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    She's a fine looking hooker. ;-)
  2. DrP

    Why do rockets work in space?

    Quadruple simultaneous post madness!!!
  3. DrP

    Why do rockets work in space?

    Did you read the above posts? 3rd law explains it.
  4. DrP

    The concept of infinity

    It would depend on how you choose to define a 'perfect' computer - I do not know but it has nothing to do with infinity unless you constrict it with the made up definition of a perfect computer. Your association of infinity with 'perfection' is made up woo I think.
  5. DrP

    Can science prove God ?

    I am getting more and more confused as to what people consider natural and un-natural. If an intelligent mind has evolved naturally... then, naturally that intelligent mind would create new things and make new things. How is something manmade not natural? If we have our intelligence 'naturally' and our intelligence leads to what some call 'un-natural' things then surely that is a mistake in understanding? It IS natural for these things that seem un-natural to occur, because naturally, an intelligent mind would invent such things. Is Rum and Raisin ice cream natural? This is obviously off topic - sorry - I might open a new thread if anyone wants to discuss it.
  6. How does this thing compare to the feelings people get when they do Tai Chi?
  7. DrP

    The concept of infinity

    Not to any definition I've seen of it. No offence taken - it is just wrong. Where did you get these definitions from? Did you make this up? I see where you are coming from when you say 'a perfect chip houses infinite number of component...' but a could say that a perfect chip doesn't NEED an infinite amount. Where did you get the definition of this perfect chip from? Made up?
  8. not sure anyone really claims it did... depends on how you define 'nothing' as mentioned above.
  9. of course it is real (if rare) - it's just not classed as an allergy (even though it sometimes gets called one - wiki - " It is sometimes described as an allergy, although it is not a true histamine-releasing allergic reaction like other forms of urticarial").
  10. ...and George Pell is a big one. The belief in an invisible all seeing all caring all hiding creator that loves us but is going to send us for an eternity in hell for being as he made us unless we disband all powers of reason to believe in him over no other without any proof whatsoever of him ever doing anything at all that can't be explained in far more reasonable and believable ways is another. I am not exaggerating. What credibility do they even have these days and how much do you think they deserve?
  11. DrP

    Macromolecule properties

    'Macromolecules' cover a huge range of materials that have 'large molecules'. It is too broad a term to assign any specific property to. If you have a specific macromolecule in mind or a type then maybe we can give typical properties for such a molecule. It's like asking 'what are the properties of polymers'? - The range is too broad and the properties will also have a broad range. (as Strange has said above - it depends on the specific molecule).
  12. What is there to debate? The point I and others were making is that it is another nail in the coffin for their credibility. I admitted above that my initial comment was emotionally driven. What is the rules lapse here? Lets get back to the topic and sum it up then. George Pell is a convicted paedophile rapist and is evidence that the catholic church as an organisation is total nonce-sence. I and many others do not see why it should be given any credibility at all. Report this if you think it is offensive or breaking rules.
  13. So what? What is your point? It is such a rare occurrence and clearly not understood yet - what of it? Even doctors can be wrong about the conclusions they come to - if she is allergic then why isn't she reacting to the water in her body that is there all the time? Also - you seem to be ignoring that the only stuff you have showed us is from the Murdock empire. What say you to that? If you are so sucked into believing everything that comes out of the lowest tabloids then carry on misunderstanding the world and getting excited about non issues. I expect it isn't a non issue for the poor girl - but for pretty much the rest of the world it isn't an issue... it's a very rare condition. None of us here are experts on the topic. Some of us are good at finding things out and understanding things.... the real explanations never come from Fox news, CNN, The Sun or Mirror newspapers. Believe what you like. It is very sad for the poor girl, but not much we can do about it.
  14. Why not anyway? A society that claims absolute divine infallabilty rapes and abuses children and has a reputation for doing so for man many decades.... they deserve no respect from me or anyone else. Who cares - bash away. That is exactly what I am saying - no respect or credit due from anyone. Where was it a rule? OK - It has changed on a couple of small issues... TOO SLOW. Get them to the point - in fact - just get them out - we are sick of their lies. ... and being honest - they are dammed either way.... by admitting the bible is wrong and changing their tenants (although admirable) it throws all credibility of their confidence in their bible out of the window. It is a totally outdated institution built on lies and superstition and ignorance and should be disbanded/rebuilt into a social service rather than a suppose divine authority. Bollocks to them.
  15. .... from an article on a site from Rupert Murdock's Mirror group. Are you saying we take every word from Fox News and Sky and The Mail and The Sun and The Mirror as scientific fact? Whatever - we are going in circles now. Bye. The news papers get stuff incorrect all the time and ham them up to make them more shocking and readable. What is your point here anyway? She has a bad reaction to water due to her aquagenic urticarial - what's your point?
  16. Then she isn't 'allergic' to water then is she? As we have pointed out - 'news' papers aren't sources of scientific reference. She has aquagenic urticarial - which isn't an allergy as said before.
  17. And this one is from the Mirror group - more from Rupert Murdock's propaganda machine. Maybe it's another - 'science can't explain it - the experts don't know what they are talking about' anti science hypernormalisation of bullshit. I don't know. But the whole - 'allergy to water' thing seems like media hype over whatever her condition actually is. From semen? From Gold? Are you serious? You are 70% water and will die very quickly without it - as would this girl.
  18. She has aquagenic urticarial. From reading around it wasn't clear at first if this was from water or stuff in the water that causes the hives to appear after water contact. It isn't the allergy to it being in your cells... I don't know how anyone could survive such a thing. from wiki - 'Aquagenic Urticaria - causes unclear - triggered by water'
  19. About what exactly? That Churches stick to dogma regardless of whatever evidence the real world throws up and that educational institutions change their curriculum as knowledge is gathered over the decades - I don't think that's wrong - I must be misunderstanding you somewhere. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that what many churches teach as fact is actually myth and superstition.
  20. I get that. I am not telling anyone what to do - it is opinion. It is actually happening but very slowly. Look at the authority the churches used to have. They could do anything to anyone on the whim of any priest at any time because everyone thought they had divine authority. Now days they have very little authority over anyone at all and it is reducing still as we have worked out they do not have divine authority at all but have made it all up. One day they will be nothing at all beyond 'clubs' as you put it and it will be thought of as dumb to follow such nonsense. I like the love and mercy and forgiveness etc that is preached - I've said it many times. But Dumbo needeth not his feather to fly.
  21. DrP

    What Love Is

    That is one form of love. There are many. Look up the 5 words in Greek for love - they all mean different things. The love between man and woman you describe is called 'Eros'. The unconditional love for your fellow man, a fatherly like love is called 'Agape'. A brotherly sisterly family type love is called 'Philia'. If you think about it... a 'perfect' love between a man and a woman would be a combination of all of these. It's sad that you think this. Why? I'd admit it is rare and not all get it but it does happen. Sometimes it is temporary/transient but it does happen.
  22. Did you not read the whole sentence?