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  1. respectfully, im going to leave it here. you are not grasping what im asking and i cant explaining it any better.
  2. ok ill try again. forget the hippocampi for a moment and just consider that men and woman are different. in many ways. physically, mentally and emotionally. try replacing strong fred with weak sarah. strong fred may not be a gym bunny but hes stronger simply because hes male. if sarah wants to put it over fred, she could go to the gym and become iron woman. may stil not be enough. but what if she also goes and shoots up on all these drugs that essentially make her male. she is no longer sarah, let alone weak sarah. the the question if sarah is stronger than fred is invalid because
  3. im thinking then that when i say society i am actually using the wrong word. sure, there is a place in africa when woman are the top dog, but africa as a whole is the opposite. theres a place in china where woman are top, but china as a whole has men at the top. im talking about the averages overall, not the small pockets that dont fit the norm so when i had this conversation with my daughter, i realized i had to clarify something that i didnt have to with my wife. perhaps i may need to here, but hard in a forum so i will try with an analogy. if i ask who can lift more out of
  4. not sure where you are from. but in my neck of the woods men and woman are very different. can u point out a society where men are not the dominant. i can not think of any. please show me where i claimed men are so much more capable than woman? what difference does the gender of my workmates have to do whether i can type this? hhhmmm. interesting that you have observed the opposite. i guess that just goes to show how different our perceptions are prometheus. i like your detailed response. so if woman have smaller hippoca
  5. im not sure what topic this goes in so i put it here. so a few work mate were discussing something. id like some input. the world we live in, throughout all of history, has been dominated by men. even from hunter gatherer days until now, in every society, men were calling the shots and woman were put in the "seen but not heard" category. so what if we lived in a world where that was reversed. if the men were "seen but not heard" and woman where in charge and calling all the shots, what would be different. so our discussion was that , i think in the woman world,
  6. aussie here. i think the biggest problem is people. the ones that know nothing of the bush putting their 2 bobs worth in. there should be some law that say that politician who live in the cities are exempt from adding their say in parliament regarding country issues. and then the ones that dont bother doing any research. just blurting out what they have seen or heard as if its a fact, when a little bit of research can easily put holes in it. while ever this goes on, we dont stand a chance. and history shows this. after the black Saturday fires the royal commission stat
  7. lately ive been watching quite a few you tube vids about the brain. i find it fascinating. but theres a few things i wonder and cant seem to find answer on google. are brain neurons the same as the neurons in the rest of the body? or are they slightly different? how? any vid you can point me to. what does a neuron "actually" look like. i cant find any "photos" of them only diagrams and animations ect. every pic i find of them has them as 'like a tree'. so theres the trunk and all the branches. but what about all the space between the branches? what is there? s
  8. i grew up in a religious house, so believed in god. grew up being told all the stuff that made god seem real. things like "the world round us is evidence of god" "prophecies prove the bible" etc. before the internet days it was much harder for people to do their own research, and not to mention that, for religion,research is frowned upon. but as i got older and lived on my own. internet came around. and i started to read things for myself. and, eventually it was the word 'belief' itself that probably finished it off for me. belief definition "to accept something as true without pro
  9. on the outside we could see fight or flight as a feeling. but deep in our thoughts we are processing :::::: what are the chances of me surviving if a run/fight, ive only been in 1 fight before and i lost, i have been in 3 races before and i won 2 of them, it has just rained and the ground is muddy/slippery, i twisted my ankle 3 weeks ago.......... all calculations that our brain does instantly without us even noticing. so we label the decision our brain makes a "feeling". but it is in fact very fast calculations hhhmmm. are you suggesting then that feeling dont actually exist but are s
  10. this could be argued as a calculation
  11. im not sure what section this topic should be in, so feel free to move if necessary. i was discussing a topic with a work mate and wanted some input. also the topic/question may be hard to explain, but here goes. the way our brain works seems to be a mix of of calculations and feelings. we get up in the morning to go to work(calculation) we see on the tv that its snowing outside and get warm clothes(calculation) we go to the toilet (it could be argued this is a biological calculation) we are hungry(calculation) but then we have to choose what to eat (feeling). anothe
  12. im not too sure i can see what this thread is about. the construct of 'belief' or the meaning of life/god. but my 2 bobs worth on both it probably doesnt make sense, but me personally i dont like the word 'believe'. it annoys me. i dont understand its function. i dont want to 'believe' something. anything. i would prefer to remain neutral until evidence comes along. when we as humans 'believe' something, and the evidence comes along that our belief was incorrect, we are actually more likely to believe it. this has been shown by numerous studies. so im of the frame of mind to tr
  13. ive been having a philosophical debate with someone about the concept of who is to blame in an example. imagine a scenario where 2 neighbors have an issue. the neighbors generally get on very well until now. joe is happily washing his car when greg from next door comes strait over and starts screaming at him about a noisy party he supposedly had last weekend. greg kicks the tire of joes car a few times in anger. in retaliation joe starts arcing up and goes over and kicks gregs tire. he misses the tyre and kicks the panel, causing damage. and of course the prob
  14. im a tradie who has spent his life with all kinds of tools. we often take for granted the thought that goes into designing most of these tools. so i was drilling heaps of holes into stone last week. something ive done many times but not really thinking bout it. i tried a different drill bit and was surprised how different it was. so then i got thinking about the science behind drill bit design and how i can learn more about it. after all, knowledge means being able to better choose the right tool for the job. ive tried to find a youtube vid about this but cant. specifically id
  15. arc. thanks for the detailed answer. the shorter engine is totally plausible. while the 5.2L 4 cyl is much bigger in size, it is a bit shorter in length. its more cube shaped rather than long like the 6 cyl. not sure bout the turbo spooling up. my isuzu is variable vane turbo which starts spooling up at about 800rpm. my landcruiser has an aftermarket old school turbo that doesnt really spool up till about 1200 rpm. it is however a very low psi turbo which hardly increase the power at all. UD had a truck about 10 years ago, which is almost the same specs as my isuzu, except its
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