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  1. Hello, I posted previously but wasn't brilliantly prepared... I would like to thank those that fed back last time because it has actually really helped which hopefully you can see here - I would really like feedback and if anyone is able to help with the maths that would be amazing and I hope I've addressed the issues raised in the last post. I have created a dropbox folder of higher resolution graphics which I will paste at the end. It all started when I saw this video: Primes and Twin Primes an awesome journey Carlos was trying to find the millionth prime in an effort to win
  2. omg.... is this what the evil one has cum too? seriously
  3. How do you know Mr Iodine? Why should I who is Phi? It's like repent... sinner...
  4. "No, we don't delete threads, unless they are in violation of the rules (i.e. spam or profanity)" OMG apparently that is not true: very Chinese of you... lol ... who needs Free Speech lol! No, we don't delete threads, unless they are in violation of the rules (i.e. spam or profanity) This was deleted FYI... # which when you click on Go To this post speaks for itself `I guess... Look I'm not interested in shining a light on your hypocrisy but you keep emailing me: and yet I have said don't...
  5. God Save the Tash Can... Pllllleeeeeaaaassssseeee delete me...
  6. Okay well look I have 3 down votes... I'm sure galileo had more than 3 down grades... i expect it as a complex thinker it's a concrete thinker reaction to a complex thinker... There have been only 4 main replies so I don't have to be Agatha Christie to work out the downgrades... As a new user can I tell you how you come across? You come across as bullies... you use passive aggressive statements and then accuse people of being emotional... it's pretty tragic and I guess when you can't bully them you downgrade them in frustration.. pretty tragic for a science forum that is sup
  7. yes please... list... I'm sorry but I thought science wasn't personal? Don't get "emotional" What does this mean??? Within 5 minutes of my post you reproduced as fact that which another member with an impeccable academic pedigree has told you was 'incorrect'. who is this member? OMG seriously you are s SCIENCE TROLL... What this guy with the hat? Your serious right? The trajectories? Can I assume if I guess you, Mr Swansont with the "impeccable academic record" and Mr Iodine and given me a bad sign on my profile lol... You like your ow
  8. Okay so the tone on here was initially against me... Tonally it is very combative. and when you are wrong you simply accuse me of being very rude... I have been accused of being stupid etc which is fine but it is a little much - Even recently I was attacked as not "knowing x,yz" it's VERY passive aggressive. I am a mirror of how I am being treated so if you see me as rude... that is how you come across. This was you... stop thanking me... "please pay attention" Again another "personal quote" etc etc... there are plenty of examples and it g
  9. You are continuing to avoid the question. When you have paired electrons you can guarantee one of each spin so you can choose a set of all one spin. But if you have a single extra electron it could have either spin and you cannot know which. Last time you avoided the question by telling me that it does not matter because the spins are the same. No I answered this a while ago but lets explore... Okay so here is an electron... what do you think their spin is? One has an anti clockwise spin and is travelling UP The other has a clockwise spin a
  10. Okay good we're getting somewhere you are absolutely right the electron aspect is a bit of a red herring because they are probability shells rather than actual paths ways themselves ... The key is they sit within those "shapes" so what is keeping them in those shapes? If you add electrons together in the same space you get sparks or lightning... The prime numbers are the key... they make those "cone" shapes... It's very hard to show in 2D but this is a prime number "cone" okay this is a bit of a nonsense ... the 0 atom? 1 2 3 could very well be
  11. It's omitted because there is no gap between 1 2 3 gaps = 0 0 so you could write 0 0 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 5 1 5 I've also had a chance to drill into this p and d problem and have an explanation... Summary of the main issues yesterday was the p and d are in the wrong order below... should read 5 3 not 3 5 (I've not looked at f because that is a lot more full on) 1 1 3 1 3 1 3 5 1 5 (Primes Gaps) 1s1 2s1 2p3 3s1 3p3 4s1 4p3 3d5 5s1 4d5 (Electron Configuration from Hydrogen to Cadmium) Okay so the 4p and 3d are in the wrong order...
  12. Yes sorry I couldn't resist... no monatomic doesn't mean with 1 electron it's either with 1 extra or without one: ono atomic hydrogen is neither hydride (H-) nor proton (H+). Rather, what you seek is the H radical. Typically, hydrogen free radicals are so reactive that they don't exist in solution but their chemistry can be accessed by reacting longer lived radicals with hydrogen atom donors in a reaction called a hydrogen atom abstraction. Alternatively, it is possible to generate hydrogen atoms in solution via photolysis or high temperature in molecules with particularly weak R-H bonds.
  13. Yes so in terms of spin... or clockwise and anticlockwise. If you look at your clock it is going clockwise I assume so you can tell the time? If you go behind your clock and look at it from behind it is going anti clockwise... You can see this on a piece of paper with a thick pen This circle is clearly spinning clockwise in the + x axis But if I am on the other side of the page it's going the opposite way: If you watch cyclist bike wheels from one side of the road then the other you can see the same thing... So spin is relative. In terms
  14. Hi yes this forum needs a little something to make it easier... the post trail has gotten very long. the spin thing is really interesting... firstly the elements don't exist as elements - atoms unless they are noble gases i.e. single electrons don't exist... but in terms of the spin, it's either up or down or clockwise or anticlockwise so they look like this: oh and thanks for coming back and looking at it yourself! in terms of the spin and dividing in half... that's where I go a little off piste, even more, lol and argue that clockw
  15. To be honest I was going to answer this but the previous: 1. If the diagram is wrong, why bother showing it? 2. What looks right to you? 3. Yes, thank goodness there are / were people out there much smarter than either of us, who knew what they were doing enough to come up with the periodic table! has put me off... I would google the no no no no brain and look into concrete thinking version complex thinking... hyper_valent you are a claassic example of 20th Century thinker... lower order thinking using just: 1.Remember
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