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  1. A close acquaintance suffers from occasional but severe depression where he essentially craves death. He says, though, alcohol provides immediate relief. He's gone through a long list of antidepressants most of which made things worse. Last I heard he thought he found one that works for him, but haven't touched base to see how things are progressing.
  2. I'd like to think so, but isn't some recent research suggesting a life of occasional anti-biotic use has messed with people's gut population? In fact, a recent article talked about finding "super poopers", people with ideal strains, species who could serve as donors for people with various health problems. Fecal implants, right? Maybe I need that. lol
  3. Yeah, OK, I suppose you are right. I grew up on the farm, and back then our standards were lacking compared to today. If there is a climate change tie in to your experiment, you'll probably get a good grade. Best advice I can give is to discuss with the teacher or other faculty.
  4. Edit: I meant to say "solar system could SEED life somewhere"
  5. I'd mention too that when I had my bad reaction to pot in Amsterdam, I had not been drinking.
  6. Well, I do. I enjoy drinking beer, regularly. My ancestors apparently adapted to it, so I can enjoy it so far without problems. As my ancestors unfortunately also gave me a tendency for cancer, it is conceivable that I may at some point be prescribed cannabis. Based on my experience I would reject it, but that might change. Ok, I understand. I think the "old saying" is usually applied to drugs other than alcohol, but I take your point. You may be right. However, I would point out that in my very limited experience with pot in the 80s I did experience anxiety attacks for the first time, and on at last one occasion I became very paranoid after smoking a little bit of weed. (Thought the cops were hiding outside.) I have family members that have reported similar outcomes. It maybe that different genetic backgrounds react differently. Again, refer to the "old saying".
  7. To be clear, I didn't make that claim. I think the fellow across the counter gunned for me, probably had a good laugh. I was so gullible, I thought there was just pot, not knowing there were various strains/strengths. So I learned several lessons from that experience.
  8. Not in my case. However, studies have linked THC to mental health issues, such as schizophrenia. Also THC is characterized to be a "mild" hallucinogen ala LSD. I took just two drags on that joint and nearly committed suicide; also, I have no way of knowing what the long term effects may be. If I drank two shots of everclear, I'd likely vomit and/or pass out. The old saying must apply to me: reality is for people that can't handle drugs.
  9. OK. But did you see my suggestion that life spreads from Earth throughout the galaxy and beyond? Of course, that is probably just science fiction, although you could argue that microbes on any of space vehicles leaving the solar system could see life somewhere else a billion years from now. Also, consider the 150 or so light years of radio transmission that grows daily and indicates our existence to more and more of the galactic neighborhood. It's not much, but it is something.
  10. Having a Republican governor doesn't guarantee a Red state. I don't think anyone would claim either Illinois or New Jersey as red. I just looked at those two and their legislatures are comprised of near super majorities by democrats. I live in state where past governors with R beside their names were "in name only". Since it is opinion it is to be rejected out of hand? Per the moderator's request, I added information backing my position. But the same moderator has chided me for not staying on topic, so feel free to start another topic. On topic: according to CNBC this morning, 74% of companies reporting profits recently are beating estimates. That is regarded as positive economic news. As I write, I see Apple reported earnings, and the stock is up 4% in after hours. And as I have shared previously, GDP growth is expected soon, and is expected to be a healthy 2.9%.
  11. Having enjoyed pot a handful of times in college (mid 80s), about 20 years ago on layover in Amsterdam I went to the coffee shop and asked for a joint. It was my birthday. Got lots of food and went to my hotel room to have fun. Huge disaster, after an intensely painful hour, I was finally able to summon a doctor. I am very fortunate I did not jump out the fifth story window. But my take on drugs is: legalize them all, don't tax them, and NOBODY USE THEM. For me, keep your drugs, I'll stick to drinking beer.
  12. My pleasure, glad to oblige. I was just afraid you might chide me for going off topic again. https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/best-run-states-are-all-solidly-republican-worst-run-mostly-democratic-study-finds/ https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/exclusive-new-study-finds-red-states-have-best-economic-outlook-in-2018
  13. We are using the word "computer" loosely here right? It is whatever mechanism is providing the implementation of the "simulation", right? I guess I'm an old fashioned deity. Besides she's temporary anyway. Don't want to keep Arwen waiting!
  14. Well, since no one has made a suggestion, I'll take a stab at it. How about studying feces? Yeah, gross, but interesting. Gut biome is grabbing headlines a lot recently. Human, dog, cat, bird. Compare young dog to old dog? Just a suggestion. And perhaps consult a teacher about hygiene so you don't get sick. Good luck.
  15. Ironically, the possibility of our universe being LIKE a simulation begs the question of who/what is responsible for the computer. One interesting variant on this hypothesis is that the answer is: me. Perhaps I am a solitary and bored god who for entertainment value created a fascinating but painful and ultimately deadly universe and chose to be born into it. Of course not knowing I am the god makes it especially exciting. If this is true, then when I die, and recover my omniscient state, I think my next escapade will be to be born Aragorn in Tolkien's Middle Earth. I'd choose Harry Potter only if I get to marry Emma Watson.
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