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  1. And you have to have them serviced every couple years or so. The costs don't stop after buying timepieces of that precision and complexity.
  2. I am in concordance with your thoughts. Fascism is on the rise. It's in full swing in Israel as well. Hungary. France, also, if Marine La Pen had won. This trend is mostly a reaction to a rate of migration that disturbs the populations of target countries, I think. People are just going to have to get used to a major effect of climate change. People are going to move away from much of the equator to the north as resources dwindle because of it. The anti-immigrant sentiments will only get louder. I don't know the solution. Perhaps nature will just do what it will. It's not going to be pretty.
  3. That can be muted if the Project 25 manifesto is kept front and centre up to the election.
  4. When you support England, you know the meaning of disappointment... like our weather.
  5. I'm not surprised. Could happen the other way too.
  6. That works for me. The optical contrast between them and Trump would be glaring and probably have more people, especially gender equality-minded women going to vote, not to mention the landmark nature of such a pairing. A Newsome/Harris pairing could work as well. Harris needs to be there as a familiar face in any of the combinations, I think.
  7. The owners have learned from the bitter experience of mouldy bathrooms and apartments. A friend has a university student house and it is a big problem.
  8. Hilary blew it with the email thing. It came across as entitled behaviour iirc.
  9. Trump, but that's not an option, so if the other lame horse steps aside, a relatively young filly can increase the optical contrast between them and make the voters choice easier. She'd also be the first female Prez, which would be a landmark, just as Obama did. From where I sit Harris would create better optics for the the swing voters who are not overly partisan for either side.
  10. Whatever the cause, it doesn't really matter, Biden's recent behaviour is still evident and can't be disputed. If a person is driving a car erratically, it doesn't matter what caused them to do so, they need taking off the road. You find that out after.
  11. It's quite possible that I'm off the mark. The reason I put my post up was because I thought, maybe wrongly, the focus on purely chemical processes was far too fundamental/low level to be talking about Gaia-type processes in the same breathe.
  12. What about about all the living systems, directly or indirectly modulating the environment according to their needs? Amongst all the various competitions for resources there can be an overarching homeostasis that allows a certain range of organisms to exist simultaneously. within the parameters of that prevailing environment and maintain it. There are also endosymbiotic and ectosymbiotic relationships that between them can modulate their immediate environment. Then you have microscopic organisms and plant life recycling carbon dioxide and other materials whose effects are environmentally global in their effects, so you have hierarchies of organisms all doing their job of maintaining an Earth-sized environment that sustains them together. That's homeostasis in my book. If people want to call that overarching process 'Gaia' that's fine with me. I know what they mean.
  13. What will be, will be. I'm glad I'm closer to dying than being born. Politics is a choice between a shit sandwich and shit on toast. Certainly is this year in the US and UK.
  14. I think one or two here are looking at it the wrong way. NEITHER of the two current challengers are fit to run the country. We want the Dems to win, so sort it and make that possible.
  15. George Clooney, who is a Biden supporter, collecting high-dollar donations for him, has said he should step down.
  16. You need to figure out what 'life' is before you move onto 'mind', then, you do the fancy stuff like 'intention' and 'intelligence'
  17. "You run and you run to catch up with the sun But it's sinking....." - Roger Waters
  18. Can I borrow your crystal ball?
  19. Never seen any images before. Just looked. Yes, they didn't mess about, did they?
  20. Using organic media, I would keep them in the dark at 20-24c to inhibit the mould while covered. They don't initially need light. Mould likes light. Just air, moisture and about that temperature range above until the cotyledons break the surface. The media wants to be pre-moistened, not wet. Squeeze it to make sure then fluff it back up. Put them somewhere dark or low light and the direct sun doesn't touch them. They want a steady temperature. Large seeds put them an inch down. Small seeds, place them on a levellish media surface and sprinkle some media over them. Pop a few holes in the lid for some air exchange and the base for drainage. For a more sterile media, use heat-treated sand with a particle size range 0.045 mm to 0.85mm. Use it with the same procedure as soil. Seedlings don't need feeding for a week or two because it is in the cotyledons. When the cotyledons turn yellow, the nutrient supply is exhausted and feeding is needed. Research first, if not known, whether the seeds need pre-chilling or wintered at 5c. Pot up as above, then chill. Find out how long you need to chill them for from the internet if necessary. Increase the air space a bit more.
  21. @ExternetWhat size range are your seeds or what seed types are they?
  22. swansonT will more ably answer that.
  23. swansonT once mentioned about nuclear decay, where nothing happens then it decays. Time must have elapsed to go from one state to the next, regardless of how long it takes and when...iirc. Time is a continuum, smooth, so scientists have to use a periodic reference to count it. In that sense, I think it would be safe to say "In order for us to count time we need something that periodically changes, but it is not a prerequisite for time to exist" A periodic process is subject to time, but is not time itself.
  24. When we discuss this subject, I always assume you guy's know which side I'm on. It is my fervent hope that the GOP are kept away from leading at least until Trump and his closest acolytes are dead or neutered. It is my opinion that Biden is no longer fit to lead and he needs to bow down with dignity and let Harris, or some other Dem, take reins at the next election. Indeed, we should have been having this conversation some time ago, but the people surrounding Biden have, it seems, been covering up his problems right up until this debate revealed his real state of mind. I don't think it's a blip.
  25. By who? People on his side of the partisan divide don't appear to want him and the clamour is increasing. They want to win the election. Today's AP:
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