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    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    I’m thinking how to turn this into a funny pun towards Americans but I’ll just leave the above since it does a good job on its own
  2. koti

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    I think I can quote everybody except him. The forum engine seems to have a specific sense of humour.
  3. koti

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    I can’t quote him on iphone on iOS 12.2 with Safari. Windows 10 with Chrome same thing.
  4. Distance and the speed of light. If we see something from Earth and its a million light years away, we see that thing how it was a million years ago. If things exist only for a few hundred thousand years and they are hundreds of million light years appart in distance from each other you shouldn’t be able to see them at the same time on Earth.
  5. I was ready to complain that they took the photo with a crappy sensor untill I zoomed in and discovered that the grain is actually more stars and galaxies. Stunning.
  6. I had the same issue myself a few years ago when I first came here to the forums, I had it mixed up like your post above. Consider this, Gravity is what happens to spacetime geometry in presence of mass. Gravity is not mass, gravity itself is the bending and warping of spacetime and we perceive it as humans as a change in weight.
  7. I’m not familiar with any theory that suggests that time is an entity within space. GR tells us that this is not the case. The „forward pointing function” is called the Arrow of Time or Entropy.
  8. In my opinion, the Universe is far from "rigid" on the small scales. If anything, the Universe ir "rigid" on the large scales.
  9. So space is information -> is entropy? That doesn’t seem remotely right, entropy is a feature of physical systems which we observe, space is just a name for the features of the everythingness that we measure and experience. I don’t think theres evidence that one stems from one another or encompasses one another. I don’t think that space makes much sense philosophically outside of geometry. A triangle is a triangle drawn on a piece of paper and Lorentz transforms show us how spacetime changes according to GR rules. I don’t think it makes sense to ask whether what makes measuring what a triangle or a cube is, is in itself a form of information.
  10. koti

    Diode light color question

    Look out for the CRI index when purchasing any LED’s. Anything above 90 CRI will be pleasant to the eye regardless of what color temperature you get. Nichia’s are the way to go as they have 93+ CRI emitters available commercially. You can get warm 2000 Kelvin emitters which will look horrible because they do not have a high CRI factor. You will need to look outside of IKEA if you care about the quality of light in your home like I do
  11. Catchy thought but when you think deeper about this you surely need to differeniate between the types of „information” Is space the same kind of information as the bits in my phone which carry the contents of my next weeks callendar? Everything that the universe experiences happens within a construct which we call spacetime, we do not fully understand the fullness of how reality is built, BH singularity and how spacetime ticks on the quantum level or if the multiverse or holographic universe ideas are right and to what extent. One thing we can be sure of, nothing that we know in science so far excludes space from anything that occurs. We can easilly manipulate information whether it is an excell file on your PC or a bad life memmory which can be treated by a psychologist or some other means of altering like pharmacology. I can’t think of any piece of information which cannot be manipulated in some way, it doesn’t seem right to treat space as information in that context. If you do that, you might as well call time itself information as well, in fact anything around could be reffered to as information whether its an adress a memory, the amount of money in your bank account, a feeling you have when lying on a beach in the sun or the fact that time dillates and length contracts when you change reference frames in GR. You might as well downscale every part of what we experience around to just information but that doesn’t seem accurate to me.
  12. koti

    Diode light color question

    Emitters (especially new generation Luminus LED’s) can tend to have different color rendering depending on the current. They tend to be warmer color at low brightness and cooler when you feed them more current, this is the case with the new SST20 emitters. Also same emitters can differ in Cri and color temperature depending on the batch, in most cases its a lottery when it comes to pinpointing emitters with the exact same performance, the big manufacturers (Cree, Luminus, Nichia, Samsung, Philips) save the expensive full spec batches for automotive industry these days. Look up led4power website if you want to buy quality tested emitters, its a well established small store amongst flashaholics ran by a flashaholic.
  13. koti

    How did Theranos get started?

    I just watched "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley" which was amusing to watch. There is a very potent explanation in the film for the reason why this massive fraud went unnoticed and prominent people baught into it making Elisabeth Holmes a billionaire. One of the spin doctors in the documentary explains research they did on people who were given dice and were asked to throw them. Whenever the dice stopped they were told that they will be payed an amount in dollars that the die gave and that they can choose either the top or the bottom value so if a 1 comes out you can choose the 6 at the bottom and get payed 6 dollars. The testers weren't looking at the results and deppended on what the people who threw the dice told them. Obviously the 6's were coming up far too often than what proabability suggests. Then they repeated the experiment but hooked the people to lie detectors, the results were obvious - people lied about the results and the lie detectors were clearly showing it. They repeated the experiment again for the third time including the dice and the lie detectors but this time the people were told that everything they get payed will go to a charity they choose. The results were exactly the same, people still lied about the results but a "small" exception occured - the lie detectors showed nothing, people were not lying. Apparently when you are convinced youre doing something good and useful, your conscience is clear and you feel you are in fact not doing anything unlawful or deceitful. I think this is exactly the mechanism behind the mind of Elisabeth Holmes and the whole "Theranos" charade. She believed so much in her doings that she was able to convince prominent people of it. Even the lab chemists and engineers who knew exactly what was going on and that the whole project is a scientifically not viable farse were believing in her. Interesting case of sociopathic behaviour combined with various skills, factors and circumstances that enabled her to ride this wave. She comes out of this to me as a Deepak Chopra of the silicon valley character, its unbelievable how far you can go with high emotional IQ, deception, lying straight up to everybodies face while having nothing as a product and nothing as far as scientific evidence while walking a highly sophisticated path of medical testing and claiming to revolutionise it. Short answer - She's a master of deception.
  14. I hate brandy too and I love whiskey. I also have an ex wife and I’m not married currently. I would like to see you solve this one
  15. It's absurd and surreally funny to me as opposed to say, Russian troll and bot systems which I don't treat litely. You gotta be kidding. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not trolling me with a strawman...ofcourse I don't think that. And I pointed out an excerpt from the article you linked and made sacrastic passes at it. Thats all "Yakuza Mike" deserves...unless he's a payed troll on Putin's payroll that is but then he wouldn't be in that ridiculous interview now would he. You are somewhat right, I'm sure I am determined to a degree with my prior experiences. Not necessarily to the direction you assume but I'm sure we all are determined by our life experiences. I'll give you a hint... in the first few months when I was alienated from my twins 10 years ago I ended up in some local Father organization that claimed to help out. I lasted 20 minutes at their get along - a bunch of trully mysoginistic, agressive guys with whom I didn't want anything to do with even (or especially) when I was in by far the most pain I ever experienced in my life. Even when I was in the deepest holes years ago and my hate towards my ex wife ruled my world, I never tended to project that at other women, I always seemed to understand that all the women out there are not my ex wife - something that many people would benefit from understanding. As for my feeling towards my ex-wife you need to be more subtle man, Emily might read this and you'll get me in trouble
  16. „I asked Mark for an analogy to the trolling syndicate he belongs to. "Yakuza", he replied, referring to the Japanese organised crime syndicates” Sounds like we’re in trouble Phi. Do you think we should prepare somehow for the mayhem „Mark” is ready to drop upon us? I bet them Yakuza trolls cut they’re fingers off for offences like the real Yakuza. That way they suffer unimaginably, after all you can’t troll as much online with less than 10 fingers. Then again maybe repeat offenders use their toes to keep the trolling going to keep the syndicate happy.
  17. Why do you assume they’re guys? Maybe theyre jelous girls?
  18. So...so far in the headlines we have a smart young woman scientist, a young smart gay male scientist (what a shame hes not a she) so were only missing a Caitlyn Jenner character and we’ll be all set. The Caitlyn Jenner character should preferably be African American, naturally.
  19. Utterly absurd to a point it all becoming surreal.
  20. I find it absolutely absurd that apprently a large part of the success of this experiment turned into a womens rights fight and apparently an LBGTQ rights fight, Andrew Chael is gay from what I read above - like it matters, geez!
  21. Apparently Andrew is defending Katie so I say Kudos to Andrew. Well maybe something like an excerpt from your link: "It’s so easy to be excited about Katie Bouman. She’s the 29-year-old computer scientist whose utter glee at seeing a black hole for the first time was captured in a picture that warmed hearts around the world" Strikes some primitive souls as a good target for making fun and having some not necessarily civil comments in places like redit. I will only go as far as please provide the "disgusting reactions by arseholes" again so we can investigate. Nah, I take it back, it's too petty to try to get into the details of who/how much had most input (god that is petty isn't it?) into the project. It's pathetic that a wonderful advancement in science has to be entangled into a gender/pollitical discussion. In fact this makes me more sick than any dumb comments towards her photo. We should be ashamed as a species. "It’s the internet; things got worse. In what can only be described as a sexist scavenger hunt, people began going over her work to see how much she’d really contributed to the project that skyrocketed her to unasked-for fame. The trolls focused in on one of her colleagues, Andrew Chael, who was listed on GitHub as the primary developer for one of the algorithms that revealed the black hole, and started circulating his picture instead. Chael was having none of it." If in those circumstances finding out who did what in the BH project is the "disgusting reactions by arseholes" then boo hoo, I prasie the kids on redit for being "disgusting" I actually think this is a great thing that the younger generation doesn't give into the ridiculous gender war that we adults are feeding them. Whoever wrote the above quote is a venomous twat with an agenda. Yes, I will get downvotes for this as usual in these situations but screw it. PS. Still can’t see the „disgusting reactions by arseholes” where are they? I will be the first to condemn if I see any. I think people (including kids on redit) are tired of media force feeding feminine images/agendas wherever possible because its fashionable/trendy right now and thats why were getting these reactions. And its a very good thing...I don’t know whats worse, the artificial gender agendas being pushed all over media or the right wing freaks with their heads filled with nothingness or the botox filled lips I see every morning when I leave my kid in kindergarden.
  22. The trolls will always infest any information on the internet, it's always a good idea to get an accurate view and I have to admit I haven't done proper research so I'm not forming any opinions but I thing this might be relevant as much as meme's and social media stuff is concerned: https://bhi.fas.harvard.edu/people/andrew-chael BTW...where are the disgusting reactions by arseholes you mention, I cant seem to find them in your link?
  23. koti

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    Thats what the firefighter expert on my local TV said.
  24. The Notre-Dame cathedral is burning down right this minute. It is sad to watch an 850 year old monument go up in smoke. Apparently the big wooden steeple which was 70 meters high was constructed with lots of lead elements so as soon as the structure caught minor heat it all went like domino. I’ve been to Paris twice and never had a chance to see the cathedral, stupid me.

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      @MigL, I got ice in the fridge If you decide you want to see Warsaw too.

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      Poland does have a lot of history...

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      Its a must see. Let me know when youre comming so I can book with the boss to show you around. Extensively.