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  1. I understand your ADX prisons are pretty hardcore on security. Concrete beds, windows that you can only see the sky. Just the ticket.
  2. LOL! When I put the title up, it reminded me of that film. For those not familiar, Heston in science fiction film Soylent Green says the food they are eating is made from people.
  3. "Specifically, Black people represent 8% of total millionaires in the U.S., 76% are white, 8% are Asian, and the Hispanic community captures 7% of the total millionaire population across the country" - Forbes That is not the whole population, but it is indicative of the potential of each group reaching millionaire status. There is a yawning gap.
  4. Outrageous! Out with the pitch forks. Good point with it probably being noise. The one time statistics show ethnic minorities have a (slight) statistical advantage, a white person kicks off.
  5. Those numbers would be within my definition of equal pay. You can't expect it to be exactly the same.
  6. I agree chaps. The topic deserves nothing but derision. Like is often said: you can't make this up.
  7. All the time Hayley is in the news dilutes and delays Trump's desire to just focus on everything else and, of course, himself. Her best shot is to be a persistent arsefly until she really is out. She should look at this as training and building credibility for 2028.
  8. But building glorified sheds in forests... Not Too Swiftie or what?
  9. Pfft, he's no Navalny. People like that are as rare as rocking horse droppings.
  10. Your houses look very combustible relative to UK and much of Europe. The last time we had an inferno rip through a large bullt up area was 1666 when houses had a composition like yours today. Why are they not all brick/masonry in dense tree areas? Doesn't the US like bricks in general? IKEA-concept houses are not a good idea there by the looks of it. One of my uncles lives in Texas. My mum told me he bought a house, knocked it down and built another one... just like that.
  11. @Endy0816 Thanks very much. I shall have a look. As an aside: it appears that my MP is a god-bothering homophobe, since he exhorts the Bible as a moral guide in his denial of votes for gay marriage.
  12. I just found a site called They Work For You , which records MP's voting actions on the Commons floor and what they've said there. Is there a US equivalent? The (clean) link is a page for my MP, to give you an idea what I'm looking for.
  13. This is America. Principles be damned, give me the money. A legal consequence: what will the fertility clinic do with the 'embryos' that fail under that legal principle. There'll have to be the full due legal process, coroner's report and funeral for every single one. I've read it's not uncommon for women to have multiple rounds. The dying industry will be elated at all this new work. There's a dark comedy movie plot in there somewhere.
  14. I read about this recently. Profiteering from what is basically systemic slavery is beyond the pale in a civilized society. What better way to reinforce loathing of 'civil society' and resist personal change, given that many prisoners have trod such shitty life paths all their lives already. When you hit someone repeatedly, the less pain they will feel from each subsequent strike.
  15. @MigL Elected judges is not a good idea because then popularity wins. We rarely get this stuff in the UK legal system. A naked political stance by its judicial members is the problem with the US system. How can that be amenable to upholding a consistently applied neutral principle of law?
  16. 911: Hello, how can I help you? Caller: Some murderous bitch has dumped a little person down the toilet. I can see evidence of them on the sanitary towel they left without flushing. 911: An officer will be down shortly. Stay calm and can you stop anyone using that bathroom until they come? Forensics are coming down as we speak.
  17. From the Alabama chief justice: "Human life, Parker wrote, “cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God, who views the destruction of His image as an affront to Himself.” - AP What can you say to that?
  18. I'd like to see what these people would do if a room with a baby in a box and a portable canister of 12 frozen embryos* were trapped in a room with a blazing fire and only has time to get one of either out. If they grabbed the canister instead of the baby, do they honestly think they saved 12 children and only lost one? The law is clearly asinine, They are talking about a blastocyst having equal rights to a living person. *They aren't even embryos, which is from 3- 8 weeks. 'Blastocyst' doesn't have that nice, cuddly sound to it, does it? People playing fast and loose with scientifically defined words, with specific chronological ranges, to suit their political agendas.
  19. Just because someone has been good at something doesn't mean that they can maintain that competence right up until they die of old age. But, either way, this time it needs to be Hayley or Biden.
  20. He's more naked in his ambitions now. Tin Pot Dictator, Ahoy!
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