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  1. you haven't added anything new. This is exactly what I said (not quite exactly, but the meaning was clear, your amendments are purely formal). Everything remains in effect Further. What exactly do you dispute from what is said below? Isn't there documentary evidence of childbirth from 7-8 years old, without pronounced secondary signs? Or do you dispute that childhood emotions include sexual aspect? Or do you deny that teeth have nothing to do with childbirth? Express yourself more clearly, please At least establish a connection what the secondary hairline has to do with fertility. If it does not, then again we return to the question of what it is and where it came from
  2. I google it and get the point. In general, I said everything correctly, the point is that if there are no celestial spheres, then it is necessary to somehow explain the holding and movement of bodies The very appearance of the hypothesis of gravity is connected with this. But this, according to modern concepts, is a pseudoscientific hypothesis, because there is no action at distance
  3. I still do not understand what is the connection between gravity and heliocentrism, but it seems that you yourself do not know.
  4. This is the explanation that I have come across, that which was taught, and I have never heard anything else. Vikipedia also says this. Voice your version please
  5. That is, geocentrism does not need gravity at all, right I get it? What is there instead? After all, how is it necessary to explain the fall of bodies and their retention in orbits? Suppose we could explain the fall of bodies by the theses of Aristotle that the heavy materia falls, and the light rises. We could explain the holding of bodies on by the presence of celestial spheres. Do I understand correctly? And what exactly is gravity not suitable for such a model, what is the specific contradiction?
  6. Lie is limit(conceptually) Actually, modern censure is political, it not have deal with moral or conception, this is simple interests of group of people, that hold power This is not differ from incvisition
  7. why can this be applied to a heliocentric model but not to a geocentric one?
  8. sounds like a story from comics By the way, do you know that most of this filming was filmed in Hollywood, at the studio? True, there is debate about how much material was filmed there, 100% or less
  9. I play a little guitar, and I noticed long ago that the role of melody and notes is greatly exaggerated there. Much more depends on how clearly you hit the strings, on the volume, pauses, bar, and so on. The same chord will sound differently depending on how you hit the strings and on what sequence, what resonance. This may be one of the reasons why classical music and opera are usually rubbish, despite the fact that everything there is clearly calibrated and clearly performed. Only snobs listen to classic and this is not because others do not understand it, the point is not in the refinement of taste, but in the fact that it is really rubbish In general, in my opinion, about 80% of the sound on a guitar depends on how clearly and strongly you hit the strings with your right hand. Almost any random combination will sound if the right hand works well. It is also interesting that many of the sounds that a person hears while playing do not actually come to the ears, but are formed by the brain.
  10. I noticed that there are 2 types of female build. 1 is in one way or another just a copy of the male, with the exception of the width of the shoulders, and the second type is represented by wide-hipped women, and this hip width, contrary to stereotypes, most often not due to the width of the pelvis, but due to the turn of the neck of the femur, that is, the hip at the place of attachment to the pelvis just diverge to the sides. The second type is apparently associated with cellulite. This second type, I assume, is associated with the Paleo-Europeans. This is confirmed by the Palaeolithic Venuses in particular. How could this shape of the thighs arise?
  11. It is believed that this is associated with childbirth, but it is quite obvious that this is not the case, because there is a mass of evidence that childbirth is not directly related to puberty, at least with the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics. Psychologically, this is also not justified, because it is well known that children have emotions associated with gender relations. In that case, what is it? I guess this is the inclusion of genes that reprogram humans (and animals). Why this happened is unknown, but it seems to be true. The "childbearing" version is generally ridiculous, what can teeth and hair have to do with childbirth?
  12. All people are cucumbers Socrate is man Socrate is cucumber This is deduction without induction
  13. Everything is simpler. Scammers simply change the meaning of the terms and they become a simple tool for crowd manipulation. in fact, no one now really knows whether he is a liberal or a conservative, moneybags now claim to be conservatism, although they were precisely the product of liberalization At the beginning of the 20th century, the communists claimed to be liberal, although at that time in Eastern Europe there was already a liberal government that freed the peoples from slavery. When they came to power in Russia they actually revived slavery and even banned movement. So who are they, liberals or conservatives? If we say that they are conservatives, we will come into conflict with the modern definition of liberalism, because they introduced the liberalization of marriage, complete emancipation, and even at first they defended homosexuals and prostitutes the truth is that the swindler does not care what flags to sit under, he is on both sides Someone might say that he sympathizes with liberalism, because he does not like to walk in formation, but why should he join those who want to free all dirty instincts, why should he move to the pigsty?
  14. For physics, this is the observation of nature. This is actually a strange question, I don't even know how to answer it so as not to offend anyone Do you understand the differense between declarations and facts? The simplest example with Newton's laws, they are not taken from experience, but simply declared (although Newton relied on the ancient Greek sophists, this is not again not an objective experience) But is a solid foundation
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