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  1. yeah but there are so many things we could do with nuclear waste, a few months ago Physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have found a way to convert nuclear waste into a synthetic diamond which could generate a small electrical current for longer times even longer than the whole history of human civilization. https://graptechpedia.com/905/science/diamond-batteries-made-nuclear-waste-can-generate-power/
  2. ok guys , i wanted to share the article , next time i won't do this. Promise
  3. E=mc2 becomes m=E/c2 Theoretically, it should be possible to turn light into matter. In practice, well - "easier said than done" is an understatement. Now, 84 years after the process was first theorized, some researchers reckon they're going to be able to do it - and they're about to start the experiment. It's called the Breit-Wheeler process, and it all has to do with E=mc2. The process was first described in 1934, by a pair of physicists named Gregory Breit and John A. Wheeler, in the journal Physical Review. In their paper, Breit and Wheeler proposed that, if you smas
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