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  1. Aromatic compounds

    i learnt naming polycyclic compounds recently. i was curious about the naming of napthlene. but internet didn't give any iupac name for it.
  2. Aromatic compounds

    Are bezene, toulene etc. Are common names? If so, what are thier iupac names?
  3. Hypermetropia

    Can you explain me the image formation in case of a person with a lens of power above +4D?
  4. NaCl

    When we add NaCl to water, it dissociates into sodium and chloride ions. Why the sodium cation not joined with the lone pair of electrons on oxygen, whereas in case of HCl, hydrogen joins with those lone pairs of electrons?
  5. Focal lenses

    What is the difference b/w a simple concave or convex lens and a focal lens?
  6. light

    I mean plane polarized light.
  7. Nomenclature

    It's carbonyl group
  8. light

    how do we polarize any wave?
  9. Nomenclature

    pent- 2-one-3-oate
  10. Mid-brain

    Mid brain is responsible for the sense of right-handedness. But what about the mid brain of Ambidextrous persons and left-handed persons?
  11. Bezene

    if we shift all double bonds of benzene to one side, what will be the effect on the its stability?
  12. carbon

    Name the compound and functional group.
  13. Myopia

    A person with a concave lens of power -5D has his far point at 20 cm and his near point at 25 cm. How is it possible?