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    Is mantle convection theory as good as we can get? Can it explain the variation in the world's divergent plate boundaries? The depth of the Mariana trench? The Basin and Range area? The San Andres fault? Current and past mountain building mechanics?

    Please visit my "Plate Tectonic Mechanism?" thread in speculations and tell me what you think.


    Is it time for a new model of plate tectonics?

    I have been quite busy writing a hypothesis concerning the thermal heating of the planets that possess magnetic fields and the several moons that exhibit the early development of these electro-magnetic phenomena that in the Earth's case I believe drive the various geologic processes that are currently observed and debated.

    You can view this work;

    http://electroplatetectonics.weebly.com/ is the Earth's geologic processes as seen through the thermal forcing of a variable electro-magnetic field.
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  1. From Endy's last link was this one to the manufacturers site; http://www.omgroofing.com/ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION "The OMG Hercules-Plus RetroDrain features the OMG vortex breaker technology integrated into the cast aluminum strainer dome. With vortex breaker technology, the Hercules-Plus can provide up to 2.5 times greater water flow, compared to the existing Hercules drain, which means that water and excessive weight can leave the roof quickly. In addition to faster water flow off the roof, the vortex breaker can greatly reduce "chugging" which can damage plumbing systems." This is pretty much the opposite of the screw design of the original post. Probably a different solution to the same problem though. That chugging mentioned above is that oscillation that slows the flow that I think both ideas are trying to eliminate.
  2. From listening to both J.C. and studiot's opinions; In the states, and I assume where you folks are, both ends of these systems are open to the same atmospheres, and the pressures on both the ends are of little difference to each other. As I said earlier the waters cohesion forms and holds the vortex that stretches out until it collapses. But the air can and is coming out the top until the water depth/volume increases to the point the vortex completely forms at which time the atmosphere is drawn into the vortex and the air flow is only downward into the pipe. But the water's cohesion can only sustain itself so much and I'm wondering if that suction sound you hear that begins as the vortex is stretched out to its breaking point isn't air escaping back out the top again and not still going continually downward as I had initially thought.
  3. Hello psyclones, I've seen a few different sizes of roof drains in action, they start to swirl on their own when the water overwhelms the drain diameter and I believe this is simply the cohesion of the water responding to the effect of gravity, the water acts in almost an elastic manner. Sometimes if the depth of the water is just right in relation to the pipe diameter you will see a oscillating cycle where the velocity increases and pulls the surface down until some air is pulled into the vortex which then suddenly slows the velocity and closes the vortex, then the cycle repeats again and again. The suction is quite dramatic on the larger drains. It sounds to me like the screw design is just enough to slow the flow to eliminate that oscillation cycle that has a substantial slowdown until the water accelerates down the pipe again leading to another slowdown. Keeping a steady flow at a speed just below that breakpoint would be the key and the screw angle would be set to that ideal flow rate. Like you said it could be a maintenance problem. But consider probably this is their "after the fact" solution for miscalculating the correct drain size. With regard to the screw, I'm thinking it is just a drop-in insert at the roof and just long enough to dampen the unwanted effects. BTW in the last decade they seem to have doubled the diameter on these drains in newer construction.
  4. I would assume it is a type of bearing that is used in high speed conveyors in factories or bottling plants and the like, where the maintenance personnel could either visually, audibly or even use a laser temperature probe to identify a failing bearing that could then be easily replaced because all they had to do is remove a locking tab and slide the bearing off the shaft. The "staple" as you call it, is the same idea as a piece of key stock fitted to a keyway, but those are usually on the shaft and the inside bearing race. If there was a tab holding the bearing then those "legs" on the staple would be all that was needed to hold it in the keyway to keep the out side bearing race from rotating. Not having to shut the line down for very long to replace the bearing would be a great advantage. They might even be able to do it while underway if it was just an idler bearing and a temporary roller was used.
  5. Interesting thing about LED lights is when we started installing them in signs I noticed that when I took a digital completion photo they had a 3 to 1 chance of appearing to be non-illuminated due to the shutter speed catching the power’s frequency out of phase. I think your camera sensor though, is picking up a reflection of its own infrared sensor or some other aspect inside the camera past the lens, sort of like the headlight beam is bouncing off one of the receptors (infrared ?) and then reflecting back to them off the backside of the lens and maybe to the primary. I would like to see a test run of the mower at the same MPS but with the mower’s engine speed up higher to increase the magneto pulse frequency.
  6. But is it really a "214"? Our brains tend to mislead us in the most important details. Is there a part number on the mowers bulb assembly, reflector, or plastic cover? Same for the backside of the camera's dust cover or the camera's surfaces behind that cover? The other posters are pointing you to the idea that those lights are causing a projection or reflection into or from the inside of either the lights or the camera. Wouldn't it be interesting if the electrical suppling the lighting to the headlights was at a frequency that made the lights interact with the infrared sensor's frequency. Crossed with Strings post.
  7. Asking a question! great idea! I passed on this yesterday due to that no guessing request. You are on the right track for sure. Nice observation. What is interesting also is that they each have the same offset to the right in relation to the headlight directly below them. To bad we're not allowed to guess what is causing this. Those cameras have a hinged cover with a clear plastic window to keep dirt and dust off the lights and sensor but probably not the lens itself but I could be wrong. I wondered if the cover could be slightly ajar.
  8. It is important for you to first consider that many cultures with primitive religious or cultural development both now and in the past have concluded a similar assumption; in that their world and the objects in the sky are all sentient beings controlling some aspect of their lives. The Mother Earth and a particular celestial Father (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, etc. ) of one type or another, are some of the oldest and most often repeated primitive ideas regarding creation that humans have conceived to explain their surroundings and by simple extrapolations their existence. We have a built in bias towards these Ideas. Just look at the most recent iteration of the sentient Mother Earth, we now have a sciency sounding version called Gaia hypothesis; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis “ Lovelock named the idea after Gaia, the primordial goddess who personified the Earth in Greek mythology” Thanks to evolution, we are prewired to almost a default condition to seek out other “like minded” beings. Even going to the point of wanting and projecting human like attributes onto any natural object or phenomena that we can imagine has self-determinate behaviors. The first step in any investigation is to understand and check our own internal bias, in this case though, it is built into our species to such a degree we will likely always have it as the default setting when humans lack the access to accurate scientific knowledge.
  9. I hope you will find someone with a rock saw to open it up for you. I've seen a few hammer and chisel attempts that were regrettable with what would have been a display of spectacular crystals being smashed to bits. I've also used my wet tile saw on some smaller examples with acceptable results.
  10. The one defining characteristic of this Flat Earth group of individuals is that they are made up, most certainly, almost entirely of the male half of the population. And that being said, explains much of the observed results;
  11. 12/26/19 He's finally here!  Ezra Kai Feliciano 2.9 kilograms (6 lbs 7 1/2 oz) He's an adorable little guy if I don't mind saying so myself.;)

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    2. koti


      Hes really pretty looking not like most of newborns. You will have to keep a lid on him when he comes of age ;) 
      Congratulations arc.

    3. hypervalent_iodine


      I realise this is a bit late, but I don't always see status updates straight away. Congrats! He's beautiful. 

    4. arc


      Thank you everyone, He has all of our hearts that's for sure. 

  12. arc


    Merry Christmas to all, I was going to post something here in the lounge and saw this thread, I hope you don't mined me putting it here instead. Does anyone else have a certain day that comes around every year that makes you wish you could do it over again? That one day a year that makes you feel regret that you didn’t do something to help someone you didn’t know, something that may have completely changed their life going forward. Well, my “do over day” was Christmas Eve 1993. We were working a half day installing an electric sign at a store in a small shopping center in a rather suburban area of town. It had a chain grocery store with a wing of maybe five small businesses off to one side. I was working outside of one of those small stores when a young gal of about 19 or 20 years of age walked up to a pay phone just a few steps away from where I was working. Anyone who saw her would have said she was very nice looking, or attractive or whatever appropriate adjective you would want use to describe her. You could also tell within a few moments of her talking on the phone that she was a very nice person. I only had to hear her speak a few words, maybe fourteen of them and watch how she responded to the person on the other end to know how caring she was to people. She was, for the lack of a better word, a sweet person, easy to know and care about. When she walked up to the phone she had a small backpack like college kids would carry and a shopping bag with what was obviously some individually wrapped presents inside. In her other hand was a pie of some sort, not in a box or anything, just a pie balanced in the palm of her hand. She set the bag with presents down and retrieved some change out of her tan leather coat pocket for the phone, all the while still keeping the pie level and secure. Her clothes were all very new, and for her age, very in style. Her hair was cut in a very short boy’s style. In fact all of her clothes were obviously from the young men’s section of a high end store. Her style was very common back then, and still is even today, here in Portland, Oregon Hi mom, . . . . . . It’s me, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .But, . . . . . . But, . . . Can I just come home on Christmas . . . . . . . . . .Ok, . . . . . Goodbye. She put the receiver away and used the palm of the same hand to wipe her left cheek and then her right eye. She looked over and saw my concern and gave me the bravest sad smile she could muster up. I didn’t know what to do or say. She gathered her now unwanted gifts, turned and walked off in the same direction she had come from. After a few minutes I started thinking of all the things I should have said and done. Taken the receiver and told her mom about the sweet young person on that end of the phone that still loves her mom. Tell her how she will dread the thought of this moment someday when she sees how wrong she was. I should have made sure she had some place to go that cold evening to come. Would she have taken my invitation to stay in my home and spend the holiday with my wife and three young children? I will never know the answer to these questions. I only hope she is now surrounded by the ones she loves and who love her in return, and that her life is now full of happiness.
  13. Just an observation looking back some 40 years ago when I was a teen and such things seemed important, all it took was one socially respected observer to proclaim any cosmetically challenged person as being a "Hot guy" or a "Foxy chick" and that persons image to those in the vicinity was miraculously changed.
  14. arc

    American Cheese

    These folks in Thorp, Wisconsin are getting a great deal of attention but I haven't had a chance to try some of it. https://www.mariekegouda.com/ And this is an interesting profile about these transplanted Dutch family cheese makers and how they began their award winning enterprise. https://www.viroquafood.coop/viroqua-food-coop-blog/bid/207372/p6-profile-holland-s-family-cheese-maker-of-marieke-s-gouda There is also a growing interest in my home state of Oregon regarding artisan cheese making that is similar to the craft brewing phenomena that has its roots here in Oregon and Washington states also, and then spread across the U.S. in these last 3 decades. And just because this is a science site here is a research paper on the subject; https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022030214002963 And this is a few of those Oregon Artisan makers; https://oregoncheeseguild.org/cheesemakers/ I'm not an expert in any way but I am partial to the Tillamook sharp cheddar, I'm sure I've consumed my own weight several times of that one. https://www.tillamook.com/creamery.html#general ; They say on their site "submit a request and we’ll get to work on coming to you."
  15. Big celebration for our family, we are joyously expecting our first grandchild!  My daughter and her hubby have been trying for almost five years. The hubby's brother is a video/photographer and did this for them. That is his little boy on the slide. I'll take one just like him! :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au_NzCb13DQ


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    2. arc


      He's finally here!  Ezra Kai Feliciano 2.9 kilograms (6 lbs 7 1/2 oz) He's an adorable little guy if I don't mind saying so myself.;)

    3. zapatos


      Congrats arc! It's a whole new world! Post a pic sometime if you get a chance. 😀

    4. arc


      Thanks zapatos, I don't think you could handle this level of deplorable adorableness. :lol: He's about 18 hours old in this one


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