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  1. Causality is a very human-centred way of looking at things around us. Events may not be caused much as beings may not. We may start to look at things as being more of "processual" nature rather than causing/being caused. Causal features in human nature can be no other than mere transcendental structures of pure experience. Without (human) experience , no causality can manifest. Moreover , originative causality has something very serious to do with time , too. It is of an absolute temporal nature. This also has to be taken into consideration and explained. For example , Let's remind ourselves t
  2. Quote from joigus : " I meant those in the theory of electromagnetism. You seem to think something is not needed in Maxwell's theory. You said: (My emphasis.)" { end of quote} Quote from studiot: " First and foremost fluxions are something Newton invented to do with calculus. We are talking about fluxons.." { end of quote } ___________________________________________________________ I thought I offered enough of examples. Let's talk a bit more on these fluxons. And possibly compare them with phonons , too. Wikipedia
  3. So therefore , most of these , contrary to joigus' idea , have nothing to do with Maxwell. It is quaint why joigus regards whatever electricity physics there is , to have been created by the late Maxwell . . ..
  4. Was it Maxwell who invented up Magnetons , Fluxions , Non-linear and dot-dependent Zeeman splitting , minimal coupling , Abrikosov vortices , quantum dot arrays , bulk g-factors , etc etc . . .. . and many many more that the present trend evidently demonstrates will be given birth to in the coming months and years ?? !!!!! In yet other branches of physics , was it Maxwell and his contemporaries who birthed creatures such as Ten !! Dimensions (in , say , string theory ) ??? !!!
  5. Very Dear Studiot ; It is, in fact, flux. To be even more precise , it is electromagnetic flux. The negative flux only equals the positive flux in magnitude, so that the net flow or the cumulative flux is null. If a net charge is present inside a closed surface, the overall surface flow is proportional to the load used, positive if positive, negative if negative. Electric flux has SI units of volt metres (V m), or, equivalently, newton metres squared per coulomb (N m2 C−1). Thus, the SI base units of electric flux are kg·m3·s−3·A−1. The dimension can however ch
  6. quote from studiot : " what is kinetic energy in a fluxon ? " ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The total energy at its originary point to surmount the locally barrier-acting manifold and (thus) overcome prospective dissipative effects ( you know , they have to "climb" barriers ).. .. ... ...
  7. quote from duda jarek : "I again recommend sine-Gordon model to understand massive particles - containing rest energy which can be released in annihilation, also working as inertial mass due to Lorentz invariance ... and such particles can only approach the propagation speed c, at cost of energy growing to infinity, it cannot exceed this velocity." [ End of Quote] Many thanks Duda for this hint......... I shall soon start going this way in order to see what types of outcome will possibly manifest . . . . quote from studiot : "what is 'dying away' in a flux
  8. Any perturbation of effect on what is normally called "matter" has to have back"wave modified repercussion as an integral part of its function(ing). Atoms under consideration to process imprinting formats of any kind of wave , say solitons or magnetons in this case , ought to be able to revert differing retracting-extending forces over to the lattice created only as a local manifold for emanating vortices in complex line bundles on the general Riemannian manifold(s) . If levels of flux are (to be observed) to die away in units disregarding temporal dimensionality , as for example gauss/cm2
  9. The way Studiot propounds stipulations and modalities, then such waves can occur ONLY in a phase space rather than in physical space. What is the probability of actually finding out any physicalistic merger of waves if they are to be still named "Solitons" ?
  10. A 3-D soliton, micro (atomic level ) or macro (a tsunami) , may be planned on a 2-D plane with incoherent spatial intensity distributions. All The external control offers great experimental possibilities to control the lateral orientation of the feedback solitons both statically and dynamically. These instabilities play a crucial role in determining soliton existence's static and dynamic circumstances.
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