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  1. Woodworking: Amateurs, Craftsmen, & In-Between

    I've just started looking at them too. Trying to weigh up if an electric one will do me, if they can deliver up to 1.5inch brads. I've ordered a hakimiwashi saw and a ryoba saw. I want to have a few woodworking projects going this year. Got to get off the computer a bit more as Spring draws nearer.
  2. imo every country would do the same. Air transport is too important.
  3. Iran has just lost a plane with 66 on board. It says it is unable to buy parts to maintain their planes properly due to US sanctions. Is this not pushing it too far on civilian aircraft?
  4. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Removing it might increase in-thread comments about an offender's behaviour, which will probably clutter the thread more. I'm ambivalent about it atm.
  5. Yay, GUNS!

    At least that's worth going down for.
  6. Yay, GUNS!

  7. Yay, GUNS!

    How much autonomy does an individual state have in determining gun laws? For instance, could a state introduce regulations that mirror the UK's within its boundaries? One tactic might be to use police photographs of the actual carnage, rather like European cigarette boxes have to show images of the damage that smoking causes. Perhaps death is too abstract a concept and people need to see it up close and personal in glorious Technicolor.
  8. Light: visible or invisible?

    I think the atom is being excited by UV, so is actually a light source rather than a reflector per se.
  9. Light: visible or invisible?

    I found a good close up:
  10. What if that plane crashed, say, in a densely populated area of W. Europe and killed people on the ground as well?
  11. separating fluorine in freon?

    You are asking about producing one of the most reactive/dangerous substances out there... not going to happen.
  12. Yay, GUNS!

    I notice the FBI are getting flak now. Is it justified or is it just deliberate deflection from the issue by parties who don't want things to change; turning them into the fall guys? It seems to me like 'hindsight is a wonderful thing' and, actually, people are getting shot every day, so how are the FBI expected to see through the noise.
  13. Yay, GUNS!

    'self-reinforcing', that's what I was looking for. Yes, it's got the same inbuilt momentum as drug addiction; the worse it gets, the more you need. A lot of people can't see the forest for the trees any more.
  14. Transparency feature

    Cheers. I wasn't trying to give a comprehensive answer in my first post (i couldn't anyway) but was just trying to get him to see the general, schematic idea of how photons move through a transparent material with just one type of interaction.
  15. Yay, GUNS!

    The worse it gets, the more they think they need them.
  16. Ether evidence?

    You are full of (sh)it
  17. Culture

    And your talking point is... ?
  18. Yay, GUNS!

    If it functions the same as an assault weapon it's an assault weapon... if it walks like a duck... I can't believe you would argue over such a trifle.
  19. Monohybrid Cross (Help!)

    Look at the possible combinations N = Normal height and A -Achondroplastic : Man A and N Woman A and N A x A = Achondroplastic and won't survive A x N = Achondroplastic N x A =Achondroplastic N x N = Normal Express the frequency of each type as a % .of the total crosses.
  20. Yay, GUNS!

    The only plausible scenario I can think of is to shoot people.
  21. Yay, GUNS!

    Do you support their view?
  22. Light: visible or invisible?

    Eise is too nuanced for most but with his keenness for proper philosophy, it's not surprising because it requires delineating subtleties of language and closely related concepts, which is what's happening here and people are struggling with.
  23. Transparency feature

    Here's a more formal description of it:
  24. Transparency feature

    It's to do with photons being the right energy, or wavelength, to excite an electron enough to move up to the next energy shell in the atom. If it does, then the photon is absorbed. . In this case, the medium the photon encountered would be classed as optically opaque. If the photon energy is insuffucient i.e. wrong wavelength, the photon will be momentarily absorbed and then ejected onto the next electron it encounters, which will be repeated until it passes through the other side. If you shone a pure UVC wavelength - no other light around - at a piece of glass and you took a uv-sensitive photo on the other side, the photo will be black because all the UVC photons have been absorbed. So, to UVC, glass is opaque but transparent to visible light. It depends on the wavelength what is 'transparent' or not.
  25. Young Offenders & the Legal System (split from Yay, GUNS!)

    In the case of this latest boy, his adoptive mother died in November. If he has lost his parents/caregivers twice, including an unsettled carer period in his critical toddler years that will probably adversely affect his development of empathy.... to name one. This is borne out by his long-term inability to form positive relationships with his school mates. I think this is not a case of evil per se... the same with that Dylan lad.