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  1. It's likely only the older generation, like myself, that are concerned with privacy because we have our pasts to compare to the current assaults on it. The younger generation are probably oblivious.
  2. I don't get unwanted porn either because I don't download stuff associated with it. Getting pirated stuff is a gateway to getting infected. There's always a price for seeking free (stolen) versions the latest games or films.
  3. It seems odd that the biggest search engine throws everything at you by default and compromises your privacy and StartPage and DDG protect your privacy and make exposure to nudity porn an opt-in feature.
  4. 'Physical' pertains to physics, which is described with maths.
  5. Magic is a function of naive ignorance and once one is enlightened the magic disappears.
  6. I looked deep into the recesses of my memory and couldn't find that word that I knew I knew. Dogs circling before lying down might be one such instance as they flatten down imaginary long grass. Your examples are actually called 'primordial emotions', I think.
  7. Yes, it's a necessary visual device to imagine an outside but we should be mindful it is not actually part of that model. The MV model is another different model but don't mix them up and it's not generally accepted as the mainstream model.
  8. Space is created between things, so, we don't need an 'outside'.
  9. The trouble is the instalment of Trump as president has lowered the bar to the extent that anybody thinks they can do it
  10. You need to be familiar with the consensus definition of the words used in a particular discipline, like 'space'.
  11. Yes, good point. I should have said: "With respect to the written word".
  12. Do we understand the essential ontology of anything? All we can do is surround a thing with words without actually ever capturing and consuming it to the extent of understanding its underlying nature; we are limited by our available means of expression and symbology.
  13. Space is not a thing and neither is spacetime. To my mind, space and volume are interchangeable; one is talking about the same thing.
  14. What is your notion of space and why is it not equatable with volume?
  15. If there was no quantum foam? Does the volume not belong to the quantum foam?
  16. I agree with the premise of the OP. Space is volume and volume is a property of things. If there is no thing, there is no space and by that logic can have no size. I'm including no virtual particle sea or foam.
  17. Like when you thought you were snogging Taylor Swift and later found out it was the dog licking the takeaway off your face that you ejected.
  18. Can something that is "Everything that exists" have angular momentum (spin) since it would need to have something to relate it to? Would it not imply that it was inside some greater structure/volume.
  19. People only get psychiatric attention because their lives are severely disrupted or of those around them. It's not an option to ignore their problems.
  20. The present situation in quantum theory and its merging with general relativity - arxiv 2017 paper
  21. Yes... at the time. With respect to your quote of my quote: If you want to see through a biased lens , that's up to you..
  22. it was based on their reasons which were deemed practical at the time... they didn't want to waste money on people that were more likely to have a short career. They wanted more return on their investment. It's not justifying it, it's observing without colouring what one is seeing with ones moral compass.
  23. Your assessment is correct. As for the comment by JC about my quote: he is obviously ignorant to the concept of humorous, fictitious attribution.