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  1. I was just saying how the morphological changes occurs through the time of evolution
  2. The time period of evolution There will be a cycle of mutation after every 9 generation, the evolution is a slow process and it will move on, but we can't see directly because the change taking place is very slow, but if we look at the 10 generation of older than us we could see it.The mutation (evolution) takes place gradually and it can be seen at a regular intervals (10G gap) Law behind it : There will be a gene difference between father and son, ie the gene similarity difference is 0.1 and the similarity difference between the gene that we get from father and mother is 0.1. When the genes are transferred from one generations to other there will be change in genes of 0.1 from each generation which confrim that after each generation a small change is happening in genetic material.This change will be passed on to next generation.Which makes that after the 9th generation a small mutation takes place. This rule will be only applicable when we compare us from that of old generation, the change will be minute
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