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  1. Both of your questions have filled tables of the Crossword in that post and we arrived to a row/column of the Crossword that your questions make them filled! In that post we arrived at a series of informations that the Heaviest object of the Cosmos is the Arsh[Throne of God] but in the Qur'an says: 'Allaho TSamad' means the Throne of God is TSamad! Not mean Himself![i think- and or maybe wrong] And in that post we proved by science that God Has To Be Existing. Also Has To Be One. Also Has To Be The First/Last. Also Has To Have Knowledge of whole the Timel
  2. That's exactly what [1]I'm telling you. [2]NO ONE CAN KNOW. Therefore, trying to guess or make it fit your "algorithm" or your "crossword" [3]is NOT science. I don't know why you think it would be. You're guessing about things nobody can know and claiming you're right. 1. Therefore anyone anything says, i will tell him that let I ask 'Phil for All' if he verified that it be true LoL!! 2. Source?? Experience: Do you ask one by one of the people of the world??? Study: Have you ever read all of the books of the world and haven't found within them anything about that??
  3. Salam, This is a scientific forum and we say anything based on the science and if we will say a thing that haven't had any reason for that, therefore we QUOTE from the scientists and we just analyze their sayings. I said my English is very week and I wrote 'paladox' in the dictionary and it wrote the same 'paradolf' 😹 At all connection between God and 'Bada'' is such as a Laptop that a company for example Dell makes, and lets us any thing install in that we will! And it depends on ourselves that what thing we install and what duty we run in that.. But
  4. He wasn't had that dream but wanted to kidding the prophet means wanted to Yusef's interpretation be untrue but God Made his saying true![FORCE] Bada' is such as when you see a girl in a street and tell her: - I am seeing you after 10years are sleeping in a corner of a W.C and dogs and cats are pissing on you!😠 - Why do i drug /drinking wine/ being slut/x/y.... that he told me such these things😢 And the girl changes herself and upgrades then after 10years you will see her has been a doctor! engineer! teacher! Or counter. Well, What the better if we use
  5. Exactly the same a crossword puzzle has! Relates to any other concepts Have you put yourself on the center and think anything you can't know, therefore no one can know too!??? It's like to an poetry that says: "...secrets of the beginning neither you know nor me!!" اصرار عزل را نه تو دانی و نه من! Well, How does he know that "nor others!??" It's like to one of presidents of Iran was said: The U.S. never gone to the moon! Well, how does he compare himself and his country with a greatest country about technology!!! How you know if one or a group
  6. Well, Look at the YouTube clip: New Theory of SpaceTime and 4th Dimension that exactly says what i meant But according to the ancient scientists, billions of this horn/clarion of the BigBang are existed in the Thora; And billions of Thoras are within the first Heaven; And billions of heavens there are within the second Heaven... Up to the same previous post i quoted.. Then 12000 universes are within the cosmos.. Don't think these concepts are the same concept i claimed in my profile that have discovered!! I'm waiting for a scientific researcher/ex
  7. Ahaaaawww owkaaayy!! We put these concepts side by side of together in the Crossword: Size of the Cosmos[from ancient scientists], Expanding the cosmos[from new scientists], Bada'[from ancient scientists], The First Thing[from ancient scientists], Curving the Time[from both], Blowing in the Horn to destroy the cosmos[from ancient scientists] Relativity[from new scientists], Space-Time[from new scientists]. Predictions/foretell/astrology[from both] Image of the image designer/graphist lf this image And discovered ne
  8. I see you are smoking all times in the scientific site!! Doesn't your cigarette be end!?? I had mistaken here.. Except God, the same people can make Bada' for the events have been predicted! Others condemn us and say like the same narration: One came to Imam Sadiq[S.A.A] and said: - With Bada' you say that an event shall be happening, then it won't be done and God is not aware for that!!!! - O' folks,[fools], isn't that that you say 'God Willing[If God Will]!??? - Yes - But we don't say 'If God Know'! You should look at the scientific th
  9. Ahaaa!! Now my mind opened to new thing... Each slice of this horn of BigBang is existed forever, and we can travel to the past or the future Aha owkay!! It should be the 4th dimension!! And it image should be more completed! It shows from beginning to NOW! take a while it should show from the beginning to the LAST! and the Viewer Is upon whole the Timeline for the same reason!! It has necessary to the above link to complete the tables😏
  10. @ahmet, @Phi for All, @MigL, @joigus, @J.C.MacSwell, Thanks brothers/uncles But anytime that human changes/upgrades himself, it will be his birthday. Well, Firstly i complete the previous post that has a link to the size of cosmos; Firstly we haven't been existed at the time of creation of the cosmos, <ALGORITHM> Therefore we aren't allowed deny/reject the theory of BigBang while we don't have: Or Experience that we were witnesses that, Or Study that we have read any knowledge against that, <NEXT LEVEL> And IF we found o
  11. Hi, There are at least two choices Jabr: God Forces everything. How!? Before creating everything God Was Written their predestination Ikhtiyar: God CreatED everything and LetS everything work anyhow themselves will, work. I researched and found some beliefs Jabr, and some other, Ikhtiyar. But i wanna introduce "Bada'" بداء that it seems there is in Shi'a-Islam alone. Well, I made connection between several concepts of the Religion with today's science that there are specially within Shi'a alone, and even some other beliefs CONDEMN us for t
  12. Hi, Today was my 35year olding birthday As you see from 1365-09-30 to 1399-09-30 I went to hospital for my pain of kidney There isn't any sand/blast within my kidney But it was for sadness Exactly the same example that if you don't let your kidneys to be drained quickly, then you will be ill And about sciences/knowledges of thinkers/scientists/researchers if we don't share our knowledge/theories/opinions to others, it will make us sad and ill. Well, According to this the simplest logical algorithm that if we assume the theory of big bang be t
  13. We pay 1$ for 30,000litres water through piping!! And average pay monthly 1$ for 4months! And CNG for houses is 1$ for about 60m3 through piping! But you wrote mistaken and your salaries are 35 times of ours! LOL... one day news said: Iranians are the most happy people because go to travel more than any people of the world!! I said it's for price of the fuel lol hahaha Once again the news said: NASA asked people to go to March and won't be able to returning back... then Iranians more than any other countries approved!!! And it shows they are the most f
  14. It was been mistaken 1$ is = 50litters LPG = 3pieces of Sandwich = 60pieces of Bread = a whole dinner = 20litters mineral water lol Also the cheaper! we have 60litters petrol monthly for our cars with price 3$ for all 60litters, And have 300litters Diesel monthly with price 3$ for all 300litters! But the Car/Truck/Minivoos/Bus is sooo expensive! And we should purchase a 30year-old car equals a 2020model in other countries! Exactly 180degree reversed in other countries that the fuel is sooo expensive and car is cheap! And at all the human is how likes t
  15. It's an image for my example and you see that if we assume the universe of today's scientists be each one of the points[stars] of the left picture, Therefore The left picture is Thora [according to those oldest scientists] And if we assume the Thora with its real size be each one of the dusts on the welding mask[in real size means 0.1mm] Therefore The ocean[real size] will be the same sea that is mentioned in the clip that its size compared with the Kursi is such as the same above!!! And you can realize how much the light is over the darkness!! And the
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