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  1. Okay will do , To joigus , The state change section, Now there is a issue you have just made me think of, if the energy is brought into a system where it it shared in a BEC. And if the energy is shared uniformly throughout the system. it would not spread out as the whole system would move to a higher state of entropy. So any matter would clump together but have no where to spread out too. The only thing that comes to mind is that if it was a sudo barrier between two systems of high and low entropy. Producing a zone where energy transfer can take place via propagating waves. Obviously th
  2. Joigus thankyou for you reply back. I have some ideas on that 🙂, each for compression, wave propagation and state change, probably will change the name of the latter. I will put together a list. One item I have been struggling to comprehend is what are magnetic monopoles. Kind regards, Rick
  3. Conflation hypothesis. The main difference between conflation and current theories such as inflation, is that the latter would be like blowing up a balloon. As you blown more air into it , you would see the space and surface area of the balloon expanding at every point, getting further and further apart. However with conflation, You could imagine the balloon is already inflated with air, So to move energy into the balloon. We need a outside source of kinetic energy and a medium such as the air inside the balloon to transform that kinetic energy in heat.
  4. This can include your preferred Hypothesis or theory, Big bang, Big bounce , Inflation , The big bulk... ect. Please write the name of the Hypothesis / theory at the top of the page, With examples of any problems you see with that Hypothesis / theory below. Please respect everyone's views and only comment on the ideas that best fit your own preferences, So two proponents of the Big bang can disagree on a subject as a example. Kind regards, Rick
  5. You can find the pdf above , also I have edited the previous comment as it had structural issues. If you do find the PDF interesting or atleast worth a read by others. Please comment below. Thank you for your interest. Kind regards, Rick
  6. Thank you for your comment, Im not 100% happy with the hypothesis, As the assumptions I have made a just that, But that is a great idea I will probably start another post asking people for current issues with current hypothesis and theories. I think that it does some what address some of the issues. Why the universe is expanding, with this hypothesis it is merely spreading out , also the structure issue of the cosmic web. It so far doesn't break the first law of thermodynamics as energy is recycled. It may also address the cooling issue of the early universe and what iv hypothe
  7. Hi my names rick, Now before you click off and designate this post to the forum's trash can, Because iv just mentioned some new ideas i have on how the universe may work, I would love for you to read part 1 of my paper on my blog url deleted you can click the PDF button and it will show up in the browser. I am looking to seek validation and scrutiny of the hypothesis as i feel it does address some of the current pitfalls with previous theories. if you would kindly share or even better if your working in any field of physics , where this hypothesis may match up with experiments or Document
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