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  1. matter paradox

    A cube is well defined. Language (English and most other language I am aware of) is the tool we use to communicate this meaning - words are used to build this explanation. We can clearly and precisely define a cube using words.
  2. matter paradox

    You obviously wrote this in a different language and put it through Google translate or something. Unfortunately all sense has been taken out of it in translation.
  3. Rainwater collection

    Being honest - the surface area of the combined rooftops across town is quite a large area already... all that water gets collected by the guttering on the run off of the roofs. Putting a big bucket over the city won't collect that much more... It maybe needs to be directed somewhere other than the drainage system/sewer once it runs off the roof?... .... maybe by collecting it somewhere and pumping it off to a reservoir or something.
  4. Turn my right arm into a whip

    Today I have been going around the factory with a lab clamp up my sleeve. I let the clamp end stick out and wrap my sleeve around the bar and hold it. I was telling people that I had my hand replaced for a clamp.... being honest - it seemed funnier when I first thought of the idea... it has received a mixed audience so far though and I think I am going to stop it.... too many people taking the piss and turning it into some kinda sexual oddity/weirdness - I don't need that for my reputation, people think I am a weird enough as it is.
  5. You should look up what the word 'surfactant' means. Soaps are surfactant - surface-active molecules that usually have a lipophilic section and a hydrophilic head. This enables them to both attract and repel dirty oily organics and also water and other polar entities. They form micelles around dirt particulates in water which helps pull the dirt physically from what it is sticking too. Look up 'SURFACTANTS' - Soap is a surfactant and that will tell how it works.
  6. The sea of plastic...

    Of course it is possible - we already add plastics to mixes to improve material performance. Phil linked to an article, I put up a news article and I stated my friend, who works in the industry, has been using polymers in the road surface mixes for years. I have seen articles (over the last 6 months) discussing the adding of recycled plastics to mixes for the same purpose. What difference does it make if the polymer is new or recycled?
  7. The sea of plastic...

    No - thus the assumption rather than ascertation as I said.
  8. What is movement?

    Things are complex when trying to define reality - the words are well defined. It can take a while to get your head around it if you don't have a background in science maybe? This is why children are taught language, mathematic, history, science etc in schools - to prepare them for later life. They aren't taught about spacetime as far as I am aware because it is quite complex and not need for early life as a human being in society. They just learn about 'gravity'. After learning languages, maths, history and sciences (physics in this case) they can if they choose to go on to study in much more detail at degree, masters or doctorate levels at university. The question of motion and how it relates to spacetime and GR and the likes is the kind of thing you might get to study doing a pure physics or astrophysics degree - probably year 2 or 3 after you have been prepped and taught enough physics to fully get your head around the stuff and the maths. Sorry that feel 'it is a lot of effort' to get your head around the definitions - this is why people spend many years studying the subject. Who do you mean by 'you' here? One of our members or science in general? As I said above - it can take years of study for someone to understand it well enough to be able to answer questions about it to a level where the institutions feel they are worthy of an academic degree. What is your academic background? Do you expect to ask a simple question about movement and have the whole of physics wrapped up in a few lines of text as a reply? The answer can come in many different levels.... you could write a book about it getting deeper and deeper explanations as you get more detailed knowledge about the subject.
  9. Any creative smart suggestions ?

    They look like compasses. Sorry if this is a silly question - It looks as though there are already 360degrees of graduations on the compass dial - why do you need to add a protractor on top of it? What's wrong with the one on the compass dial?
  10. The sea of plastic...

    It says in the article that it leads to stronger and longer lasting road surfaces. That is why they put polymer in the mix when they formulate the stuff. The article I read a while back also suggested improved properties of the mix with plastic in it. My friend who formulates the stuff works for a company that makes road surfaces who definitely put polymers/plastics in the mix to improve the performance of the road surface. I went for 2 interviews at the same company looking to work in their research department back in the 90's. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word assumed, maybe I used it because I am going by what I have read rather than what I have tested.... therefore 'assume' that polymer/plastic in the asphalt mix increases desirable properties like strength, flexibility, wear resistance and so on.... because they do put it in for this reason.
  11. The sea of plastic...

    I do know someone who formulates asphalt mixes for roads... I know they use polymer additives to get better properties out of the surface... I would assume that these plastics would impart similar desired properties to the surfaces they are added to - it would depend on the formulation.
  12. Some people don't care and want to troll. Some are kids that just want a quick answer as a short cut for their HW. Look at this RBVFRTY guy and his many incarnations - he asks questions so broad you can write a book in reply. There is no interaction or response beyond further similar styled questions in reply to any answer or request to be more specific. I can't work out if he is genuinely wanting help and is a young person at school or a disgruntled past member trying to troll/time waste.... then he starts a new thread with a closely related question that could have addressed in his first one..... after 4 or 5 questions he opens a new account and starts again... it's like troll spam. Maybe I am being too harsh on him - maybe he is just very young and wants to ask random questions about rockets. Then there are those that just want to lecture/rant about their opinions on science and reality and to tell us all how things are from their own deluded perceptions. I think that the serious threads and the serious questioners probably get it right or are helped and tolerated if they are trying to learn. You are a lot more active (and helpful) here than me so maybe you see more of it or it effects you more as you are a regular helper of people. mods- sorry - I know we aren't supposed to talk about sock puppeteers in threads - but it seemed relevant to the conversation.
  13. The sea of plastic...

    I was thinking the same. Melt into tar mac or asphalt for road surface maybe? I read recently that the addition of junk plastic in road surfaces helped get rid of the plastic and improved the quality of the surface. Not sure how practical it would be to put into process. https://news.sky.com/story/plastic-bottles-and-bags-recycled-to-build-roads-11101612
  14. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    lol - you're over thinking it. Although I have been called 'Dick' before - it is not my name.
  15. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    This true story came to mind earlier for some reason - thought I'd share it as it still makes me chuckle: Nearly 30 years ago I did work experience in an Analytical lab for quite a big firm that had a research lab, QC lab, Analytical lab and many other facilities. The rather old guy I worked for there was head of the Analytical department and was called Richard Peerless. He was a great old guy and I really respected him, so did everyone else. He was very encouraging to me and to all who worked for him. At the time the Human resource dept were making people were ID badges... I think they must have been toying with him a little when they put a little too many abbreviations on his badge - he wasn't impressed that it simply said on it: "Dick P - Anal Chemist". This still tickles me now.
  16. Iceberg to Capetown

    This thread reminds me of Richard Pryor in the movie 'Brewster's Millions'. He has to spend 30 million in 30 days so he looks for hair brained investments... Some guy comes in with a plan to cut away the back of ice burgs in the Artic and install them with out board motors then drive them down to Africa. Every one tells him to get out, but Brewster gives him a million to invest in it thinking it would be a sure way to loose a million.... trouble is the guy come back a total success and makes him millions more. 'tis a silly film.
  17. Cats in Ancient Egypt

    I am pretty certain that not all of them had cat heads. Bastet did. But Thoth had the head of a bird for example and Anubus of a Dog. I am not sure how many others had cat heads - I would have to look that up... but I am sure there are others with different heads that aren't cats. I would argue that you CAN build a loving bond between yourself and your cat. They can be quite loving as it goes... they just think and communicate a little differently. It is often said though about cats and dogs that "Dogs have owners.... and cats have staff". PS - I just found this - it looks an interesting read. I only skimmed it because I am a little busy right now, but might try to look at it more closely later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cats_in_ancient_Egypt
  18. I read last year somewhere that regulated repeated assembly of certain polymeric units could have been influenced by the clays found on earth at the time it would have happened. The assembly can take place in the layers between the clay structures which can influence things like selective chirality and alignments. It wasn't 100% but was an interesting theory. Some post docs in my group a couple of decades ago were using similar catalysts (graphite not clay) to 'force' or favour certain alignments for their own polymerisations. They found they could increase the yield of their desired chirality with the presence of graphite - they assumed or concluded that the polymerisation was taking place in between the plates/layers of graphite which was forcing a certain molecular orientation. Something similar could have happened in the layers in silicate clays to help get more regular repeatable arrangements and additions of the early building blocks for repeat units. Still speculation as far as I am aware - but made a lot of sense.
  19. OK - that's a shame - I liked the idea of the BFR as a chosen name... but it is clearly just a logical progressional evolution of names.
  20. Also - if for arguments sake it did come from space.... then where did that come from? You have the same problem of abiogenesis happening somewhere else. It clearly isn't any simpler.
  21. The Slick Sales Pitch of Trump

    That is surprisingly cheap - and a much better destination! Ha ha - that's funny - I'd give you +1 for making me laugh - but I used my quota cancelling out Vvi's red marks to others in his rubbish thread earlier... along with the few reds I had to give him. They deleted all record of him - but my quota is still full. for today.
  22. The Slick Sales Pitch of Trump

    Which wont even get you a single to the north of our relatively small country by train.
  23. The Slick Sales Pitch of Trump

    Over hear they keep trying to do it with our health system. They have already fucked our transport systems which were run fine when publically owned. A train to Scotland or even to the Midlands is more expensive that most flights over sees these days.... or it was last time I checked it a few years back.
  24. Sorry - but LOVE that it called a BF Rocket! lol. I recon that came up with the Falcon part just so they could call it a BF Rocket, lol.
  25. I guess it would be speculation as to what happens. It is certainly not 'impossible' for 2 stars travelling at relative speeds that are some fraction of C to hit head on. Regarding the odds though - as beecee mentioned, there are SO many galaxies in such a vast amount of space that have been spinning about for over 14 billion years... 'rare' becomes quite probable in this expanse. It just 'has' to have happened at some point... and if that was far enough away we would only just see it happening.... or it could have happened and we will not even see it for another 10 million years or more. 5 BH collisions in just a few years.... Does this point to it being more common that we might have thought? OK - C is around 671 Million mph according to google. The speed of our galaxy is about 0.5 Million mph. So lets say the average relative head on velocity of a galaxy collision is aprox 1 million mph. That's 1/671 of C. Do we know from colliders what happens to nuclei that collide head on at 1/671 of C - what types of radiation would that give off? Radio? With 2 stars passing directly though each other, with so much mass and substance I would assume some head on collisions - not sure how many would be needed to produce the type of FRBs detected but could it be speculated at? With regard to milli seconds for the event - well - it would be over pretty quickly at 1/671 of C. Assuming a spherical propagation of the radiation from the impact site across such a vast distance would we expect it to last more than a few milli seconds?