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  1. if it is mathematical, the reason it's seems unsolvable could be that math evolved from simpler elements, which are only as of yet unsolved. It is not unreasonable to assume math can be reverse engineered at some point. Didn't Bertrand Russel propose it sprang from logic?
  2. would a black hole's hawking radiation increase if it's rotation were to be faster ?
  3. possibly a premature action to close this thread..only a few years ago the Tegmark team had a hint of G waves embedded in the CMB which might have offered the first glimpse before the bang. Unfortunately, intergalactic dust foiled the test. There is also the primal neutrino relic which may offer some results. Since there is another possible test, and a possible retesting of the CMB with improved measures, please leave this thread open. Thanks
  4. correct, as "science" deals with direct evidence and I deal without, unless gravitational waves or neutrinos can peer before the big bang and some evidence may be forthcoming. Hopefully someday that will happen and I will be quite happy to have my idea falsified if that be the case.
  5. not really, many qualified mathematicans have stated as much.(the discovered, not invented part)..hence my leaning towards my intuition as viable possibility. I agree with your dismissive attitude however. I am attempting to ascertain fundamentals, the pre-math of the maths, and realize the futility of the attempt.
  6. I have no evidence that equations are only discovered, not invented, only intuition.
  7. the relationship between the radius and circumference of a circle and how it relates to the early proto universe, would seem to indicate base 2 calculations. Base 26 calculations of PI is an interesting question perhaps someone else might have some insights, but Occam's Razor would seem to limit the processing base to "least action" to accomplish the task, whatever base that calculation was made in.
  8. Equations are there to be discovered, not invented.
  9. the measured diameter of circle as relates to it's circumference offers a long lasting and perhaps non repeating numerical result...that in itself may not be an equation per se, but equations do exist that closely approximate it. That's what I meant. As long as the information cranked out by the approximation goes on, and is faithful to the fundamental premise of the metric, my assertion seems valid.
  10. the number PI is but one of many such equations, also E, sq rt of 2, etc..some of the "bones" delineating physical reality as ordered by classic logic. More ephemeral states seem ordered by sq rt minus one, in the companion quantum logic system, which among other things, determines empty space properties, with virtual particles as the observable effects.
  11. not really, only that there are two levels of "unrealness", with them. You can't hold a 6 in your hand, but a 6 does have some overall effect when combined with a near infinite number of associated digits, and they are ordered about in a reliable fashion over aeons in a rapidly branching algorithmic evolution of equations. The MPR was the "least real" of the species, but became "more real" by relating to all other numbers, thus become real enough to "do work" along with all the rest. With this, is an inference of 2 levels or realness, or functionality with numbers. The solitary MPR, and all the rest. However, the void is long gone, filled up with stuff, and with it, that MPR status that was the kick start part of the process, gone with it.
  12. yeah, bowling with black holes to get a perfect strike seems something an advanced species might do to see if the results matched prediction.
  13. a Mathematical Proxy Representation, is the "stand in" of a number, before there were any numbers to "fill that spot". In this case I posit that this MPR number (one nothing) was not a number until other numbers appeared and developed relationships with the MPR via a developing logic system. This is akin to today's "nothing exists without an observer" effect, as expressed in it's earliest form, as applied to the question of how math could have evolved from this simple start in a natural, organic way. No need for god or eternality in the system as described. If it is relevant to ask why anything today, it seems relevant to ask why mathematics then.
  14. I agree that is is very unlikely, perhaps impossible unless arranged somehow. I was more interested in the merger efficiency, that is, how much mass loss would be given by such a theoretical merger vs. the standard orbiting one. I was hoping that if a numerical simulation had been done, it would be reported here. Thanks.
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