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Self centering debater and endless processing..


Have you put yourself on the center and think anything you can't know, therefore no one can know too!???

That's exactly what [1]I'm telling you. [2]NO ONE CAN KNOW. Therefore, trying to guess or make it fit your "algorithm" or your "crossword" [3]is NOT science. I don't know why you think it would be. You're guessing about things nobody can know and claiming you're right.

1. Therefore anyone anything says, i will tell him that let I ask 'Phil for All' if he verified that it be true LoL!!

2. Source??

  • Experience: Do you ask one by one of the people of the world???
  • Study: Have you ever read all of the books of the world and haven't found within them anything about that????


3. What the science is?




There isn't anyone but eberything there is between God and them is the fool

Many sources say there are other creatures than we humans

Also the new scientists send signals around the space to the Aliens that if they get them,reply!


How do you know they should be look like us!??

Maybe they are like to animals or plants!!

How do you if they have any type, they use Oxygen to be alive!???

Maybe they use CO2 or Argon or any other thing to be alive!!

Or even nothing like any gas!!

How do you know they use the same technology we are using!???

Maybe they use other technologies than Radio Frequency!




There are several types of the creatures that live on the same Earth we live and they are more advanced than us.

A type of them all are Male and there isn't any female among them and if they will, they can split a mount by one tap. They live in the easternmost and westernmost places of the earth.

A type of them their eyes are on their chest and live in Zanj[Africa] and they sleep at night and mornings that wake up, their foods will be appeared side of themselves.

A type of them are like to typhoons and live between earth and sky.

A type of them live on 39 other moons than our moon.




We quoted that description of the fool is 'self-centering'

And thinks all of other intelligent creatures should be like himself!!

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