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  1. no body has proven an event where an object has independent activity beyond our world lie to me
  2. have any among you have all the answers? do any one among you want to do anything other than argue? does all what is happening right in front of you? does this damage your ability to observe and discuss so much that all objectivity is bullshit? arguments take all day truths are already here
  3. I am very happy to let you and all your desperate friends go... and do whatever makes you feel that your education made sense
  4. I recognise that you must keep yourself relevant and to continue lies with diligence.

  5. your safety is your failure

  6. I have assumed myself an observer here. I can see the intellectual strength here to be somewhat powerful I can see that this forum is complete with some wonderful minds. I also can see that this forum has a safety a safety that is essential to satisfy only human emotion. among the members here?.... there seems to be only discussion among obvious facts! and how can we validate each other with our blind learning to make ourselves mean anything anymore. the days of blind learning are reaching a very sad ending our Governments and our education system has been short changing all of us there is a real world beyond all the lies I have no frame on the wall to tell me that I am right I am from the street. I will simplify I have 2 questions 1.. did 3 enormous structures collapse because office fires 2.. did humans have the technology to walk on a thing...in a complete anti-gravity vacuum.?
  7. my posts are exceeded today.

    okay... your chair is affixed to the floor... there is contact and friction.

    put your chair in suspension in no atmosphere and watch this happen.

    the object will leave your hands and you will go nowhere.

    you describe an open system

    1. Dagl1


      You think things in vacuum float?

      Sorry if I misunderstood you, otherwise please refer to: 



    2. Endy0816



      You will still go in the opposite direction. Has nothing to do with an atmosphere being present.

      I've directly communicated with these satellites for work. They're up there via standard reaction forces.

    3. Strange



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  8. I am a land based organism flight has always been an exotic and un-natural experience. it still makes sense here on Earth! ever notice that all spaceships in film have thruster engines glowing on full blast? the fact that Star Wars makes noise and dog fight aerobatics and Star Trek and all the rest. that space is depicted as just the same environment as here on Earth. even films like Gravity being supposedly realistic are false when considering physics in a weightless vacuum. de-pressurisation follows different rules in some and not in others. and it's called 'science fiction' and that's exactly what it is. spacewalks are all done in a giant pool... apparently the tech exists to photograph Pluto intimately but photos of our home planet are manufactured.? NASA defies physics... rockets go no-where... Tesla space cars are a comedy. Hollywood spends billions programming dumb non thinking citizens to create false memory and false understanding. mainstream media injects finely timed intergalactic spectacle into our consciousness for mass diversion and ultimate control. I write this here in PHYSICS... because the PHYSICS of our manufactured reality is so deformed that even the smart ones are compromised.
  9. I have no evidence Ghideon... thankyou for asking. my argument is simply my underdstanding of 'everything' and of 'nothing'. I have watched numerous rocket launches and have wondered at the expanding thrust plume. at launch the thrust is concentrated quite vertical...and during ascent the thrust expands. I consider that the energy, the force wants to capitalize on all the available atmosphere. as the atmosphere thins out to nothing.... the thrust plume becomes completely absorbed by the surrounding vacuum and then therefore any previous directive force is nullified. I agree that 360 degrees might seem unusual?... but without any resistance throughout the vacuum? I see no other way. since the resistance is zero then all forces are returned to the object evenly and it remains stationary. Bufofrog... I have no information about what the Aliens might be doing.? I sure know what you are doing... and although expected, it's unhelpful. amusing?... all you have offered are insults so far. I am waiting for the next one
  10. still does not work got anything else? people hate alternative thinking and tend to go for the insults... this is expected. so...? I make no sense?... I am in primary school. Sensei Bufofrog thankyou for reducing my list of potential thinkers I might learn from by 2
  11. Isaac Newton never considered 'space' Isaac Newton lived in the real world and thus!... made correct observations accordingly Isaac Newtons' Laws of motion do not apply in a world completely upside down of the world that Isaac Newton lived in and made His observations thus! accelaration = mass x velocity a perfect conclusion especially when the one constant is FRICTION remove friction remove mass remove work done. any object approaching Earth atmosphere exit speed fails to go beyond the approach. the more man and dumb science makes a bigger rocket and impressive is the romance and the fantasy and the citizens seem to love it. did Isaac Newton ever have reason to consider a physical world beyond himself and the Apple Tree plane of existence? did Isaac Newtons' apple never reach his head and he had the revelation despite? I beg Isaac Newton's forgiveness for myself accidentally twisting and turning his immaculate laws to suit the fantasy of the 'outerworld' for which he would have surely rejected as foolishness indeed! Man is forever Earth restrained and it pains him such to manufacture an ongoing 'event' of delusion and of course to profit enormously and for what? just the cash I ask for someone among you to prove Isaac Newton's Laws of motion realistic in the NASA proposed space environment... where Mass is zero. think carefully before you leap into cognitive dissonance reflex. I am talking about weightlessness.
  12. a closed system on Earth produces thrust an open system on Earth produces some thrust an open system in space produces no thrust. Mars missions are a lie moon landings were the birth of all space lies I beg any brilliant man to prove that any space suit right now and especially 1970's technology could withstand the vacuum! complete vacuum wants to remove any and every essence of gas. moon landings are impossible for so many more reasons. that NASA will achieve 100% success on the first attempt is ridiculous! once a rocket has used up all force of resistance from Earths atmosphere then it becomes useless. carefully watch how the exhaust plume expands to virtually perpendicular to down thrust and to 90 degrees and beyond and once in the vacuum of space the plume becomes 360 degrees. no rocket goes anywhere...no moon... no Mars... no voyager...absolutely nothing goes nowhere the physics is implausible... as demanded by those who demonstrate fantasy with histrionics and Hollywood. according to NASA... if I punch a hole in the (fake) ISS... then the escaping gas will propel the structure in the opposite direction. exactly like saying that if I punch a hole in a submarine it will then move in my direction according to the displacement of the water. coincidentally... why do engineers place important machinery on the inside of a submarine? and choose to place important machinery on the outside of an 'ISS" when are submariners required to make repairs on the exterior of a machine at submariner depths? The ISS is the complete reverse but with pressures accordingly likewise probably more severe the entire concept of an ISS and 'space walks' is a fantasy NASA is a HUGE business and diversion that has gone way too far. Mars rover 'Sols' take place on Devon Island Canada likewise Cinder Lake crater field mimicked the fake moon landing. imagine making a 2 mile wide construct of a place on the moon... as a proposed landing site and then actually landing on that same site? first time first go... space is fiction... there is no thrust in anti-gravity vacuum conditions. discuss
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