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  1. Its not something I would reccomend to anyone but; I aquanted a couple of surgeons at a holliday trip many years ago. They were very heavy drinkers and were equiped with... well thats as much as the story will go here
  2. Helium car tires

    The urban myth is that nitrogen is less susceptible to temperature changes therefore makes the wheel more stable at high speeds. Its costs around 20 bucks to fill your tires with nitrogen and lots of car lovers do it...and then brag about it. I guess less corosion and stability are real pluses but how much of that is actually noticible in real usage is unclear to me: https://www.google.pl/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/amp3894/4302788/
  3. An easy way of picturing this for me is this statement: Gravity is spacetime curvature.
  4. I would imagine they should know what they're doing but you're right, I wouldn't do it myself unless it was straight from an MD.
  5. I presume its the carbs which help with leveling out sugar. If you’re not able to eat though... Its more complex though, obviously. Vitamin B, potasium, magnesium and various other compounds play a role. This is something which works fast and efficiently: http://www.hangoverclub.com/packages
  6. I was about to respond to you something along the lines of maybe trying to start over after your unfortunate entrance to the forum but then I saw your response to Phi above...Jack, you’re obviously a smart and knowledgeable guy but you need to cut down on the condenscending tone. You’re going to drive people nuts with this regardless of how well educated and knowledgeable you are. Take that as the second thing you learned on this forum.
  7. Did you get that peer reviewed? /sarcasm Why am I not surprised at this after seeing your other threads/posts.
  8. Ingesting carbohydrates which elevate glucose levels and in effect help with hydration is the best solution. If youre not able to eat, water with sugar is an option, a glucose drip is most efficient. Physical work is good too. https://www.google.pl/amp/s/www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/alexkasprak/heres-the-secret-to-getting-rid-of-your-hangover
  9. As far as composition goes, 1.5L of still water with 6 tablespoons of sugar and 2 lemons with twice the daily intake of Mg the night before is something which does work.
  10. This thread is going to get trashed any time now (advertising your products is not welcome on this forum) but hey, if you got a good product I'm sure it will sell. Does it come in a drip ?
  11. I don't see H2O in the ingredients. I know for a fact that it is required when having a hangover. Is it not listed because its a secret?
  12. Does gravity cause disentanglement?

    Im not sure if I understand correctly - the implications of what they’re saying is that in a perfectly flat spacetime the wavefunction would never colapse? Im not too familiar with Penrose’s work on this but if I understand correctly what they are saying in this article here, sounds far fetched. This would also mean that wavefunction colapse measurements would vary between sea levels on earth and velocities (different curvature) Is that something that has been observed?
  13. Does gravity cause disentanglement?

    Sounds interesting, haven't read it yet, will do in the evening. Did they state a threshold where curvature causes reduction in entanglement?
  14. Today I Learned

    Thats funny. I’d go on a limb and say that if you had to explain that to the sales people they’re not very good sales people.
  15. Can the study of UFOs be scientific?

    Heres a short interview with Ray Kurzweil on aliens. Unfortunately its not too optimistic for alien lovers but its definitely worth watching as what hes saying makes sense. My personal view changed since I understood some Relativity, now I’m convinced that we’re just too far away from each other to make contact.
  16. Today I Learned

    I had exactly your thoughts while posting this and I realize why you took my post as stereotyping. I actually have little knowledge on eastern cultures and my only goal with these thoughts was to learn more. I agree that stereotyping is a slippery slope even if the intentions are positive, theres this saying in my language: „Officiousness is worse than fascism” and it applies here. I too have experience with teaching people from different backgrounds and cultures, I actually developed a mechanism to be sensitive to a degree to other cultures while in formal situations, finding common things always worked for me because there is always common ground to be found however vastly different cultures I dealt with - in this context I have to disagree that full immersion is neccesary, I noticed that people value certain levels of empathy towards their culture and being sincere always worked for me. I can certainly see why you value your approach, mine is risky and it requires a certain type of behaviour/approach which seems to come naturaly to me. As for stereotyping, I’m so not built for it, theres alwas some level of prejudice and stereotyping in all of us but I rather not waste my time on it as it leads to dead ends.
  17. Can the study of UFOs be scientific?

    As a mid aged bastard I have to second that
  18. Today I Learned

    It’s definitely due to philosophy or probably buddhism for that matter. I’ve had this notion of general perception/perspective of what/where/who we are with regard to nature come up a few times. I think its a good thing and its certainly something that I/we don’t have here where I live.
  19. I don’t necessarily view Eugenics as a thing against technological advancement. After all we’re already doing cancer treatments involving genetic modifications, that surely is a good thing. GMO’s are a good example for a pro rather than a con for technological advancement. Tradition on the other hand I see in most cases as the opposite of „pro advancement in tone” as traditionality delays advancement. So whats your take on this, what did you want to discuss, do you have anything to add besides listening to your class discussing from your pulpit?
  20. Yes i’ve seen that thread briefly. It was quite pleasing to see the „Egertonian cosmos” having its bottom handed to you by Strange & Mordred. One would assume a less condscending tone by the OP in the next thread but hey, not the first time I was wrong. What did you want to discuss by the way?
  21. Is this going to be graded? When is the final?
  22. According to wikipedia the guy is a pseudoscientist and he’s criticized for lack of rigour in his research. ESP has been researched countless times by countless people with zero evidence that it exists. I’d be happy (really) to see evidence for something which is beyond statistical error. Start with reciting the contents of my desk from left to right, if you get everything right you’ll have my attention.
  23. Since TedX banned this talk, I don’t see why you’d want to waste 32 minutes of your time on it.
  24. I’m all for it. I’d add pink color coding for racists and unicorn signs for crackpots.
  25. God and the Big Bang

    What?! Your incoherent drivel is starting to devour Relativity and BB now?