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  1. These war news someone compiled in Polish needed to be translated: 1. Russians asking for food in a country they are trying to occupy. 2. Elite Chechen soldiers obliterated in the fields in a few hours. 3. Gypsies who stole a a russian tank. 4. Polish hackers who play polish disco-polo on russian TV. 5. Russians asking Ukrainian police for fuel in Ukraine. 6. Kiev thugs beating up soldiers in an armored vehicle and passing them to the Ukrainian army. 7. Russians drowning a tank because they drove onto a wooden bridge. 8. Russians abandoning tanks and armored vehicles because the drove them into mud. 9. Wołodymyr Zełenski (Ukrainian president) cannot be evacuated becasue his balls do not fit through any door. 10. Russian tank wanted to refuel, Georgians informed them to f off and paddle away. 11. Ukrainian activists and LGBTQWERTY+ people beat up russian soldiers and took them into captivity. 12. Kadyrow, a big fan of Putin and leader of super-elite Chechens demands Ukraine to surrender with a deadline of February 31st. 13. Russian radio communications disrupted by hackers playing Barka-electro version. 14. Farmer taking a rocket launcher with his tractor. 15. Ukrainians pretending to be lost asking russians in russian for their location, receiving the location and killing the russians. 16. Russian armored brigade engaging in battle with a statue. 17. A russian saboteur marking positions for russian fire having his pants and underwear taken and being plastered to a tree with plastic foil where he awated Ukrainian police. 18. A Ukrainian carrying a mine into a field while smoking a cigarrete. 19. Russains being caught while driving aimlessly in an armoured vehicle around houses. When asked what theyre up to they replied: We don't want to fight, we need to burn the fuel. 20. The gypsies from number 3 put out for sale a catalytic converter they stole from that tank.
  2. Two stories which we probably won't hear on the news: - Two gypsies stole a tank and cut out the catalytic converter. - An old Grandma in a village gave poisonous food to a couple of russians and when they went to a wooden toilet outside she lit it on fire.
  3. A few thousand have been arrested for protesting and 1 million has signed a petition to stop the war. It’s not much in a 140 mln country but this will change when the food runs out.
  4. Despite a month of promises, on Thursday the 24th at night, conviniently while the Putin shitstorm started he reinstalled a prosecutor in the disciplinairy chamber who tormented a pregnant woman resulting in her death becuase of religious BS. The disiplinairy chamber is an illegal entity and a private tool of Kaczyński and Ziobro (minister of justice and prosecutor general in one person) and is the main reason which prevents us from receiving the 150 bln euro form the EU post Covid fund and results in us paying around 1mln euro in fines. Daily. The president is not autonomous, he's a tool and a clown, unfortunately. Just came back home from a day of trips, dropping people off at shelters and getting food and supplies.
  5. If it’s going to be our Polish clown President we can all pack our bags and leave for Australia and NZ.
  6. You’re treading on thin ice creep. Be careful, one wrong step and you can fall. Thank you.
  7. When a right wing incel sitting at home in a basement drooling in his underwear talks about raping and murdering women, hell breaks loose (and rightly so) But when the same happens coming from a long time forum contributor, everyone turns their heads away. The hypocrisy and double standards have really hit stratosphere here.
  8. I don’t think Putin is either mad nor is using the madman strategy, he’s doing what he has been preparing for years - realizing his dream of an imperial Russia. He’s probably the richest man on the planet, he has absolute power in Russia, he’s turning 70 years old this year, he knows his time is running out and he’s playing war games which are the only „fun” he’s got left to do which he hasn’t done yet. The scary part is that his methods of destabilizing countries and regions are very effective, in the 24 hours after his initial attack on Ukraine thousands of trolls and bots on FB and Twitter started spreading missinformation that petrol and gas is going to run out in Poland. Result - all gas stations had long lines, people started to hord petrol and gas to a point in which stations started to raise prices and the government had to intervene yesterday - a few thousand accounts on social media is all it takes. Fun fact, this has been happening for years as Putin carefuly prepared by slowly destabilizing the eastern europe region through social media. My summary is: Putin will take Ukraine and Biden and the EU will let him to avoid WWIII. EU and NATO will grow stronger because of this war.
  9. Wow I am impressed. There is so much invaluable input from @Peterkin on torture in this thread that we should make her the torture expert on the forums.
  10. „Converging” a hypothetical graviton when we don’t know it exists or not sounds like crackpottery. Plus your coordinates should be the nearest library.
  11. It starts with a "G" and has 2 o's inside. And ends with "gle"
  12. Political satire at it's best. Subtle, funny, eye brow raising.
  13. How unfortunate are the ones who do not seek medical help.
  14. I like how the ionizing screws up the mic auto volume detection. +1
  15. This can be forged into something useful, they should be encouraged to wear these bracelets as close to their reproductive organs as possible.
  16. I think youre right that its a false dichotomy but on the other hand, if there is an open discourse well on its way in Europe about letting people use efficient and very easy to use suicide capsules then why couldn’t we fine the living daylight out of anti vaxxers or force them to isolate?
  17. I think power has largely shifted from polititians to social media influencers, at least in the pandemic/vaccine context. In my opinion this should be the primary objective in dealing with the pandemic crisis.
  18. I think we’ve learned 3 main things, 1. We simply can’t manage to deal with a global pandemic through existing mechanisms. 2. There is a significant amount of complete morons inhabiting our planet and without throwing democracy out the window there is no way of dealing with the pandemic. 3. Too late for education, we have to bribe or tax the sceptics and send the morons to islands. I’ve had my Moderna booster shot 2 weeks ago after prior 2 doses of Pfizer. I’ve had Covid exactly a year ago with a fairly moderate course, a bacterial infection in Nigeria years back was far more taxing for me. I’m not even scared any more, just waiting for next week when we can vaccinate our almost 6 year old.
  19. They’re sciting the original article in Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-26375-9
  20. Interesting, any thoughts on how to apply this into use? https://scitechdaily.com/physicists-discover-a-remarkable-new-type-of-sound-wave
  21. Why thank you iNow, you've always balanced your arguments so well through bias free rhetoric that I will give your recommendation a thought. Maybe later.
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