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  1. Okay thank you very much for your reply am going am hoping to bring a better paper soon pliz remember you can use a Microsoft document version instead of image. You probably didn't like the image presentation. Am going to improve it. I heard your point on data structures they seem to be better, don't forget this is not related to facial recognition.
  2. How to get our software without looking for combinations. To get our program that is a good software,we have to follow the following methods. The image we are creating in this example is bigger than 800 images each the size of 1 million pixels for 1 gb of data. Or could be put to the same size. So we can break it down to 800 images for simplification but altogether the 800 images are treated as one image. This applies to other bigger images or just too big for the space we have. (We are going to create an image with two types of pixel,(red,green.) So it's r,g not rgb this time. .We only need two pixel colours on the image since we are only representing two numbers 0,1. Red for the (0)s and green for the (1)s. Then we proceed as follows. 1.first we need protected areas on the image the program doesn't edit these parts. 2. We need the area that is not protected. we will paste Radom Computer calculations in this area . 3. 4. The program will immediately recognise them as errors and start correcting the errors to match the data in the protected areas. 5. 6. Its like an equation of 1+1 = (3), the brackets represent the protected area. 7. The part 1+1 is not protected. 8. So our program is going to change it to make a math equation that's correct. 1. The computer changes the parts outside the brackets to end up giving us a small but mathematically correct equation. 1. An example of a correction would be 2. 1+2 = (3). (Note one of the numbers has been edited in this equation to become 2, 1. 2. Their other possible correct options a program can achieve but only one is required. The 1st protected area in this case will contain the memory we know. We use the images, letters any type of data we expect it to use ,to complete its task. And the 2nd will contain the software that tests our program ,if it's a human level facial recognition software. (in its data it would have its own images that the program being tested doesn't have in its memory. (Since for us to know a machine can recognise an image it should not have that image in it's memory). And still be able to describe it. (We have to design the program that tests and then turn its information into binary , so we can be able to place it's information in the protected area reserved for the testing program. On the image the very large one. Note. (the parts that are not protected will have errors if they have not acquired data mathematically correct according to the software test results. like the example of the equation) so the protected area is the like the answer in brackets (as the example of the equation "1+1 =(3)". If the program recognized all the images given to it with the right grade according to the binary data. And the facial recognition software has no errors in it. We expect it to give us the source code that works. (When mined). We should also remember the whole data should be a direct interpretation of a software running using codes we know or can recognise . If not the software that corrects the data will indentify the data as having errors until it corrects it. (It should be remembered that most of the information e.g source code of the software that compiles the program ("is not fully protected"). This means only content designed for the compiler can replace the content in the protected location of the compiling software. So if the software is Python code compiler, it's only Python codes that are used in the protected area.It should all be Python related or it's considered an error by our correcting software. if a code that doesn't exist is detected in the binary data, it's considered an error and it will be replaced. But it only replaces error codes,with codes we know man already designed for our compiler. We can test if our plan is right on achieving a type of software we already know. .e.g a temperature calculator For the beginning. . If we achieve this we should be able to apply our tactics on the mission of getting better A.I. ( A computer can probably design a whole binary image with its own compiler that man doesn't know and it uses its codes.(as long as we have a protected area.) Microsoft word corrects letters we can design a math correcting software. We can know math errors now. And which type. If you have used a calculator or C++.You must be used to program complaints on variables too huge. Please don't forget to reply,And if you need help on improving correction methods please let me know. And I will sit down and write a paper for it. A computer does all its work in math this is why I expect this to work. We can always read a process that's valid with the help of existing methods of program since it's all about seeing an error.
  3. Now I know i later learnt it and it’s not easy to see through all that stuff on a phone my computers need repairs right now. (Remember by document am trying to also make a 300 pixels represent a whole document we can’t read it but the computer can.we need more colors for better results) READ BELOW TO UNDERSTAND BETTER. Am going to bring the big explanation soon,All am saying facial recognition software used by Police looks thru a million images per second looking for the right person in the data. (A town in France (nice) it’s police uses it now). Since a paper can come with information in form of all the calculations going on in a computer to finish a task. We can always get the information of the process of compiling,testing and running the perfect software. a whole large part of the process can be shown as a letter and a number. The full process would be better in 0s and 1s but we have to represent large parts of it with a letter and a number.(so that the a million instructions are represented as ,a letter with a number. (Am hoping to reduce the combination to just dots on the screen not a letter and number for the computer to process faster.man cannot read it so it’s the computer that will recognize the type of small dot. Or may be pixel). The letter is the type of process and stage and the number with the letter would be to make it more indentifiable. E.g in a super market (A) can represent the area where the item is ,and (1) would be the first shelve. On a website it would look like A1. For the information on the process.(from time of inputting the code to running it to testing and results.) So the paper would show A1,+ A2,=A3 if we know A1 cannot come before A2 because that process is always at the beginning, not the end due to equation rules our program would should also be able to recognize this error which would mean the paper will not be picked among the many , the paper that is checked for equation errors and other errors we might learn in future will pass the test. And should be able to be giving us the right codes(the paper with no errors will later be processed to give us the codes because they are included in the paper. letter we check the codes and our software should give us results. may be B (2) would be the source code combination.instead of writing a whole 100 word source code( the representation can be made better am guessing 5 letters and a number can represent a whole process in 200 words and numbers. (The format where the dots,small as pixels in volume , Represent our paper it’s not us who read the electronic paper it’s the computer and if it has the valid process( group of processes) it should be able to give us our working codes when processed by a software. The aim of looking for small combinations with combinations microscopic is to reduce the work load faced by the computer in generating information.
  4. What do you think about this idea does it reduce The search space.(its an attempt).The information required for us to get the software that works every time (the information would be the whole process from when the code is input to when the code is compiled,tested by a software and the results. I expect The equivalent of binary numbers a single letter can represent a binary or more. . They should follow math laws and we should be able to indentify our codes from the information on the combination. so our software that recognizes the combinations that would gives us the right information. Would pick on only a document that has information that has no errors. (No math errors and the process follows math order. We would use the document indentified by the computer to input in our computer on the other side to check to get the code from it so we test to see if it runs perfectly. (In May attempt i a ssume we can know what does not make order of sense when the process is read. Please give me a reply if I should improve it in order to convince the science community.
  5. They are Tv documentaries so I have to look for the show I watched some time ago.Just British soldiers telling their sad stories. The British always find the taliban have constructed houses to shoot from I think Arab houses dry fast or the British take long to discover their hide outs.That are very dangerous.
  6. Actually soldiers I see on military documentary always find the opposition has built houses and they shooting at them ( the British documentaries of the Middle East war.The British usually hide in trees. And have to risk crossing a path so open. Also all I see on Internet now is combat eye protection is good but afaghastans use a certain gun that makes the current eye combat protection useless the ak 47. ( a certain type) I think the high deaths are on the developing countries not developed. But quota has questions answered on "why does the us millitary use eye combat protection when it's not needed. The question on quora is " why does the us millitary use eye protection when it doesn't stop bullets.
  7. Also their many places a car cannot go. Due to many trees in the area or the passage and more prooblemsproblems
  8. I always see the Iraq war videos needing this stuff because soldiers always die in battle because of exposure ( and the helmets have night vision and the cameras are for the army commander s not on the field there the ones I know. Well I have googled all I saw was information suggests the cameras are not used for showing the surrounding inside the helmet on an lcd screen (they are for strategies and sending information to the other the millitary station)not for protecting the eyes. But you can show me a link if you can.
  9. I have used the word guns to make it easier But even bigger bullet weapons are included. 1. Camera helmet Has anybody ever thought of putting a camera on a military helmet. So it can enable the soldier on the battlefield,to see through the camera not through the camera not through the expensive gargles. it should be remembered that a device like a smartphone will be required for the camera to send that view on its screen so the soldier wearing the smart helmet. This would enable soldiers protect their eye sight with metal.which would be cheaper) Because the whole helmet would be made of metal. No expensive gargles needed this time It should be remembered as you get closer to an object,about 20 cans, you might need to use a second camera on the helmet So you might require more than one for full use. The lcd screen on the device inside the helmet should not be too close to the eyes. Google can show you the high number of deaths from eye bullet wounds.(on the battlefield) 2. Guard Dropping Drones or choppers would drop metal houses on the battlefield, for the soldiers to later come and hide in to shoot at the opponents. The houses can have remote controlled guns in and around them to shoot any body trying to come close or in before the army. Instead of building holes on battlefield. Or hiding in bush trees. And they can be reusable. Thank you for your time by Muwanguzi Joshua Amos.
  10. I just wonder if I have made you like it more. Please let me know if it has impacted your everyday life. Well I know little about computers, But I know something. So am concentrating on something mathematical of some type.
  11. It should be remembered that looking for source codes for a software.(Is one of the suggestions for finding software that can for example find our movies. Or what we want. In the story finder. For finding source code we have to add symbols and some numbers. For now we need the method that can get us our source code among the many,soon I maybe able to explain in the comments part. * you can get a movie version of any movie today with you in it.(it exists in the story finder. In the future it may cost a few dollars to get it from a site (if we figured out how to get it from the many videos.
  12. You are very right it is very large, Unless no quantum computer of today cannot solve our issue then I have to look at another way. For now let me study this quantum computer and see what it could do(whether we don't need many). And also now maybe man would want a better computer even more.
  13. Thank you very much for your reply am going to find an explanation for making the ma chine work. But for now am posting the source code solution on the mainstream so don’t mind. I hope you want the explanation of how the machine will work. With the challenges it faces. And am looking into that. IT SHOULD BE NOTED I STILL HAVE TO FIND THE RIGHT COMPUTER TO WORK THIS OUT. AND AM BRING THAT WORK SOON. THIS IS HOW WE SHALL GET THEORIES,MATHS,FROM THE STORY FINDER The story finder has lots of useful and useless information and theories,source codes that work are one of the useful information This time we need a software to get the useful information from the story finder combinations (information) The source code for the software that can get that useful theory is in the story finder (combinations) The information will be pasted into the compiler software and if it is working software it would be tested by another program if it can get a paper that can explain. How a theory works from words that existed at that time before it was discovered.(or invention). ( we just make up a paper we think should have been enough to explain the theory, in that time before it was discovered and if the program gets that paper . It has passed one of the tests .Remneber it will be tested if it will discover more known inventions and theories of that time to pass the full test. After the program has indentified it as the software that has passed the full test. We check to see it. We expect it to find new discoveries when we add today’s words. If their is more to be discovered.
  14. Thank you very much also don’t forget the software that can get the sensible information from the vast amount of data,be it equations or inventions. Can be got from the story finder using that method of finding the source code and then it is tested by a software after that we check the software that has passed the test. And see if it will give us results. (For this case it would look for the useful paper through a selection of words that existed before the discovery was made. The software that gets the paper most of the time (is expected to work on finding our next discovery, when we add all the words that exist in this time to it. I can explain this better if you want. ( Their could be other ways) I can explain this better if you want. But our quantum computer will most likely make software it can. That’s for now on the issue of what it is weak at. As I work on the presentation.
  15. I think the quantum computer might work different from a normal computer according to what am seeing.
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