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  1. Dear all, Unfortunately, I cannot answer your questions and carry on the conversation in this post at the moment. Since the start of school online, I have been extremely busy and my laptop is overflowing with homework(stangly, not any science!). Due to this, I will be absent indefinitely, so I ask you guys to carry on the conversation. Once again, I am sorry. I hope you have fun meanwhile. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran. (I will get an email and reply to anything to do with my ideas for theories as that is part of my work at the moment. It is in the specuations section. See you soon!)
  2. To be honest I do not know. My thinking is that maybe the infrastructure of the Caliphate boosted that. All muslim countries and their scientists were collaborating freely. Nowadays, they are most likely to czre about their own country/fame. This is just an opinion, but I will find out a proper answer. You got me there.
  3. Can you point that out please. If I can provide a decent explanation you can take that bad reaction away. If I can't, keep it there. We got a deal?
  4. I was just replying to all of the comments and correcting the misconceptions. Yes, in our religious studies class, we were learning about Jihad. Jihad means struggle and most people think os is a term that indicates terrorism, because of the misuse of the word in the press. There was a Washington Post article (can't remember which one) which misused the term. We analysed a letter to the editor explaining what Jihad is and how it is commonly miscomprehended. The person asked the editor to stop misusing the terms, and educate Washing Post's readers so that they can learn the true meaning of the term. I hope you now understand. Also, try https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_in_the_United_States. This will tell you all about instances where freedom of speech has been violated or missed by the Government of the united states of America. This is not necessarily related to Islam, but more general as I aimed my comment generally. Thanks for asking, as I am happy to help.
  5. I did not say that. I am only saying that it can be compatible with the US or any country, IF it happenes. The whole of Islam is not responsible. Forced marriages and honour killings are not allowed in Islam. There is a way to search for the right match, which does not ever involve force. These instances are more of a cultural practice, instead of an Islamic or religious practice. Muslims should not subjugated. Just like how christian women should not be subjugated, there are some individuals that force them to do unmentionable things. This does not make the WHOLE of Islam or Christianity at fault. Do you get what I am saying? I know that it is not good to cherry pick. As my dad said when I was young: "eat the whole pizza, or none of the pizza. Do not pick out what you don't like. Be grateful. I do not think I cherry picked by intention; can you kindly point it out please? There are some people in Islam that do the wrong things, but you cannot judge the whole of the Islamic population for it. They are nice people and most, if not all will disregard what the bad ones are saying. ISIS are claiming to things in god's name, when God himself forbids what they are doing. Lastly, what do you mean by the current death of discovery?
  6. Hi MigL, Even if you do not like the ruler, he will respect your opinion, unless you try to kill him. Even then, he might forgive you; you never know. Can you explain the rest of your comment. I don't understand. I get what you are saying, but let me tell you something. While Europe was lost in the Dark ages, the Middle-East and the lands that were under Caliphate rule were going through its golden age. Chemistry, algebra and trigonometry were invented, european scholars flocked to the great islamic institutions and universities to learn and translate Islamic science journals into their own language, and people came to have a better education and life under the Caliphate. This is because Islam covers many, if not all, aspects of life and how to live it.
  7. Hello all, I am only 13, but I would like to correct all of you about this issue. 1) Muhammed was persecuted! When he opened up Islam for the first time to the idol worshippers ,he was laughed at. When he prayed near the Kabah, he was humiliated and stoned. People threw rubbish over him and tried every avenue to stop him from practicing his beliefs. Does this sound like Jesus and the Jewish rabbis? 2)The Islamic Caliphate might be compatible?! I say this because of many things. Muslims are a peaceful folk. The Quran teaches us to have peace, and so does the Torah and the Bible. Unfortunately, in all religions, you get a few violent people. Just because ISIS or Al-Qaida do violence "IN THE NAME OF GOD" does not mean that the rest of the Muslims are responsible for it, called terrorists, and are mis-trusted. We do not even follow in their beliefs. Islamic Sharia covers all parts of live and it is not necessarily all law. There are some recommendations based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah (prophet's way). 98% of it is things like regulations, how to eat properly, how to say Hi etc. Sharia is basically a way for life for all to get benefits for all. Only 2% of it gets all the attention in the press. There are punishments in the Quran for likes of stealing and adultery. This is because they are a deterrent and Muslims want to make everyone safe and happy from bandits. These extreme punishments act as a deterrent, but these are the last resort. In a TRUE Islamic court (not the nigerian or arab courts), for someone to be stoned to death for adultery, there need to be 4 witnesses to the actual event! Fines, probation and other things will be imposed before large punishments, and even then, they should happen almost never and are only a last resort to the Muslims. Do not worry about your nativity plays! I know that Islam teaches that whatever religion, you should respect their customs, unless they are raping men and women. Muslim governments under Caliph rule will give funding to these things, like any other government. Free speech is allowed. This idea of Muslim 'tyranny' is false. This idea was created to create division in earlier Caliphate governments down and to be "free". With a government like this, you will be free to feed the cat and take granny to the cinema, without being interrogated by a imposing guard with a beard. Way before democracy and rights for women were established in America and european countries, it was thriving in the East! Also, women can be free. They are advised to cover, but they do not have to if they do not. Makeup is allowed in Islam! Unless the intention is to flirt of seduce a man, it is allowed up until the point where lage modifications are made unnecessarily. An operation to fix a Muslim's nose will be allowed if it is for medical or life-saving purposes. Note: This applies to Muslims, all others will e able to do this, and even Muslims will not be stopped if they want to change their nose or fun; this is in terms of what God said. The reason why everyone is scared of a 'takeover' by 'Islamist tyranists' is because the governments are slowly distilling the fear into us. They make rules against the poor Muslims, and instruct the press to misuse the words like Jihad to give a false impression. In the times of the Sultan Abdulhamid II, all races, sects, religions and ethnicities traded talked and had fun together in the capital of Istanbul. All aspects of life were respected. The way the taxes worked benefited everyone. The caliph would take money out of his own personal treasures to give extensively to the poor. All religions loved him and his way of doing things. Unfortunately, there were some that wanted to create division between the Sultan, the people and the world. They wrote bad about him in the press, did things to make the pubic lose their trust in this wonderful leader and made names for him, like the Red Sultan and the dictator when clearly he was not. They wanted to make the city "free" like Paris or Vienna, when it already was. This is because they wanted to control the public, like governments do today. After this, they wanted to spit all of the land up and give it to other countries, leaving Turkey surrounded This is what happened in Africa, Asia and the Middle-east. Today, look around you. France is banning the Burqa and denying homeschooling for Muslim children, China are brainwashing Uygur Muslim parents and children, and America have wreaked havoc in the middle-east. Britain and all countries of the european union have persecuted and Muslims and conquered Muslim lands to end the caliphate. Was it that bad? Now, they are making laws that affect Muslims, like PREVENT in Britain and actions in Scandinavian countries. The aim of this is to keep a new caliph from rising, and giving full control to the people. This part is secret, but it is true, because during periods with islamic rule, innovation arised, raw materials were put to good use to support infrastructure ad create more revenue than ever, and the people benefitted. It was a solution to poverty and food insecurity. So I do not see why people are scares. Please read this, and contemplate about the situation of all the Muslims out there. After reading this, do you still think that we are bad, cruel and tyrants. There is more to write, but I have other things to do, so I will have to write more another time. If you have leaned something new from this post, please tell me and share with your family, so Islamic people,who have migrated to developed countries and payed taxes all their lives, can get the trust they finally deserve. I trust Muslims, so Why Don't you? Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13. Also, can all of you tell me who is Muslim, as you all sound like Muslims, but are saying some things that contradict their way of life. This would be appreciated.
  8. Oops! I forgot to tell you that Potassium and Oxygen had a date today; it went OK!😁😆
  9. Thanks, but can you explain how this relates to my ideas? Yes, a good example. I heard about it via a BBC documentary. Yet again, I do not understand the connection, so can you explain please? This would be appreciated.
  10. This feature could be like one person having attached earlobes, while his/her brother has detached earlobes. Could it be recessive/dominant or hereditary?
  11. Firstly, what qualifications have you got? Go to university websites and look at the requirements and details for the course. Biomedical engineering might be a good one. Good luck. Salik Imran, 13.
  12. Dear all, I have been hearing abut how the body (gradually) replaces dead tissue, and replaces it with new tissue. Apparently, the whole body finishes replacing itself every 7 years! So this is my question. Do chromosomes replace themselves like the body cells do? (I think I already know the answer, but I want an in-depth explanation please:). Please get back to me on this. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13.
  13. Dear Area54, Thank you for the feedback! I intentionally did this to introduce the topic, first, you have to start small, and then take small steps until you explain in detail. Some teachers do this. For example, if you are learning French. You will find out about the present tense and simple rules. Yu will learn phrases but will not know why they are like that. Later n, you will learn all the rules in-depth and understand the tricks of the trade, if you get what I am saying. I do not think that the opening statements are true, but what I did is what I explained above. Introduce, build, dive in. Finally, you are right to say that 'feel' can be interpreted in different ways. In this context, it is just you feeling the skin rubbing on something, the motion, air resistance. Etc. I hope this clears it up, Yours sincerely Salik Imran, 13.
  14. I did say... When I was talking about how the action was quicker than light, I was trying to say that the action that starts the action is instantaneous, thus taking no or very little time compared to how long it takes for the light to travel through the air, into our eyes and to our brain by nerve impulses. Ground zero is just a phrase that I used to say that the start of that event is 0 in terms of seconds/time. Look at it like this: When lightening flashes, you hear the boom afterwards. Why? Because light is faster that sound, or, the light "happened" before the sound. If you do this, but substituting light for sound, and the start of the event for light, you get what I want to try and prove. Get it? Lastly, when you hear a sound, you do not her the sound in both ears at once. For example, you will hear a sound from the left in your left ear 0.25 Nano seconds after I clap, and hear it at 0.5 Nano seconds in the right ear. What will the brain do? It will delay the signals so you can work out where in the sound came from in the 3 dimensions. S when you see the clap and hear it, you will think it happens at the same time, because the brain likes to do that. So stake this logic and apply t to what I am saying about light and the action. The action and the light happen at different times in space-time and the brain makes up for that 'time'. This is what I wan to prove.
  15. In collaboration with my form tutor and careers teacher, I have presented my presentation to my form class this week! It explains my ideas in a more reader-friendly and less compact way. All went well, and it as a good experience, even if half of them weren't listening. Unfortunately, I could not video it, but I will attach a copy of the PowerPoint below. Now, I will try to write about my ideas in more detail, listing factors that affect the ideas, experiments (if I can devise them), and other stuff. Also, I have reached out to the Royal society's grants and fellowship department in London, requesting my ideas to be shared with the appropriate fellows of the society. I have also contacted the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University, and Dr CJ Moore from the same department. Dr Moore is an emeritus professor of auditory perception and a world-famous researcher/expert in his field! I await responses from all of them. I hope that within a few years, I will be able to submit my ideas for research, and then hopefully develop them into theories. Don't forget to criticise/compliment on my presentation. Lastly can I ask that if anyone sees a bit of research, papers, topics, questions and any other things related to my ideas, please can you share them with me, as this would help me? Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uGOKWbtjPwE8TVxQnS86c_iCdk1uEb74/view?usp=sharing (Too big to attach. Full explanations have been done in school. For full explanations, please contact me, post on the forum, or see the limited explanations in my word document explaining my ideas briefly. Thanks). *Is this better?
  16. Introduction: I have been recently been having ideas about the physics that occur in our bodies, and I have come up with a few theories. I have spoken to my science teacher, and she advised me to write to the naked scientists. I have had no reply from them yet, so I will post my theories on this forum. At the moment, I am 13. I would like to develop my ideas into a scientific paper by the middle of next year when I will turn 14. I have written to many people asking them if they could help me, in terms of supplying me with chances the validate my theory with research. (No one has replied properly yet). I want to add more value to the scientific community so if anyone can get in touch with someone who can help me, please let me know. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13. (The theories are in the attachment below, and it is free to download if you are a guest). *There is a mistake in my pdf. Where I say "faster that light", it it not. Look at it as a number line. The actual start event can be at the 0 seconds mark, while the light emitted can be t 0.0001 seconds. Hope that helps. **First posted at thenakedscientists.com on the 27/10/2020 16:05:21. My Ideas on New Scientific Concepts and Theories(edited)-converted (1).pdf
  17. Dear all, I have been hearing abut how the body (gradually) replaces dead tissue, and replaces it with new tissue. Apparently, the whole body finishes replacing itself every 7 years! So this is my question. Do chromosomes replace themselves like the body cells do? (I think I already know the answer, but I want an in-depth explanation please:). Please get back to me on this. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13.
  18. Here is another one... A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. He says, "No, I'm traveling light." I will try to post a joke every week.
  19. Hello! Here are some useless facts for you: rubber bands that are refrigerated last longer, playing dance music can help ward off mosquitoes, and peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite! Provided by myself from (url deleted; violation of rule 2.7)
  20. Hello everyone, My name is Salik Imran, and I am 13 years old. I am a secondary school student in London, and I am passionate about science. I normally post on thenakedscientists.com, but I heard about this forum, and I decided to join. I hope that I will come to post some great content on this forum. Yours sincerely, Salik Imran, 13. https://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=58551
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