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  1. Hello! I would like to study a course which would enable me to become a member of a research group that is responsible for developing next-generation artificial body parts. Since it is a relatively new branch of medicine and so far covers only a development of smaller parts, e.g. bioprinted intervertebral discs, I find it difficult to find a proper course.. Perhaps the community would not mind pointing me in the right direction? Courses that are certainly related to this area: - Bachelor of Science - Biomedical Engineering: 3-4 years - .. perhaps to start with? - MD - Medi
  2. Accidentally discovered, or at least it seems like it, a novel treatment for an uncommon disorder.. Very close family members' case. Many readings and analyses done along with gathering professional opinions during physicians check-ups. Author is certain about treatment success, because even if the final outcome would be less positive than expected it would still be far more helpful than the only approach known in the medical market at this moment. The idea requires taking advantage of FDA-approved components available now or in 2-3 years timespan. Lets say that an idea is i
  3. Depends on the person lied to and the person lying.
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