't plug it in often anyway. Looked it up recently and they go for about 5 or 6 hundred quid! I was thinking about selling it... but with the crack I reckon I'll be lucky to get what I paid for it so I might as well keep it. One of the best guitars I've ever had for a semi acoustic.
  2. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    No worries - I'm from the UK. Yesterday I was talking about a German post doc in the football thread and you confused him with me I think.
  3. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    I guess you would go with the flow there, yea. lol. You beat me to that. If you use that line of argument to believe in god then why not every other single piece of mythical claptrap out there? They are all just as credible and all have the same amount of evidence. It is a little like hypnosis I suppose... when I was 3 years I would pray at Sunday school. We would close our eyes and the lady would pray and we would picture Jesus writing our names into the book of life... It was quite beautiful, the lady was lovely.... none of that makes it true though. People used to say I was brain washed and I just didn't believe it... now I think I was. Not out of any ill intention from the old lady - she was lovely... she had been mislead too and had not had the 40 years of modern life that I now have. Things were different even then - we knew a lot less.
  4. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Welllll to play advocate for a second... there IS evidence... it just isn't very good and doesn't stand up to any scientific scrutiny. I have seen some 'miraculous' things. I have witnessed some AMAZING coincidences which at the time I though evidence for god. I still can't explain what the holy ghost is.. it is 'something' which I used to believe to be the spirit of god... but now I think it just a state of mind and body. I think that the placebo effect can help people shake off illness quicker and heal better (this is seen in drug trials) - this is to do with belief that you have something that will work (even if you have nothing).... so 'something' is going on in our bodies which is influenced by the mind. Problem is that we do not know what that is and people jump to so many spurious conclusions to explain it... they think that their prayers or their sugar cube medicine has cured them... when they have just gotten better through believing they will get better... so there is 'something' in believing and positive thinking for sure... but what is it? It certainly isn't holistic healing, chackra energy or a mighty god at work... it is what ever causes the mechanism for the placebo effect - which we can't explain fully as far as I know. It has to be some connection between mind and body that we do not yet under stand. Sorry for the long speculation. At the end of the day you have to be honest with yourself. The god thing is clearly nonsense (as it is laid out in the books from centuries ago anyway)... and just nonsense that isn't so clear when you get sucked into it. I know first hand how easy it is to get sucked into believing it. It seems so dumb when you are out of it... but I do understand how people believe it when faced with certain things. I haven't had a chance to fully watch the below as I am at work and couldn't find the vid I wanted to share. In the one I watched he gives as total atheist a spiritual experience and she breaks down in tears and commits her life to god... then he explains how he tricked her with psychological processes and helps her to take a positive strength from what she learnt. idk if it is in the below vid but I think it is on a similar theme - I'll watch it properly when I get home:
  5. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    so we just ignore reality and make our own stuff up? I don't get it. What I wrote or the religious belief? If religion then It makes sense sure... but it has no grounds in reality beyond that of peoples' delusions. Sure, if it makes you happy and floats you boat then you can believe what ever you like... but you can't claim it is reality when there is no evidence for it and plenty of evidence contradicting it. Are you interested in science and working out how the complexities of nature and the universe works? Or do you want to just blindly accept what is written in an out of date 2000 year old book which has made many claims that have been proven wrong by modern science?. Science updates it's text books all the time when new evidence come to light through investigation and experimentation.
  6. I dropped my Ovation onto a concrete step last month when the strap came of the button.... it was pretty old and had a few scratches... I used to use it as a kick about guitar because I got it dirt cheap and it didn't seem to matter much. Recently though I checked the price of it and, er, I can't use it as a kick about any more... I had some bits repaired and decided to treat it with respect... I've had it 15 years at least... now there is a nasty split in the nut from the drop and I am gutted! Still plays nice - I guess it can go back to being a kick about. Wish I had been keeping it in any type of case Bloody physicists! lol.
  7. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    .... but we DO investigate things... we use science to do this. It usually confirms what we believe or we change our belief to better fit the evidence the science throws up. With religion and faith though there is no such check - even when it doesn't work and science points to it being wrong the religious STILL do not change their belief to fit the facts. So - as it was said above and you kind of agreed with - it doesn't matter what we believe the computer still works either way. Same with god - it doesn't matter if we believe or not, it is either there or it isn't.... and there has not been any credible evidence for it beyond word of mouth reports of things that can simply be explained with coincidence or delusion.
  8. Thanks - that is what I was thinking but didn't want to challenge the post as it was very sure of itself. Makes sense an ice cube would cool a dog. They were saying never to give one to a dog in hot weather. They were suggesting that the ice in the dogs tummy would make the dogs insides think it was cold and it would send blood to the stomach to heat it.... and end up over heating the dog which could lead to death. I think maybe someone fed a dog an ice cube somewhere and it died... probably would have dies anyway and had nothing to do with the ice cube. They then jumped to the conclusion that it was the ice that killed it...? Who knows?
  9. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Awesome - I just found out that if you type "Come on England" as part of a sentence in a facebook post at the moment, then you get an explosion of footballs on the screen with stars and glitter.... and it then highlights the words in red in your post.
  10. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Sorry - must have mistyped... the German post doc jumped on the table to celebrate... not me. I was looking the other way, head in hand, trying not be associated with him.... which was difficult as he was sat at our table.
  11. I don't think that 'weight' would be that relevant. It would have more to do with the 'hardness' of the material and it's ability to distribute the stress of the impact... so a little compressibility but high strength for the outer shell and a soft shock absorbing inner lining. I can't see how the weight would be relevant at all. Sorry - that's all I've got.
  12. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Ha ha ha - I watched an England vs Germany game in 1996 in a sports bar with some others and one guy was a post dock from Germany. Germany scored and leapt up onto the table shouting "YEEEEEESSSS!!!", shaking both fists in the air....... only to look around the packed bar of about a hundred or so Brits that were staring at him open mouthed in ABSOLUTE silence. lol. He realised he was the only one cheering, shut up and sat back down rather sheepishly. lol. We just put our heads in our hands. You could have cut the air with a knife for a minute or so before muffled conversations started up and the bar returned to normal.
  13. I can't answer your question as written I am afraid because I do not know the answer. But, the best cases from what I can tell seem to have a very hard exterior with tight fitting, soft, shock absorbing padding on the inside. At a guess - I'd go with hard shell with a tight snug fit into a soft padded interior. The most expensive guitar case I ever bought is like this and it is excellent - you can jump on it or throw it onto a plane and the guitar will be fine inside.
  14. I read an old friend's facebook post yesterday that suggested you should never give a dog an ice cube, ice cream or very cold water in hot weather. It sounded like rubbish to me but I didn't challenge it as I do not know for sure. It sounds like the old wives tale that you should drink a hot drink in hot weather rather than cold. Anyone know if this is true about dogs? I would have thought an ice cube would lover it's temperature. I wouldn't let it eat a bucket of ice though - it's brain would freeze for sure! Sounds like an extension of the old wives tale about hot drinks in warm weather - anyone know for sure?
  15. Although I agree with the sentiment of nearly everything you said- I though the whole Assad thing was debatable.... he was the best of a bad lot and was fighting ISIS. A few years back I thought it was though that he could still be the best of a bad lot, rather than toppling him and putting the rebels in... Even this latest chemical thing is now suspected to have not happened by some and they claim it was an excuse to oust him. Whatever - you are right about the acceptance of Jong-un though... what did talking to him really achieve? He agreed to stop with the nuke - he was supposed to anyway. Any mention of human rights abuses? no. It still all reminds me of that 'Hypernormalisation' video.
  16. Multiple types of hair growing

    I can only assume it was attitude related. People dock you points for rudeness here as well as stubbornly rejecting scientifically accepted things. I gave you +1 for being polite enough to thank Phi for his reply.... although that was generous - politeness should be a given when dealing with strangers surely? Not that we need to explain - but as others have said - it is not a field we have 'experts' in as far as I am aware. My ex used to pay good money to have stripes put in her hair... it was like £60 - £80 or something like that.
  17. Explanation of the killings in Exodus

    That is such nonsense MassMan. What about the evil doers that live and go unpunished? This is god's'love'? It's BS clearly. Why keep making excuses for a monstrously barbaric, clearly non existent being? If God was real then of course everything would be explainable. But it clearly isn't real. I think you are afraid of this punishment yourself and it is blinding you to the obvious. What loving god would make you live in fear like that?
  18. Is automation taking our jobs

    That is not for everyone. I was asking if the OP had lost his job to a robot or something. I was wondering why he felt that way. Ideally the robots would do the jobs we do not want to do.... in practice though they will probably just do the jobs where it is cheaper to have them do it.
  19. So who's going to win the world cup?

    No - it keeps it's pissy patina from champion to champion.
  20. This universe will die and Satan is real

    I posted in the other thread about the Von Monchie thing... what are your thoughts about the recent translations of it from ancient Turkish? I posted there rather than here... I don't want to get into the conversation of this thread really.
  21. Ciphered text test.

    I saw a documentary last month and it looks like they have translated most of that Von Munch thing now.... I was reminded of discussions about it here and wondered what Mr O'Neil made of it. There wasn't any Welsh in it from what I remember. If I get the time and remember it when I get home from work I'll try to find it and post it. I nearly started a new thread about it a few months back.... but didn't really want to start yet another Von Mooch thread. iirc - it was mainly in ancient Turkish and they had translated most of it.
  22. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Almost certainly... someone has probably pissed in it too. I know that the Claret jug for the Open Golf has been pissed in. It does get drunk from also.
  23. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I thought we looked pretty good until the scrappy goal in the last min of the game. Then it was a horrid half hour of them being all over us and we hang on. Lucky but we'll take it. Those lads (about half the team?) are already world champions from under 17s and under 21s. I'll keep watching.
  24. Is automation taking our jobs

    Has automation taken your job?
  25. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I guess there would be a loud horn blast and some trumpets sounding in the Multiball period of play with a man in a chipmonk suit running across the pitch with a flag that says MultiBall on it and the commentator would shout through the PA system... "MUUULTI-BAAAAALLLL" - 5 extra balls would be fired onto the pitch from some kinda cannon, filled with the balls and glitter, bunting and ticker tape, to random areas of the field. The cheerleaders would start to do acrobatics and the crowd would go wild..... ...... stay away from our game of football American! lol