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  1. I apologise for my mistake, English is not my first language and in fact I am here in this thread mainly to keep and sharpen my English skills. Your insolence and ignorance is fascinating, keep it comming.
  2. Since I am not as well versed in biology as you are, please let me understand - Which species are you talking about in your a) and b) examples?
  3. So I take it that you will agree that the ones who wave hands instead of clapping and insists on using 50 or 70 pronouns are the same species as yourself? If yes, why do you bring up hermaphrodite species and species which can change genders?
  4. Let me rephrase to make it easier for you; Are the people insisting on waving hands instead of clapping in auditoriums and using ridiculous made up language the same species as you and me?
  5. Since you graded so many papers with errors similar to the ones I am making, could you tell me if the people who insist on waving hands instead of clapping in lecture halls and using ridiculous made up language are hermaphrodite species or species which can spontaneously change sex?
  6. I browsed through the LGBT resource center and can we agree that its imposible for any human being who has not been thurally trained to communicate with this new language? HE/SHE HIM/HER HIS/HER HIS/HERS HIMSELF/HERSELF zie zim zir zis zieself sie sie hir hirs hirself ey em eir eirs eirself ve ver vis vers verself tey ter tem ters terself e em eir eirs emself
  7. I’ve tried to calm down the thread to a point where Phi could come and close it but no, you had to come in with a swing. I’d ask how your search for Dave Chappelle’s caucasian ancestors is going but I won’t because we want to calm this thread down, don’t we.
  8. I have no idea why I let myself go into a discussion in this thread. There is a great deal of heat in this thread and I’m no longer sure this is something even worth the heat. In my work I’ve been to 35+ countries over a period of ~20 years (never North America) I’ve met tens of thousands of people and never has anyone asked me to use a certain pronoun towards them. In the last 3 years I interviewed hundreds of students and young people to hire, not once have I seen a trace of anyone asking to use a certain pronoun. @CharonYI admit that what I posted about the 3 comedians was sloppy on my part, I havent taken the time to cross check what I posted. Me and my partner were having a discussion the other day about the education system here in PL regarding the future of our 5,5 year old son. We are terrified of the right wing having power over what is being taught at schools here, pushing faith, religion and intolerance towards minorities down the throats of 6 year olds and through out the education system later on. My (our) dream was to make enough money to eventually be able to send our son to any American college, I am having second thoughts about this, I might be wrong but this thing seems to be a North American issue?
  9. "So, if you have been deemed to not call someone by one of the new 71 different pronouns, or mispronounce it like one of the other 70 ones, you can be charged with discrimination. A judge could now force you to use a pronoun you do not recognize and failure to comply, or mispronounce could get you jailed for contempt of court. It can also be taken too far in that it begins to violate the right of Free Speech in that you are telling me what I am to say and can be held liable for not using something completely new and something no reasonable person is familiar with, let alone understands" Here 3 Comedians were fined respectively 42K, 15K and 35K for telling jokes which insult the LGBTQ community: https://www.quora.com/Was-Jordan-Peterson-right-about-Canadas-bill-C-16/answer/Scott-Longwell
  10. So could a Judge make me use one of the 50 pronouns and if I refuse I go to jail for contempt of court? I wonder if its possible that the next raid at the US Capitol will be done by those self-centered university students with too much privilege.
  11. We've agreed 10 pages ago that people with various medical/genetic conditions are not part of this conversation, how insensitive one has to be to condemn someone for the way one was born. Were doing very large circles here. I have no idea what kind of a mental backflip this is.
  12. If I refuse to call someone who has a uterus a „he” or someone who is incapable genetically to bare children a „she” is not discrimination in my opinion. If I am asked to do so I would probably comply just not to be perceived as an a hole by someone who has loose screws but again, and you refuse to see this - its not about that, its about lawful consequences of those actions that Im talking about. It is one thing to tell someone to jump and another to tell him to jump or you’ll go to jail. Why is this so difficult to understand?
  13. What absolute load of BS, youre not only manipulating me into a stance which I never expressed but youre also doing it intentionally. What I and a few others in this thread including MigL tried to convey is concern that both legislative, lawful and social action is being taken against people who "commit a crime" of not using prefered pronouns towards an individual. Examples were given of people loosing their jobs in Canada, Bill C-16 was refused by a few of the people in this thread as no evidence for anything which is wrong because a Bill is already a piece of legislation. I can understand constant backflips to push own agenda but you will not push down my throat something which I do not stand for (discriminate against others based on how they identify) What wreaks of fragility and ignorance is your attempt to imply views which are not mine as my own.
  14. I absolutely agree but this is only valid if youre not in an echo chamber, a very hermetic echo chamber. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that making strong arguments with reasoning doesn't work in politics and this thread is politics.
  15. No thank you, I’m good. Futile actions are out of my scope of interest.
  16. I don’t feel I have much of a voice anymore like the remaining regulars because I am no longer a regular so I’m ok with closing or splitting, whatever the regulars decide. What I can give from myself is I will try to avoid antagonising the discussion which effectively will mean I will not participate in these kinds of threads because by definition, there is no room for a ballanced discussion in these kinds of subjects. It was a mistake that I lured myself into this thread when all I need from this site is just the science. As for iNow’s desperate cry for eliminating „bad actors” from the thread, I’m sure Peterson would smack this rhetoric out of iNow’s mouth with a witty comment but I personally feel there is no need for me to adress this as it very much speaks for itself.
  17. There we go, the race and white privilege card has been played. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if iNow starts looking for Dave Chappelle's white ancestors 😂
  18. @iNow @Peterkin @TheVat @Phi for All @MigL @Intoscience @naitche Look, Lawrence M. Krauss is "stirring up honsense" too. Boy am I glad he came out to publish this absolutely deplorable list of abuse in Academia which stems from the very thing which Jordan Peterson is trying to stand up against. https://quillette.com/2021/11/02/tales-from-the-gulag/?fbclid=IwAR0YL5GK0mtjf4nd7fnvdaXWJzR_KPCjlqsFBy1CuBdbP8jJKf5oD8qck2I
  19. I missed the grotesque word salad you bring to the conversation, good to see you again Dim 😄
  20. I presume the reason is that you’re high again and you can’t distinguish between the meaning of „fashion” and „reason” Did I get it right?
  21. This is exactly the crux of Jordan Petersons argument. As with all ideology and PC driven stances, it goes as far as it lasts untill a new 'fashion' comes around but from the broader picture is never ends. Well to be fair, there is indisputable evidence that the Earth is not flat so these crackpots are delusional in the sense that they lack the mental aparatus to ingest and digest scientific evidence. Pollitical, ideological discussions never obey the scientific method so its not as clear who is delusional or not. Political correctness is becoming the new faith of the enlightened and that is really a shame. I'm sure social media and the model it brought which we are all living in right now has a lot to do with this, people are becooming more secluded and locked inside their bubbles, weakness is becoming a new virtue.
  22. We're still at you cherry picking and doing backflips to avoid the crux of the matter while sticking to your predefined non-alterable standpoint. It's a shame that we're only getting to know each other and I've already lost interest in having any dialog with you.
  23. So far, only the a hole who tried to orchestrate the smear campain against Chappelle was fired for exposing his shows viewing data to the press. We’re lucky aren’t we, phew.
  24. What about the transgender friend of Dave Chappelle who kept Chappelle’s back on twitter and killed herself due to pressure from her own community. Its a story from his new show, the one which the LGBT community at Netflix wants to cancel.
  25. Since 20 pages in this thread couldn't get us on the same page despite (inspite?) of MigL giving multiple examples of people loosing their jobs or even being prosecuted in Canada for not using 'proper pronouns' lets try with what this thread leaned into in the last page which is Dave Chappelle and his new standup show 'The Closer'. Chappelle stated yesterday that promotion of his new film 'Untitled' is experiencing backlash from 9 promoters who previous to his standup going live were interested and now they're not and he will be promoting his movie in alternative ways. I have to admit that it is clear to me that Dave Chappelle is pretty much a genius at doing his own PR here, he is riding this wave he created straight into 9 figures in his bank account when its all said and done but that doesn't change the fact that a group of Netflix employees were staging a walkout from the company trying to pressure Netflix into canceling Chappelles show, it didn't work (so far)
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