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  1. the original thread seems to indicate that the concepts of math divisions and time intervals are closely linked. Why can't math be "infinitely divided" and time composed of blocks of those infinite bits, therefore time being intuitionist and the bulk infinite? When I say the bulk is infinite, I mean it is heading to infinite, and will do so forever, perpetually subdividing down, so the bulk is at once intuitionist, but trending infinite and time is independent of those underlying actions, and functions in intuitionist status.
  2. it seems as though the particles appearances are too brief to register in this domain of reality, so as to be said as not be not there, which they are shown to be by the casimir experiment. Nothing lasts forever, so why say things don't exist simply because they exist at the lower boundary of lifetime duration of a particular material property?
  3. ...so, it from bit then...
  4. if the particles are mathematical abstractions, they seem to have a physical presence in certain tests until they are "borrowed back".
  5. not real? then what is the source of the casimir force?
  6. to simplify matters...what if there was only one particle emitted as borrowed energy instead of a pair, and it bumped into other particles of space, and those interactions determine the annialations ....and... What if a single particle appeared into a void, and no other particles existed, causing it to express maximum energy since nothing else was there to prevent that from happening...wouldn't that be a model for the big bang?
  7. as I understand it, space is composed of two virtual particles appearing, then annialating, as borrowed energy, but do these pairs originate from the same source? If they were omitted at that same point, why would they have been differentiated in the first place? Wouldn't they have "pre annialated"? Were they cancelling each other out until physical separation allowed their respective properties to materialize?
  8. there is a fairly recent online lecture some may find interesting : Fabrizio Pinto - Casimir Effect Propulsion Applications - You Tube.
  9. thank you MigL, I am fairly aware as to how systems such as these are detailed, and follow the ideas as best I can, and I expressed the dual matterwave idea so as to attain a visual picture of what is happening, in order to build up an intuitive understanding of these matters. Of course it's a clumsy mechanistic approach and realized it's pretty laughable when I wrote it, and thankfully the responses have been quite civil.
  10. thank you for the response. To the degree I understand it, it seems a valid criticism.
  11. for some reason, my newer entries were not displayed on the last page, but the first, so let me re iterate what I said recently. If entangled particles can be considered as matter waves only until wavefunction collapse, and each matterwave has a distinct, but inverted waveform, running parallel to each other, and proximate enough to induce cancellation, then an increase in spatial separation of the two data streams sufficient to cause them to not interfere would allow them to re appear as real data pertaining to both particles properties, allowing the collapse of the wavefunction into their particular structures. The fact of the two data streams being inverted offers the reason to expect the particles to have the opposite spins. I will go back to the bottom of page one to see if they are still there, as they have a more complete dialogue on what I am saying now....well, they certainly are not there, and since the idea will certainly be broadly panned, I will not persue the matter unless there is any interest of a further explanation.
  12. the idea of the gap widening along the entire length can be modified as to: gap widening close to either termination of the matterwaves of sufficient length to contain enough information to describe the particle completely, and that no energy to the system other than the initial interrogation of either particle is needed for the mechanism to work.
  13. in order to maintain non locality in this scenario, the matterwaves are parallel, and inductively proximate so as to enforce destructive interference, and when one particle is interrogated, the spatial distance between waves is increased sufficient to allow them to ignore one another for individual particle creation. This infers a syncronos recovery of the particles if the gap separation increase is instantaneous along the length of distance between particles.
  14. it seems as though two signals (matter waves) in an entangled particle situation are operating in a destructive fashion, and in a sense, don't exist in a normal context. The act of observing either wave directly seems to shield each signal from the other, ending the destructive effects, allowing them to manifest into individual real matter particles, based upon the information in the original matter waves. The fact that the resultant particles are necessarily of opposite spins is due to the matter waves having been 180 deg. out of phase in the original scenario.
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