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  1. StringJunky

    Mueller indictments (split from Collusion with Russia)

    So, once Congress gets hold of the enquiry report, the real work begins. I don't think Mueller would want to be the person to personally point the finger anyway; he's just the messenger.
  2. I forgot to to add that most of the virtual particles add up to 'nothing' most of the time but sometimes two collide/interact and make a quantum. They may annihilate eventually, I'm not sure. The foam is nothing in the sense that much of the time it has no effect on the quantum world and then only intermittently. I think that's what scientists in this subject mean by nothing. I think this is one of those cases where a word means something a bit different to what we are used to.
  3. Any entity less than a quantum has no effect on anything; it may as well be nothing. A quantum is the minimum energy required to have an effect on stuff.
  4. And SR/GR are classical theories.
  5. StringJunky

    Spacetime is doomed?

    I think spacetime is a feature of the leading new theories, so it isn't going away.
  6. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    Is PC culture bad when it is trying to be inclusive for those groups that have been marginalised for centuries? Also, concerning Black Panther being crap, is that only because it's being measured with your white metrics i.e. it has messages in it that whites don''t identify with? I had a look again at Koti's post and decided to pick him on it above.
  7. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    Strawman. Who said PC was an 'academic' thing? PC is a behaviour. I hope you realize you are totally throwing the OP off course. I think CharonY wanted this topic to be an exploration of the issues surrounding the the idea of reparation for blacks, not for us to take a side and start arguing.
  8. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    Says you.
  9. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    It does exist because some people feel they must act a certain way to be seen as conforming.
  10. What resources does one need, apart from a brain and the knowledge of those that have been before on a particular maths problem?
  11. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    This is my point: people have been free to denigrate some minority group for so long that it feels 'normal' to do so, and Bush at the time was complaining about preserving a style of speech that should not have been allowed in the first place.
  12. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    I think it illustrates how difficult the problem is to put everyone on a level base. Do things only appear politically correct because things are not currently politically-correct? The politically-correct behaviour feels incongruous, or even absurd, with the current mindset and past history. What I''m saying is that the correct behaviour has to start somewhere and it will naturally feel odd in the beginning because one is not used to it.
  13. StringJunky

    Why do rockets work in space?

    My thought too.
  14. StringJunky

    Is Born's rule verified

    There is no such thing as proof in science, only evidence for.
  15. StringJunky

    Is Born's rule verified

    Have a look at his thoughts on it: Why Probability in Quantum Mechanics is Given by the Wave Function Squared
  16. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    Of course they wouldn't but one will get a sense of the common themes.
  17. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    I haven't read anything about it; that was my thought OTTOMH.
  18. StringJunky

    The case for reparations

    The harm that has been caused to the inhabitants and descendants of the African continent cannot be overstated. I think the first step towards reparation is to just sit down and listen to what they want to say.
  19. StringJunky

    Propellant less space engine

    If some parameter is said to be conserved then that means any total must add up to that conserved figure. Some things about nature are axiomatic and just need to be accepted as being the way nature behaves.
  20. StringJunky

    many crises

    I love your modesty.
  21. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    No, but racism in general.
  22. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    The way to honour the enslaved is to be ruthless about racism.
  23. StringJunky

    U.S. Democratic Primary

    That seems a bit weird, considering how long ago that was. Certainly, some kind of memorial effort would be good.
  24. StringJunky

    What Love Is

    However deep the affection, we are all passing ships.