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  1. The last few days have seen the UK UNDER SNOW . This has resulted in birds in my garden, that usually flit about the garden and sort of recognise me and call a chirp . Hoping I will put the odd crust out . If I do ( put a crust out ) , sometime during the day , maybe after I have gone , they can be seen , or not seen , to swoop down a grab the odd piece . During this heavy snow , they are behaving " speeded up " but also the HYRACHY ISSUE has raised its head again , but in a different way . This time , there is an earnestness among the different bird types . ( ranging mainl
  2. I must apologise profusely for not replying earlier! I have been rather SWAMPED this approach to Christmastime. Everything seems to have come at once. I have looked but appear to have lost the reference I was given . However , it is a friend of mine in Cornwall who gave it to me , and I hope to be able to contact him in a period over Christmas ( if I am lucky ) , . I will re ask him for the contact , which I have lost . ( currently swamped by too much information...). It was four ' forces ' men , who had witnessed the contact. They were testifying ,under oath , to some form of DISC
  3. I think my original question , was more posed around ' intelligent life' ! As I was originally driven toward this idea while gazing at my responsive goldfish in the garden pond. Here I noticed that they were taking ' what appeared to me ' an interest in me , albeit, fairly distant. Yet I was interpreting is as some form of relationship which I felt stimulated by. It was at this time, I wondered if ' we ' , as the human species were being viewed by some higher life form in a similar ' ranking arrangement' . This I thought of as a ' Hierarchy ' , and posed the question , "
  4. Have disclosed ! I must admit I have not waded my way through it all. As like you at the time ' groaned ' and said I have heard all this before without satisfaction . But tonight when I heard it on headline news , and the government saying " it is time to release what disclosures we have been given " Well it's time for a thorough investigation ? Is it not ? " DISCLOSURE " is the search word ! Mike ps I managed to pick up tonight from the Television , that one of the reasons for disclosure now , was to do with speculation from other scientific disciplines co
  5. That is what I thought when I was first told a week ago ! But now it was on CHANNEL 4 tonight , with pictures of the contributing Governmental Buildings , like the Pentigon, the Air Force , etc Apparently the time is now fitting for Total Disclosure . Under oath . Mike
  6. Well thank you ! The last few days have seen some interesting "Evidence" , relating to higher up the Hyrachy, and evidence thereof . Tonight on British TV. CHANNEL 4 NEWS at approx 6:30 Pm a news item appeared where it was stated that Government Departments in both the United States and UK . Have 'sat on ' information pertaining to unexplained visitations and appearances of life forms from Other parts of the Universe. These Departments feel it is now time to release this information. Similarly a further set of ' Disclosures ' is now available for viewing on the In
  7. IMG_0915.thumb.JPG.b9d7144634a5dcec9149121b6187b4e9.JPG

    1. Mike Smith Cosmos

      Mike Smith Cosmos


      That is an amazing picture! Is that one of yours ? 

      A countryside you have visited , or out of your imagination ? 



  8. They are very enlightening! As are different methods of representation, when using Art to communicate " Feelings " . I have taken a great deal of interest recently into the Science of Using ART to communicate " Human Feelings " . Here are two recent attempts by myself , to communicate " Human Feelings " by Art using the medium of PASTELS ( a chalk like texture colour crayon) . firstly an image I caught the other day in DEVON (uk ) where a number of traveling " bikers " had arrived in Totnes . As I gazed across the square from a Cafe my eye caught site of this gleamin
  9. Yes, I am probably painting too simple a picture of the early universe. With all the recent development of ideas with sub atomic particle , Higgs Bosons etc , it is not as easy the THINK of the Early Universe any more . I was trying to paint the picture of the Early Universe up to 300,000 years , where the recombination event drew in electrons to the protons to form Hydrogen Atoms and a great escape of Photons ( light ) . Mike https://home.cern/about/physics/early-universe
  10. Well, I am pretty sure , that near the " First Cause of Matter " , was ENERGY , at the beginning of the Universe . Also that very early on in the Expansion of the Universe were PROTONS, ELECTRONS , and a plasma of PHOTONS. Quotation :- CERN https://home.cern/about/physics/early-universe mike
  11. In their Book " Life on the Edge " , Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden , show how now ELECTRONS & PHOTONS , together with QUANTUM Phenomenon , need to be included ,if we are to make headway in our understanding of LIVING THINGS , both in living green plants and indeed in ...... HUMANS and ANIMALS . Mike ref ... ' LIFE on the EDGE ' , 'The coming of Age of Quantum Biology ' Jim Al-Khalili and John McFadden ISBN 978-0-552-77807-7
  12. Electronic engineers see the Electron as an Electrical Phenomenon . Physicists , as a Photon of Energy , NOW , Biologists as a Key Quantum function in living cells !
  13. Here is a bit more , continuing . Sorry I am in bed, with a sick dog and a bit cramped . If its not clear enough to read , I will send it again in " daylight " , plus the last page , that I have not sent yet ! mike
  14. If it is of any help ! This weeks New Scientist , ( 4th November 2017 ) lead article is: BEFORE THE BEGINNING here is discussed the action of " reading the genetic code contained in the DNA and its function in constructing Proteins, as CELLULAR ROBOTS , building the " stuff " that makes cells tick . Ref :- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribosome Bob Holms . Edmonton Canada . Mike
  15. WOW ! The last time we cansidered this subject : the HURRICANES were just about to hit the Carribean . All I can say is Wow ! Attempting to get back on subject , :- I looked up some of the references suggested in GOOGLE SCHOLAR. Many of them linked the various supernatural overloads in any possible Heavens above , with their respective followers on The surface of the Earth . I believe this is what I was attempting but in a very generalised approach , in the foregoing thread . I have had quite a personal traumatic time during this summer while visiting I
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