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  1. Ahh another loser wolf from the pack out to attack anyone that wants to break their fantasy world called scienceforums, lets all just fken argue all day about useless stuff that gets us no where and act like we are the pioneers of science in this world. Pathetic mate
  2. This goes to all of you high point losers with no life, you just jump on like a pack of wolves on anyone who disrupts your fantasy science world where you pointlessly argue about anything for the sake of it. Quite retarded actually. If you were so smart then why haven't you produced anything novel from your drivel.
  3. Most of your posts seems like garbage too man, maybe you like it less popular so you feel like you can stand out with your 100 points and useless inventions No I think this website just sucks man, tell me when you earn a living from gaining 5000 points you loser,
  4. Sorry I didn't mean it in trollish way I meant in joking way, forgot to add some emote or something to make it look like sarcasm ":p"
  5. I think it is better to just refer to people as not being able to understand cause and effect. IQ test is IQ test, cause and effect principle is cause and effect principle.
  6. You can get away with a lot of negative qualities when you are a skilled killing machine. Also with anger, I like to use "Wrath" when it comes to Achilles, and so do others to. they talk about the "Wrath of Achilles" where not only did the enemies feel it but also his own allies.
  7. So does your silly cowboy picture. Did you want to play cowboy and indians when you were 12?
  8. Damn bro you are caught up in pointless arguing, you can expend your efforts into other things, like learning something new, your English seems real good, why not read a bunch of new stuff you don't know about on Wikipedia. You are baiting all these guys in to pointless arguments.
  9. I am a Christian, should probably do a way with fake stuff like this but for now I won't. My favourite hero is Achilles from the Trojan war, I learnt about him through Wikipedia and various websites and also from the movie Troy (2004) starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. I like the idea of Achilles because he is said to be the embodiment of grief of a people or tribe or nation according to the previous Wikipedia article about it him which is now edited differently but other sites still use that writing. It reminds me of a light coming forth out of darkness, someone rising from the bottom or a diamond found in the mines. Also I just like him because he is portrayed as some cool bad ass skilled warrior in the movie Troy. For Gods I will go with Hephaestus, he is the one who is said to have created all the weapons for the Gods. I learnt about him mostly from the game God Of War 3.
  10. Then be my guest and make a prediction of a major event/s that could happen my friend
  11. You have fallen into my trap. I have successfully baited you into a pointless argument about the importance accuracy.
  12. No one likes to make predictions about the future, like major events that could occur or is that like conspiracy theories to you guys?
  13. Benefits of sports for kids is that it is usually a community driven event, all the parents come together sign their kids up and everyone uniting for a common cause to wanting their kids team to try their best and win against another. Sports allows kids to stay active, make friends, develop strong values like good sportsmanship and also just like I said before, brings everyone together. That's based on my experience as a kid who played sports for a club.
  14. I don't think anyone really says that in bodybuilding, whey protein is just a lower calorie substitute for foods with protein in it. Also accuracy is important for a lot of other things too even bodybuilding, from losing weight to reaching low body fat percentages.
  15. It kind of reminds me of bodybuilding forums, the losing fat section, people come in with ideas of fat loss and how they think things are when it comes to weight loss. People usually are told to read the stickies or to simply go on a calorie deficit diet, all diets work by making you eat less than the amount of calories you burn. So with here people come in with ideas of science and how it works but people are usually told how to do stuff properly with common science methods etc... maybe that is one reason why these forums isn't as popular as other because people can't express their ideas without being corrected. Edit: Also, no offence, kind of seems like pointless arguing as well at time, like "you said this when I didn't say that" or someone says some weird word like "apriori" and then means other guy is wrong, it's like people get lost in boring arguments that lead nowhere. But maybe that is science!
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