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  1. QM and Singularities

    I agree. But without the in-depth understanding that allows you to refine or reject those ideas, you won't make any progress.
  2. How can I get better at storytelling?

    And that is why I think it is helpful to think of it as a story. It is important to think about where you want to get to, how you want to get there, what points you want to make, what order you introduce the concepts, etc. Think about the structure - what the listener/reader needs to know as they follow the story. You need to get your own thoughts in order before trying to write it down. Some people find mind-maps helpful for this. After that, it improves with practice...
  3. QM and Singularities

    Depends how you define matter. One could say it is “stuff” made of atoms, in which case an electron would not be matter. Or one could say it’s stuff made of fermions, in which case an electrons would be. Not sure that is relevant either way.
  4. QM and Singularities

    Also largely nonsense. He did have to learn about tensors, and worked with other mathematicians to do this.
  5. QM and Singularities

    That question is related to SR not GR. Anyone can ask a question. The reason he could develop an answer is because he had studied physics and was a great mathematician. He had written a number of other ground breaking physics papers before publishing his papers on relativity. (Including the one that would earn him a Nobel Prize.)
  6. QM and Singularities

    It was exactly those things. He studied physics and math, and used that knowledge to develop his theories. Making up nonsense like this is not productive.
  7. That ship has has well and truly sailed.
  8. Well, I’m still quite embarrassed about a few things I said on usenet 30 years ago so I can sympathise!
  9. Can I second what Area54 said. And I apologise if I was a bit mean before. If you are worried because you use the same username on other sites, you could ask the mods to change it (I don’t know if they will)
  10. Not wishing to start an argument ( ) but I think you mean pin ...
  11. YES! Although it is doubtful a singularity represents physical reality. No one knows. Quantum fluctuation? Big bounce? Colliding multiverse? Other? I think that if the universe is infinite then the initial hot dense state (not singularity) must have been infinite too. I hope the OP found it (and the other answers) useful too
  12. I no longer know what is going on in this thread. And that’s the truth.
  13. I prefer to think of myself as the one asking why Koti and TenOz perceive different things.
  14. Batteries for telephones, laptops etc.

    As I say, it is an essential part of battery management for electric cars. You can easily do that. I used to carry a spare battery for my old Nokia. Nowadays, it is probably easier to carry a power-brick and recharge the phone from that.
  15. Arming Teachers

    And the students from MSD(*) school have mounted an amazing campaign. This seems to be partly because they are at a really good school with really classes on media, debating and civics (they were in the middle of a project on the 2nd Amendment when the attack happened). They have used social media and videos really well to mobilise people to demonstrate and register to vote. It looks like this time the people's representatives may not be able to get away with muttering "thoughts and prayers" while pocketing bribes campaign funds from the NRA and hoping the news story moves on... (*) I had never heard of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas before this attack. She sounds like an amazing role model for these students.
  16. Paddy. Saint Patricia's day is 25th August.
  17. Is it possible to distort space?

    The problem is not with the theory but your garbled representation of it and your kludging a few keywords together as wild guesswork. No it really isn’t
  18. Also, you might want to think about this: I would never have seen your funny outbursts if you hadn't drawn attention to them.
  19. Why do you want them deleted? Have you realised you were making very silly pseudoscientific claims? Anyway, the impotent rage is quite amusing and the website they link to doesn't exist any more.
  20. QM and Singularities

    There is nothing in that thread that says everything is electromagnetism. And nothing about singularities.
  21. QM and Singularities

    This is just wrong. It is so wrong it is not even worthy of an explanation. It is “not even wrong”. It is “you need to learn some basic physics” wrong. Nothing.
  22. So everything is subjective. There are no objective measurements. And yet you think there is objective truth. Odd...
  23. Batteries for telephones, laptops etc.

    It is essential. The cells get hot (especially the ones in the middle). If you don't monitor this and use it to manage the current (and, if necessary, shut down the array) then you will have a fire or explosion on your hands.
  24. Batteries for telephones, laptops etc.

    Connecting large numbers of cells in parallel requires complex and precise control to charge and discharge them safely. You need to ensure the current draw from each call is carefully controlled and balanced. You need to monitor the temperature and health of each cell and adjust the current in and out appropriately. Electric cars devote several microprocessors just to managing the batteries. Doing it without that is extremely dangerous, given the large amount of energy stored.