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  1. Antech has an excellent reputation for quality. Can speak first-hand! 😇
  2. Yes. Some smaller producers still use pupitres and hand-turning though most larger coops have automized. On checking, I see Champagne has also adopted machine remuage.
  3. Fortran was good enough for me. I see it's still going.
  4. I live in an area that produces carbonated wine, not champagne, Limoux. Most people seem to possess a clip-on seal that retains the fizz in open, fridge-stored bottles for a few days. We also make Blanquette de Limoux, Méthode Ancestrale, which is only 6%. Not sure if it is available elsewhere but very refreshing on a hot day. The greased piglet may yet escape, for now. Another shameless plug for Limoux wines. There are three appellations, Ancestrale mentioned, Blanquette de Limoux (major grape variety, Mauzac, not high in acidity) and Crémant de Limoux, which can have up to 60% Chardonnay (the workhorse Champagne grape) so worth considering as an alternative to Champagne.
  5. One data point is what we have. I suspect one data point is all we will ever have.
  6. Yes and I intended in the "not from Earth" sense. In context, I thought it was obvious but someone misunderstood. That it why I took the precaution in clarifying above. Again, this is an open forum.
  7. Previously someone took my use of "terrestrial" to mean "land-based (non-aquatic)" rather than "(from the planet) Earth" and I didn't get chance to clarify before that thread closed. And I note there are contributors who may not have English as a first language. The clarification was not intended for any particular commenter.
  8. Circular would be nearer the mark. There's very little evidence of any Biblical characters or events for disinterested* historians to research. Ditto for archaeologists. The archaeology of the Levant has been subject to political control since it became a genuine discipline which has added to the problem of independent verification of people and events described in the NT. *Disinterested means impartial, objective.
  9. France. Up until recently I could easily access iplayer via VPN but no longer, it's almost impossible now. I was thinking of renewing my Prime account anyway so may do that.
  10. Thanks,that's helpful. Suggests that archaea are being overlooked less than previously. From an evolutionary point of view, an organism with no volition (caveat on motile bacteria and Archaea) can't help but profit from an opportunity presented. Whilst Archaea are an ancient kingdom, they have stumbled (or the motile ones tumbled) upon recent opportunities such as the gut of humans. A recent study on Koreans. I'm frankly staggered at the abundance and variety. Opportunity for symbiont, parasite and pathogen.
  11. That's an intriguing question. I can see there is a pile of stuff with the consensus that while some archaea can be find in our gut, there is no unequivocal case of an archaean pathogen. Though I see some have alleged they may play a rôle in some diseases, the list includes Crohn's disease, arthritis, lupus and gingivitis. Certainly seems that Archaea are for the most part benign organisms. I have no immediate suggestion as to why. Will read some of the articles I've turned up.
  12. Sure. I was only being serious about the inevitability of climate change and the problems humankind are already facing that will only get worse. I suspect this is getting a little off-topic for the search for extraterrestrial life.
  13. Well, climate change will be bad enough that humans could become extinct but that will leave the field open for other species to fill the gap and evolve in all sorts of ways we can't predict. Ninja'd
  14. Good grief, no! No knowing where we could end up in a billion years or so. ETA In fact that could be us, the seeded archaea (with a sprinkling of bacteria) and our benign overlords watching developments until we are ready to be contacted I jest but Kipping is making his point using a timescale from abiogenesis to intelligence of a couple of billion years. I think the point that some sort of life (leaving stromatolites as evidence) of life starting very soon after water condenses on Earth is an argument for the inevitability of some sort of life arising, given the right environment. That second data point would be quite useful.
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