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  1. That is space. True but how does the different observers could have impact on the fundamental age of the universe? Lets assume you are 40 years old. We ask 3 unknow persons: 5 years old Sara, 40 years old Jack and 70 years old Mary to guess your age. Sara says you are 28, Jack that you are 42 and Mary says you are 35. Did your age changed because of their relative perception?
  2. The only purpose of theory of relativity is to better understand reality. Spacetime is part of the Natural Reality.
  3. If spacetime does not expand and i quess by that you suppose it is infinite. Could you explain, how every single physical entity observable has some velocity? What is the reason for the overall implied velocity in your theory, and which force maintain the observable and measurable velocities of any object? Isn't every observer can perceive it the same. Than it is not relative. The mind can not be constant. Mine is constantly changing...i learn and forget things... I do not get your concept... Speed of light ok. Space time is a physical entity expessible with mathematics. Could be 4D.
  4. Lasse

    what is a god

    Protestant Reformation seeking the direct connection to God. The movement tried to clean the Christian religion from unnecessary aspects and seek to connect the individual directly to the Higher Intelligence (through Christianity)
  5. Lasse

    What is faith?

    There is No problem with me or the concept of zero. My path to understand concepts is different from your path. What is important, that the concept is clear and easily perceivable.
  6. Lasse

    What is faith?

    In every atom and electron present in the currently observable space time. I.e everything evolved to the current state through a continuous, cause and effect based process. For you. For me it is even a bit mystic...
  7. Lasse

    What is faith?

    The only supernatural I can perceive is the state of the physical zero. Everything else can be part of the system and choose your god or don't if you do not feel like. Aliens are God like Natural components (for me)
  8. Lasse

    What is faith?

    Everything Nature has to offer Now has connection to the first moment of existence on the level of information (at least through spacetime.) Whatever is there at the first moment, call it singularity, God, basic information, whatever, it will be part of nature if it is present at T0. 0*1(something)=
  9. Lasse

    what is a god

    The whole unicorn concept is most likely based on rear observation of genetic mutations and their misinterpretation by humans. Similar to the dinosaurs skeleton based dragon fantasies..... http://www.momtastic.com/webecoist/2010/09/21/honking-their-horn-10-amazing-real-unicorns/
  10. No. It point some of the gaps and inconsistencies Science has. (I.e separated physical and mathematical value recognition). I do not want to be religious. I want to know and understand because I think life is a possibility One can consciously use. Science serves Humanity and not humanity serves science. Certain level of Consciousness every single individual has. Science can not just neglect that and give axiomatizations 99.99% of the population does not understand. (Tested ca 2000 sample)
  11. Here comes the problem. I can take anything around me. My dog walking with me in the forest. She is one in this spacetime even she constantly moving she is one inside of spacetime. If I assume that under the smallest possibly measurable time in this space Nothing happened with the dog how I could ever expect that her absolute biophysical values ever could degrade to mathematically zero information. 0. I can execute this thought experiment with everything from atoms to the universe itself.
  12. I can not at some level. Mathematics seems to be so fundamental. I think so too and I wonder why and how? Exactly this ability of precision and "infinite" option for application what amaze me about it. I agree with you. Zero mathematically perceivable. Does zero communicate information? What?
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