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  1. God and the Big Bang

    I did not cite from the bible a single time. I cliam that science and religions has correlations. It is part of the present nature. Or are you (and Phi) claiming that History and Religion and basic cognitive functions are super natural? Every past moment is history. What Science can observe from different point of views: Physics, mathematics, medical sciences, engineering... Whatever you feel like to study do so but be as clear and as Real with your recognitions (in the past) and with your expressions (in the present and in the future) as you are capable. Nature is the final source of Information. I see signs of religion in Nature.
  2. God and the Big Bang

  3. God and the Big Bang

    With all my respect on this we disagree. Time and the sense of nothing sooner or later will solve this problem. You do not pay enough attention. Maybe you post too much which comes with a hint of superficiality in topics you are not that interested in. (Religion)
  4. God and the Big Bang

    Define what nothing is and why. Give a mathematical symbol to it. Define what finite means in the terms of science. Why? Define what infinity means in the terms of science. Why? Why infinity does not apply everywhere? I am looking for dogma im your science and yet I would not accept it as my Religion... it is dogmatic. I can not accept unexplained, untested, unprovable dogma. 1/0, 1*0 The final answer on can science be my religion is: Of course it can. What else could be? But the science you practice todays is not yet that science. Said well: science is a process. Yes it is evolving. Different times has different questions and recognitions. There is a reason for the op too... You can recognize it or not. 1....0 Everything has some kind of mathematically expressible value... Can you deny that?
  5. God and the Big Bang

    That is exactly what I am doing. I really love to live. I enjoy the feeling to be part of Nature. Tradition and old books are important too. They are part of our history. Perfect test to spot the unreal and outdated and filter out what can be true.. The new knowledge anyway needs firm base. History and religions are part of nature. I like to recognize that, even they are not my main source of information since a while. Science observe and measure Nature. Your cat and stone are parts of Nature. It depends where from you look at it.
  6. True Meaning of Life

    Because s/he is there, information(reality) has impact on her/him and s/he is reacting to information. If Mum is not there=> crying. The child can recognize. They act and react when they born. Simple recognition of information since the beginning. Basic consciousness. Starting experience.
  7. True Meaning of Life

    One recognize Itself.
  8. God and the Big Bang

    I might be confused but I do not troll.
  9. God and the Big Bang

    I understand what you say but I Think you are not right. I listen Everything but I am not a robot to accept Everything have been said without questioning it (independent it is Science of Religion). I recheck the post in reality. I never said that science is a religion or that any of the religions would be science. I said that they have some level of historical correlation i.e. they are not absolutely separate. I do not have more to say about this turbulent science/religion connection in human history even we disagree.
  10. God and the Big Bang

    So you mean you did not learned anything science had to offer, and your opinion is absolutely not effected by anything what science have to teach. The same I quess you mean to be true for any religion as well. So basically you say that if I accept a political parties ideology and support their activity, it is meaning that I have absolutely nothing to do with politics. Try to explain this in the communist Hungary of the 70` 80`. (those times they called such an individual the enemy of the state and punished with strong sentences ) Or for religion: If I accept a religions ideology and support their activity it is meaning that I do not have any connection to that religion. Explain this to the CIA when they are checking potential threats
  11. God and the Big Bang

    It is already married at some level you like it or not, you can go around in circles trying to deny it but that will not make your Point of view true in reality.... It accept and support the work of science. But maybe I missundersand what: promote it`s research means....
  12. God and the Big Bang

    Some example: Catholic: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences seeks to pay honour to pure science, wherever it is found, to assure its freedom and to promote its research. The Academy was founded in Rome in 1603 by Federico Cesi, Islam: It's generally accepted that there are around 750 verses in the Quran dealing with natural phenomena. Many verses of the Qur'an ask mankind to study nature, and this has been interpreted to mean an encouragement for scientific inquiry.[2] The investigation of the truth is one of the main messages of the Qur'an. Buddhism: Buddhist teacher S.N. Goenka describes Buddhadharma as a 'pure science of mind and matter'.[22] He claims Buddhism uses precise, analytical philosophical and psychological terminology and reasoning.[citation needed] Goenka's presentation describes Buddhism not so much as belief in a body of unverifiable dogmas, but an active, impartial, objective investigation of things as they are.[citation needed] What is generally accepted in Buddhism is that effects arise from causation. From his very first discourse onwards, the Buddha explains the reality of things in terms of cause and effect. The existence of misery and suffering in any given individual is due to the presence of causes. One way to describe the Buddhist eightfold path is a turning towards the reality of things as they are right now and understanding reality directly, although it is debated the degree to which these investigations are metaphysical or epistemological.
  13. God and the Big Bang

    I agree with your post Eise except this sentence. Religions try to have something to do with science. They also try to understand Nature somewhere.(that's it) Note that the Christian philosophy (and the Bible) was the social, cultural, religious guidline for ca 1600 years in Europe.
  14. God and the Big Bang

    We need a digial reality where the storage is shared (the cloud) What if this equation will be his only knowledge and the only thing he can explain and know that it is for sure true.
  15. God and the Big Bang

    You look it from the wrong point of view. More believer more support for research and task execution. Science has already a strong philosophy. So easy to understand. It would not be easy to corrupt it, specially if there are few billion interested eyes looking for clear information. To jump back to the original topic: Finally I understood The God of Science, The only supernatural state possible to exist, the source code of the Universe: The state of physically Nothing: 0 Task completed. Final question of life answered. Science and Religion lived happy ever after...