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  1. StringJunky

    Gravity (split from Infinite gravity)

    Science is 'How?' and Philosophy is 'Why?'
  2. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    It seems to me that the Trump administration is pre-meditatively creating and escalating a problem with Iran to the extent of maneuvering the armed forces and removing non-essential staff from Iraq. Do you think the ulterior motive might be to bury bad news at home by distraction?
  3. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    Munchausens syndrome by proxy. They surreptitiously make people ill then try to make them better, ultimately with the aim of making themselves look heroic to others. Sound like Donald?
  4. It seems water droplets are not selective for just scattering blue photons like the smaller gas molecules and will scatter all wavelengths. Yeah, they probably contribute to blocking. I'm sure swansont can elaborate on this.
  5. Looking at Earth from space, the photons reflecting off the land and sea back at the camera in space overwhelm the effect of the Rayleigh scattering of photons in the atmosphere that normally makes the sky/atmosphere look blue. We can also see the effect in the blue seas. When we look out towards space from Earth in the day, the Rayleigh scattering within the atmosphere dominates over the darkness and light of the more distant stars and thus looks blue. Contrast plays a part too, as already mentioned.
  6. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    I''d be more inclined to go with the military assessment because they are hands-on.
  7. StringJunky

    Hey guys

    They joined last Sunday.
  8. StringJunky

    Split from AI sentience

    Which I think suggests it's an observer-dependent phenomenon and probably why it is difficult to objectively pin down and describe quantitatively..
  9. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    To attack/change the Republicans you need to be one. As someone once said to me: If you want to change the system, you've got to be the system.
  10. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    It has clearly sounded alarm bells for the Democrats as well, and they are obviously doubting the substance of any military threat from Iran, going by this Japan Times article: Nancy Pelosi warns Trump against declaring war with Iran as Democrats demand info
  11. StringJunky

    Split from AI sentience

    Reciprocating influences?
  12. StringJunky

    Potential Iran Conflict

    It was reading this BBC article that kind of made me think "Hey, wait a minute, this is rather melodramatic" considering Iran has not made any explicit overtures to violence and merely said what they would do if certain things happened, like blocking the Strait of Hormuz i.e. they are responding and not initiating. They have a right to respond in their own interest in this Republican-contrived crisis imo. US pulls 'non-emergency staff' from Iraq as Iran tensions mount
  13. StringJunky

    Inaction and Closure:

    Set your browser to clear cookies on exit. You'll have to log in every time
  14. Another way to put it is: a pattern of irregularity..
  15. StringJunky

    Tebori vs Machine Tattoo

    Ink quality matters as well.
  16. StringJunky

    The concept of infinity

    Ten minutes is too much of someone's life only to to find it wasn't worth that ten minutes. It's bad enough reading some of the stuff.
  17. StringJunky

    Lunar Tunnels and Moon Colonies:

    It goes beyond economics. It looks like Homo sapien sapiens have an existential problem looming, so we don't have much choice but to start to looking away from Earth.
  18. StringJunky

    The feather, the hammer, and the moon?

    Another way to look at it: The Moon, hammer and feather are moving in the same direction through space (co-moving) , all physically connected to the astronaut. When he lets go of two of them, the gravity of the Moon deflects the path of the two objects towards itself and the hammer and feather try to deflect the path of the moon towards themselves, with negligible effect.
  19. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    Not carbon-based. If one surmises that our behaviour is just data, there is no reason why that data cannot be executed from another substrate, like silicon.
  20. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    "And now we get back to our normal programming"
  21. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    But the book won't be able to tell how it becomes water, or that it can predicted, only that it does. You can't reverse-engineer an emergent property. It is not amenable to a reductionist approach. You'll always get this it-just-happens part... it's just the way Nature is or we are ignorant. As someone already implied: one relates to an unknown but naturalistic process and the other relates to metaphysics.
  22. StringJunky

    AI sentience

    I'll go with that and implied in this post:
  23. StringJunky

    Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    Anything to give us hope.
  24. StringJunky

    Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    This was in today's BBC, which could potentially alter things maybe:
  25. StringJunky

    Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    I wonder if the people protecting him will jump ship eventually, spinning on a penny, turning against him.