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  1. Thank you very much @studiotand @joigus To be honest,I do not fear for myself,because I feel myself strong. But I am very anxious for my mother ,because she is elderly and I know that she will have been the one I have loved (her) the most. all in all, I shall take quarantine seriously as studiot advises. , to me it is pleasure to work at my home. therefore I shall try to create good works during the following 14 days.
  2. hi, today it is detected that my brother has been catched by covid-19. my some arrangements (normal works) has been cancelled as of today. (although I have no symptom,we have been accepted as "potential patients" (I am a teacher here)) result: 14 days quarantine. what about you?
  3. haha it seems like a joke or something relevant to the content of a specific joke. if you mention something in biology (i.e. classifications/taxonomia) then ..I do not think that that idea would refute the exact idea. vaşak is a cat , tiger is also a cat but they have intersections to be accepted as a cat each even if their family and vary names are different.
  4. but these two descriptions have intersections.
  5. This whole question is self contradictory. There is no exact meaning. Any further the meaning is changing over time. Bacon was different sort of scientist from Newton, who was a different sort of scientist from Thomson who was.... You might just as well ask What does "plumber" mean ? Modern plumbers do very different things and work in a very different way, from plumbers of even just 50 years ago. no,I asked it because there are differences between the definition's itself depending on one country to another country. For instance, a "scientist" or more properly an "academcian/academics" needs to be approved by any university. I mean she/he needs to work at any university with suitable academic position. (Turkey) On the other hand we know that (at least in the past) any scientist should not have to be approved by any university. yet, obviously there are some stupid applications. (for instance I read some requirements from registration of some academic journals or over their webpage (directly) and they require that the author who would submit his/her paper should have suitable academic title. This is stupid. Sometimes, we can see the extension of such dogmatic beliefs. surely, this is a fallacy.) having a degree does not mean that you would be qualified one. While we have had this information in the left hand, we can also say that having no official education would not mean that you would not be a qualified or prospective fellow in the right hand. all in all , I can clearly say that here, the desire and request is effective on some actions to be happened on the issue. School is in fact,everywhere ,not just a classroom+ labs (etc) surrounding by a classic building (named university) ahmet
  6. surely, NO. in fact the succint expression both for this comment and for the swansont's paragraph is that "scientist is anyone who does science" I would add: "this is a reality"
  7. not sure but because (for first check), irrational numbers are in fact, the consistence of their existence (they exist,ok no problem with this part. But not applicable) in general,you cannot write any irrational number in the form of rational. Otherwsie, if you try to do so,then you will not be able to conclude the operation. the operation will extend to infinity,which causes not to make conclusion for the operation. Thus ,those two kinds of numbers,to me, are not summable. however, there might be more contexts which could be reference for this.
  8. I remember one expert (associate professor) in algebra (now he is professor) was using a sentence like this "Ahmet do you know, I sometimes think whether a couple of rational and irrational numbers are summable, do you think that these are summable?" now my answer is that "I doubt".
  9. as far as I remember , chinese remainder theorem and euler theorem (also fermat) are relevant to congruences. (to calculate residues) I recommend that you write something mathematically meaningful. you may apply or appeal to some general theorems or propositions or you can refer to some axioms.
  10. thank you really I heard / learnt it from the news. Meanwhile, Do you know, I was teaching in istanbul but passed to antalya just because of the potentiality of earthquake , ahaha I escaped mmm although written documents seems better (I mean I enjoy them) ,I shall again try to deal/watch the video. thanks.
  11. to be honest,I am feeling myself both badly and well. because ..while I understand that the units just depend on us (for instance I could draw y=sin(x) functions graph both in cm and mm , I think I have badly told the case or could not ensure the listener / reader understand well in the project.. so, freedom is already always good , but I have not expressed the case well in my project,this is not good,it is bad. thanks to everyone for participation to this thread.
  12. @Sensei it might be either correct or not. I think I have not sufficient knowledge in order to make a meaningful recommendation but I sometimes visit software forums and in turkey ,whenever I come across with such queries,it is directly being said that that question was not a meaningful query also, they do reommend not to think so much complex. like this: First do simple things and then great things. however, I think 500 line a program might even be not easy too (even in html+js page) because its organize might also be complex but of course ...this depends on you and your capacity (to whom you say). of course we have to respect every ideas.
  13. well, I have a small amount of knowledge in real analysis ,but not too much. generally many mathematicians tend to do pure mathematics in such context. and yes, this indeed was just the thing I was anticipating. But I think I have forgotten some of them, maybe it would be very good if you suggest/provide some numerical analysis sources (but examples are too much important for me (always)) but.. could not be sure how to correlate with complex analysis. Because we were mostly studied basically laurent series, calculating complex integrals and properties of complex functions and others (like conform transforms etc) and I could not make a well constructed connection between these and our issue. oh very good. Keep it, eventually, as long as we are thinking, we are capable to do something well/better. thanks meanwhile, have you tried to mention or refer to a specific paper that you were author of its by, this?
  14. I might recommend not to think so much complex. because as far as I know or even can predict,that was not a thing just one person could do.
  15. mmm ,well. probably this is being caused by this: ""logic " is a subject or branch of mathematics, which does not deal with propositions, it tries to prove or make proofs for propositions instead(generally) with global truths and scientific truths. ) "
  16. hiiiiiii I have to understand or interpret what sensei says. (As far as I know that should be relevant to approach methods (i.e. e.g. via integral , polynomial or curvatures methods. ) all the types of functions you wrote are known from my high school level knowledge but not sure whether we understand the same thing with "control" point ,keyword. and are you mentioning about monotone functions or something in "Real Analysis" with ceiling or ground functions? or maybe some forms of sande-wich theorem ...not sure about the scope of those keywords.
  17. hi, by specifically defined ,I mean that those functions were generally partial (partially defined with their critic points ) such functions generally contain one of these or the mixture: 1) sgn(f(x)) 2) [|f(x)|] 3) |f(x)| sorry for being unfamiliar with the mathematical terms in english language. But here,we can specify any function or a group of functions e.g.: continuous functions (broad), regular continuous functions , derivatable functions , integrable functions, etc.
  18. mmm, unfortunately the thing I was thinking seems like "impossible" I was thinking something like this (maybe,more clearly) ---->>whether we could allege it would define specific/unique function or a function which is a member of defined group of functions (E.g. regular functions) under the condition we give a bunch of points or more than several points on the xy plane or xyz space. But that is ,I think clear that not. Because I think we can randomly cut off some parts of that implied /alleged function and compound a new part to it. such types of function also known as "specifically defined functions" for instance [math]y=x^{2}[/math] is a specific function but we can cut off the part of this function where x<0 and redefine it as [math] y=x^{3}+5+sgn(x^{2}-4)[/math] where [math]x<0 [/math],and [math] y= x^{2}[/math] where [math] x>0 [/math] this is also usual...
  19. This paragraph ,I think,almost the most perfectly outlines what i have intented to express! Thank you very much!
  20. meanwhile, I respect your status in regard to every direction. But I am sure that if you were at somewhere else ,(where I do not want to specify) ,while some people would respect your academic title, they would definitely laugh to you if you were expresing your other positions you mentioned in this paragraph. Though, this is not a generalisation and should not be ,too. Luckily, healthy minded people also exist at almost everywhere even though the amount of such people is dense or few.
  21. I think or I was thinking that doing science or dealing with it as a hobby could not mean that you were not doing that job professionally?" could you define what profession means?
  22. @Phi for AllI was thinking that this was NOT relevant to examples ...but was more relevant to defnition itself and what people think about it. but of course I can examplify: I have come across with strange people more than several times. But maybe,this type of strangeness might be classified,not sure. For instance the first one was in my childhood. I had several times come across with some people (each were different personalities) who were called "insane".they were not being called more correctly a "patient" ,folks were directly mention those people with "insane" . Honestly,I can clearly express that I had felt myself too strange! (I also feared too much) the second time was in my adolescent term/period of time. One man was wearing very strange clothes. I say "strange" ,because those clothes he was wearing were really dirty and wrinkled. I probably saw the same people or very similar two people in istanbul and somewhere out of istanbul far away. one of my cousin said "do you know this one" ,I replied, "Yes I presume I saw someone like this or the same one at somewhere else,too" he said "ahmet, this person is very strange. He will shoot you also will beat you if he wants something from you and you do not follow it." ... These examples ,I think, were just relevant to external appearances ,because some acts or some ideas could be defined or reminiscented as "strange" when they be disclosed,although this may have potentiality to be ordinary or natural. I mean or ask here whether a strange thing or strangeness might be "relative." This last one is generally being to be relevant to the people who are neither patient nor insane. Maybe in the folk or the member of any of our family. For instance, you could find something strange, in very well known people's biography.
  23. I think I might help you via clarifying or specifying some instructions which given by @timo , or try to understand or follow these advices independehtly. ---->> you may use regression analysis. ---->> try to find out whether there is a correlation between the variables you mention. However, the first one might be easier than the second one. Because for the second one you will need numerical results. You can also try to analyze curves. For instance you could try to find to which curve the new result (graph) fits (e.g: normal distribution, t- chi-square, etc.) I think you can do this last one by approach,too (i.e. approximate curve) and this might ensure you analyze and comment more easily. I hope these helps. (As studiot states or implies that he was dealing with applied mathematics ,I invite him to make external /additional advices.)
  24. ahmet

    MathML test

    what does MathML mean? is this libreoffice's one pocket usage (i.e. program like libre office writer)
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