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  1. The question of nudity and sexuality is completely cultural; the most inefficiente way to explain a culture, to people from different cultural backgrounds, is the written word, even a contemporary book in the appropriate language, can be difficult to comprehend; which gets more difficult with each passing generation. Maybe Adam and Eve covered up, because their culture was suffering from the same type of body shaming that our's do, and that was their solution.
  2. Just imagine, for a second, he/she/it was being figurative rather than literal, then the cloud becomes rather nebulous... πŸ˜‰
  3. Aren't you conflating valuable well reasoned opinions with opinions born of ignorance? If we don't point that out, there's no chance they (people like derp) will learn/change their minds; whilst I agree that a safe space is sometimes necessary for sharing, it's usually for children subjected to bullying, not adults who display a tendency to bully.
  4. Indeed, it's ironic here, how many threads the doc has resurrected recently...
  5. I heard that some labs, force the insects to eat shit; I can provide the source, if you can provide the reason...
  6. It depends on the fans ability to read music, or is it, it depends on how the sour note resonates with a screaming child... πŸ˜–
  7. Do you actually need a source? Just imagine they were held in the most inhumane condition, and present your argument as to why and how they should be treated better.
  8. You're lucky I'm not the grammar police...
  9. What's clear is your inability to refute my argumants. Oh the irony, check out the antonyms... πŸ˜‰ Really?
  10. You didn't, you said ignore (check out roget). Strike straw man 2, please explain my first alleged transgression.
  11. I was turned off, by the idea of a sex robot...
  12. Trying to design a society by excluding some unnecessary members (the stupid and gullible etc.) is like trying to design evolution by excuding bacteria and viruses etc,; that would be toxic IMHO. Imagine, if you will, that 'the creation myth' is just a story like "Star War's", they both explain the value of the light side over the dark side; but I'll bet you wouldn't be so quick to condemn those that answered the question of religion, by claiming to be Jedi.
  13. If that's meant as an arguement to my post's, then you've missed the point of the poem and the thurst of my argument; trying to design a society by excluding some unnecessary members (criminal's and the stupid/gullible and etc.) is like trying to design evolution by excuding bacteria and viruses and etc.
  14. Perhaps, but it's a very tight venn diagram.
  15. Wait, stop, be reasonable...
  16. I asked you why and you couldn't explain, what makes you think you're ground is sturdy?
  17. Which includes Hitler and Stalin and dinosaurs, even the big one's... Try again...
  18. Anarchy, in it's purest form is individual, and with all the will in the world, not every individual is equal; and there's that parodox again, for every individual to be equally valid, there has to be a common understanding of individual value. The antipode of which is, If you ban a book, other people can’t wait to read it; isn't it more about the effectivity of the advert? It's what I believe a utopia might look like, when/if the anarchist's stop foisting their individual choice on other's; "the needs of the many..." etc. Please explain why religion is esspecially authoritarian/brutal? Of course anarchy has a place in any imperfect society, where it land's on the spectrum is in our purview of fairness; reminds me of this:
  19. But the results are basically the same or worse, for instance, "why it's a good idea to be vaccinated" when ignored, it could be argued, is more dangerous than a ban; there's many an example of a banned record getting to number 1, in the hit parade
  20. I think Yin-yang is a fundamental part of every human endeavour/facet, but I see the relationship to be more of a father and son dynamic, when done correctly the father is so proud, because he can see the fruit's of his lesson's; when done wrong the father is so disappointed, because the lesson's have been forgoten/ignored/misunderstood; pride has to be earned, it's never innate.
  21. Doesn't that depend on the book you intend to ignore?
  22. But, AFAIK, no banned book has ceased to exist; "why does everyone knowing something make it right?" and doesn't that, in and of itself, pressure and influence? This reminds me of "The Matrix", the machines tried to impose a utopian society that was rejected because of some sort of instinct, that enables a human to magically determine the prison they're in; so they introduce imperfection's to quell that instinct, and by doing so they invite the coming of the one. indeed +1
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