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  1. Dear all, Unfortunately, I cannot answer your questions and carry on the conversation in this post at the moment. Since the start of school online, I have been extremely busy and my laptop is overflowing with homework(stangly, not any science!). Due to this, I will be absent indefinitely, so I ask you guys to carry on the conversation. Once again, I am sorry. I hope you have fun meanwhile. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran. (I will get an email and reply to anything to do with my ideas for theories as that is part of my work at the moment. It is in the specuations section. See you
  2. To be honest I do not know. My thinking is that maybe the infrastructure of the Caliphate boosted that. All muslim countries and their scientists were collaborating freely. Nowadays, they are most likely to czre about their own country/fame. This is just an opinion, but I will find out a proper answer. You got me there.
  3. Can you point that out please. If I can provide a decent explanation you can take that bad reaction away. If I can't, keep it there. We got a deal?
  4. I was just replying to all of the comments and correcting the misconceptions. Yes, in our religious studies class, we were learning about Jihad. Jihad means struggle and most people think os is a term that indicates terrorism, because of the misuse of the word in the press. There was a Washington Post article (can't remember which one) which misused the term. We analysed a letter to the editor explaining what Jihad is and how it is commonly miscomprehended. The person asked the editor to stop misusing the terms, and educate Washing Post's readers so that they can learn the true meaning
  5. I did not say that. I am only saying that it can be compatible with the US or any country, IF it happenes. The whole of Islam is not responsible. Forced marriages and honour killings are not allowed in Islam. There is a way to search for the right match, which does not ever involve force. These instances are more of a cultural practice, instead of an Islamic or religious practice. Muslims should not subjugated. Just like how christian women should not be subjugated, there are some individuals that force them to do unmentionable things. This does not make the WHOLE of Islam or Christiani
  6. Hi MigL, Even if you do not like the ruler, he will respect your opinion, unless you try to kill him. Even then, he might forgive you; you never know. Can you explain the rest of your comment. I don't understand. I get what you are saying, but let me tell you something. While Europe was lost in the Dark ages, the Middle-East and the lands that were under Caliphate rule were going through its golden age. Chemistry, algebra and trigonometry were invented, european scholars flocked to the great islamic institutions and universities to learn and translate Islamic science journals into
  7. Hello all, I am only 13, but I would like to correct all of you about this issue. 1) Muhammed was persecuted! When he opened up Islam for the first time to the idol worshippers ,he was laughed at. When he prayed near the Kabah, he was humiliated and stoned. People threw rubbish over him and tried every avenue to stop him from practicing his beliefs. Does this sound like Jesus and the Jewish rabbis? 2)The Islamic Caliphate might be compatible?! I say this because of many things. Muslims are a peaceful folk. The Quran teaches us to have peace, and so does the Torah and the Bible.
  8. Oops! I forgot to tell you that Potassium and Oxygen had a date today; it went OK!😁😆
  9. Thanks, but can you explain how this relates to my ideas? Yes, a good example. I heard about it via a BBC documentary. Yet again, I do not understand the connection, so can you explain please? This would be appreciated.
  10. This feature could be like one person having attached earlobes, while his/her brother has detached earlobes. Could it be recessive/dominant or hereditary?
  11. Firstly, what qualifications have you got? Go to university websites and look at the requirements and details for the course. Biomedical engineering might be a good one. Good luck. Salik Imran, 13.
  12. Dear all, I have been hearing abut how the body (gradually) replaces dead tissue, and replaces it with new tissue. Apparently, the whole body finishes replacing itself every 7 years! So this is my question. Do chromosomes replace themselves like the body cells do? (I think I already know the answer, but I want an in-depth explanation please:). Please get back to me on this. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13.
  13. Dear Area54, Thank you for the feedback! I intentionally did this to introduce the topic, first, you have to start small, and then take small steps until you explain in detail. Some teachers do this. For example, if you are learning French. You will find out about the present tense and simple rules. Yu will learn phrases but will not know why they are like that. Later n, you will learn all the rules in-depth and understand the tricks of the trade, if you get what I am saying. I do not think that the opening statements are true, but what I did is what I explained above. Introduce, b
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