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  1. Lots more attention than I ever thought possible when I posted this years ago! Anyway loads of people kept veering towards that but I'm certainly not convinced by any of it. Just genuinely wondering what it was I was doing. Sadly I was looking for a little insight not a whole bunch of "mee too"s 😂 So you wasted a precious portion of your day to post on a thread you found idiotic? Speaks volumes of your character. Just to clarify I am not insinuating any supernatural phenomena, you can read that in my original post, was looking for some general direction to assist in my search of what it is (lost interest ages ago until I was cleaning my e-mail inbox and saw notifications). Jesus though I thought my post would receive ano comments let alone 2 pages worth 😂
  2. If you ever find anything additional to this thing we can do, plz let me in XD thanks!

  3. Howdy, I recently started researching this "ability" I have and stumbled upon your comment on how you are able to induce it at will as well. I'm talking about the one that feels like you are possibly distributing electricity throughout your body. Quickly about myself... Im 23, been able to do this for as long as I can remember. Possibly related to a concussion i suffered but not ...

  4. oh, my mistake, how do i change the topic title? can I delete it and put up another one?
  5. Ok so after setting up a question, and you can find that in "Strange Self-Induced Feeling" on my profile, I was answered that a strange, unexplainable feeling I can create is actually me somehow activating/aggravating/consciously stimulating my parasympathetic nervous system. I would just like to know if that is the case and if so, why am I able to do that? What are the pros/cons (if any) of doing so and if there are any applications to this "skill"? Is it something uncommon or can everyone do it but I was lucky enough to have found a way to do so by some means? Out of all the people I know, only one other friend of mine can do it and understand what I mean, but he is oblivious to its uses/effects as well. And lastly, can it be anything other than the PNS? All forms of help would greatly appreciated! thanks! Ps.: My explanation of the feeling can be found on my other post, indicated above.
  6. No more like the tingling one gets when excited, like a love-struck teenager who rolls around in bed in excitement, who finally musters enough courage to ask the girl he likes to the prom the next morning, that kind of feeling, if I'm making any sense at all. Sorry for the weird examples but its very difficult to explain . And no I guess I over exaggerated , I believe its more of a twitch or 2-3 twitches combined, almost exactly the kind that one would get from the first kiss. Its not a painful or intense jerk, but like a 1/2 a second shiver, or like a little vibration of the muscle. Another example is when trying to look confident on the poker table while bluffing, sometimes I would get the same kind of twitch. Sounds like it has something to do with the nervous system as well to me, although my knowledge base is fairly limited, I know enough to expect so. The big question is what am I doing to it? Thanks so much for the help! Oh well ya sure! Since even Iggy suggests it has something to do with the nervous system I guess that would be beneficial. Thanks for your help! Coming to think of it I was reading on biofeedback and some techniques that were used to regulate body temperature. When I induce the feeling and focus on my hands or feet, I just think "I want to make them warmer" and when I focus on that, after 1-2 minutes I begin to feel that they actually do get warmer! I used to do it for 10-15 seconds at a time because I enjoyed the feeling without knowing what it is. Can the brain by any chance "do" what I'm thinking, even if I do not necessarily know what techniques to use? With regards to the hands and feet warming, I did not read on how patients were told to achieve this, I just kinda brought up the feeling, then focused on my hands, then focused on thinking "I want to make them warmer". This probably sounds ultimately silly but are there any potential "abilities" to gain from understanding this feeling and how to use it?
  7. Ok, since I was a child and until today, I can create this feeling that generally feels strongest in my core, right around where my diaphragm is. But, when I focus on different parts of my body I can "distribute" part of the intensity to that particular area, be it my foot or my hands or my thighs, etc. It is this powerful tingling sensation, it feels really good and if I sustain it for 4 seconds, it can become VERY strong. I can hold it for as long as I please but it gets gradually more difficult the longer I hold it. I tried looking everywhere for an answer but cannot find anything except others speaking of this same feeling, but no answers. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing to myself? Ive seen explanations linked to the nervous system, others to the feeling of dilating veins, and some other less appealing ones like projecting my soul out of my body (which I sincerely doubt, lol). Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! a little more info: the way i create the feeling is hard to explain but ill do my best. Its like trying to expand your heart... like stretching it outwards, or like expanding your chest but not actually doing it. It makes me fidget a little and have minor muscle jolts around my neck and and shoulders after the first 3 seconds. If I prolong the feeling then the minor jerks reach my fingers/hands and my shoulders.
  8. Seeking answers on everything!

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      42. Or is that the question? I can never recall.

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