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  1. It wouldn't be "humans communicating with aliens" it would be "aliens using their high-frequency-brainwave-beam-device" to communicate with humans
  2. That's like saying people should eat shit so they discuss the taste, instead of offering them a banana whose taste they can discuss without getting sick.
  3. 1) sure they thought of that, just do a google search, often a camera is attached to a helmet or put on a gun. 2) seems a bit impractical compared to just bombing the enemy, or having armored vehicles present(some of which are quite light and can be transported through air) or just dropping a barricade would also be a good idea; you don't expect soldiers to get fired on from all sides
  4. so it's workers are gonna be bees & ants ?
  5. Roamer

    new religion

    He's got a point though, black holes are much more attractive then crosses and figurines, especially if you get too close.
  6. A mutation IS a change in genetic material.
  7. your pictures aren't showing. Also, since when are marshes worth money ?
  8. Exactly how many nuclear bombs have you got in your shed ?
  9. you should be able to edit code after running. you re probably using a compiler which changes the code so it can be run, best to make a back-up before running/compiling, or figure out what turbo c+ exactly does upon running.
  10. By what measurement ? As i see it, we 've had little to no use to them, and they 're often poisonous, more harmfull then helpfull, which is enough for any negative reaction to evolve: in evolution a reaction is only "excessive" when it is disadvantageous.
  11. Not unlikely, i was thinking more affordable clothing.
  12. It looks like a sequence of which only one member/instant has been posted. If those are two instances i 'd either go for 3,21 or for 3, 30(though 3, 30 seems too simple)
  13. bodies repair themselves, medical science can support this process, for example with healthy nutrition, which is already available for those who look for it.
  14. Roamer

    About me

    Or maybe the cat has me ...
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