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  1. The last few days have seen the UK UNDER SNOW . This has resulted in birds in my garden, that usually flit about the garden and sort of recognise me and call a chirp . Hoping I will put the odd crust out . If I do ( put a crust out ) , sometime during the day , maybe after I have gone , they can be seen , or not seen , to swoop down a grab the odd piece . During this heavy snow , they are behaving " speeded up " but also the HYRACHY ISSUE has raised its head again , but in a different way . This time , there is an earnestness among the different bird types . ( ranging mainly in four types ( THRUSH, BLACKBIRD , ROBIN , AND TIT ) . This appears to be in Size - Strength order , namely a HYRACHY again. This within the same animal type , namely bird . I placed the bread crumbs on a plate , outside the kitchen , on a raised flower bed, now completely covered with settled snow 6 inches thick . Without let up they came in , "in hyrachy order" , namely the big thrush would hold the snatching first , blackbird second , Robin if there was one about then Tit. This moved me to say out loud , though indoors observing " Big birds ' see off ' or ' chase away ' smaller birds from the food . Though possibly thought of as ' of as ' obvious ' , I think this harbours another HYRACHY . THE STRONG AND MIGHTY DOMINATE THE SMALLER IN A HYRACHY ! Mike
  2. I must apologise profusely for not replying earlier! I have been rather SWAMPED this approach to Christmastime. Everything seems to have come at once. I have looked but appear to have lost the reference I was given . However , it is a friend of mine in Cornwall who gave it to me , and I hope to be able to contact him in a period over Christmas ( if I am lucky ) , . I will re ask him for the contact , which I have lost . ( currently swamped by too much information...). It was four ' forces ' men , who had witnessed the contact. They were testifying ,under oath , to some form of DISCLOSURE PANEL . I will need to examine this Data , as the little I read , seem to show a change of attitude by the authorities . Admitting to the likelihood of extra terrestrial intelligent life. ,! mike
  3. I think my original question , was more posed around ' intelligent life' ! As I was originally driven toward this idea while gazing at my responsive goldfish in the garden pond. Here I noticed that they were taking ' what appeared to me ' an interest in me , albeit, fairly distant. Yet I was interpreting is as some form of relationship which I felt stimulated by. It was at this time, I wondered if ' we ' , as the human species were being viewed by some higher life form in a similar ' ranking arrangement' . This I thought of as a ' Hierarchy ' , and posed the question , " is there a HIERACHY, of which we are in the ranking , and can we gain any insite into how a level Higher up the Hierarchy may be considering US ? The Recent DISCLOSURES, commented on by the authorities , concerning individuals observations of strange , near earth , unidentified flying craft , have for quite some time made some reference to possible observation from life beyond Earth. A colleague , near where I live , got hold of this ' new to me ' , DISCLOSURE . It would appear authorities have taken visual evidence under oath by qualified personnel. At the moment , that is all I know . I am surrounded by many persons demanding the Christmas preparation jobs. It would appear that the consensus of much of the scientific community, with the knowledge of the vastness of the Universe that intelligent life is inevitable . Mike
  4. Have disclosed ! I must admit I have not waded my way through it all. As like you at the time ' groaned ' and said I have heard all this before without satisfaction . But tonight when I heard it on headline news , and the government saying " it is time to release what disclosures we have been given " Well it's time for a thorough investigation ? Is it not ? " DISCLOSURE " is the search word ! Mike ps I managed to pick up tonight from the Television , that one of the reasons for disclosure now , was to do with speculation from other scientific disciplines coming to conclusions about life generally ,throughout the Universe. It seems we are naturally getting focused on ' mankinds place ' in the universe , as many sciences are considering the ' Earth ' as a whole . And if there is anyone out there observing ' (US) . They too will be concerned about our use of the Whole Earth ?
  5. That is what I thought when I was first told a week ago ! But now it was on CHANNEL 4 tonight , with pictures of the contributing Governmental Buildings , like the Pentigon, the Air Force , etc Apparently the time is now fitting for Total Disclosure . Under oath . Mike
  6. Well thank you ! The last few days have seen some interesting "Evidence" , relating to higher up the Hyrachy, and evidence thereof . Tonight on British TV. CHANNEL 4 NEWS at approx 6:30 Pm a news item appeared where it was stated that Government Departments in both the United States and UK . Have 'sat on ' information pertaining to unexplained visitations and appearances of life forms from Other parts of the Universe. These Departments feel it is now time to release this information. Similarly a further set of ' Disclosures ' is now available for viewing on the Internet . ( these are under a category called DISCLOSURES , here 4 military men are questioned under oath ) How these fit in the Hyrachy that I was postulating , remains to be seen . But here is clean , clear , evidence of EXTRA TERRESTRIAL LIFE . So surely this must be supportive of evidence for :- the principle of higher HYRACHY.? / HYRACHY ( whatever or whoever this is ) mike Ref :- Tonight on British TV. CHANNEL 4 NEWS at approx 6:30 Pm ( Sunday 17th December 2017)
  7. IMG_0915.thumb.JPG.b9d7144634a5dcec9149121b6187b4e9.JPG

    1. Mike Smith Cosmos

      Mike Smith Cosmos


      That is an amazing picture! Is that one of yours ? 

      A countryside you have visited , or out of your imagination ? 



  8. They are very enlightening! As are different methods of representation, when using Art to communicate " Feelings " . I have taken a great deal of interest recently into the Science of Using ART to communicate " Human Feelings " . Here are two recent attempts by myself , to communicate " Human Feelings " by Art using the medium of PASTELS ( a chalk like texture colour crayon) . firstly an image I caught the other day in DEVON (uk ) where a number of traveling " bikers " had arrived in Totnes . As I gazed across the square from a Cafe my eye caught site of this gleaming Triumph Motorcycle. Having been a motorcyclist up through my life since student days I was attracted to it! Having photographed it , I returned home and committed it to paper using " Pastels " .trying to capture the engineering detail I was enraptured with most of my life . The second image is a further Pastel drawing , this time generated in the mind , by imagination . Here showing a completely different " effect and Feeling " . That of mystery and beauty . A backlit cliff of some sort with blended edges. Again a quickly sketched ( this time idea ) , of feeling . Mike
  9. Yes, I am probably painting too simple a picture of the early universe. With all the recent development of ideas with sub atomic particle , Higgs Bosons etc , it is not as easy the THINK of the Early Universe any more . I was trying to paint the picture of the Early Universe up to 300,000 years , where the recombination event drew in electrons to the protons to form Hydrogen Atoms and a great escape of Photons ( light ) . Mike https://home.cern/about/physics/early-universe
  10. Well, I am pretty sure , that near the " First Cause of Matter " , was ENERGY , at the beginning of the Universe . Also that very early on in the Expansion of the Universe were PROTONS, ELECTRONS , and a plasma of PHOTONS. Quotation :- CERN https://home.cern/about/physics/early-universe mike
  11. In their Book " Life on the Edge " , Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden , show how now ELECTRONS & PHOTONS , together with QUANTUM Phenomenon , need to be included ,if we are to make headway in our understanding of LIVING THINGS , both in living green plants and indeed in ...... HUMANS and ANIMALS . Mike ref ... ' LIFE on the EDGE ' , 'The coming of Age of Quantum Biology ' Jim Al-Khalili and John McFadden ISBN 978-0-552-77807-7
  12. Electronic engineers see the Electron as an Electrical Phenomenon . Physicists , as a Photon of Energy , NOW , Biologists as a Key Quantum function in living cells !
  13. Here is a bit more , continuing . Sorry I am in bed, with a sick dog and a bit cramped . If its not clear enough to read , I will send it again in " daylight " , plus the last page , that I have not sent yet ! mike
  14. If it is of any help ! This weeks New Scientist , ( 4th November 2017 ) lead article is: BEFORE THE BEGINNING here is discussed the action of " reading the genetic code contained in the DNA and its function in constructing Proteins, as CELLULAR ROBOTS , building the " stuff " that makes cells tick . Ref :- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribosome Bob Holms . Edmonton Canada . Mike
  15. WOW ! The last time we cansidered this subject : the HURRICANES were just about to hit the Carribean . All I can say is Wow ! Attempting to get back on subject , :- I looked up some of the references suggested in GOOGLE SCHOLAR. Many of them linked the various supernatural overloads in any possible Heavens above , with their respective followers on The surface of the Earth . I believe this is what I was attempting but in a very generalised approach , in the foregoing thread . I have had quite a personal traumatic time during this summer while visiting Italy , where I often spend summer time . I am barely recovering , and have only today , managed to post on this Forum . The world appears to have greatly CHANGED, while I have been away. There is a strange ' air ' about the world . It seems to be in some form of strange TURMOIL . People are killing one another ALL over the place ! What is happening ? Mike
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