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  1. If something has no mass then it has no weight. Photons have a rest mass of zero but have an effective mass when it is in motion. Photons carry momentum, they cause a pressure on matter due to collisions. It has nothing to do with weight. Aether was a scientific concept that just turned out to be wrong. Light is not paranormal or unscientific simply because you can't conceive of wave motion without a medium. That is something that one of the many professional scientists would have noticed by now if it were true. It isn't. There have been many measurements taken by spacecraft that are far above the Earth's atmosphere that avoid those distortions. Yes, it can. Given known atmospheric conditions, it can easily be accounted for by mathematics and adaptive optics.
  2. Unless either the laser or the detector are moving, you will not get a red shift and there is no aether to absorb anything. This has been well established by science. The Oort Cloud is the border of our Solar System. Stars and galaxies are much further away. There are literally dozens of places in the Solar System where the apparent diameters of any particular moon and the Sun are the same. We just happen to currently live in a place where those angular sizes are approximately the same at this point in time. It means nothing. 25 days for the Sun's equator and 35 days for the poles. You are cherry picking. They are also the two planets closest to the Sun (which is just as irrelevant). They are also the two planets closest to the Sun (which is just as irrelevant). Your 'model' of the Universe bears no resemblance to reality. In what way?
  3. Those size ratios are not even close to reality: The diameter of the Sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth.
  4. As a metallurgist and chemist, and someone who has worked in the mining industry, I am going to call BS on that one: Regular soil never holds what is essentially an ore grade of 6.8%. That is well over 1000 times the ore grade of even the highest grade gold ores in the entire world, let alone PGM's. Basically that guy is full of crap. Based on the first claim there is not much hope that that claim would be any more credible than the first one.
  5. not nice, the center of a donut is in the center of it even if youre inside it. It is nice because the center of the donut is nowhere inside the donut, i.e. there is no place inside the donut where you can travel to the donut's center of mass. Take your ball and go home.
  6. The evolution of the bacterial flagellum (among the many claimed instances of irreducible complexity that has been thoroughly debunked) :
  7. If you stacked every elephant in the world on top of each other, they wouldn't like it. If you cut a hole in a net, the net will have less holes.
  8. Except that no atheist has ever burned a non-atheist at the stake for challenging their belief's (or lack thereof) or beheaded someone for not declaring their atheism. However they are not the same thing.
  9. That is basically a God of the Gaps argument. 'Proof is for lawyers, mathematicians and makers of alcohol.
  10. There's a 50% chance that you are correct, a 40% chance that you are not and a 20% chance that my math is wrong. Has anyone ever noticed that a lot of the words used in chemistry have something to do with a certain part of the anatomy? I mean there's; ANALyse ASSay ARSEnic Benzene RING BUTanal Diurea there is even a class of compounds called 'Arsoles'. Strange huh?
  11. I watched a national geographic special about a large comet containing a huge amount of water breaking up near Earth and its debris settling into orbit, producing a ring. The water fell to Earth as torrential rain for a few centuries, raising the sea level by several hundred kilometers. Maybe something like that.
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