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    Applying experimental mind influences to rate performance outcome.
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  1. Subconscious is our pre-instilled instinct that assures our cognitive survival. There is little that our consciousness can do to manipulate our subconscious where as in our unconscious state we perform all the task that our inner mind without our logic is capable of, only that our conscious mind is shut and we can but only retain glimpses or draw blank of the incident.
  2. pssst... do you know that all those conclusion based on far off observation are all estimations and not concrete facts.
  3. I think that cause I choose to. The same reason that there was no no one evidence to go against it.
  4. For the last time I never said that it would be entirely different but think of this , in another solar system where the mass of the star would be lower or greater than earth but the radiations and the gravity of that star would also influence the space around its system thus due to that factor the planets revolving around it would also get influenced by it and their revolution and rotation would differ from the planets in our solar system. Thus the behavior of the entire system would not be as ours, hence there would be different laws for the matters to interact.
  5. Just when I was missing the God of science ,"strange" shows right up my shit. Then I presume you don't know shit about astrophysics so jerk the f**k off. Dude go and get a therapy. You are so messed up because you have an issue about acknowledging anything that cometh your path.
  6. Why is it so hard for you to accept that the law of physic is not constant elsewhere in the universe. Why does an ant fall 100 feet down without breaking a ball while a 20 feet fall breaks our bones!!! I guess you are aware that the times a star is bigger than our sun, do conclude what kind of star it would be or is. For instance as the times a star is bigger than our sun, there are dwarf star, pulsars, red giant etc. and because of their mass they all have distinct characteristic. Now when I mean planets bigger to our earth, I just don't mean any regular planet that is bigger than earth b
  7. The complete space physics theory. 1) Earth is an absolute magnet as a whole: The earth does have two magnetic poles that act opposite to each other but it is this proposition that balances the magnetic field of the earth as a whole. Thus the effect of gravity that matters perceive is but the central attraction force of the entity, hence gravity waves is but proportional pull of the earth via the balancing out of the two opposite force. (Something about the physics of the entire universe is that usually two opposite force of equal potential energy exist along with an intermediary to
  8. Dude our time differs for an active discussion. When you are fresh and awake it's probably the time for me to hit the sack and vice versa.
  9. For those who can put himself in someone's shoe and making the understanding choice rather than tit for tat. For me i.e.
  10. Am reading "His Limbo Paradox" or aka "advertisement".
  11. Now everything makes sense. It's just another older male trying to dominate the world and the young...
  12. It's about a man who has a shipwreck and ends up in a land of tiny people to whom he is a giant, written by Jonathan Swift. Maybe such place do exist because we can't be sure if the Pygmies are the tiniest of people.
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