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  1. +1 Thanks for the response I was hoping someone would try it as I have never put anything on youtube before. It did say something about private and then something about waiting a day whilst it 'processed' when I asked to make it public. That dfay has now passed. But I really don't know what I am doing so welcome all the help I can get.
  2. I have managed to upload a 14 second video to youtube. The person standing on the scale starts quietly at rest to give a still reading. Then raises their heels slowly up a couple of inches and slowly returns back down to rest. The repeats quickly. The scale reading can be seen to drop in both cases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCwgvQf05SU
  3. But such corrections were made, even before modern astronomy. But don't forget that measurements were/are made using angles, not distances. And all references to positions are in relation to an observer located on Earth. The astronomical system that has been developed assumes astronomical bodies are located on a sphere or spheres which rotate about the Earths axis. In the case of multiple spheres these are thought to rotate at different speeds to acount for the differences between fast moving objects such as planets and slower ones such as stars. But in all cases the actual rad
  4. It is a safety issue. If you add concentrated acid to water, the reaction can be so violent that the mixture spits drops of concetrated acid about. This is because the acid heat of reaction heats the liquid in direct contact and can be enough to generate steam which propels the drops. This effect is even more pronounced if you try to do it the other way round ie add water to acid, which is why you should always add strong acid to water, a small amount at a time.
  5. That is not recommended practice. Here is the CDC policy So the policy is to wait 90 days after recovery. The UK NHS mandates a shorter time
  6. What level are we discussing this topic at ? I am suprised at this argument because I think complex numbers are above the level of this question. However I could ask what is the square root of infinity in the extended field of the reals or the square root of 5 in the integers.
  7. scale is really the wrong word as is size, since they both refer to measurements in our normal 3 dimensions of space. consider the following sequence [math]\frac{1}{2} + \frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{8} + \frac{1}{{16}} + \frac{1}{{32}} + \frac{1}{{64}}..........[/math] The sum to infinity of this is 1. That is using successively smaller and smaller intervals as marks on a coordinate axis allows you fit an entire infinite 'dimension' into a length of 1 unit of one of our normal space dimensions. You could say the 'scale' is different or shrunk etc but there is much
  8. Yes you are nearly right, good catch. +1 -32 is also a square root of the OP wanted to ask, but didn't pose correctly. neonwarrior did however identify his/her problem of taking the square root of (-2)5 = -32 However within the real number system, negative numbers do not have even one single square root.
  9. Alternatively if you want to use brackets to write the square root as the power 1/2 then you must use [math]{\left( {{{\left( { - 2} \right)}^{10}}} \right)^{\frac{1}{2}}} = {\left( {1024} \right)^{\frac{1}{2}}} = 32[/math] Again you must work from the inside out, working out the value of the innermost bracket before applying the out one.
  10. Well dissociation is the noun, which can stand by itself. Dissociative is an adjective which needs something to describe eg 'a dissociative reaction' (although many authors talk of dissociation reactions). Dissociation is a process which you may wish to distinguish from the reaction as only part of the overall reaction which may involve dissociation and other processes. "associatively dissociation. " is totally incorrect as you are trying to qualify a noun with an adverb. I would in any case frown on the correct, but confusing, English associative dissociation. Does t
  11. This is improper use of brackets. and of the square root function. If you are going to say "the square root of" this is incomplete by itself. It must be the square root of something. That something is called 'the argument' The result of applying the function to the argument is called the result of the function. But it must be the whole of argument. So we often put the whole of the argument in brackets. In this case the something or argument we want to take the square root of is stated to be minus 2 to the power 10, So we put all of that in brackets [ma
  12. You seem not to have picked up my points. The article claims an observed anomaly in the Euler Axes. These are purely mechanical. Gyromagentic ratios and random quantum fluctuations are outside this framework. I noted that both you and the 'prof' mentioned curvature in your discussion. However my point is that curvature has nothing to do with the fundamental sub atomic viewpoint of forces and particles. The relativistic view of gravity is additional Physics and does not have the same effect on the other three conventional members of 'the four fundamental forces'.
  13. They are not dimensions in the same sense as length or time. They belong in a virtual space called phase space.
  14. You cannot have a CPU "just connected to the power", and not connected to anything else. It is the most basic rule of logic circuitry that all connections (inputs, outputs, control terminals) must be conncted to something. If you do not do so then the conditions at the terminals will be indeterminate (not much use in a logic circuit) and may lead to damaging electrical runaway conditons. In fact a CPU has several power supplies, and the power supply itself which provides these is a sophisticated system that brings the power up gradually in the correct order, and after the already m
  15. I am not at all clear what this discussion has to do with a 'fifth fundamental force' ? Firstly I was not aware that three of these forces are considered to be due to curvature of some manifold of any dimension. Secondly what radiative mode ? Again I was not aware that any of the known four forces were able to induce radiative effects in one or more of the other three. For instance in NMR the magentic effect is induced in an external magentic field, not say gravitationa one. Finally I think that the argument of the proposers is that there is some observed observed physi
  16. There is a difference between nutation and precession. The article describes the effect as a wobble which implies nutation. Wiki offers the following diagram that shows the difference clearly.
  17. Watched the BBC article on the News tonight. There they said that the result was abnormal muon rotation found by the Fermilab accelerator near Chicago. They also said the effect had been recently confirmed at CERN. From their description I would have said they meant nutation not rotation.
  18. I would like to defer discussion of hydrogen bonding to another thread as it is taking us further and further off topic. The weakest standard bond my copy of Lange's Chemistry Handbook lists is the lithium - Lithium bond at 11 kcal/mol and the strongest hydrogen bond this modern article lists is the formic acid - flouride ion one at 48 kcal/mol (on page 22) https://www.tdx.cat/bitstream/handle/10803/7945/tdhg.pdf?sequence=3Girona But the important point I wanted to make was not the strength if the individual bond but the collective strength of many bonds applied to large mo
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/science-environment-56662742 From the BBC 1 hour ago.
  20. You seem to be asking for the rules of logic. There are many. Did you try typing into the search box the rules of logic ? https://plato.stanford.edu/search/searcher.py?query=rules+of+logic As you found out Philosophy consider all sorts of other rules of other matters as well. The Stanford Encyclopedia is a sort of Wikpedia of Philosophy. I started you near the beginning and hoped you would find your way round it a bit. Like Wikipedia or Google, the more specific your question the better focused your answer.
  21. Yes I don't think there are many fridges or freezers on the market without this system +1 You got there before me, but I'll just add my diagram anyway, which shows the back of the device. Most of these have the drip collection and evaporation tray mounted directly on top of the motor to use the small amount of heat the motor generates. The drip tube coming out of the cold compartment is a frequent source of blockage and water collecting inside the device. But the important point here is the word evaporation. I already mentioned that water vapour is invisible in
  22. OK An old farmhouse with a blackened masonry arch (fireplace ?) in the kitchen. What makes you think the cavity (I see no hole) was not always there ? If there was a slight spalled cavity on the stonework surface years ago perhaps they filled it and the filling got covered and disguised by the blackening ? In the days before polyfilla they used to do what was called pargetting - sometimes they literally used pigshit. Anyway a filled surface cavity or just a bit of surface spalling it could have been the hot moisture from the microwave and its predecessors that 'weathered' i
  23. OK so here is some more Chemistry which I hope will also be useful to Oneworld. As I have mentioned before, homegeny depends upon the scale you are working at. So starting inside the atom things are definitely not homogenous. There is a massive nucleus surrounded by a lot of empty space containing some electrons. Uniformity is represented by saying that every atom of a particular type is the same as every other atom of that type. For example all hydrogen atoms are the same. (for those who know about isotopes I am ignoring them) If we use those atoms to build molecul
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