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  1. Schumann Resonance As Audio

    sounds like some "chopped tops" of the sine waves, with a couple decade chips to offer staggered frequencies..I like the noise and acts as a tinnitus mask.
  2. Stephen Hawking says we have 100 years left

    thankfully, someone of note mentions population overgrowth as a major issue. Would CO2 even be an issue if there was a sustainable population of say, one billion? Population control should be issue #1 in climate sustainability talk, plus the negative social aspects of overcrowding even if we were to somehow conquer the CO2 problem. We would be just trading in one big problem for many others. I say we stay and make this planet long term sustainable, with a small colony on the moon to give some distance from earth that offers an objective reflection on human affairs, as well as an asteroid detection and eradication base. That small colony would also serve as a genesis of the human race if some unavoidable tragedy should occur on earth, so should be large and genetically diverse enough to serve as an effective seed population.
  3. gravity manipulations

    IF gravity is largely resultant from the distortion of virtual particle orbits, then a manipulation of these orbits, singularly or by multiples could have gravitational effects leading to, with precise orbit modifications, generation of a gravitation vector force, directable and controllable. It also seems possible to create "hawking radiation" using the same idea in the lab...these ideas should start off with microscopic size areas being manipulated as each pair will have to be accounted for and biased accordingly with the desired orbit shape within a shielded vacuum.
  4. Gravitation constant or not

    fair enough Tim, but couldn't there be long duration VLF waves, also what of the supposed dark matter floating about, which might exceed mere minutes in particular variations of strengths at various points of the globe? Wouldn't the noise of earthbound labs require space based tests in any event? Thanks...
  5. Gravitation constant or not

    isn't it possible that any measure of G will be fuzzy due to gravity waves impinging upon the test apparatus in the duration of the observations? If so, could triangulating gravity wave receiver be hooked up in a compensatory fashion ( as optical telescopes are now atmospherically corrected), running in real time to the test apparatus, to allow a reasonably accurate and stable value to be achieved?
  6. sound in space

    then what is this chirp I have been hearing about?
  7. does the unruh effect have any bearing on the question of a detectable flux? If the flux is composed of virtual particles, they wouldn't live long enough to offer a "velocity signal" to a static detector. But if the detector was of a relativistic velocity, doesn't the unruh effect come into play at that point as it intersects the quantum foam of space?
  8. sound in space

    ok then, suppose you drop a wireless microphone, properly set up, that orbits a merging black hole pair ......the diaphram would shake moreso than the body of the mic, having a relatively much smaller mass, sound would be relayed to the safely positioned listener, the chirp would be recorded or heard in real time. Perhaps a strain guage would be better suited as to modulate the signal. As massless photons generate the signal in the massive ligo experiment, doesn't the difference between the masses of the apparatus vs. the photon beam actually allow the event to be discerned? If the gw signal cannot be detected by anything other than a massless active component, then I guess the idea of sound in space is impossible.
  9. sound in space

    I was joking about the " implosive" sound on venus....(as your head implodes)...or eardrums that explode outwards on mars.... the serious point I was trying to make was that if you were orbiting a merging black hole, the space you reside in would be "fluctuated" by the chirp of the merger and ringdown and you might hear it ( if at a close but safe distance) by the fact that the ears would as any material object be stimulated.
  10. Quantum Entanglement ?

    I have heard before of the vastly faster than c entanglement mechanism. Another faster than c speed that seems spoken of is the proposed speed of inflation at the big bang. Is there any credible speculation of commonality between these two superluminal speeds?
  11. well, I didn't choose the parameters that the universe consists of....and would prefer a more comprehensible one. The odd effects offered up to anyone "paying attention" are not only a taxation on this individual, but are the long term reason for religion in history, with it's usual bigotry and destructive force. It also occurs to me that what we call the Fermi Paradox, or a barrier to sentience durability wherever it arises in the universe is caused by this pesky quantum. While allowing matter to stabilize and not self destruct, has the perverse property of perplexing it's inhabitants to the point of extinction...I have no desire to go into details of "psychic abilities" with anyone. The "barrier" is there, and perhaps is a basic survival strategy that should be, for the time being, respected...
  12. I have long thought that consciousness is a defacto 5th force. Not a fundamental, but an emergent force having an ability via observation to, under certain conditions, modify to varying degrees, the behavior of the actual fundamental forces resulting in a purely physical and very specific change or set of changes. I see an analogy that as matter warps space, consciousness can have.a similar effect on extant reality. The effects are almost always negligible and lie below the threshold of awareness, and when the interaction rises above the trivial, perceived as a statistical fluke and a meaningless coincidence. Since the quantum has the underlying structure offering up non locality, based upon an "imaginary" logic structure of an "impossible" sq. rt. of minus one, it seems natural to point to that as possible framework that supports some perceptional anomalies. A spectrum of events can occur, making it difficult to pin down an actual cause/effect relation to observed oddities generated by a sort of "feedback loop" between the observer and the observed, very dependent on the situational mental state of the observer, making it difficult to track in a meaningful way an understanding or explanation and largely forming a barrier to even attempting an understanding. This barrier is reinforced by the simple fact that in normal human societal interactions, the effects can be ignored, and do not add to overall societal needs and familial duties. I have considered that since the quantum offers the ability to allow the electron the property of not tumbling into the nucleus, thus negating matter, doesn't this fundamental property mean that the quantum effect may show up in other, less obvious manners in the brain?
  13. What happens when the waveform collapses?

    I have question ....when a photon waveform collapses, does the entire energy that is contained in the waveform get "collapsed" to a localized point, conserving the energy, or is some inefficiency observed in the transformation process?
  14. traveling gravity wave

    well, the EHT results will be along soon .maybe the accretion disk geometry will show wave influences from close encounters with near orbiting stars.as they decelerate away
  15. sound in space

    yes, sound on venus would be implosively loud, and then explosively loud on mars...seriously, I presume that any gravity wave experiments are done in space, since there are no bh's on either planet, and if for no other reason than to rule out atmospheric transmission from the tests of gwave transmitters...the jokey nature of your response indicates that you think that gw tranmissions are nonsensical. We have no complete understanding of the phenomena, or even if it is fundamental. Lately it seems to have a probability boost from the recent talk of gravitation as an emergent phenomena. If it is emergent, that seems we have a better chance of interceding in it's workings...