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  1. Arming Teachers

    I know - I was being facetious. Thanks for the +1 Have one back for being a good sport.
  2. Arming Teachers

    Isn't that a little 'misleading' though. ;-) If it is a totally different situation (i.e. they have Palestinians on their very close boarder that are know for trying to blow them up) then why equate it to the USA?
  3. Arming Teachers

    I'm not sure where I got it from - from some snippet of the convo or I mis read somewhere - it WASN'T the headline though. It seems pretty irrelevant to me - some bloke, regardless of his belief about guns, left a loaded Glock in the toilet. Not surprising since 1- he is human and fallible like any other human regardless of how much training they have. 2 - there are so many guns in your country that probability alone dictates accidents and mishaps number far greater than in any other country in the civilized world. Regarding DELIBERATE misleading - of course it is wrong - it is just if you are getting in a twist over that article then there is something wrong with your thinking - dissonance probably although I don't fully understand it - I don't think anything was deliberate and if it was it was so slight and irrelevant anyway. Point is - humans make mistakes.... if you let guns in schools then sooner or later there will be a mistake that involves children. $Regarding sides.... I hate that comment - I am not on anyone's side here except that of reality, truth, facts and common sense.
  4. Arming Teachers

    Sorry - I don't know where I got that from - it obviously wasn't from that title though - it says 'he was open to the idea of carrying in the classroom" - even so - I still don't see where I have been mislead or what the relevance of it is at all being fair - other than it points to him, as a human being, being fallible - which is why many think it is totally crazy to have guns in schools.
  5. 'Magicians' tricks...

    OK - I invented a new Magic trick late last year (well, 2). I just assumed that it was something I'd seen on the internet or had seen and copied - for some reason I almost remember reading or seeing something like it on the internet, but can't find anything similar from the sources I could have seen the idea before or from anywhere. I described the effect and how to do it on a magic site and some veteran magicians have said they have never seen it. I think it is new and quite modern. The effect: Person picks a card. Card is placed on top of the deck as 'the film' in the camera. I use the deck like a camera to 'take their photo'. Their card is shown again on the top of the deck. The card needs 'developing' so it is rubbed several times..... it then changes into the same card but with a picture of the person on it. How? You need to find a person with the likeness of the picture you have on the card and the rest is standard magic moves involving any standard force, some slight card control and then a standard colour change (like Erdnaise or a DL for example). There are many modern art decks now with pictures/art works of people on them - some are generic and it isn't too hard to find people who bear a resemblance on them. I have about a dozen cards where the pictures are the spitting image of people I know. (The Anne Stokes deck is superb). It isn't hard then to switch the back of that card with a standard bicycle back. Once you have this it is just plain sailing with standard magician techniques to get the effect. 2nd trick - same mechanism. The person picks the card and you change it to solid gold in front of their eyes. (you can buy decks of cards that are gold plated - probably vapour deposition or something and they are very cheap) - the gold card is easier as you do not need to find someone with the same likeness - but the photographic development into the spectators likeness is a more powerful effect imo. Enjoy - it is a good trick and fun to perform - The Erdnaise colour change isn't easy though - I practiced it and got it off specifically for this trick. I wouldn't have tried it in the past as it is a bit over my head/out of my league, but it was worth learning/practicing to produce this effect. if you want more details please ask. ;-)
  6. Arming Teachers

    So enlighten me - How is it misleading? I took it to mean that the guy who said he'd go for training regarding the arming of teachers left his gun in a public toilet. Was I wrong? In what way was I mislead? This is what was wrote yea? "Sean Simpson, a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has spoken in favor of gun control efforts and said he might be open to the idea of carrying a gun in class. Now, he's been arrested after leaving his Glock 9 mm pistol in a bathroom over the weekend. " As I said - I took this to mean that the guy who said he'd go for training has been arrested because he left his Glock in a toilet. Can you correct me as to what it actually means and point out how I have been mislead - because I still don't get it.
  7. Sudden combustion in water

    Maybe it is quite new (I invented a new magic trick myself and it got some praise for it on a magic forum I visit - I was very pleased to have invented a brand new trick ) - if it is new then it could take a while for the effect to become known. My guess is that he slipped a chemical into the glass as you were chewing that reacts with your spit to produce fire. Easy enough to do the slight of hand involved - finding the right liquid/powder might be harder though. I'm sure there must be something out there that would give that effect.
  8. Sudden combustion in water

    Could you repeat the effect yourself at home? Was the jar you spat into your own or provided by the man? I still think it is probably a magic trick - but am open to being proven wrong.
  9. Mysterious - Combustion in water

    When you say it happened to you too.... do you mean the priest done it and you saw it or that you ate the seeds and then reproduced the effect yourself? Again - the priest swapping the jar seems suspect to me. Sounds like a magic trick. Creating fire from what seems like nothing is an easy magic trick, you can but it on e-bay. Disclaimer though - I haven't tried it as an experiment - maybe it works, if it does then it will have a chemical explanation. As of now though I believe it to be a magic trick - point me to some evidence of it actually being a reproducible effect and I might change my mind.
  10. Arming Teachers

    I am confused now - how exactly is it misleading? The headline says he left his gun in a toilet. He actually DID do this, so how is it misleading anyone? I don't see the point or why or how this is misleading at all. Maybe I should read the whole article, but really I can't be bothered. The headline says it all. It doesn't claim he was right or wrong in his support for arming teachers.... it just factually states that he left his gun in a bog somewhere like a dick. So, how was it misleading again? They do over here. I made the mistake once of using the pupils corridor loo just before a class when I was supply teaching some time back. I was cheered on and given much encouragement the whole way through my visit by about 30 pupils outside shouting "Go on Sir, squeeze it out!" and Go on Sir, you can do it, squeeze it out and snip it off"... and other such encouraging comments thrown in with some random insults and suggestions that I wash my hands before class etc... being honest I found it very amusing - I am far too immature to be a proper teacher. lol.
  11. age reversal pill

    OK - But again - you are talking about optimizing your life span within what we already know to be possible. The OP wants a pill that can make him live to 375+.... you won't do that with diet controls and exercise alone. You need to look at the reasons we die of old age even when we have kept to a perfect diet, kept away from exposure to cancerous causing things, lived a balanced life of the right amount of exercise.... we are still going to die at the end of it because of what happens to our telomeres in our DNA. The pill will have to fool them into not realizing how old they, are or something like that, so that they keep going. I am not holding my breath for a pill. I'd love it -- would love to live for longer - I feel though that even if we had this pill already it would be for the rich and privileged only and we probably wouldn't even hear about it until they thought we could afford to pay it to make them richer. We are reaching overpopulation anyway - why would we extend life spans? Maybe the answer would be to have fewer offspring and choose them wisely - maybe inoculate them against death from old age when they are born, something like that. For us though, I feel it might be too late.
  12. age reversal pill

    But he said 'requirement'... not what we calculated and give as a recommendation. Every person will have a different minimum requirement for the amount of calories they will need to survive compared to their activities. If you daily take less than this then eventually you will waste away.... you can't extrapolate that Okinawans thing back and conclude that even less calories will prolong your life further... if you get too few then the health effects will surely be wasting away to death, not prolonged life. And even if you DO optimise you calorie intake - this is optimization of what we already have - not extending life in the way the OP was suggesting.
  13. age reversal pill

    Surely you cannot survive on 'sub-caloric' requirement. If you require those calories then it suggests that they are needed for the sustaining of your life and you can't do without them. Surely if you did not get enough calories then you would eventually waste away and die. Maybe I am missing the point, but you can't extend human life by diet alone without current knowledge. This pill the OP talks about won't just be a diet supplement - he is talking about stopping the degradation of the teleomeres on DNA strands to prolong life beyond what we currently see as possible regardless of diet.
  14. Predetermined and predestined are different. (I think this is right - maybe I should look them up in the dictionary to check) If you plan that you are going to assemble all of the parts of a 747 correctly next month then the plane that will be built is predetermined by the set of plans you are working from. i.e. it is predetermined that the plane will be a 747 (because the plan says so, so IF you follow the plan then the plane will be a 747). It is predetermined because you have decided that the 747 is what is to be built. It is NOT however predestined! You do not know if the assembler will die, or the plant explodes or is bombed, etc... there are many unknown factors that you could put in that put the probability of the 747 being built between 0 and 1. IF it gets built it WILL be a 747 as that is predetermined by the plans and the decisions made to build a 747, but you could not know for sure that it is predestined - how could you? With the chemistry - IF Hydrogen meets Oxygen under the right conditions it WILL react to make water. This WILL happen so the out come is pre determined. You can say that the out come WILL be water IF they meet. Whether or not they actually meet has nothing to do with it - nothing is predestined (or nothing can be proven to be predestined or not ayway). It isn't random. Mutations are random - but the selection of which get to survive and reproduce is not random.
  15. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    That's why I asked him if he was a member of some club. Maybe he has been brainwashed by the zeal of the speaker, confused by science sounding words and some mis information that sounds like it might be right to the untrained ear. How someone with a self professed lack of knowledge about the subject can claim that all the current theories are wrong and then ignore explanations from professionals in the field that point out his obvious and basic errors is beyond me... (I mean, it is high school physics and not even slightly advanced).
  16. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    I do understand the mind set - it isn't always intentional - I was a Christian for many years and was quite evangelical. I used to think that Evolution was a error and that the world was created. That morphed into god driven evolution and 7 days being 7 time periods of hundreds of millions of years rather than days... but in the end you have to face facts and stop lying to your self and face reality and see it for what it is - a lie (or an error in understanding).
  17. Predicted but not predetermined - she could miscarry, die, abort.... it is not guaranteed/predetermined... just expected.
  18. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    So JL- in light of what SwansonT has said - what are you still misunderstanding or failing to get regarding the helicopter hover? We know there are no lateral forces (air movements etc aside) - we know inertia (from when it was moving at the same speed of the earth as it was grounded) keeps it going at a tangent to the spinning globe. We know gravity then keeps the copter from spinning off. The forces from gravity are real and measurable and inertia is easily demonstrable. What is your problem with this? You said you had a simpler model... but if that involves as stationary earth then that is far from being more simple when you take into account the unnatural acrobatics the stars and galaxies have to pull to keep us as the fixed centre - far from being simple and in no way a candidate for an Occam's razor type situation.... if anything the opposite. Also - we have been to space and actually SEEN the Earth spinning with human eyes. So - how do you counter this reality with your explanation?
  19. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    Evidence of what, that the Earth is spinning? There is plenty. They gave you a list. What about the pendulum? That was one expt they gave you on the list. We explained why you were wrong about the helicopter - get your head around it or look to the arts for a career - there isn't one for you in the sciences for sure.
  20. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    No - observable reality says otherwise. We have told how it is - you seem to not believe it for some reason.... do you go to a club? Seriously - I don't see what you are missing - I think you are doing it on purpose or something.
  21. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    How about sticking to the helicopter - do you understand it now it has been explained? No lateral forces keeping it at speed with the Earth as it is already at same speed. What do you not understand about that?
  22. A Discovery that Shook the World:

    Common place? I honestly didn't think we'd ever see anything like this in my lifetime and it is totally amazing! 2 BHs colliding? Gravity waves? Commonplace? I don't think you realise just how amazing the detection was. 1 to have even detected it I the first place, 2 - to actually work out what it was and fit it in with our understanding of the universe. I am starting to think that you probably don't believe that they were black holes or gravity waves seeing as you think that the Earth is the centre of the universe and is totally motionless. How does your world view get so distorted and confused? Do you go to a club or something where they teach you all these misconception?
  23. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    No - that's exactly the point - there are no lateral forces on the helicopter.... so it continues to travel with the earth in the direction it was already going when in contact with the surface after it takes off. What do you expect to happen to a chopper on take off then?
  24. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    That was explained to you - what do you not understand about it? The helicopter takes off vertically.... it needs no sideways force to get it to keep up with the earth as it is already travelling WITH the Earth at the same speed. It doesn't fly off the Earth at a Tangent because gravity provides the centripetal force required to keep it in the arc of the Earth. I do not believe that you don't get this. What are you missing? What am I missing? So you are ignoring what we all said about inertia, frames of reference and gravity then?
  25. Organic computer?

    If we can evolve the ability to detect light... and other animals can evolve the ability to emit light.... then why couldn't another creature evolve such that the light it emits be amplified by stimulated emission? Imagine that! Imagine a shark with fricking lasers! You heard it here first!. I reckon that 1500 mutated land capable Russian laser sharks swimming up the Thames would take the whole of London in a few hours with very little resistance.