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  1. Unfortunately the version of W10 Microsft has benevolently bestowed upon me does not work like yours. Note I have no login screen. Sadly today was wasted trying this otherwise good idea. (not your fault) The second account was 100 times slower. Took about 2 hours to fully boot and about 20 minutes to shut down (log off). I did manage to delete a numebr of unecessary tasks from task scheduler which has helped, but there is still something taking resources in what is laughingly called the background.
  2. Would this be a type of voluntary false confession syndrome ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_confession
  3. First let me thank you for introducing me to the Mandelbox, which I understand was first demonstrated in 2010 +1 I would like to discuss the danger inherent in what you are doing with reference to your first picture. Now here's the thing: The sort of image you show (on the top left) of photons is inherently different from the fractal surface you also exhibit at the top right. The difference is the scale invariance which is a fundamental property of fractals. If you were to enlarge the photon picture so that one blob occupied the same picture areas as the current 9, you would see just one blob. On the other hand if you enlarged the fractal image that way you would still see 9 blobs. I look forward to your comment on this difference.
  4. Update. sfc reported that the were some corrupt files it could not fix. At least some seem to be to do with windows defender/security and there is some chatter on the web about this. I am still trying to figure out the important entries in the (long) log file. Meanwhile I decided to suppress the hibernation file and the pagefile since the HD has been implicated as overloaded (This is after all an older laptop, originally with W7) Yes an improvement while I will monitor. HD usage now tops out at 95% and there is no syrup like wait for a response. At least I can now stop crashing into safemode from triple boot Sorry String Junky your method does not work. Nor does using F8 - the PC is too fast for that I think. I am posting this history, assuming I am not boring folks. Please let me know if that is the case. I have benefited in the past from others who have detailed their experiences and am thinking of forming a "Let's hang BG club"
  5. That's a pretty fair analogy. As soon as you introduce x and y, they have values, and every pair of values is unique.
  6. Hi I've been thinking about you question and I'm not sure there is any specific test to be extracted from tabulated data; which is partly why Anscombe recommends (strongly) sketching a plot first. There are just so many different possible lines you could draw through a given set of points that comparing them pair by pair or even class by class is an overwhelming task. Further there is the question of endslopes. If you try to fit a linear line then you cannot have zero slope at the origin or a turnover to an asympote. A second order quadratic can do the first but not the second, you require at least a cubic to achieve this. There may also be points that have more certain values than others. For example consider a plank resting on two supports. At the support points the plank can have zero deflection (or it is not resting on its support!) Depending upon the support restraint it may also have a curvature or zero curvature. So these values can never be rejected.
  7. Yes possibly. Strange's comment supplied the formula (I know it has an equals sign) for the circumference of any circle. That circle may be anywhere, hanging on a tree, spinning on the ice, just chilling in a deck chair. or even referenced to an x-y coordinate system. If you choose to reference it to an x-y coordinate system you can properly call the expression with an equals sign an equation. And you can then do much more with it. But you have to get the algebra right, so you need to revise your algebra. Furthermore once you have referenced your circle to a particular x-y system, it can no longer be anywhere. You have fixed it in space. Also you have to work with x and y , you can't just switch them into something else and bring in a freewheeling formula.
  8. What are you trying to do here? Equation 1 is an unusual way of writing the standard equation of a circle x2 + y2 = r2 (note you don't need LaTex to write this, just use the sub and super script icons on the text input editor, labelled x2 and x2) your way puts you into immediate trouble since if D is the diameter D = 2r so equation 2 becomes [math]\frac{C}{2} = \sqrt {{r^2} - {{\left( {2r} \right)}^2}} = \sqrt { - 3{r^2}} [/math] So you are trying for the square root of a negative number. Furthermore if C is the length of the circumference, you can't just replace y with half of it.
  9. Defrag is a continuous background process in W10 so all you get is a notice saying the disk does not need defframenting.(or so MS says) I did run checkdisk between one pair of reboots, but it 'found no problems' I plan to run windows system checker next, but that should take a while.
  10. Yes that is the only way to get it to work ATM. Had to do it again tonight and haven't had the time to work on it today (or tomorrow). Last night did this, spent 1/2 hour on Skype no bother. But had to use the power button to turn the bl___y thing off. Turned it on for the first time tonight and again killed it after 10+ minutes where it hadn't fully populated the desktop. So booted to safe mode once then restart to normal mode and Skype etc again OK. But I expect it to not work the next time I try to boot unless I force safemode first. As regards the HD File manager reports plenty of space on it as originally noted. Thanks for your thoughts
  11. I am not sure whether you mean your grid to be 3 spaces and four dots (points) or two spaces and 3 dots. If you only mean 3 dots x 3 dots it is only possible to fit one polygon answering your description unless the polygons can overlap. (This is because the area of a 3 point x 3 point grid is 4 units so fitting the first one means that the only disjoint areas or one congruent to the first are left. It can't be true that the distance between any one point and another or even its neighbours is always 1 since that would rule out diagonals. Without diagonals there is only one solution, thought it can be positioned in different ways. With diagonals I thought I had found four solutions, but then I realised that one was a flip of another so I think there are 3.
  12. Results. Did it help no, not really, perhaps a bit. There is nothing in either of the runonce keys. I temporarily removed the current user run keys but the only difference that made was to stop the network services loading (or maybe starting) But no sign of malware (except that due to MS of course).
  13. Thanks Sensei, too late tonight, I will try that tomorrow. +1
  14. So F = μR and R = (in terms of W) ? Can you now make the substitution? When you do you are in for a pleasant suprise. After that I suggest you review both your understanding of turning forces and Free Bodies.
  15. studiot

    Blob Theory

    Lots of questions but no answers. Sorry I bothered, I have better things to do.
  16. Click on search button : wait 2 mins Type r : wait 2 mins type e : wait 2 mins That is the problem Yes I have seen this problem with malware in previous versions of Windows, but there are ways to wrest back control of the PC that don't work here. Added to which if I get it to safemode no malware is found dormant. So no I don't think in this case it is malware ((though I will do a proper scan when it is working again) Thanks for this and your other thoughts. Still investigating. It's alway updating these days. Why can't they leave well alone? I am typing this on my trusty XP desktop they stopped messing with years ago. So thanks for all the thoughts so far. I got Skype to work tonight by forcing it to boot into safemode first and then rebooting into full Windows. What a carry on.
  17. We will, but I shall be busy for a few hours now tonight. Meanwhile, Why do you say ? minus mu R rolling friction is F=-μR Have another go at a free body diagram (google it) and only include real forces external to the body concerned.
  18. My Toshiba Satellite laptop, which I principally use for Skype has been misbehaving lately. After booting its response is glacial. Responding to a keystroke can take 1/2 minutes. According to Taskmanager the processor and memory are less than 50% used, but the HD is noted at 100%. The HD is only about half full with about 150GB left. If I force it to boot into safemode (with networking) everything is fine an Skype works, but is useless because the camera and sound are deactivated. The normal mode works once after it has been in safemode, however. I can't see this being a virus competing for HD resources, just one of the Windows screwups. Oh and there is no suitable sysrestore available. Any suggestions where to look for the offending process welcome ?
  19. The torque, yes, What do you think the rolling friction is equal to ? What do you think the normal force R is equal to ? What force do you think that is ? What have you learned from the FBD of the entire car?
  20. Thank you for half a discussion. You were correct I misremembered the equation, but you did not answer my comments. So I can take it you are avoiding saying that when you multiply a tensor by a constant you get another tensor.
  21. Isn't techology wonderful when it works ? Until it doesn't. I see there was a glitch in my last post. The scan gave you the correct equation (Newton's second Law) for the acceleration, but was cut off at the knees. My edit/correction I see missed off the acceleration completely. Sorry. So here we go 4F = W/g times acceleration or acceleration = 4gF/W So now we need to find a value for F. Which is why we need a free body diagram for a wheel ?
  22. I second this. +1 You might like to look at 'the point at infinity' in relation to complex numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riemann_sphere
  23. studiot

    Blob Theory

    Whilst I am not unhappy with the framework idea in your description - There are plenty of pictures of multidimensional 'singularity' arrays on the net, but I find one or two inconsistencies between your OP and later statements. Madelung theory is about as far as you can get from unreactive since it is basically the sum to infinity of multiple (but diminishing) charge interactions. Pilot waves are less interactive, but they carry momentum and are neither singularities nor asymptotic. I see no connection here. You also need to explain why pressure makes any difference to something that is absolutely unreactive. As an alternative to a multidimensional array of needles, you might like to look at Cantor Dust https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=WXfOXcv-H46mUIm7hdgH&q=cantor's+dust&oq=cantor's+dust&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0j0i22i30l7j0i22i10i30j0i22i30.846.3822..4576...0.0..0.300.1868.6j3j3j1......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i131j0i10.uOpLkawVaVI&ved=0ahUKEwiLj4fl-uvlAhUOExQKHYldAXsQ4dUDCAc&uact=5
  24. Once again, thank you for the honest answers. 1) No, just because some of the entries are zero, does not mean they don't exist. Can you demonstrate a rectangular matrix with only 10 entries that is also a tensor? 2) So are you telling me that you can add a single real number to a tensor or are you telling me that when you multiply all the elements of a tensor by a single real number you don't get another tensor? If you want to use a 'cosmological' constant you have to apply it everywhere, which means you multiply gυν by it. 3. SR is only global in the absence of all mass and energy in the system. 4. Thank you for that confirmation. So can you reference a clock that can directly read time units in this system, and what does it read? (perhaps swansont will help here - this is his field not mine.) I would also respectfully suggest that adopting this practice whilst saying nothing is baffling for many members here who may be unfamiliar with natural units in general and geometrised ones in particular. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_units https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometrized_unit_system
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