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  1. Hello im new in this forum because i got a question that is triggering me. As we all know, we must die one day. But what about the atoms and molecules? These are absorbed through various processes ? The question that comes up to me is: Would it be possible for our molecules and atoms to find each other in different ways to reassemble and how are the odds for this, so to speak and would there a way to describe this through physics or mathematics? What are the biological factors there? It should be possible to test this in a closed environment for decades? Just a theory I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Whenever i read something about reincarnation, the soul is called, but maybe just because it still needs an explanation? Another question that also concerns me within that: If you let yourself be burned after death. Wouldn't you have a chance to come back because the particles would be destroyed? Its just a huge train of thoughts behind this and i dont think i will get a solution about everything but i think its a very intresting idea and i obviously couldnt find something in google. #LuL So if someone knows a theory and thoughts on it, please share it to me. Oh one more thought: Wouldnt that be also the explanation of life in it self? That we are kept in that universe which we cannot escape? If the universe will collaps someday and expand again it all starts again? So to say we cannot reach a godlike form. Well however last edit. Kind regards Sorrow p.s: Im sorry for my bad english and please dont be so hard on me.
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