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  1. I think i understand the random numbers part and if they had meaning or "measurable quantities that can be tested phyiscally" by some "say"scientific claim, they would be casual? Why do I keep thinking about intrinsic.. Totally forgot where I copied and pasted from..Will give credits next time. I think the 5 example is pretty clear to me, but casual and random do seem very invloved topics, but I'm glad I encountered them..Random comes up a lot...
  2. I do agree with you on my "Far From Science Ideas." Some ideas work for some, others work for others...
  3. Totally ""not sure"" about how I would add inputs to the program.. Infact the waves I create are "soundless." I "can" plot points in my graphing calculator and create a list to put points "which does help." But it's not sufficient. I create simple vibrations in my 3d program with a sphere and "trace" or "draw by hand" its motion in the y and x positions and play around with the "cooridinent's numbers" and apply these to calculus and triginometry....Its very intresting stuff....This is why I'm asking all the questions... My program would need to "allow" imports or drawings of waves, then do what it does with them...I hope I can find one.. I "may" be quite advanced in math in terms of "integration" for some reason i resonate with it..I'm intermediate in all known math and science levels...But I'm still learning "what" it is..
  4. Causal: Cause and Effect Questions Designed to determine whether one or more variables causes or affects one or more outcome variables. A random variable is a mathematical function that ""maps""outcomes of random experiments to numbers. It can be thought of as the numeric result of operating a non-deterministic mechanism or performing a non-deterministic experiment to generate a random result.
  5. I've been getting rude and sarcastic remarks since my 1st posting...I think u know this, since you appear to know my posts. Calling someone's post garbage, trash and etc is "very rude" especially from people whom claim to be educated and especially when posts are public.. When members follows the rules of this forum, of which have been broken just now again, I think your suggestion may be applicable to others whom think out of the box and have similar issues with indirect insults, and the "standard" language of math, whatever that is at this point.
  6. I thought scientist were atheist?? Is this correct?
  7. I've known this from statistics, but really prefer the word random, casual makes things sound as though everything effects everything else, it makes nature sound "selective" and practical or common and predictive.. Causal Relationships Between Variables A causal relationship is when one variable causes a change in another variable. These types of relationships are investigated by experimental research in order to determine if changes in one variable actually result in changes in another variable. And what is science??? By the way, I'm using my cell phone key pad so the "?" key is on the flat screen, and the only thing sticking is my question of which no one seems to be able to answer..Or kind of did already.. Oh, and your getting off topic..lol!
  8. Definitely "no" more like a 3d program that uses Fourrier Series or Taylor Series that "brakes" up waves "bunched up signals or 2 simple signals. Similar to those like "interference patterns"...Something that deals with "vibrations" between "say" 2 machines vibrating on a table affecting "say" a cup on the surface of the table, and you want to know which machine has the greater influence on the cup.. These are just examples.. But a program like this would be ideal..
  9. Rest frame meaning not moving? Or accelerating or orbiting another body in space? QM already figured that one out eons ago....I just ask questions about the legitimacy of it all, my duty is to make people ""think."" After all, the Whole Of Science Is Based On Ideas....Some work for some, others don't...So what is space???? I heard it was volume, or pressure...Does this help you understand my OP? How do we know this??? I think I deserve an answer.. What devices does our small planet with our limited understanding of the atom use to come to such conclusions on something so emmense, profound and complicated? Does This Include The Areas Of Dark Energy??
  10. So what is random then? A premiscouse constant such as pi?
  11. planets locate themselves in space right? Is that the way to think about it?
  12. Maybe this can clarify what I mean.. Random numbers, Fluid Motion, Air Molecules, all within a limit of possible outcomes, IE ""volume"" or---> space.. Do You Now Understand The OP??
  13. I will try then get back to you. May take a while, thnXxxx About the root question I was referring to 1/2 power of the root I should have mentioned that. From. Wikipedia.. The square root of 2, or the one-half power of 2.
  14. I heard Solidworks may be a good program as it offers digital simulations. What im interested in is: Vibrational Analysis, decoding waves "cryptography" and being able to separate waves that are all bunched up or entangled. Before I invest a lot of money, I wanted to ask first... ThnX in advance..
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