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  1. In the case of neutrinos infalling a black hole, are neutrinos thought to have any different reaction to the hole vs. any other massive or massless particle?
  2. I have never seen a copper circuit expand in my repair business, but the substrate board might at some point, shrink. I have never noticed that other than that the board can burn at a failed junction if the joint is in a high current location, if you can term that "shrinkage". What I have noticed is that the solder seems to evaporate, not that I have direct evidence of that, other than seeing it thin out in a ring, circling a high current connection. As the solder mass shrinks, the temp accordingly goes up due to increasing resistance, hastening the process of joint failure, causing an open circuit. I have seen an instance or two of a situation where I soldered loose connections, only to have the set come back 10 years later to me, and the solder had done a similar "disappearing act" at the same locations. Also, general heat seems related to the copper adhesive to loosening up, sometimes finding them loosened near the failed joint. Never have I seen where the copper had extended itself any observable amount. I have noticed that all solders are not the same. There are differing qualities and have recommended avoiding cheap solders that may have contaminants, which seems to be unhelpful in a long lasting connection repairs...actually this topic is more suited to be in amateur science, than in classical physics...
  3. giovanni....i also read in the cited text of a casimir test being purported to show an elevated c in the reduced flux of virtual pairs...and that a similar reduction of said pairs within a region with an electric field would increase c. From this, could it be inferred that c is faster at the event horizon, since the pairs have been naturally separated...leading to a surrounding shell of superluminal light?
  4. thanks for the info on the upper bound on g waves, I will check into that further. If G testing were accurate enough, and showed a slow trending change with multiple samplings over a period of years, this might infer ELF g wave shapes and values.
  5. it's too early to do more than conjecture about a possible effect of primordial waves, given that they have not been detected yet. Too bad that the Tegmark team didn't find them (yet)...and perhaps give some parameters on their strength (if any).
  6. .. I agree that transient variations such a black hole mergers wouldn't skew tests. The analogy here is comparing a primordial gravity wave to an oceanic "tsunami" wave, which causes a fairly long term "flooding" vs. normal wave action. I'm not sure if it's more than conjecture that primordial gravity waves even exist, but if they do, it seems appropriate to consider them in the G variation question if they are shown to contain significant energy.
  7. what I was discussing was ELF primordial waves, with perhaps a light year in length...which could give year long pertubations in observed G. Thank you for your input...
  8. I also see a possible connection between virtual particles and gravity mechanism in that the geometric path variations of the pairs enroute from creation to annialation as a component, if not fundamental to gravitation, but what I want to talk about is your reference to small variations in observed G strength. I have considered that gravity waves coursing through the universe might impinge upon lab tests for G, and that ELF (extremely low frequency) gravity waves could accord for the gradualness of the observation variations, and could be partly primordially generated remnants, in a mix of cosmic gravitational background noise.
  9. With the assertion that all mass/energies are leftovers from the big bang, this begs the question of where the BB contents came from. If the law of conservation holds post BB, then there does seem to have been a "self amplification" mechanism at work prior to the BB to have provided the energy from a less powerful source to indeed cause the BB, and a remnant of that amplification effect perhaps persists in at least one detectable form, dark energy...also, the fact that there hasn't been a second BB observed to have taken place infers that the mechanism is effectively restricted within the confines of a universe that has matured into physical form.
  10. Is it possible to distort space?

    from one of Suskind's lectures, if I am correct in my understanding, he has speculated that gravity is a result of a high "density of entanglement" and that the resultant entanglement is indeed gravitation itself and not a model of the effect. Verlinde has stated that gravitation is not fundamental, but is emergent from a deeper order. Given these two concepts, and adding in the entanglement of virtual particles appearing briefly everywhere all the time, is this not an avenue into thinking of the architechure of the orbital paths of these particles as they appear and annialate, and distortions of this natural path into an elongation in a geometric sense, causing the path duration to increase, and equivalently, Suskind's "density of the entanglement" of said particles to increase, thus providing Verlinde's "emergent feature" ?
  11. Is it possible to distort space?

    I looked up albercrombie drive and found a utube on alcubierre drive. Is this what you meant? The shawyer EM idea, which has been looked at by eagleworks uses microwaves to produce a tiny drive, according to what I have seen on utube , but doesn't not seem to distort space, and is more of an ion type drive with the waves themselves penetrating the barrier and delivering the thrust. I am interested in the idea of path alterations of virtual particles as a way of simulating gravitational effects by a manipulation of the natural architecture of the geometric paths of of the appearance/annialation of said particles. It does seem that a major question as regards to this is, do VPs actually make up space, or mere carriers "floating" in a more fundamental space-time structure...
  12. Schumann Resonance As Audio

    sounds like some "chopped tops" of the sine waves, with a couple decade chips to offer staggered frequencies..I like the noise and acts as a tinnitus mask.
  13. Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years left

    thankfully, someone of note mentions population overgrowth as a major issue. Would CO2 even be an issue if there was a sustainable population of say, one billion? Population control should be issue #1 in climate sustainability talk, plus the negative social aspects of overcrowding even if we were to somehow conquer the CO2 problem. We would be just trading in one big problem for many others. I say we stay and make this planet long term sustainable, with a small colony on the moon to give some distance from earth that offers an objective reflection on human affairs, as well as an asteroid detection and eradication base. That small colony would also serve as a genesis of the human race if some unavoidable tragedy should occur on earth, so should be large and genetically diverse enough to serve as an effective seed population.
  14. gravity manipulations

    IF gravity is largely resultant from the distortion of virtual particle orbits, then a manipulation of these orbits, singularly or by multiples could have gravitational effects leading to, with precise orbit modifications, generation of a gravitation vector force, directable and controllable. It also seems possible to create "hawking radiation" using the same idea in the lab...these ideas should start off with microscopic size areas being manipulated as each pair will have to be accounted for and biased accordingly with the desired orbit shape within a shielded vacuum.