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  1. @mistermack; If you're going to divide people in "100% free people" & "slaves"" then you're right, and then we had slavery at least up to ~1991(Soviet-Union). For a more nuanced view; serfs belonged to the land, and it wasn't as much that they weren't allowed to leave, as it was that other lords weren't allowed to poach them for their own. They had rights, which slowly increased, and the abilitie to rebel(albeit not always successfully) Historically, the medieval times(or dark ages) were a time of upheaval and survival, the old (Roman) system had fallen and anyone not able to protect his own was bound to go under, the new system was made on-the-spot everywhere, based on what was there previously(both tribalism & civilization, but also on both slavery & coöperation) the rights of individuals were details that had little priority for rulers, but the basics(like rights & obligations come together) were understood (at least by the more competent rulers) @Externettrade without the medium of money is called bartering. I suspect most craftsmen working in a castle were just paid in food & shelter with some luxuries(like more clothes)
  2. There wasn't that much gold available, so widespread capitalism wasn't viable(yet). And there wasn't much slavery neither btw, it died out with the Romans.
  3. The main-currencies in that time were food & protection, I assume they kept any gold they had in a chest
  4. @koti nice vid, but he's missing something; the reason to think alien civilizations exist somewhere is that the universe is so vast(you throw the dice often enough, you're bound to get a six eventually); if any alien civ is a million year ahead of us, but they 're more then a million lightyears away from us, we couldn't ve detected them yet.
  5. To me those three studies suggest that plants work, just not as strong suspected, and that they are easily overwhelmed; in the first one they used an outdoor air dampening ventilation system, which was apparently surprising to some to overwhelm a rather low concentration of plants. The second and third studies are more interesting, as they suggest that another ecological factor would overwhelm plants in small concentrations, especially the third showing (random) increases and decreases at higher concentrations, suggesting even bacteria have a stronger impact on the air then plants in low concentration. These were practical/in the field tests btw, not in-a-closed-lab-tests, and regarding the opening post @fresh, if i lived in a heavily polluted area, i would definately get a lot of plants and keep my windows closed.
  6. I didn't ridicule you Moontanman, i ridiculed the USAF in my first post(which "somebody" seemed to like) and explained their attitude in my second post. These are two (different) points, if you 're trying to make them both, you should probably make two threads. If UFO's belong to any intelligent community(either alien or foreign) they would be trying to stay hidden, hence (pure)scientific research would be inadequate to unmask them, investigators would need to be hunters, like criminal investigators are(supposed to be). Rascism focuses on who somebody is, not on what they say. I know a flatlander, he always tells me the earth is flat, and i smile and agree with him, then i go on with my life because disagreeing with him ain't worth my time, a bit like the USAF does with UFO-theorists.
  7. The job of the US Airforce is to protect US airspace from hostile action, not to investigate EVERYTHING in the air, and especially not to address civilian complaints about aliens using complicated machinery to have butt-sex with them. Having a small debunking-team so the rest of the USAF can focus on their (core-)job falls perfectly in line with this. So i have to ask: what's your point ? Are you claiming a cover-up ? Would be quite likely in the case of actual aliens, but it would mean there would be more aliens ready to be discovered, search for them instead of hoping to gain access to area 51. Do you want an organisation investigating aliens ? Maybe better not having it be a government-agency because they re not going to be too competent in it. (At least not untill actual aliens have been found)
  8. Going to the cops to solve a crime, especially small crimes, is generally useless, however, it does strengthen the case against the stalker in case things escalate or the stalker is actually apprehended. If your friend is too concerned about a few strangers laughing at him to go to the cops he obviously doesn't care about his "stalker." First claiming it's about a friend then talking about what happened to you(r locker) is incoherent and suggests you're confused and/or imagining things. Storage lockers are notoriously unsafe, it could be a coworker who misremembered which locker it was, or your boss trying to find drugs.
  9. umm, rivers flow, they start in mountains and flow to lakes, seas & oceans.
  10. looks like a magnetic field, just strange i don't see what it repulses off. ps i think you posted in the wrong section.
  11. This sounds like a 14 year old boy is asked to prove or disprove decades of scientific work. Does he get a mark or something for this ? If so, maybe you should upload a copy/picture of the assignment so we don't get off-topic, because right now you 're in a bit over your head.
  12. I voted no, i do not see any reason why a negative vote should count less then a positive vote; i believe moderation hinted at "abusers" ,but personally i mostly/only give upvotes and likes and no downvotes, and that's just the way i like to give votes, but if someone else only gives downvotes this only means that person probably wastes more time reading through bad posts instead of skipping them(and not clicking politics in the first place) like i do, and thus communicates his subjective (and unargumented) opinion in a different way. I know we all love positivity more then negativity, but positivity becomes meaningless without negativity to counter it. I did notice there is a upvote, downvote, and a like-vote, and i think the difference is getting blurry(aka, did someone say something smart or did he save me the trouble of replying, did he say something funny, or maybe even ask a question that i would like to see answered(i think this last one would deserve it's own curiosity-vote) ,anyway, removing downvote from the non-science and the likevote from the science-section might be a good idea.(ps are likevotes counted ??)
  13. What if i told, that each day you wake up, you're a slightly different version of the person you re though/supposed to have been the day before, and the person from the day before will never come back again ? What if i told you, that when your body dies, you stop experiencing yourself as a human, however, your body would decompose and be reassimilated by the bio-mass, life would continue, possibly in your off spring, likely in your species, and certainly in other species, and, in the long run, the universe would continue to explore itself ?? And what if i told you, that how life evolves, and how the exploration of itself of the universe continue, is still dependent on how you affected the world when you were alive ???
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