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  1. From Endy's last link was this one to the manufacturers site; http://www.omgroofing.com/ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION "The OMG Hercules-Plus RetroDrain features the OMG vortex breaker technology integrated into the cast aluminum strainer dome. With vortex breaker technology, the Hercules-Plus can provide up to 2.5 times greater water flow, compared to the existing Hercules drain, which means that water and excessive weight can leave the roof quickly. In addition to faster water flow off the roof, the vortex breaker can greatly reduce "chugging" which can damage plumbing systems."
  2. From listening to both J.C. and studiot's opinions; In the states, and I assume where you folks are, both ends of these systems are open to the same atmospheres, and the pressures on both the ends are of little difference to each other. As I said earlier the waters cohesion forms and holds the vortex that stretches out until it collapses. But the air can and is coming out the top until the water depth/volume increases to the point the vortex completely forms at which time the atmosphere is drawn into the vortex and the air flow is only downward into the pipe. But the water's cohesion
  3. Hello psyclones, I've seen a few different sizes of roof drains in action, they start to swirl on their own when the water overwhelms the drain diameter and I believe this is simply the cohesion of the water responding to the effect of gravity, the water acts in almost an elastic manner. Sometimes if the depth of the water is just right in relation to the pipe diameter you will see a oscillating cycle where the velocity increases and pulls the surface down until some air is pulled into the vortex which then suddenly slows the velocity and closes the vortex, then the cycle repeats again an
  4. I would assume it is a type of bearing that is used in high speed conveyors in factories or bottling plants and the like, where the maintenance personnel could either visually, audibly or even use a laser temperature probe to identify a failing bearing that could then be easily replaced because all they had to do is remove a locking tab and slide the bearing off the shaft. The "staple" as you call it, is the same idea as a piece of key stock fitted to a keyway, but those are usually on the shaft and the inside bearing race. If there was a tab holding the bearing then those "legs" on the staple
  5. Interesting thing about LED lights is when we started installing them in signs I noticed that when I took a digital completion photo they had a 3 to 1 chance of appearing to be non-illuminated due to the shutter speed catching the power’s frequency out of phase. I think your camera sensor though, is picking up a reflection of its own infrared sensor or some other aspect inside the camera past the lens, sort of like the headlight beam is bouncing off one of the receptors (infrared ?) and then reflecting back to them off the backside of the lens and maybe to the primary. I would l
  6. But is it really a "214"? Our brains tend to mislead us in the most important details. Is there a part number on the mowers bulb assembly, reflector, or plastic cover? Same for the backside of the camera's dust cover or the camera's surfaces behind that cover? The other posters are pointing you to the idea that those lights are causing a projection or reflection into or from the inside of either the lights or the camera. Wouldn't it be interesting if the electrical suppling the lighting to the headlights was at a frequency that made the lights interact with the infrared sensor's frequency
  7. Asking a question! great idea! I passed on this yesterday due to that no guessing request. You are on the right track for sure. Nice observation. What is interesting also is that they each have the same offset to the right in relation to the headlight directly below them. To bad we're not allowed to guess what is causing this. Those cameras have a hinged cover with a clear plastic window to keep dirt and dust off the lights and sensor but probably not the lens itself but I could be wrong. I wondered if the cover could be slightly ajar.
  8. It is important for you to first consider that many cultures with primitive religious or cultural development both now and in the past have concluded a similar assumption; in that their world and the objects in the sky are all sentient beings controlling some aspect of their lives. The Mother Earth and a particular celestial Father (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, etc. ) of one type or another, are some of the oldest and most often repeated primitive ideas regarding creation that humans have conceived to explain their surroundings and by simple extrapolations their existence. We have a built in bias towa
  9. I hope you will find someone with a rock saw to open it up for you. I've seen a few hammer and chisel attempts that were regrettable with what would have been a display of spectacular crystals being smashed to bits. I've also used my wet tile saw on some smaller examples with acceptable results.
  10. The one defining characteristic of this Flat Earth group of individuals is that they are made up, most certainly, almost entirely of the male half of the population. And that being said, explains much of the observed results;
  11. 12/26/19 He's finally here!  Ezra Kai Feliciano 2.9 kilograms (6 lbs 7 1/2 oz) He's an adorable little guy if I don't mind saying so myself.;)

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    2. koti


      Hes really pretty looking not like most of newborns. You will have to keep a lid on him when he comes of age ;) 
      Congratulations arc.

    3. hypervalent_iodine


      I realise this is a bit late, but I don't always see status updates straight away. Congrats! He's beautiful. 

    4. arc


      Thank you everyone, He has all of our hearts that's for sure. 

  12. arc


    Merry Christmas to all, I was going to post something here in the lounge and saw this thread, I hope you don't mined me putting it here instead. Does anyone else have a certain day that comes around every year that makes you wish you could do it over again? That one day a year that makes you feel regret that you didn’t do something to help someone you didn’t know, something that may have completely changed their life going forward. Well, my “do over day” was Christmas Eve 1993. We were working a half day installing an electric sign at a store in a small shopping center in a rather s
  13. Just an observation looking back some 40 years ago when I was a teen and such things seemed important, all it took was one socially respected observer to proclaim any cosmetically challenged person as being a "Hot guy" or a "Foxy chick" and that persons image to those in the vicinity was miraculously changed.
  14. arc

    American Cheese

    These folks in Thorp, Wisconsin are getting a great deal of attention but I haven't had a chance to try some of it. https://www.mariekegouda.com/ And this is an interesting profile about these transplanted Dutch family cheese makers and how they began their award winning enterprise. https://www.viroquafood.coop/viroqua-food-coop-blog/bid/207372/p6-profile-holland-s-family-cheese-maker-of-marieke-s-gouda There is also a growing interest in my home state of Oregon regarding artisan cheese making that is similar to the craft brewing phenomena that has its roots here in Oregon
  15. Big celebration for our family, we are joyously expecting our first grandchild!  My daughter and her hubby have been trying for almost five years. The hubby's brother is a video/photographer and did this for them. That is his little boy on the slide. I'll take one just like him! :)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au_NzCb13DQ


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    2. arc


      He's finally here!  Ezra Kai Feliciano 2.9 kilograms (6 lbs 7 1/2 oz) He's an adorable little guy if I don't mind saying so myself.;)

    3. zapatos


      Congrats arc! It's a whole new world! Post a pic sometime if you get a chance. 😀

    4. arc


      Thanks zapatos, I don't think you could handle this level of deplorable adorableness. :lol: He's about 18 hours old in this one


  16. And that is your clue as to what this should look like.
  17. The additional 2 cylinders would make a considerable improvement in responsiveness, a cylinder under combustion is not only working to move the vehicle but must also help move the other pistons through their combustion cycle also. Have you ever heard the throttle response of a Ferrari V12 Goosebumps! Diesel engines produce much higher mechanical forces on their components like connecting rods, crankshafts, and their associated bearings and even the main bearing housings machined into the engine block. Each cylinder requires valves and camshaft lobes to operate them. By reducing the num
  18. Well, years ago some manufactures started with one type of motor (gasoline for example) and then due to consumer demand went looking for a diesel engine that would fit into the existing model with as few additional modifications to the vehicle as possible. While others at the time of the vehicle's development had designed their chassis' so that either type would be offered without needing to compromise on the engine or performance for the sake of cost and convenience during manufacturing. Your Toyota was built with a very large engine compartment, big enough for a gasoline V8 that made install
  19. Going to the dentist once a year is not just about healthy teeth. They are trained Medical Doctors that can detect medical problems early enough that it could save your life. In 2010 my wife was at a dentist that had been treating her for almost 30 years, he noticed that after checking her neck and throat area that he thought her lymph glands felt abnormal and she should get them checked out by our family practitioner. Well, the FP didn't see anything out of the ordinary at first but over the next several months my wife persisted and was her own advocate about it and after adding together seve
  20. I've found British documentaries on YouTube and I don't think I'll ever get through them all. It's wonderful! There is one series called "Battle Stations" that I'm going through right now, in the past months I've watched docs on Geology and its early founders, Ships, Planes, Airships, WW I and II Tanks and Tank Battles, Great English machines, ect. It is nice to be able to watch what you want when you want to. To all the Brits here thanks for all the great historical content that your citizens obviously care so much about. A real historical treasure chest to share with the world.
  21. Unfortunately for your argument the Japanese didn't agree with your assessment; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet–Japanese_Neutrality_Pact "After the Fall of France and the subsequent expansion of the Axis Powers, the Soviet Union wished to mend its diplomatic relations in the Far East in order to safeguard its eastern border and concentrate on the European theatre of war. On the other hand, Japan, bogged down in a seemingly interminable war with China and with diplomatic relations with the United States rapidly deteriorating, sought an accommodation with the Soviet Union that wo
  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet–Japanese_border_conflicts "The Soviet–Japanese border conflicts (also known as the Soviet-Japanese Border War) was a series of battles and skirmishes between the forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Empire of Japan, as well as their respective client states of Mongolia and Manchukuo. Lasting from 1932 to 1939, most of the conflicts were small border skirmishes until May 1939, with the notable exception of the Battle of Lake Khasan. The border conflicts were resolved in a series of engagements at Khalkin-Gol, where the Soviets and M
  23. Yes, I agree it doesn't look sedimentary, one of the tests is it will spark when a sharp edge is struck like a match stick off of a piece of iron. The site below gives a good description of the characteristics of Chert and its variations such as Jasper. There are some nice images that show texture and color variation. http://www.sandatlas.org/chert/ "Jasper is a hematite-bearing variety. Hematite is an iron oxide that is the most widespread source of red color in minerals and rocks. The sample is from the Løkken ophiolite in Norway. It is associated with SEDEX-type magnetite-he
  24. It's a sedimentary rock derived from clay. Iron oxides will give it the red color, I've had a small green piece in my coat pocket for over a year since I found it.
  25. It looks like red chert. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chert
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