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  1. the second try is correct. for FCC, contribution per unit cell is 4. the at atom at corner contributes 1/8. if we ignore that, we get 3. (B is not at corners). thus, we get AB3 only. check it out in your NCERT. it's explained in a great way.
  2. the velocity in circular motion is prependicular to path. that's why, if you release the stone, it will move in the direction of the tangent at that point.
  3. Acc. To kelper's law, the sun is at one of the focus of the planet's path. It's an ellipse having two focus and two directrix. Do all the paths of planet, have different foci and directrix or have common focus and directrix?
  4. muskan


    In 70, the the plate is defined by x=0, y=2 and y= 1/2 x^2. Sir, you took y=0 instead of x=0.
  5. muskan


    69 and 70. I tried it but i am not getting the answer. 69
  6. muskan


    I hate Physics. But I love Chem and Math. Should I continue my non-med?
  7. muskan


    Factorial is given by moving left side of a number till 1. 4! =4*3*2*1 3!=3*2*1 2!=2*1 1!=1 But one is on right side of 0. How can we say that 0!=1 It must be 0. Please clear it.
  8. i learnt naming polycyclic compounds recently. i was curious about the naming of napthlene. but internet didn't give any iupac name for it.
  9. Are bezene, toulene etc. Are common names? If so, what are thier iupac names?
  10. Can you explain me the image formation in case of a person with a lens of power above +4D?
  11. muskan


    When we add NaCl to water, it dissociates into sodium and chloride ions. Why the sodium cation not joined with the lone pair of electrons on oxygen, whereas in case of HCl, hydrogen joins with those lone pairs of electrons?
  12. What is the difference b/w a simple concave or convex lens and a focal lens?
  13. muskan


    I mean plane polarized light.
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