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  1.  Boris Johnson just tested positive. Poor Boris...

    But theres a bright side, he will contribute to herd immunity. If he survives that is. 

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    2. MigL


      How about yourself ?
      Are you and the family all doing good ?

    3. koti


      Were fine, I guess. Almost a month of isolation is taking its toll but were healthy and financially secure. In previous weeks we were taking the car once a week and went to remote places for long walks but yesterday they locked everything up with risk of huge fines so thats over. Which is a good thing, I guess. How are things going where you are?

    4. MigL


      Lockdown is not as severe.
      We can still go for walks or car rides.
      And I don't know anyone who is infected - yet.

  2. Intended as a harmless joke, I appologize that it made you feel bad, I assure you, you shouldn’t. Peace.
  3. Good point, some people might actually do that. Like @dimreepr. This is exactly why my eyes were bleeding when I was seeing full playgrounds just this past weekend. Fortunately the quarantine here got tighter since Monday morning but theres still a lot of people who make nothing of this whole thing. One could do an animation the other way around on how much more people get infected when a single person does not comply. And that is what I’m afraid of hence I will practice drawing my bottle.
  4. Calm down, our pharmacist said to administer topically in the mornings and orally in the afternoons (true story, he told us that over skype over drinks this weekend)
  5. I hate to barge in on you like this, I just wanted to say that when I have to leave the house I started to carry a full sized window bottle sprinkler 500ml capacity filled with 70% ethanol. I’m officially living in a g damned scifi novel.
  6. Although I don't understand half of it, I find the technology used to develop the vaccine fascinating: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molecular_clamp
  7. Somebody please tell me this isn’t for real: "German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US president Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine" First published on Mon 16 Mar 2020 02.56 GMT https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/not-for-sale-anger-in-germany-at-report-trump-seeking-exclusive-coronavirus-vaccine-deal
  8. It's the "anyone that objects" vs "anyone who objects" which made me cringe. Nothing significant obviously, but I have to work my way through these things a lot more being a non native. Is "that" acceptable towards a person? Fortunately I understand and I agree I have to agree with your main theme related to time, the other half of your post is towards Michael so I can't say much. As for the see1 and see2 I am sceptical to be polite. We can find that thread, go through it again (I have to admit it was interesting) and then we can find that "truth" where I stood firm that the "truth doesn't care" and you will understand my stance.
  9. Excellent thread, refreshing especially due to Migl's explanations of SR. I will attempt a very difficult and potencially risky task: @swansont Is there anyone that objects to the concept of an object moving through time? Is there anyone who objects to the concept of an object moving through time? It drives me nuts for the past few years. Do you think you could budge?
  10. I currently have 4Gb on my „banking only laptop” running Ubuntu and Chrome. I will need to add ram just to avoid therapy due to the lag I get while doing wires.
  11. Thats not a bot, thats just Dimm on weed.
  12. @CharonY, thank you for your input in this thread, I've glanced through it and underastand probably around 15% to 20% of what you wrote, will have another go in the evening. BTW...The same guy whom I mentioned in my vaccine thread from a few yeras back who made millions selling intravenous VitC allegedly curing cancer and pushed tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people into the anti vax movement decided a few days ago that he is going to cure 2019-nCoV with H2O2 intravenous feeds. They locked his youtube channel, hopefuly he is going to be finaly prosecuted soon.
  13. koti

    Travelling light...

    You have to forgive me Eise, I lost count at see1.
  14. Last year it was me winning vs the world but today...today it finally feels like Im playing the same team with the world again. It was a very good beginning of the year. VERY good.

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    2. koti


      @zapatos, look whats on peoples minds :D 

    3. hypervalent_iodine


      Happy New Year! I hope the remaining 360 days treat you as well as the first 6. 

    4. koti


      You too Hyper, all the best to you and your family.

  15. koti


    Lots of warmth and good vibes to all the folks here. Merry Christmas and a NYE blast!
  16. I know exactly what you mean. Stop digging on me before you cross the line.
  17. It was sarcasm and youre right. Oh no, last weekend I spent whiskey free mostly teaching my 4 year old how to swim but tonigh youre right, I am having Caol Ila 12. At home. Edit: Plus this, and the other time a few weeks ago when you said youre going to list my PESEL stating you know everything about me seriously makes me worried about your future Sensei. Youre not the only one around with tools available, there are differences though in what use you make of them, I stronlgy suggest you back off.
  18. It was a joke Sensei. And I absolutely do not doubt that youre very deep into this subject and youre an expert on it. Please do tutor me.
  19. I guess reality in this context is what law makers make. When saying "They", I presume you mean transgender people? If someone says to me in the workplace that I'm a fat f and I should get my act together and go loose some weight I have several options - I can deflect with blaming my spine operation, I can hissy fit, turn around and walk away, I can stand my fat f ground and defend by trying to get the person in trouble or I can tell him/her (amongst many other options I havent listed) - youre right, keep telling me that everyday untill I finally start dieting and training again. I had a very smiliar discussion with a young lesbian couple few years back at my place during a party back when I was single. Not surprisingly, we came into a very strong agreement. Definitely its a violation and if you think it works for you I think you should definitely sue them Sensei. In fact I’m surprised new borns or their parent are not sueing every day.
  20. I agree to a degree. I also believe that the strongest improvement of ones life is facing reality and standing up to it. This is the way to realy improve the quality of ones life in the long run. I think that "law", "legally" and "obligatory" are the key points in your post.
  21. So if you feel youre an excavator or a fire truck and I point out that youre a single malt drinkig Canadian, do I get to loose my job in a tribunal?
  22. koti

    Scalpel sizes

    You get a special award for that one Mordred.
  23. koti

    Scalpel sizes

    What are you planning to disect Stringy. Should I be worried?
  24. You managed to get even that wrong, 01101100 00110000 00110000 01110011 00110011 00110100
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