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  1. I could use recommendations for self study intended to revise a maths unit where I did poorly. General topic is Introductory Calculus and Linear Algebra. The rest of this post is simply detail as to where I am and where I hope to go - so skip if bored. I completed precalculus with flying colours but fell apart in MTHS120 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1. I think I am actually fine (with a little revision) on the basics of integration, differentiation and matrix algebra. Worryingly my issue seems to have been at a deeper conceptual level. I am not permitted to repeat a unit that I actually pa
  2. Surely, when a cell replaces itself and the cell dies, the chromosomes within that cell have been “replaced”. At exactly the same rate that cells are replaced, so are chromosomes. Surely.
  3. You are conflating issues. Electric vehicles, on the whole, are not currently self driving. Fossil fuelled vehicles can generally be made self driving as easily as electric vehicles. In the mean time hydrogen engines promise reciprocating engines and driving experience without emission. Like fossil fuelled vehicles, hydrogen vehicles could be made self driving. Electric and hydrogen vehicles only equate to nil emissions based on the original power source or method of production. In the mean time there is huge development in fossil fuelled engine efficiency. There may well be a cross
  4. Defining "life" gets interesting and does not have much consensus. Ability to reproduce/heritable information Metabolism/Homeostasis (organisms can maintain themselves) It is generally considered that cells are the fundamental building block of life. While "life" is not well defined you will find that there is pretty strong agreement on the items you mention: virus are not life forms "seeds" are gametes - a step in the reproduction of certain life forms. Prions are proteins, not life (though proteins are a good example of emergence in the world if
  5. How does one large fan compare to many smaller? Other things being equal the single larger fan will be more energy efficient. But other things are never equal and the centralisation of the duct sytsem will come with more resistant. One thing being missed is static v volume (in the fan selection). So those :"smaller" fans will still have the same static and aren't really smaller at all in the one metric that dictates sizze of motor/power etc. Another thing - ducts can't really be pushed at more than 10m/s, for many reasons. Most designers will work to around 6m/s if they can get away
  6. Thanks Swansont, it was what i thought I was looking for but turns out you knew better than me. Appreciated. Dru
  7. No doubt at all. Two different things though. The medical advice should be the medical advice. Period. Policy setting should hefor ed that advice but dictate a response that balances things with general matters. In this case those include: 1. the country can't allow students to miss a year of schooling 2. closing schools would have a dramatic impact on health workers who rely on support from the schooling system in order to do their job. 3. drastic measures on the economy have their own impact which will also ultimately impact health of the public as poverty increases. So I
  8. Hopefully during this period of isolation for many of us, someone can find time to check this. Some introductory remarks, this is a maths subject not physics and they really don't care about units but they do care that you simplify the answer as an accurate expression before approximating with the calculator. I have struggled with the differentiation so would appreciate thoughts there. This is just the first part at this stage. QUESTION: The ideal gas law relates the temperature, pressure and volume of an ideal gas. For n moles of gas the pressure P, volume V, and temperatur
  9. This seems inconsistent with the advice from the Chief Medical Officer in Australia. The view is that the risk of transmission in schools is low and that teachers greatest risk is from other teachers, that parents greatest risk is exposure to other parents during drop off. I understand that schools are a something of a petri dish for many virus, but the view here seems to be that this virus is different.
  10. Presuming that the advice here in Australia is reasonably agreed, we are told that children are relatively minor risk of catching or transmitting SARS-Co2. And of course when they get it are minor risk of severe symptoms. One possible strategy could be to intentionally allow infection on those age brackets. It would help lead toward herd immunity. Now ethically let alone politically I doubt it would be permitted anywhere. HOWEVER - is some form of vaccine that was more aggressive possible for those low risk age groups? Would this assist quicker development of a vaccine. Then for the
  11. On Australia there have been some interesting initiatives to help fill the hand sanitiser gell. One boutique distiller (Archie Rose) has swappedx to ethanol and geared up to produce sanitiser. Similar scenario in some of the grape/wine areas where grapes have been tainted by smoke form the fires and are not usable for producing wine. They are interesting feel good stories, ut to be frank, I still cant obtain any hand sanitiser when I shop.
  12. I have arachnaphobia sufficiently advanced that I have to take time to still my pulse. Pretty sure this started at 4 or 5 years old with my grandfather cutting dead leaves/branches off banana trees. A huge Huntsmen (large friendly harmless useful spider, large being easy 8 inches across) leap from a cut branch onto my head. More recently coming face to face with a funnel web (about the size of the first joint on your thumb and VERY venomous) and this was NOT amuzing. Snakes are a different matter. I was introduced young to very poisonous snakes - first recollection is catching a death adder
  13. CharonY you continue to fascinate on this thread. Should have started talking about virus a long time ago! Is this "unrecognised domain" part of what I have seen described as "phylum candidate radiata"? By the way, don't plasmids self replicate? That would be a big difference to a virus I suspect. I will have to look up transposons.
  14. Love it Dagl1 - your response tells me I must keep studying! [But also gives me some specifics I want to test as I go forward.] (FWIW I would have thought identical DNA means a clone, I dont think that was the intent of the OP.)
  15. Dagl1, you seem to be reacting in a manner that suggests I am being aggressive against your input? Sorry mate if you think that, but it's not the case. Can I be offered a genuine interest? I would have completely stood by your statement over genomes. Certainly within my understanding of diploid organisms. I put out a query based on ignorance and interest. Let's focus on one single statement from wiki that I quoted In some species, ploidy varies between individuals of the same species. How does this effect genome? Genuine question, no challenge here.
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