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  1. That's almost as heavy as Earth itself. Wow!
  2. Farid

    Time Travel

  3. That's what I assumed as well.
  4. Hello everybody, First off, hope you're all doing well. I was wondering what is the weight of all the particles in the Earth's atmosphere?
  5. Farid

    Time Travel

    I am just discussing the effects.
  6. Farid

    Time Travel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to discuss time travel in this thread. Suppose that in 2020, you travel back to 1970. You have traveled to 1970 fifty years after it has passed, so you are in a time that is 50 years after 1970. Suppose that in 2020 you travel to 2070. In that case, in an about an instant, 50 years has passed.
  7. The tourettes, the severe pain, and my depression all got better almost instantly after having sex. I am just being informative. Tourettes Syndrome is a mysterious illness. That is also one of my reasons for posting this.
  8. Hi Everyone, I had tourette syndrome. It was really really bad. I became unemployed for a while because of it. I went to a psychiatrist and a therapist, and took medicine, and it did nothing. Then, I had sex, and it is completely gone now. I also was going through severe pain. After having sex, it is almost completely gone, now.
  9. I am not saying that time slows down in that case. I saw a documentary on this. It had to with time slowing down to a person moving at or near the speed of light.
  10. If the light from the clock reaching you slower because of you almost moving at the speed of light means that times has slowed down. Then why doesn't just taking out the battery in a clock mean that time has stopped?
  11. Sorry about the late reply. I was busy. By controlling your desires, I mean can you just have a desire or stop having it whenever you want to?
  12. Farid

    Infinite Space

    I am saying what Strange thinks I said. Let me quote him.
  13. Hi everyone, According to special relativity, time slows down or speeds up according to how fast you are moving relative to something else. As I understand it, the light traveling from something that tells time reaches you slowly when you are traveling near the speed of light and that is why time slows down. I do not understand why the light from time reaching you more slowly means that time has slowed down? The time it takes for a second to pass is called a second, any slower time or faster time is not a second. A second passing slowly means that a second will pass slower than the time we call a second, which would mean that time is not a second because it is slower than the time we call a second so it is longer than a second.
  14. Hi everyone, If space is infinite, then it means that Earth is in unimaginably high place in reference to some places in space.
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