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  1. The semiotics of modern medicine is curious. The serpent is an ancient Indo-European symbol of evil and lies, and the cup was earlier than something like a connection with heavenly gods through fire, fire was usually kindled in the cup (even Olympic), and probably this is where the symbol of the holy grail comes from In Russian, the word "doctor" etymologically comes from the root "lie" and in a literal grammatical interpretation would mean "liar": "vrat"-"vrach" So we can answer: Can Science Make us live shorter? (and worse)
  2. Take blood, stand in a glass, waiting for separation into 4 fractions. It doesn't matter what we call these factions, humours or something else. Then collect statistics in comparison with temperaments There are properties that considered as melancholic I think that these concepts of the ancients about the genius of melancholic people have a physical basis. Melancholic is a highly excitable type, and a strong impulse is needed to activate the brain "Black bile" may act as a neurotransmitter
  3. There is nothing anti-evolutionary, evolution is not an artist, it creates not beauty and aesthetics, but individuals capable of surviving in the current conditions And besides, evolution does not have to go in one vector at all. For example, an ant degraded with the complication of society By the way, the division of labor just along this vector directs human evolution at the present moment. And in the direction opposite to sexual dimorphism, this is also a similar vector
  4. The modern type of science defenetly not. Ancient people lived about as long as we do, and a meager increase in life span is associated not with science, but with comfortable conditions If science could do anything, we would have lived at least longer than a few thousand years ago, but even this is not. Scientific advances are truly zero (or not for the common people)
  5. Something like an ancient mouse? Perhaps in some ways, humans are even closer than primates. For example, I've heard this about the biochemical composition of muscles and insulin. Then it doesn't add up Speaking of primates. The odd thing is that primates do not have negative rhesus __________________ Is it possible here to allow horizontal gene transfer in cultures with pig crops? Also primates usually do not accumulate fat as easily as humans and pigs. It seems in this aspect human and pig also the same and they leaders. True, not all people accumulate it easily.
  6. What if run such an experiment? Did anyone that in modern times? It is unlikely that the method was invented out of nothing when it practice in the ancient times Also would be interesting to check proposition that only melancholyc can be genius, it also was considered so in that times
  7. In what sense? Of course, memory is needed anyway. But with its excess, an algorithmic type of brain develops. The type that keeps millions instructions for any case of life. Like PC. It's no good for human evolution. Of course, IQ-testing is far from ideal.But this at least shows the ability to generalize and self-study.
  8. I don't know how I can try. In my opinion, biology and anthropology are quite scientific disciplines
  9. Because "they" not need for clever effective politics and manegers. They need keeping power, and stupid politicans are good as comfortable puppets. In addition, the modern mainstream of power and the image of the intellectual is an autistic type, where not intelligence, but memory plays a crucial role.
  10. –Ęemperaments used to be determined by the predominance of fluids in the blood sediment. That is, literally by the composition of the blood. Was this method actually working? If not, why this classification was taken just from there? I think it is evidence that method works
  11. btw the legend of big-* porn is John Holms, and in that time there was not much silicon However, I do not consider this to be a real symbol of masculinity and btw have nothing against black guys.
  12. You can stick to your opinion, but I stick to mine. I think that your "arguments" are just demagoguery. You can also demand proof that there are five fingers on the hand, with the same arguments. This is not really interesting to anyone. I mentioned that professional sports are more dependent on politics and there is much that is achieved by artificial methods. It is clear that African Americans have been actively promoting in American sports since about the 60s. For example, in the days of Foreman and Fraser, American boxing darkened dramatically. Before that, it was at least half
  13. it is obvious, they are in front of your eyes. Anyone can be convinced of this simply by opening any video hosting video files are documentary evidence, there is nothing more reliable than this
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