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  1. umm, rivers flow, they start in mountains and flow to lakes, seas & oceans.
  2. looks like a magnetic field, just strange i don't see what it repulses off. ps i think you posted in the wrong section.
  3. This sounds like a 14 year old boy is asked to prove or disprove decades of scientific work. Does he get a mark or something for this ? If so, maybe you should upload a copy/picture of the assignment so we don't get off-topic, because right now you 're in a bit over your head.
  4. I voted no, i do not see any reason why a negative vote should count less then a positive vote; i believe moderation hinted at "abusers" ,but personally i mostly/only give upvotes and likes and no downvotes, and that's just the way i like to give votes, but if someone else only gives downvotes this only means that person probably wastes more time reading through bad posts instead of skipping them(and not clicking politics in the first place) like i do, and thus communicates his subjective (and unargumented) opinion in a different way. I know we all love positivity more then negativity, but positivity becomes meaningless without negativity to counter it. I did notice there is a upvote, downvote, and a like-vote, and i think the difference is getting blurry(aka, did someone say something smart or did he save me the trouble of replying, did he say something funny, or maybe even ask a question that i would like to see answered(i think this last one would deserve it's own curiosity-vote) ,anyway, removing downvote from the non-science and the likevote from the science-section might be a good idea.(ps are likevotes counted ??)
  5. What if i told, that each day you wake up, you're a slightly different version of the person you re though/supposed to have been the day before, and the person from the day before will never come back again ? What if i told you, that when your body dies, you stop experiencing yourself as a human, however, your body would decompose and be reassimilated by the bio-mass, life would continue, possibly in your off spring, likely in your species, and certainly in other species, and, in the long run, the universe would continue to explore itself ?? And what if i told you, that how life evolves, and how the exploration of itself of the universe continue, is still dependent on how you affected the world when you were alive ???
  6. Yes it is. Specifically, they ask for software changes making it easier to hack an iphone, which could be used on an iphone NOT in their posession. If you have an iphone in your possession that you need to hack, you only need an engineer to physically open it and retrieve any data from it.
  7. Nuclear arsenal is a perfect opportunity to make the "winner" be a loser, so why would this be a "bluff" ?? (aka MAD etc)
  8. It would give some new(and easier) formulas to write.(if it checks out)
  9. Usually it does, since usually a higher temperature means a higher solubility, though it depends on the type of filth involved.
  10. Warm water generally does a better job removing filth stuck to your skin, and, as employees are supposed to look clean/attractive to customers, it makes sense to make them use hot water.
  11. Compensation would mean the senses even out, and this is simply not true, what ís true is that braincells asssigned on handling a sense that no (longer) works get reassigned to helping out with another sense or brainfunction, this does not mean the other senses become so much better that your senses together get on par with the senses of someone who has all senses.
  12. Well, nót believing in coincidence goes a bit far, but, i 'd rather look at the patterns, for example; both killers chose to assasinate their target on a friday; heck, i can imagine that someone who goes out to kill the biggest target he can find has a strong work ethic and would choose to finish their work(preparations) on the end of the workweek, so fridays seem to have a high(er)-probability of being unsave for a president(or senator?) The age and career of the persons involved are obviously higher probability as well, becoming president is something you need plenty of experience for, and becoming an (one time-)assasin is mostly self-taught, so needs less preparation time.
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