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  1. Truth About Corners

    You have a theory? I had no idea. Great. Can you tell me where I left my car keys? (And please don’t say, “in the corner”)
  2. Natural response of RC and RL Circuits?

    It might be easier to use a 555 timer IC to build a blinker circuit. And then move on to understanding how it works. (On my phone otherwise I would go into more detail!)
  3. Truth About Corners

    I find that twirling the frond spallator helps a lot in these cases.
  4. Truth About Corners

    Interesting (and plausible) hypothesis. I wonder if the OP will come back and confirm it.
  5. Truth About Corners

    That's a cute answer.
  6. Truth About Corners

    Don't be obtuse ...
  7. Debunking Physics

    everything is composed of matter What, even light? Also, there’s no such thing as anti-matter. And yet we observe it and even use it in industry and medicine. The rest of it becomes increasingly incoherent, making many assertions with no support. If this is "rational" then I am a teapot..
  8. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    Are you going to defend this, even though you didn't write it? 1. What are the "loopholes" in the theory of relativity? 2. Do you [the author] understand the difference between (and the significance of) the speed of light in a vacuum being invariant, and the speed of light in a medium, which is not invariant (like anything else that moves with less than the speed of light)? 3. What are the "inaccuracies which have taken place in practically conducted experiments"? In summary, the paper has invented a non-existent problem to solve. A bit like asking if the speed of light is different if we paint the lab walls red instead of white.
  9. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    Why do you think the rules don’t apply to you?
  10. Debunking Physics

    It seems bizarre to call measurements an abstraction. It is the only objective knowledge we have of the world. Science is rational and based on objective measurements. The rules require you to present your argument here, not just advertise your blog. Also, you have posted this in philosophy but, obviously, philosophy cannot “debunk” or disprove physics. Only objective evidence (measurements) can do that. Is this related to your other threads where you made a series of assertions that were either baseless or false (neither of which fits my definition of “rational”). And then you refused to engage in discussion, making these threads look like spam.
  11. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    You need to start a new thread
  12. Literary advisor?

    OK. Sorry I asked.
  13. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    Well you said “my theories”.
  14. Time dilation (split from The Collatz Conjecture)

    I will suggest the mods move this to the Speculations forum. Also note that you must present the idea here
  15. If only two points exist does time flow?

    No I don’t. I say that is a meaningless statement. You can comfort yourself that way instead of learning about relativity but it is a very silly attitude. Making up stuff that only makes sense to you is easy but a waste of time.
  16. No. It is like saying you can’t drive car unless you know how to build one.
  17. Truth About Corners

    They are everywhere, all around us.
  18. How can it be that we can still see the CMBR?

    I have already explained why that is (a) wrong and (b) irrelevant. You would be better off learning the basics of the Big Bang model rather than wasting your time inventing nonsense like this.
  19. Literary advisor?

    Any comment on why 1867?
  20. When electronics engineer design/construct circuits?

    Depends on the type of circuit. It could be very simple math for calculating voltages, current and time constants of RC circuits. Or it could be complex math involving Z transforms and differential equations. Designing filters, control systems and RF circuits is more complicated (mathematically) than designing microprocessors. One of the nice things about digital electronics is that little or no math is required! You need to understand what the simulator is doing, so you need to understand the math. Most engineers will do at least a rough calculation first, and then use a simulator to confirm it, get results under a wire range of conditions etc. If you don't know how to calculate things yourself, you won't see when the simulator is giving wrong results. Rarely a good idea!
  21. When putting an LED in series with a Resistor?

    Current flows through both the diode and the resistor. The voltage drop across the resistor (which defines the current) will be the same either way. The current is the same at every point in the circuit. So it doesn't matter where you limit the current. Electrons are negatively charged. So the negative electrode is a source of electrons. In other words they move from negative to positive. Current is defined as flowing the other way. But I would forget about that. You rarely need to think about what electrons are doing. (In fact, a a lot of the time, you don't even need to think about the direction of the current, just how large it is.) Just think about current flow.
  22. When putting an LED in series with a Resistor?

    The order of the LED and resistor don't matter. It just limits the current flowing through the diode.
  23. How can it be that we can still see the CMBR?

    There is no boundary. Why are you making up nonsense like this? We can see it where we are. And so could an observer at every other location in the universe. I have suggested this be move to Speculations as you are no longer asking questions but promoting your own crackpot physics.
  24. Truth About Corners

    You have never seen the legendary TimeCube? I think the original website is long gone, but someone may get have archived it somewhere. It was a long, incoherent and multicoloured rant about there being two days in every 24 hours and loads of conspiracy theories. It is almost unique in the level of deranged nuttiness. X-posted with Janus!
  25. Truth About Corners

    Not bad. But not up to TimeCube standards. You only managed to sound confused, not completely deranged. Better luck next time.