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  1. Dragon's Egg - Not a black hole but close, a neutron star with billions times the gravity than Earth, inhabited by tiny creatures who think and live millions times faster than we do.
  2. „Conditions” in my opinion is fine. Certainly more accurate than „intermediate states” which might imply to the uninformed that someone with Kinefelter Syndrome will evolve into a final state like larva into a butterfly.
  3. Syndromes, deficiencies, mutations, the infographic you posted eariler is pretty clear and easy to understand and those words and phrases are used there.
  4. A little nudge on a phrase or meaning here or there to catalyze the context into your liking never hurt anyone, right?
  5. Arete posing syndromes and disorders as "intermediate states"
  6. Because some of us are filtering the science through a PC filter and some of us refuse to accept that.
  7. Yeah, I will probably retire when my upvotes get into 200’s in the late 2022’’s if I don’t get banned that is. Afterall, this is the core reason behind this forum, nobody talks about it but the bandwagon and the „Queen” gets to you throuh downvoting and the upvoting - its been years now.
  8. No upset, a nice friday evening uplift in fact. I was here long before you in this music OP btw and I will be long after youre gone.
  9. Eurythmics was about a year later on, Steve Bronski was to Synth Pop what Kraftwerk is to Techno but he was never in the spotlight.
  10. Yeah, the new Bosch washers and dishwashers do that.
  11. Why doesn’t it surprise me that a sad, middle aged woman gets her only turn on from downvoting people on internet forums and not from music. We got a new washing mashine last week btw, it displays its status through LED’s on the floor, its dead quiet and its a bit more than $600.
  12. Steve Bronski died on December 9th 2021 at the age of 61. He was largely responsible for the emergence of the Synth Pop movement in the early 80's mainly through this wonderful track. This track was one of the reasons I got into music and DJ'ing later in my life, I was 9 when this came out in 1983, it was revolutionary and it started the whole synth pop movement in Europe.
  13. I’d like to see cheering for the cyan lizards and fighting for keeping them safe, taking care of them but without twisting the meaning of words, bending science so it fits social and pollitical agendas. Utopian but sounds good doesn’t it?
  14. Thank you for clarifying, its all very clear to me, not that it wasn’t clear prior to your posts but at least now we have it all „on paper” Have a great weekend Arete.
  15. I was asking for an example of the intermediate state which you are talking about as I am not trained in the field of biology and it would be easier for me to understand because, There is not a single mention of "intermediate state" in the infographic you posted yet you keep mentioning it. The infographic mentions on the other hand, various syndromes, disorders, deficiencies. You are right in your presumption of my argument, I also apologize if I'm wrong here but are you equating the phrase "intermediate states" with the various syndromes/deficiencies/disorders mentioned in the infographic? If yes, are you doing this to be more inclusive towards the people experiencing these states?
  16. Yes, clarity is what we very much want so please let the resident expert answer thank you.
  17. It would be beneficial for everybody if you’d let the expert answer.
  18. Which specific individuals are those people? Could you give some examples of what intermediate state or other condition you have in mind so I can better understand?
  19. Understood. So which intermediate states are you reffering to?
  20. Do you mean puberty for example?
  21. Could you elaborate on the gay rights in the past thing, I don't understand? I'm seing 2 sexes with additions of various syndromes, conditions and disorders.
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