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  1. My conclusion: I do not believe that I would be able to contribute the material when I consider this sentence (which is my target/focal point of aim) "I need usefulness/efficacious results" so,moving away for now.
  2. could you provide a bit more details please? I could not judge these keywords or what had been implied by these keywords does not seem to me clear: 1) revelation 2) asymmetry 3)g-2 I shall be thankful for explanation. (or I might need a bit google search)
  3. yeah,sure! Although I can't dominate all the relevancies or not willing to concentrate on the issue,I was already sure that something which are new would be found. I hope these for future of humanity: currently I am way frightened by the a-bombing potentiality and I hope that something new will eliminate this. but currently I do not imply the thing you cite above. something that might really ensure us feel opening of the pandorra's box.
  4. oh , that musician! singer! it seems the time is passsed for him ,but he is ambitious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w0SdcZLLo8 this is both qualified & and it seems it has the best timely manner... hhhyyy energetic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmFP-EUIhV8 oh,this musics seems like a parfumm
  5. this, follows very boring song after a well prepared or after the first song which is full of pleasure as classic for nancy.
  6. many thanks and congratulations for this share!
  7. actually , yes , this is again a subqestion of that core/key question. in this case,I would also like to ask a question what do you do when science does not respond anything on a case? the living event shows that you should eventually perform an action. but the interesting thing is that science is really not explaining everything in the current case or we still do not know everything. and this evolute onto qualitative thing ,like entropy. ....
  8. no,I only mentioned the existing/current time,not the past and not the future,exactly. and I underlined that I would protect my that situation (being statically and exactly "good") lol I did not say that you would need to,I only said that you could do. .so, lets start from a point. NOOOOOOOO
  9. I have not described how being happy was. I only said that I was happy. sometimes in the past, I thought that this question might include such complex subquestions that could not even be possible to asnwer those subquestions. for instance can you describe (scientifically) how hunger was? (I think you perfectly can) and try to describe how the satiety was ? (I mean measurement,a clue : try to respond via quantitative expressions or something via chemical formulas) you will /should eventually reach a point ..but which point is really too difficult to find. (because
  10. you...you... you.. these are not as same meaning as "getting better" ,lets see each one by one: this is presumably "doing something" but not even "doing better". this is doing "something" better. no,I do not do that ,because I am good/fit in this regard. you have not seen my lovely body I think ,my memory is exactly "good" ,and I would protect this situation. not better and not the worse is demanded. hahahah a notation: I
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