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  1. I prefer tagiatelle too. I just had some leftover sauce with garlic bread now (23:50) Dinner is gone, I ate it all. Gave some to our neighbours though. Why didn’t I think of that. Genius.
  2. Thanks Kartazion, I didn’t realize that rust, burning fuel and getting rid of garlic scent from my fingers after making BEST BOLOGNESE around are the same group of reactions.
  3. The reaction has to be extremely miniscule, I've had this steel bar for around 2 decades and it doesn't change its shape or color in any way like stainless steel normaly does in a household environment. Oh no you didn't. No one makes fun of my Bolognese. No one. Do you have a source? Sounds like a grat explanation.
  4. I think he might be right by saying that "It will get cooler, you'll see" Press button -> nuclear winter -> it gets cooler. IMG_7232.MP4
  5. Okay so I got this „bar of soap” made of stainless steel (I think) I’ve had it for years and I have no idea where I have it from, probably someone gave it to me as a present 15 or 20 years ago. The purpose of this thing (I remember that) is to get rid of garlic/onion scent from your hands by washing in cold water and this bar of steel soap. The thing is that this actually works and I want to know exactly why? I’ve tried every combination of washing with/without it and always the steel soap wins, it clearly does what its supposed to do. Why is it that steel (and cold water) helps in getting rid of scents from your hands? The Bolognese will be ready in about 1 hour by the way.
  6. Oh common MigL, I knew you were going to ruin the fun thats why I havent asked earlier.
  7. Wow, interesting. Do you think there is a particular person or organization pushing for those elaborate methods of population reduction?
  8. "We have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one."

    - Confucius.

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    2. koti



      The difference between these androids and you is that these androids need a real paradox to get tilt. You, OTOH just need a slight confusion in meaning of words. 👿

      Thats it, I’m reporting you!


    3. Eise


      Reporting1 or Reporting2?😋

    4. MigL


      Not really a paradox …
      Either we realise wrong ( one life or two ? )
      Or Confucius was confused.

  9. 15 minutes into this I'd thought I'd share it here in with my friends:


    1. joigus


      Very good interview. Thank you.

    2. MigL


      At about 37 minutes they start discussing the 'illusion' of free will.
      Eise might be interested in that part of it.
      I found the whole thing quite interesting; thanks for sharing.

    3. joigus



      Eise might be interested in that part of it.

      That's exactly what I thought.

      He also mentions the G word near the end of the interview. I didn't know Susskind gave any thought to those questions.

  10. I don’t know joigus, myself having a semi vague idea about how GR works, what alleles are, how virus attenuation works, how networks work or why race is not a useful concept hasn’t helped me or my family much in life. Why do you think that science education (Ive been in the education business all my life) is more important that it has ever been?
  11. People in general are very confused as to most subjects. I remember being a kid at least breathing, eating and procreation were subjects free of confusion but that too is no longer the case.
  12. koti

    Free will

    As in I like to invent new words for things?
  13. Are there any drone pilots on SFN? I just got me a Mavic Air 2, I’m charging the batteries and I’m off to my first flight...hopefuly not last 😄

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    2. koti


      @Sensei, My drone is 570gr take off mass with a 600gr regulated take off mass limit where Im at. That leaves 30gr for diamonds, weed, coke or plutonium as for transporation options. As for sandwitches its an open market, you could make us some that would be great.


    3. MigL


      What kind of range ?
      Transatlantic ?
      Send some diamonds my way.
      Have no use for weed or coke.
      ( but if Dimreepr keeps arguing with me, I may need a critical mass of Plutonium :lol: )

    4. koti


      The range is 18km advertised but they clip it down for Europe so Ive flown 2,4km yesterday to my buddies house and went back because it told me to. Transatlantic wouldn’t do on my ~30 minute flight battery (34 advertised) but we could meet somewhere inbetween. im open for sugestions. Diamonds yes. I too have no use for weed and coke (anymore) so its either ice or plutonium for me. As for @dimreepr, just let it go, hes got big feet anyway. 

  14. I thought you meant this forum, my mistake.
  15. I recently departed from the general vibe of this forum after several years of gradual coming to it and I can only conclude that your question is infantile.
  16. But doesn’t that tell us that white privilage is subjective?
  17. I will do this test with my neighbour Tunde who was born and raised in Łódź, is 100% Polish and is as black as it gets (his Dad is Nigerian) I’ll get back to you.
  18. There is a lot which I agree with in your above post, theres some with which I somewhat agree and some which I dont agree with at all. Racial issues which are always a part of everything USA are not necessarily something which is of an issue for every one else on this planet. I don’t know how much more of freedom and racial equality the US can take but judging by whats happening in the last week in major US cities I have a feeling that its not much more. Ive never seen in any other developed country so much straight up in your face racism from whites and blacks alike, its a disease and there is no singular cure.
  19. I think that your fixation on the racial part of whats happening in the US for the past week/months/years is not healthy and certainly not giving the broad picture of whats really going on. I am not surprised to see that though, after all US is a highly racist place and always has been. People, especially the lower middle class have had enough of the quarantine and are going nuts. The murder of George Floyd (I hope the cop never gets out of jail one way or another) was just a drop that tipped the scale. People started looting and burning down cities, dozens of the phone recorded clips Ive seen for the past week are all saying the same thing - people went nuts and need to be contained and unfortunately its that morons POTUS’s job to do so. I see this whole thing through the lens of firearms - if cops in the US weren’t afraid that every single person on the streets is carying a gun this whole situation would be completely different. I don’t know what needs to happen for Americans to understand this, Im not sure its even possible at this point.
  20. koti

    Political Humor

  21. koti

    I wonder MigL, don’t you along with the rest of Canadians feel like youre all living in an apartment above a meth lab? 

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    2. Strange


      HK is great. Maybe you should go while it still is!

    3. MigL


      Kind of hard to go anywhere this year.
      All your time will be spent in quarantine.

    4. koti


      We're counting a little bit on two weeks in Cyprus or Greece again in August this year but its probably just wishful thinking.


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