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  1. For me it is very easy to remember something that i can totally understand, visualizing and/or painting that thing helps a lot to not only understand something but also memorize.
  2. First of all, pardon me if the question sounds stupid but i do not know a lot about conformity. That is the exact reason why i am asking here. Since conformity is someone's need to "blend with the group", what if i start associating myself with people that have really good habits. For example a group of people that are very athletic and exercise often. Will i feel the need to exercise? In this particular situation won't that improve my health? Or does it not work when i am aware of it? Thank you in advance!
  3. Anything you find interestng Thank you very much!
  4. What have you done to actually make that happen? It is not as complicated as you think, you don't need to be good looking. Just go out and meet people with the intention of making friends. Do not go around talking to girls in order to f@ck them but in order to meet them. You form a releationship with someone that you enjoy hanging out with. It all starts in your thoughts, in your head. You are what you think. If you believe that you will never find someone then you will never find someone.
  5. I think you might find this interesting
  6. Thank you for the recommendations!
  7. Thank you very much, i will check it out!
  8. Hello everyone, i am really interested in biology and i would be happy if you could recommend any good books for me to read. I want to say that i am still a highschool student so as you can imagine my knowledge on the topic is very limited.
  9. Painting always helps me memorize everything i learn in science. But i am really bad at painting...
  10. So what is the conclusion?
  11. Alright, today i am going to ask you probably the most stupid question possible. Here is the thing, i stumbled across a book named "Ο τρόπος για την Αειζωία". As you can see the book is greek and it's title can be translated as "The way for immortality". The author is someone that i would dare to call a cultist, his name is Αργύρης Τσακαλίας or Argyrhs Tsakalias. I only read summaries about the book because i didn't have the strength to go through so many pages of what i think is pure stupidity. From what i read the author suggests that you can become "immortal" in a variety of ways. Some of them are : Drinking a magical potion (yeah that's right...), Speaking with immortal creatures like fairies and stuff (And that is why i said "pure stupidity") OR using "science". The author believes that one can become immortal by changing his DNA through thinking that he wants to be immortal. I though that i little bit of googling would be enough to disprove his theory, and so i found this: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/changing-our-dna-through-mind-control/ http://asayamind.com/your-thoughts-have-the-power-to-change-your-dna/ http://www.naturalnews.com/042157_DNA_transformation_science_epigenetics.html# Of course even if what the articles say is true that doesn't mean that one can become immortal. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. DISCLAIMER: I do not believe anything that the author says. I think that his book and theory are stupid to say the least. The reason i created this topic is so i can hear your opinions on the whole "changing DNA thing". I feel embarrassed just by speaking of that subject. P.S The author is dead.
  12. I thought it was a very interesting read and i really liked it. However i am only a highschool student interested in biology so i cannot give you anymore feedback.
  13. Interesting. I think it is the other way around (like most people said). i once had a dream where something extremely heavy was placed on my chest and because of that i couldn't breathe. When i woke up i saw that i had placed my hand on my chest. Well my hand is not heavy enought to stop my breathing, but appearantly in my dream i thought so. I don't think that the nocebo effect can cause something physical.
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