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  1. Political satire at it's best. Subtle, funny, eye brow raising.
  2. How unfortunate are the ones who do not seek medical help.
  3. I like how the ionizing screws up the mic auto volume detection. +1
  4. This can be forged into something useful, they should be encouraged to wear these bracelets as close to their reproductive organs as possible.
  5. I think youre right that its a false dichotomy but on the other hand, if there is an open discourse well on its way in Europe about letting people use efficient and very easy to use suicide capsules then why couldn’t we fine the living daylight out of anti vaxxers or force them to isolate?
  6. I think power has largely shifted from polititians to social media influencers, at least in the pandemic/vaccine context. In my opinion this should be the primary objective in dealing with the pandemic crisis.
  7. I think we’ve learned 3 main things, 1. We simply can’t manage to deal with a global pandemic through existing mechanisms. 2. There is a significant amount of complete morons inhabiting our planet and without throwing democracy out the window there is no way of dealing with the pandemic. 3. Too late for education, we have to bribe or tax the sceptics and send the morons to islands. I’ve had my Moderna booster shot 2 weeks ago after prior 2 doses of Pfizer. I’ve had Covid exactly a year ago with a fairly moderate course, a bacterial infection in Nigeria years back was far more taxing for me. I’m not even scared any more, just waiting for next week when we can vaccinate our almost 6 year old.
  8. They’re sciting the original article in Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-26375-9
  9. Interesting, any thoughts on how to apply this into use? https://scitechdaily.com/physicists-discover-a-remarkable-new-type-of-sound-wave
  10. Why thank you iNow, you've always balanced your arguments so well through bias free rhetoric that I will give your recommendation a thought. Maybe later.
  11. Dragon's Egg - Not a black hole but close, a neutron star with billions times the gravity than Earth, inhabited by tiny creatures who think and live millions times faster than we do.
  12. „Conditions” in my opinion is fine. Certainly more accurate than „intermediate states” which might imply to the uninformed that someone with Kinefelter Syndrome will evolve into a final state like larva into a butterfly.
  13. Syndromes, deficiencies, mutations, the infographic you posted eariler is pretty clear and easy to understand and those words and phrases are used there.
  14. A little nudge on a phrase or meaning here or there to catalyze the context into your liking never hurt anyone, right?
  15. Arete posing syndromes and disorders as "intermediate states"
  16. Because some of us are filtering the science through a PC filter and some of us refuse to accept that.
  17. Yeah, I will probably retire when my upvotes get into 200’s in the late 2022’’s if I don’t get banned that is. Afterall, this is the core reason behind this forum, nobody talks about it but the bandwagon and the „Queen” gets to you throuh downvoting and the upvoting - its been years now.
  18. No upset, a nice friday evening uplift in fact. I was here long before you in this music OP btw and I will be long after youre gone.
  19. Eurythmics was about a year later on, Steve Bronski was to Synth Pop what Kraftwerk is to Techno but he was never in the spotlight.
  20. Yeah, the new Bosch washers and dishwashers do that.
  21. Why doesn’t it surprise me that a sad, middle aged woman gets her only turn on from downvoting people on internet forums and not from music. We got a new washing mashine last week btw, it displays its status through LED’s on the floor, its dead quiet and its a bit more than $600.
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