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  1. if void represents 99,9% so all of stars and galaxy are 0.1% of our universe? matter - physical substance that consist of mass Atom - Atoms are the basic units of matter ( "protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and the neutrons make up the center of the atom called the nucleus and the electrons fly around above the nucleus in a small cloud. ") https://sciencing.com/particles-smaller-atom-8484470.html Reality: physical realm (matter) atom proton neutrons electrons Quarks just found this link https://phys.org/news/2017
  2. when i am saying that this can be true for reality as a whole , i am saying that things that we see and touch.
  3. i understand that me saying reality would be Bord term to use is physical real better term to use in this context?
  4. I understand what you mean that is just a thought experiment but it still dose not change that we are made out of particle and energy if something change in there it has effect on physical world. all of this leads to the fact that we cant test something that we can not observe . that cat experiment can only be possible by the particles because they are truly alone. if a cat got in the box it is alive because it is being observed. this may be wrong but it still give a new view point
  5. but are we not made out of particles?
  6. the second Question yes that what i was asking if ever things was remove for space would there be reality. the cat in the box theory that the cat is w ether alive or died so can this be also true for reality as a whole, what if we humans are here because we are being observed in this law it would be like a loop a never ending loop one thing is their to observe the other. for some reason thinking about this is getting me exited when i learning about Quantum Computers i thought that the properties of Quantum can act as a transistor i have lost my thought when i originally p
  7. i am not trying to be rued just making my view point know if anyone is offended i am sorry i want to learn that why i am on here .
  8. I understand what you mean, but in my view point physics in general terms is the understanding of the world in from of mathematics and i am asking questions on that understanding of quantum theory. in my cause i am trying to understand the properties of quantum theory the superposition that quantum particle (wave) have on reality.
  9. I would disagree with that statement because physics is the understanding of how the world works and for that meaning my post is asking a question base on physical laws of quantum Theory . my post is just a question base on Quantum Theory is it possible that quantum particle (waves) act like transistor for reality?
  10. One day I was walking and i had an idea in when i was thinking about how the quantum level relates to reality and then, I thought what if superposition and it proprieties act as a transistor like the ones we have in our computer what if quantum level is a gate way for reality. I was also thinking what would happen if all life from in space did not exist what would happen to that space. i mean like a cardboard but is not empty, there are micro organisms and other Batista in the air If you have read this post please give me an incite on this subject is it a possibility that qua
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