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  1. If all the molecules at the same height in a container feel the same pressure then how does it remain true if the shape of the container is changed? Where are the vertical reaction vectors coming from on the right side, given that the container is a single rigid body and is thus not being pushed down onto the liquid molecules by gravity?
  2. So “The error which occurs in a measuring instrument due to non-leveling of scales on zero point is known as zero error”?
  3. Is this the correct definition of zero error? The systematic error in a measuring instrument due to non-uniform or wrongly marked graduation due to which a measurement may be less or greater than actual measurement is called zero error of the measuring instrument.
  4. Some are marked in inches as well. Are they standard as well?
  5. In other words what is the scale of Standard Metre Rule?
  6. Yes it helped and I got my answer.
  7. Yes because you find faults in the question whenever your answer doesn't help.
  8. I know that but they don't answer my question.
  9. In case of right angled triangles, C^2 = A^2 +B^2 - 2AB cos(Ψ) is shortened to C^2 = A^2 +B^2 because the cosine of the angle "Ψ" which is 90° is equal to 0. But how is its cosine equal to 0.
  10. So the object passes through the rest but isn’t continuously at rest because of the force of gravity. This obeys Newton’s law doesn’t it?
  11. When a ball is thrown upward it becomes at rest at maximum height, at this it is not in equilibrium although it is at rest. It is not at equilibrium because force of gravity is acting on it? Still I cannot find good explanation from exam point of view.I also cannot find the figure/diagram.
  12. Can you suggest a video or an article on dimensions(geometry) ?
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