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  1. The whole anti-vaxxer thing stems from an erroneous study done in the UK.
  2. Earth's Greatest Environmental Issues

    Yes, affluence also means more pollution per capita. I was just looking at population growth.
  3. Earth's Greatest Environmental Issues

    The point was that it's affluence that largely determines population size because the child survival rate improves.
  4. Earth's Greatest Environmental Issues

    Population reduction comes naturally with increasing affluence. I read the other day that half the world's countries are going into, or have gone into, negative growth. We need to teach children that the world's resources need to be shared, so that the global population can come down, as well as reduce conflict in general.
  5. QM might be false because it may not be a complete description of nature in some future analysis, but it is useful right now. I think it is a matter of principle towards always keeping an open mind that many scientists avoid saying something is 'the truth'.
  6. Reduce diameter of shank

    I ended up free hand grinding it on the grinder again. I just took my time. I was rushing first time.
  7. Reduce diameter of shank

    The shank on this brush is 1/4" (6.35mm) and I want to reduce it to 6mm. Would using a 6mm die be the simplest/cheapest way or would the metal be too hard? It doesn't matter about it having a thread. I have a rotary tool that only takes 6mm bits. I've tried manually grinding one on a grinder but it was a poor job and quite off-centre. I've also tried buying 6mm bits twice but they are 1/4", despite the fact they say they are 6mm.
  8. Their behaviour is a precursor to it.
  9. It doesn't matter. What matters is that they are useful today. Scientific theories are not about truth, they are about usefulness. Todays facts may not be as useful in the future because they have subsequently found facts that are even more useful. What it usually means is that modern facts cover/explain a wider range of situations. For example, Newtons gravity has been supplanted by General Relativity but it will still get you to the Moon. What GR offers is greater usefulness on top of being able to get to the Moon.
  10. Science, truth, and knowledge

    Appeal to Authority is when someone uses their authority in one field in another unrelated field.
  11. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    On the Reuters website, very frequently, one reads: " Trump raged/moaned on Twitter that... blah, blah, blah... with no evidence".
  12. Can I suggest that all posts from Menan's first are removed because they are OT and spoil the thread for Dima.
  13. Aye, we are used to such confrontations.
  14. Although I understand your position, I don't think your language will endear anybody of a religious persuasion that may be receptive to look into the scientific approach.
  15. Auto ignite match stick

    Some Muslim he is.
  16. The outcome of the universe wasn't pre-ordained. The only 'instructions' were in the form of the properties of the primordial elements/phenomena, and how they were expressed in the form of structures just occurred randomly. If the Big Bang started again, the universe may well have looked totally different. Some structures gained an advantage over others because they were in the right place at the right time and were able to proliferate.... this is the essence of evolution.
  17. Some people need to learn to exercise self-censorship; see what you want to see and ignore the rest. "But I can''t because it's there!"
  18. Is 'art' what the artist intends or what the viewer interprets? If science can evolve, why can't religion? Is it not a step in the right direction?
  19. Science, truth, and knowledge

    Science deals with quantitative questions and 'the meaning of life' is not one of those.
  20. It's not falsifiable, therefore whether a god exists or not is not a scientific question.
  21. substitutes to drugs

    I've done this and caffeine withdrawal gave me some unbelievable headaches. Eventually, I switched to decaffeinated tea and coffee and took a headache tablet, when I needed it a few times, for couple of weeks. There is still up to 5% caffeine in decaff but it doesn't mess me up any more.
  22. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    To add to JC's comment; The only a person a grudge hurts is the person holding the grudge. Containing resentment can cause all sorts of mental health and bodily issues over a long period.
  23. Cause of Atmospheric Pressure

    OK. Thanks for the explanation.