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  1. on the outside we could see fight or flight as a feeling. but deep in our thoughts we are processing :::::: what are the chances of me surviving if a run/fight, ive only been in 1 fight before and i lost, i have been in 3 races before and i won 2 of them, it has just rained and the ground is muddy/slippery, i twisted my ankle 3 weeks ago.......... all calculations that our brain does instantly without us even noticing. so we label the decision our brain makes a "feeling". but it is in fact very fast calculations hhhmmm. are you suggesting then that feeling dont actually exist but are something that the human mind has put a label on in order to function as more than a purely biological entity.
  2. this could be argued as a calculation
  3. im not sure what section this topic should be in, so feel free to move if necessary. i was discussing a topic with a work mate and wanted some input. also the topic/question may be hard to explain, but here goes. the way our brain works seems to be a mix of of calculations and feelings. we get up in the morning to go to work(calculation) we see on the tv that its snowing outside and get warm clothes(calculation) we go to the toilet (it could be argued this is a biological calculation) we are hungry(calculation) but then we have to choose what to eat (feeling). another scenario we can calculate that by driving faster we are more likely to crash. but then we get a 'feeling' that the traffic ahead is getting heavy, even though we dont notice that we actually observed that, so the calculating mind slows down a little. so my question is, do "feelings" actually exist or are they ALL just calculations in a sub-conscience that we are not even aware that our mind is doing? what we think may be a feeling that the traffic ahead is getting heavy could be the calculations our sub-conscience is doing..... (((3 cars in front brake lights came on for a second. the red car thats beside me that is usually driving faster than me is today going a little slower than me. there seems to be a few extra trucks up ahead than usual.back at the servo i think i saw a mobile crane pull out onto the road as i was going in to get petrol.))))) we could get a "feeling" that we want to go out for a steak,or that we like jenny more than sarah, or a "feeling" that bob is gunna call us asking if we saw his wallet anywhere. but these can be explained but calculations that our sub-conscience is doing. do feelings actually exist?
  4. jfoldbar

    Questions to Ask

    im not too sure i can see what this thread is about. the construct of 'belief' or the meaning of life/god. but my 2 bobs worth on both it probably doesnt make sense, but me personally i dont like the word 'believe'. it annoys me. i dont understand its function. i dont want to 'believe' something. anything. i would prefer to remain neutral until evidence comes along. when we as humans 'believe' something, and the evidence comes along that our belief was incorrect, we are actually more likely to believe it. this has been shown by numerous studies. so im of the frame of mind to try to remove the human error part. the belief. and just wait until evidence presents itself either way. who knows if there is a god or not. we cant prove it either way. we can be quite sure though that if there is a god, he has not contacted us as the religious teachings we have in the world today are easliy disprovable. so if god is real, then the meaning of life is to be the butt of cruel god jokes. as there is no evidence that he is anything but cruel. if there is no god, then there is no meaning apart from what we make ourselves.
  5. ive been having a philosophical debate with someone about the concept of who is to blame in an example. imagine a scenario where 2 neighbors have an issue. the neighbors generally get on very well until now. joe is happily washing his car when greg from next door comes strait over and starts screaming at him about a noisy party he supposedly had last weekend. greg kicks the tire of joes car a few times in anger. in retaliation joe starts arcing up and goes over and kicks gregs tire. he misses the tyre and kicks the panel, causing damage. and of course the problem escalates from there. joe could have handled the situation different, but in anger he acted the way he did which resulted in the car damage, which resulted in the problem growing. an analogy i like is " greg made a fire, but instead of joe putting water on the fire, he put petrol" in a situation, who is generally considered at fault. the person who made the fire, or the person who put the petrol.? why/why not?
  6. im a tradie who has spent his life with all kinds of tools. we often take for granted the thought that goes into designing most of these tools. so i was drilling heaps of holes into stone last week. something ive done many times but not really thinking bout it. i tried a different drill bit and was surprised how different it was. so then i got thinking about the science behind drill bit design and how i can learn more about it. after all, knowledge means being able to better choose the right tool for the job. ive tried to find a youtube vid about this but cant. specifically id like to learn,for example, why/how the spirals are different shapes and angles, and the tungsten is different on different stone/concrete bits. can anyone steer me towards a video or something. only really about the tungsten drill bits.
  7. arc. thanks for the detailed answer. the shorter engine is totally plausible. while the 5.2L 4 cyl is much bigger in size, it is a bit shorter in length. its more cube shaped rather than long like the 6 cyl. not sure bout the turbo spooling up. my isuzu is variable vane turbo which starts spooling up at about 800rpm. my landcruiser has an aftermarket old school turbo that doesnt really spool up till about 1200 rpm. it is however a very low psi turbo which hardly increase the power at all. UD had a truck about 10 years ago, which is almost the same specs as my isuzu, except its a 6cyl instead of a 4 cyl, and it is noticibly more responsive below 1200rpm. i wonder if its something like, less pistons means less rings, which means less end gap. less injectors. less valves. different ratio of heat loss. simpler fuel delivery.
  8. well, i can tell you that my landcruiser has much more power at low revs than my isuzu. the isuzu lags until it gets to about 1500rpm. the cruiser has power at 600rpm.
  9. im curios about engine piston sizes and why it is done. i have 2 vehicles. 1 is a toyata landcruiser 4.2 diesel strait 6. its about 25 yrs old. i have recently bought a new isuzu truck with a 5.2 liter 4 cyl. something i wonder is why are the truck makers seeming to go for larger pistons than 20 years ago. so why do isuzu have a 4 cyl motor when a 5.2 liter could easily be a 6 cyl.
  10. jfoldbar

    the soul

    uuummm, inappropriate how? if you ask me i think the whole "believing" thing is inappropriate in the 21st century. but hey theres still plenty of em here
  11. jfoldbar

    the soul

    so i was thinking about the "soul" concept and i have a few questions for any people that may believe we have a soul. as i do not. soul believers claim that when we die, the soul leaves the body and goes to heaven, or hell. so, im wondering, when and how did the soul enter the body? was it at birth, or conception, or when. if its at birth, what about a premature birth, or induced somehow. if its at conception, what if the mum has a miscarriage or some other complication. and where is the soul before it enters the body? and how how does gods cataloguing system decide which soul goes to which body? and does every human have one? what about spastics and down syndrome etc. im sure there are humans out there who have less brain capacity than a monkey, do they have a soul? if not, why not. if so, then why wouldnt a more intelligent monkey have one? boy, there are just so many problems with the whole "soul" concept.
  12. so, if i understand you correctly, maths and science may clash in this scenario. imagine i have 1 million red marbles. i put 1 marble each into 1million small sealed containers. i didnt leave the room so the containers were not tampered with. when im finished i randomly pick up a container and open it. maths says the marble inside is still red. but science says its possible it is now blue. is this correct?
  13. this also then means that 1+1 doesnt always equal 2. in the whole universe there may be a place where, if you had 2 apples and i gave you 1 apple you dont absolutely have 3 apples (excluding things like you lost it or ate it), because, i have had this discussion with a friend, and he " suggest that mayby "facts" are just what the majority of people can agree on." we can say its a fact that if i dont eat for 3 weeks i will be hungry, but is it really a fact, or is it something that 99.9% of us can agree on so we deem it a fact. then, what agreement percentage is required for something to change from a belief to a fact? i suspect, though, that there is no actual line between the 2. so in the grey fuzzy area where they meet, this then could mean the definition of what is "true/fact" can and will be different for some people. some peoples fact may not be another persons fact. btw, my answer to my friend when he said that was, "99% of children believe in santa, so since they mostly agree, by your definition of fact he must be true". so, im thinking the definition of fact must be a bit different to what he thinks.
  14. are you saying then that we dont actually know we will get hurt, but we calculate the chances of getting hurt based on past experience?
  15. thanks for replies guys.
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