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  1. The Green Mile, The Ring original Japanese, Any Bruce Lee film.
  2. I can see for miles... but will walk into anything less than a metre away.
  3. Space chiefs are to investigate whether electricity could be beamed wirelessly from space into millions of homes. The European Space Agency will this week likely approve a three-year study to see if having huge solar farms in space could work and be cost effective. The eventual aim is to have giant satellites in orbit, each able to generate the same amount of electricity as a power station. ESA's governing council is to consider the idea at its Paris HQ on Tuesday. While several organisations and other space agencies have looked into the idea, the so-called Solaris initiative would be the first to lay the ground for a practical plan to develop a space-based renewable energy generation system. Read more https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-62982113
  4. Expansionism to Soviet levels is Putin's MO. We either let him or we don't. The choice seems to be binary, given that, evidently, any opportunity towards a compromise just gives him time to remaneuver. This why Zelenskyy is not interested in talking to him at this point in the conflict It would be militarily and politically foolish to lose any hard earned gains to anything else, given that this conflict is going to be extremely difficult going forward in their winter, which apparently is brutal. Our next task will be helping the civilians and armed forces keep warm enough to endure the likely struggle ahead. Russian conscript losses are going to be an order of magnitude more numerous. The support they have in the field is pitiful. This image of a new influx of conscripts says it all:
  5. I just read about that. The pressure at the 582 foot cold lakebed allowed the water to hold 20L/L of carbon dioxide vs 1L/L near the surface... 20x more.
  6. The innate public sense of sanctity/respect in the highest holders of legal office must be looking decidedly grubby for many Americans.
  7. As per swansont, the direction of focus, which should be clear, is the apparent behaviour of Allito/associated others, and slightly more widely, perhaps the effects on judicial fairness/integrity, or not, by the SC judges. Let's keep it tight.
  8. How will those work to isolate the bare metal from the atmosphere?
  9. As bad as he is, I think he needs to be corralled away from those options by not forcing him to make those choices. We aren't going to do what we did to Saddam and Gaddafi... look where that led. When it looks like he's irrevocably stuck we need to give him options to save some face. The ultimate judgement and any punishment, whatever form that might take, needs to be by his own. We need to know when to stop being hawkish, I think.
  10. It's only delaying the inevitable public unrest in Russia. Europe and Ukraine public are fully aware of the situation. The loyal Russian public seem to be slowly seeing through the cracks. The ultimate game seems to be one of mutual attrition.
  11. An intersubjective position is that where opinions are in concordance with each other as to the evidence and observations presented.
  12. Last ice age maximum 20000yrs ago: Reading about human habitation in the UK, I have read that it was completely frozen over in earlier ice ages and maybe down to northern France.
  13. The outcome is self-fulfilling. He is helping to create the conditions for the necessity to carry. How does one begin to help people out of that mind-trap/cognitive feedback loop? How does one extricate a whole country out of that type of collective thought process?
  14. Americans, generally, have become over-familiar with weapons and have lost respect for them. They also don't seem to realize that every one of them is a potential mass murderer should the 'perfect storm' affect their lives. Most mass murderers in the US are not inherently criminal and don't look like one. People like Nicholas Cruz are sad people, not evil. imo. The distress in court that he didn't get the death penalty because a unanimous verdict was required and the resulting outrage... US laxity allowed that violent expression and I wouldn't put the blame all on him. People who support the right to bear arms without restrictions are enablers for people in crisis to carry out mass murders.
  15. Reading comments about GOP voters thoughts on a Trump return appear to not be a majority. 6 out of 10 think he shouldn't run because he's too divisive and will be 78 in 2024. Sleepy Ol' Joe would be replaced by a Sleepy Ol' Trump.
  16. Trump threatens DeSantis: What a lovely working team they are. Does the significant GOP lead just mean the Democratic mail-in ballots are again going to later narrow the difference in the swing states?
  17. Isn't it sad that the more money people make, the more reluctant they are to pay equitable taxes... it's as though he earned the 200B.
  18. By wanting GOP to take Congress to bring a balance of power set my BS radar off straightaway. He's wearing his GOP stripes now.
  19. Any comments regarding Musk's sacking of half the Twitter staff just before todays election and overt support of the GOP?
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