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  1. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    Does the US court use precedent as its driver or the personal opinion of a judge? I think a lot of UK cases, where there is precedent, will look to that.
  2. I can't say I've ever thought a high-ranking UK judge showed any overt political-bias in a case but it's rampant in the US and actually accepted, with Supreme Court judges chosen for it. Is this a wise way to pursue justice? Should not lawmakers and judges be distinct, whereby the former make the laws and the latter ensure they are lawful and consistent with existing statutes, and not just to ensure those laws pass because they are "on their side"? I personally think the US system of choosing judges is rank. That's my opinion.
  3. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    In the UK, there seems to be only one judicial philosophy and they all speak the same language. I'm open to being corrected. i think in time, some of your judges become above partisanship, as witnessed when they vote with the other side. Your judges are clearly chosen for how they might benefit the government of the day and that particular politic into the future.
  4. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    Of everything i've read over the years, it has not been tested. You see, everything has been done according to the law, to date. But if the shit hit the fan, she's the head of the Armed Forces and a lot of other things but she is not a political head and her only concern is that correct procedure is followed. A reason why they should be separate.
  5. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    Yes indeed. In the US there is a serious lack of separation and mutual critical oversight between the judicial and political pillars. You've got religion messing it up as well. We have another oversight mechanism in the Royal Assent, of which, the Queen's team scrutinises any laws before receiving it.
  6. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    This is 7 years old, but this article on the appointment of a UK Supreme Court judge illustrates the glaring difference in attitude of the respective national judiciaries. Note how the appointee is warning of the politicisation of the UK judiciary:
  7. Wear OS Background Services

    Either don't worry about it or sling it, it's Google, it wants to know everything about you and where you go and so do all their "trusted" affiliate companies that have apps in it. It's the apps you want to look at, not the background services, which are part of the apps.
  8. Where there's a clear demand, by repeated questions on a subject, they would likely create a forum for something.
  9. Try to make coal briquettes catch fire quicker

    So, it will light in an oxygen-free atmosphere will it?
  10. Try to make coal briquettes catch fire quicker

    Indeed. They would be an accelerant and a half.
  11. Try to make coal briquettes catch fire quicker

    If the charcoal has an inbuilt oxygen supply, then it also has an inbuilt flammable ability and in a sealed container could be very dangerous.
  12. Does rubbing alcohol actually do anything to germs?

    Yes. It deactivates some bacteria and viruses by denaturing their outer membrane. I always have it around because it''s the most smear-free cleaner.
  13. Fox News Watch

    The Boots chemist in my city is still developing film and photographs along with the digital printing and the prices have only risen with inflation. One of the technicians said they are still pretty busy developing stuff. But, yes, he's a dick.
  14. Mars

    That's peanuts for an exercise like that.
  15. Writing a systematic review

    Have a look at this wiki and check out the references lower down in it as well;
  16. This has been asked on a guitar forum. Scenario: Two cases, one is substantially heavier than the other in that the shell is much thicker. The fit for the guitars is close all around and the interior material and structure is identical. Dropped from some arbitrary height with an acoustic guitar inside, which would protect the guitar from shock the best? The difference between the two is the weight; Let's say one is double the weight of the other. Also, would a snug fit protect better than having a little space around the guitar, so that it can move a bit?
  17. Light case vs heavy case: protection from shock transfer

    LOL! It's surprisingly more difficult to specify the precise question than I thought it would be. Yeah, Ovation is no more and will only become collectible. Can't you get a new nut made. Easy job for a luthier or guitar tech.
  18. Light case vs heavy case: protection from shock transfer

    My question is: is more energy - a shock wave - transferred to the guitar from it being inside a heavier weight than a lighter weight? Everything else being equal.
  19. Light case vs heavy case: protection from shock transfer

    Ok. Cheers. What you say makes sense. So, would you say the extra weight is superfluous? Say, comparing a Hiscox Pro to a Calton. The latter are very heavy apparently and about $1000.
  20. Light case vs heavy case: protection from shock transfer

    The point of focus is the weight of the shell and how it transfers the impact to the contents. The cases shells can be assumed to be unbreakable. What you suggest is the received wisdom. The poster was wondering how physicists would see the scenario and I thought I'd ask here. Basically, is it worth carrying an extra 14 pounds or does actually cause a worse outcome? The cases will fall at the same velocity but the heavier cases has more momentum, doesn't it?
  21. Yes, it does make sense that we might be evolved to prefer cold over warm for that reason. We would have looked for running water over still water and the former is cooler, more aerated and safer bug-wise.
  22. Has the Republican party lost its collective mind?

    As is your prerogative.