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  1. Its been fun but time to move on. A forum that creates a section for atheist to expose there faith based beliefs and ridicle the people the section is suppose to be set up for, is silly at best. Quite obvious that you are bad people and I'm glad to have seen it early.
  2. Rational!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I report the moderators to the moderators. Are you serious?
  3. The quote of mine you posed expands beyond this thread. There have been reasonable responses, if there was not, I would not be posting back. But to say other posts are not of the irrational type, is being bias or dishonest. "seems to me" you misinterpret alot. Ok I'm bored with you, you can not respond honestly. Your obsession with words I do not use is kind of strange.
  4. To quote from strange; "You seem to think". All your posts to me are from this context. Except for 1 or 2 sentences your expressing responses to what you think I'm saying, no matter how clear I be in what I'm saying. Now your not the only one, except for a couple of sentences by others, all else do the same. Post 24 explains what I'm trying to express exactly. But you take a quote from it and express something totally different. For a true philosopher like I, it is not about challenging science or the concept of God. It is always about expanding the frontiers of thought on the matters, to
  5. Again!! This thread is about how a atheist reacts when ever the word God is seen. It is not about if there is a God, or about what you believe. It is about how you express what you believe. My point in this thread is that I have witnessed atheist react the same way to the word God for 10 years. Atheist react as if they have very strong faith based beliefs that shall not be challenged, and to do so, one shall receive their raft. They react the same way a religious person does, if their faith is challenged. Its about mannerism of actions and speech.
  6. I like to thank all the posters, except two, for confirming my OP perfectly. That atheism being a faith based belief system, brings out the same responses that any religious person would give if their beliefs where challenged. If atheism was not a faith based belief system, why are the posters posts so filled with emoitional rants, mixed with looniness. Or does it just come down to individuals who just rant as a way of being noticed. I figure they mostly rant in the religion section, because they know other like minded people hang out there and they can giggle together. They always tal
  7. Key words; default position, believe. Exactly! But atheist have a lot to say on the subject. Atheist opinion. Exactly! This is an atheist view also. A true philosopher comes to conclusions about nature from a more knowledgeable point of view. Agree, nothing super natural needed. Skeptic is great. Opinions about others beliefs based on a lack of positive evidence, comes from faith in your beliefs.
  8. I guess I could have asked myself the same question way back when I was studying Buddhism as an atheist. Now I personally separated the teachings of Buddha from the religion created around him. The same way I separate the teachings of Jesus from Christianity. It is their knowledge that I add to my philosophical views on matters of God and Universe. The word atheism comes from Hindu traditions. The word was mostly associated with rejection of certain texts like Vedas, but also in a rejection to 'God(s) of persona', as I like to use. But rarely against there only being God(universe).
  9. *Disclaimer* I was a atheist when I studied many 10's of research books on God(s) and Religion over a decade period, and if there was an internet at the time I would have been in forums like this taking it to the religious and atheist. So, I understand what it is to be an atheist totally, for I was one into my late 30's. Now I'm a true philosopher. Thanks for the post ajp: I always do! It is hard to get others to accept the words I use, as they stand in our dictionaries. If one wants to know what I mean with a word, google it. Merriam-Webster Dictionary : strong belief or
  10. In this section of the forum, atheists break every rule written governing this section. They do this to put forth their faith based beliefs. As they say, they do not beleive in a God(s) which religions are built around, and feel its their science given right to set the delusional and uninformed straight. They feel it is their duty to speak the word of science, so as to bring the lost back to the light. They quote from their hand book of atheist beliefs, Miller-Urey experiment, Darwin, and the Big Band. They have faith that these prove there is no God, and must express it in every thread over a
  11. Very well said. A true philosopher that looks at evidence to the point of seeing the universe as God, but does not connect themselves to the knowledge the evidence came from, is a form of Deists. I like to know where in the world I could go to not be around people like fireworks. Very uniformed statement, sniffs of ideology. In the USA the trend has been the opposite. Prayer was in all schools at one time, but is banned in all public schools now. Schools with religion in them are always private, except in some isolated centers. In the higher level schools, religious views are n
  12. ​Don't know, I never said that anywhere. Asking for evidence is a viable question. You so far have been making statements as questions to me and I try to avoid answer them. I responded to this post because you recognized that the he/she was you in my post. hmmm what does that say? Now this is a gobbledegook statement, full of emotion. You don't believe[beliefs] in god(s), but must respond every time it is mention. What's up with that? If you were entering threads about stamp collecting, of which you have no knowledge on because you don't care about the subject, and m
  13. It is not more-or-less. It stands alone. Religion is a collection of works that are worshiped. Religious people can become very emotional and dogmatic. But individuals can make statements in a perceived factual manner that are strictly based on their faith that it is so. I find atheists, do this a lot when talking against certain subject matter, just as I did when I was an atheist. A perfect example of this is, you have a member posting in every philosophical or religious thread. When ever the word God is printed he/she responds with the same posts over and over again. He/she says; I have
  14. Having a hard time with the structure of your question, but I'll try. First part, is to me. Second part must be a statement, for I never said science has all the answers. Third section is a question, that I partially touched on in my post, on how scientist dictate to philosophers.
  15. Some of my favorites are: Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. Tibetan book of the dead. Genesis and the Big Bang by Gerald Schroeder. Science of Being and the Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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